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Qin Long wasn’t by any means fine. His soulforce reserves were definitely low due to multiple reasons, such as his first fight with Bai Yunfei in the south of the city. That fight took a heavy toll on him. To make matters even worse, Qin Long had to rush on over here and then be wrapped in another battle with Bai Yunfei again. Try as hard as he might with Qin He, Qin Long was still using up a significant amount of his already dwindled reserves to hopefully defeat Bai Yunfei. 

The only thing keeping him in this fight was the hatred he had for Bai Yunfei. The hatred he had for Bai Yunfei killing his sons, brother, and even father! But even then, Qin Long was essentially a dried up stick now, an arrow at the end of its path with no energy left in him to fight.

Both Qin He and Bai Yunfei could see that as well. And Qin Long was even more understanding of his circumstances.

So that was why he made his final stand here! When it looked like Bai Yunfei was finally distracted after that exchange with Qin He, Qin Long decided to go all out and use his final move to finish off the fight!

The easiest path to gaining an extra boost of power would be to simply destroy one’s essence originseed. That way would easily see to someone gaining an extreme amount of power in an instant!

But Qin Long didn’t exactly destroy his essence originseed. He was using a rather special soul skill that could provide the same amount of power for an equally considerable price. The amount of power he’d get would last him longer than what destroying his essence originseed would give, but he’d still end up becoming an ‘ordinary’ commoner once it was over for a brief period of time. It was possible to recover from, but it was still a difficult process. Using the soul skill too many times would bring too much damage to the originseed and also on one’s cultivation. 

In other words, use it too many times and one might be able to live on, but their cultivation would never be able to recover or improve from there.

Multiple decades had Qin Long spent living in this world as a soul cultivator. Only once in those multiple decades had he used this soul skill before. Today would mark his second time.

That was because there was no other choice but to use it! What need was there to get stronger if he could kill Bai Yunfei here and now?! He’d welcome even his own death if it meant bringing Bai Yunfei down with him for the sake of his family… 

So it was a terrifyingly powerful Qin Long that flew at Bai Yunfei to attack. His aura was stronger than even Qin He now…This was the power of a Peak Late-stage Soul King! 

In fact, his aura was even hinting at him reaching a point of power beyond even that. The dark-green light at the edges of his range was shining in a way not too different from that of Jing Wuying and patriarch Qin!

“Hahahahaha!! Die! Die! Die!!!”

Waves of energy flowed out from him with the power of a storm. His eyes were completely misted over with killing intent as he roared at Bai Yunfei. Even his screams had waves of energy rolling out from it as he flew towards his most-hated enemy!

Both his hands rose into the sky as a brightly glowing longsword appeared in them. Grasping at the hilt, he swung it downwards in a brilliant arc of green light to smite Bai Yunfei with it!


Bai Yunfei was looking a little pale inside his fireball. He wiped a trail of blood away from his lips as his internal organs were struggling to calm down. It felt like he had been hit by a rampaging beast with how his body was aching.

He never thought Qin He could be possible of such a powerful attack like that! Bai Yunfei had used the Ardent Sun Glove and the Critical Glove to power up his attacks and he was still forced to take an injury from the exchange!

This was the worst injury he got since this battle started!

Injured or not, the wound would take some time to heal. Though he’d heal faster than Qin He would thanks to his soul armaments, Bai Yunfei would still need some time with his soulforce. And while his soulforce was working on those injuries, Bai Yunfei was stuck in a rather defenseless position.

Because he was healing, Bai Yunfei had nearly failed to notice the incoming crisis that was Qin Long’s longsword coming down on his head!

The Core Stone’s additional effect was still on cooldown, so he couldn’t use it to escape the attack. He couldn’t use the Doppelganger effect either since it wouldn’t Qin Long right now. There wasn’t enough time for him to use the Dual Dragon Burst, and the Cataclysmic Seal’s barrier wouldn’t be able to defend against the sword either… 

Several ideas ran through Bai Yunfei’s mind in a split-second. Gritting his teeth, Bai Yunfei pointed a finger up and screamed out—

“Cataclysmic Seal!!”

The fact that he was calling out the name of one of his soul armaments was proof of how panicked he was.


A faint buzzing sound could be heard as soon as he called out for the Cataclysmic Seal. As if appearing out of thin air, a brilliant gleam of red light could be seen coming from a miniaturized sun to expand across the area!

Right above Bai Yunfei’s head, a giant ‘mountain’ started to take shape and expand in size faster than the sword could come down!

One hundred meters. Two hundred meters. Three hundred meters… In less than a split-second, the Cataclysmic Seal transformed into a large size of seven hundred meters in height to cover Bai Yunfei’s head!


Without seconds to spare, the sword slashed down onto the giant ‘shield’ above Bai Yunfei’s head!

The green longsword struck the Cataclysmic Seal with a loud tremor, sending waves of fire to fly everywhere to rain down on the earth below. But even more importantly…Bai Yunfei was completely unharmed! The Cataclysmic Seal had protected him!

Qin Long’s gambit had failed!

The Cataclysmic Seal didn’t even shrink back to its original size after it was struck, and neither did it look like Bai Yunfei was in any way affected by Qin Long’s attack. All Bai Yunfei did was raise his right hand up as if preparing to throw something, and then waving it forward!

There wasn’t any elemental energy attached to his motions, but the gigantic Cataclysmic Seal reacted accordingly to his actions. Like a giant ‘stone’, the Cataclysmic Seal flew forwards!

Straight to where Qin Long was!

“Qin Long!!”

Qin He called out to him in terrified warning. He could see that Qin Long was completely spent now. The act of flying was already too difficult a task for him, and dodging the incoming Cataclysmic Seal would require more energy than he had in him!


There was a faint thud as the Cataclysmic Seal slammed into Qin Long’s body like a fly-swatter would smack a fly. But before Qin He could call out to Qin Long again, he saw the Cataclysmic Seal suddenly start to fly in a different direction and immediately began to fly away.

The Cataclysmic Seal was coming for him now!


Having been too late to save Qin Long, all Qin He could do was scream out in anger before flying away to get out of the Cataclysmic Seal’s range.

As fast as he was, the Cataclysmic Seal was even faster. Its speed was completely beyond what it size would otherwise indicate, and it was already on the verge of overcoming him!

In his panic to run away, Qin He failed to realize that it was possible to simply fly off in a different direction rather than straight ahead. By the time it was too late to evade, he was faced with the Cataclysmic Seal behind him and a giant mountain in front!


The Cataclysmic Seal slammed into him, embedding the man deep into the surface of the mountain!

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