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Bai Yunfei was completely calm right now. He was waiting for his soulforce to recover as he waited for his cooldowns to reset. 

On the other hand, Qin He and Qin Long looked very rushed for time. They looked ready to move at the slightest of twitches from Bai Yunfei and were flaring with energy. The fluctuations of energy radiating from their body were proof enough that they weren’t calm at all.

Not even their eyes were willing to move away from Bai Yunfei as if they were afraid that they might miss something Bai Yunfei would do. Neither of the two was willing to be the one to strike first just in case they might use up more soulforce than they were willing to spare. Both of them were at a disadvantage in soulforce, so it was dangerous to use up any more of it without a guarantee that they could get something from it.

At the same time though, the two of them were aware that they couldn’t simply ‘wait’!! Their family was in peril with most of their numbers being killed within the last few minutes. Qin He and Qin Long were at a stalemate with Bai Yunfei, but the others weren’t in such happy circumstances anymore… 

Jing Mingfeng and Xiao Nan were both having a one-on-one battle, and Qin Yuan—who was originally in a four-on-three battle—was now in a one-on-three!

How could Qin Yuan possibly fight a battle like that?! How long could he even last?!




As if to add to Qin He and Qin Long’s worries, three separate animal noise could be heard from where Qin Yuan was!

“Another soul attack!”

The two blanched before Qin Yuan let loose a loud howl!


Qin Long couldn’t stand back and watch this go any longer. A soul attack was immediately launched towards Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff to stop their soul attack. A violet streak of light flew off to the side at the same time to dodge a spatial edge aimed at it.


Qin Long roared at Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff as he aimed two streaks of light at them!

The fact that Bai Yunfei took the opportunity to ‘help’ Xiao Qi and the others to kill the earth-type Mid-stage Soul King infuriated Qin Long. His anger right now was immeasurable, and he was determined to kill the two ‘weak’ soulbeasts now!

Qin Long was a Late-stage Soul King. Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff were both early-stage class seven soulbeasts. By a comparative measure of power levels, the two of them were definitely ‘weaker’ than him. The soul attack he aimed at the two soulbeasts would definitely do a considerable amount of damage to them, and that next attack would surely reach them before they could either dodge it or put up a proper defense!

But that was just a plan of Qin Long, since when plans go as expected?


A clear-sounding sneer echoed across the skies as a soul attack as strong as Qin Long’s crashed into his to cancel it out. Two separate fireballs a hundred meters in size flew across the skies at the same time to crash into the beams of light aimed at the two soulbeasts!

“Boom!! Boom!!”

And just like that, Bai Yunfei had stopped Qin Long’s plan from succeeding!

Since Qin Long was taking action and Bai Yunfei was responding, Qin He had no choice but to take part as well! If anything, Qin He looked like he had grasped onto an opportunity where Bai Yunfei was distracted enough with Qin Long to strike!


A streak of golden light flew out from Qin He as his crescent-shaped blade arced towards Bai Yunfei. He gave chase after it while also making a few hand seals in preparation for another attack. When his arms drew apart, his right hand could be seen with a ring of elemental fire wrapped around it and his left with a flash of bright golden elemental metal. They left a trail of light as his hands traveled through the air like two different meteors to fly straight for Bai Yunfei!

Bai Yunfei was right at this moment recovering from his attempt to help Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff. Noticing that he was being attacked, he immediately urged his Heaven’s Thunder to fly straight in front of him.

Heaven’s Thunder and the golden crescent-shaped blade struck one another with a loud crash, but it was Heaven’s Thunder that was sent flying away! And to Bai Yunfei’s further surprise, the blade seemed like it was wailing almost!

His concern lasted only for a moment before he had to focus on the crescent-shaped blade. This time, he sent the Cataclysmic Seal forward to stop the golden beam of light.

And it was the crescent-shaped blade that was knocked back this time! There was also the same wailing sound as before when it flew!

Though he was successful in stopping the soul armament from hitting him, Bai Yunfei realized that Qin He was already right in front of him and ready to attack!

Qin He didn’t say or do anything that wasn’t necessary. Both glowing palms were already pressed out to slam into Bai Yunfei’s chest at any moment now!

But Bai Yunfei’s reaction to this was drastically different than what anyone anticipated!

Everyone thought Bai Yunfei would use his powerful soul armaments to defend against the palms or even dodge them.

What they instead saw was Bai Yunfei taking a slight step back with both arms resting against his side. His left and right hands started to shine gold and red before he punched at the incoming palms of Qin He!

Two equally powerful attacks with equally powerful energy of equal elements were coming straight for one another!


A flash of gold and red light swallowed up both Qin He and Bai Yunfei following the clash of their hands. Energy flew out from the collision to flow away from the two of them with such chaotic devastation that even the air seemed like it was warping under the pressure! It was like even space was being forced to bend under the power of their exchange!


Two figures leaped out from the left and right side of the explosion a moment later. Both were wrapped in a layer of energy so no one could tell who was who at first. The two of them did look like the exchange just now took some considerable energy from them since their soulforce were noticeably different than from before.

It was soon distinguishable which person was standing where, and not even a second after Qin He could be seen, a dark-green beam of light shot out from behind him to fly straight for Bai Yunfei!

It was Qin Long!!

The amount of power he was showing now was devastatingly powerful; it was two times as strong as any other attack!

He was…boosting his power! Even if it meant suffering from the backlash, Qin Long was determined to fight with all his strength!

Qin Long was clearly ready to make use of his final move right here and now!

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