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To say Qin Long was angry was an understatement. The Dual Dragon Burst from Bai Yunfei had left him and Qin He cut off from the others for a few precious moments and wary that Bai Yunfei would unleash an even harsher follow up on them. Instead of being attacked, the two were essentially left in the dark while Bai Yunfei killed off their members!

It was only a moment ago that he and the fire-type Mid-stage Soul King were working together. And then he saw Bai Yunfei send him flying before Xiao Qi killed the Mid-stage Soul King with a spatial edge!

Shock couldn’t even begin to describe how he was feeling. The fury he was feeling was strong enough to burn even the heavens themselves. As his body flashed green in light, his sword pointed at the skies to act as a magnet for even more elemental wood to gather to it. Multiple blades of green light formed throughout the area before flying at Bai Yunfei from all angles!


Qin He joined in as well. Making several hand seals, he had several fist-sized balls of half-gold, half-red color form around him. Ranging well within the hundreds at their peak, the balls immediately began to rain down onto Bai Yunfei!

“Boom boom boom boom boom!!”

The two different-colored balls of light exploded all around Bai Yunfei one by one to kick up a large storm of dust. Soon, Bai Yunfei couldn’t even be seen under all the dust in the air!

This was a miniaturized version of Qin He’s move earlier where he had one element supplement the destructive force of the other. It was tinier, yes, but the power was still considerably strong and had a wide area of coverage. To the eyes of outsiders, this attack wasn’t something that could easily be dodged.

Bai Yunfei hadn’t the intention to dodge the attack, though. He had been waiting for this attack ever since he finished off the fire-type Mid-stage Soul King. The barrier from his Cataclysmic Seal flared to life around him to protect him from the green blades of wind and the gold and red balls of light.

His barrier was, of course, met with a look of dissatisfaction from both Qin He and Qin Long. The defensive might of the orange barrier had been a consistent source of surprise for the two, and even now it seemed like their attacks had again failed to break through it.

It was enough to make both of them feel quite useless. The opponent was clearly using a power-boosting technique to elevate himself to be able to stand on the same footing as the two of them, and yet they still couldn’t defeat him. It was an unprecedented level of disgrace for the two of them.

Elemental attacks couldn’t reach Bai Yunfei because of the barrier; which had yet to show that it could break. Physical attacks couldn’t even hope to bypass the defenses of his soul armaments; so that was an impossible task. An extended battle didn’t seem like it was doing much for them either, Bai Yunfei felt like he was a bottomless pit of soulforce. And soul attacks weren’t even an option with how strange Li Yue’s death was. Neither Qin Long nor Qin He was willing to revisit that avenue of attack just in case… 

So what could they possibly do against such an opponent?!

It was a maddening question Qin He and Qin Long hadn’t a clue for…. 

But they couldn’t simply concede defeat like this was just some kind of spar. This was a battle that would decide the fate of their family! And half of the Qin’s Soul Kings had already died because of Bai Yunfei! They simply had to see this fight to its resolution, no matter how hard it was!



Bai Yunfei leaped out from the dust storm amidst a sudden explosion of dazzling light. The orange barrier was no longer to be seen around him, but he was still being protected by a layer of elemental energy. Qin He and Qin Long’s attack had failed to do any damage to him at all.

But that didn’t mean to say Bai Yunfei had a breeze dealing with that recent barrage just now. It probably would’ve broken through if he hadn’t put as much soulforce he could into the barrier. The consumption of soulforce on a level of that amount would take a moment or two for him to regain his breath, which was why he didn’t launch a counterattack afterward. The first attack had been a Dual Dragon Burst after all. Then with the +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear to kill the fire-type Mid-stage Soul King and then blocking that barrage just now, Bai Yunfei was finally starting to feel some wear in his reserves.

He hid his fatigue well though. Nothing on his face gave it away aside from his slightly faster than usual breathing as he tried to recover.

He was already moving into the next step of the attack plan before he fully recovered though. With eyes that shined bright in the light, Bai Yunfei’s soulforce flared to life as he shouted out a single word—


Both Qin He and Qin Long froze up at the word—they remembered this being the impetus for Bai Yunfei’s powerful soul attack! Their minds quickly threw up a strong mental defense as they waited for the soul attack to hit them!

But the moment never came. Stunned, the two looked at one another for a second in confusion. The soul attack…wasn’t for them!


A loud scream from the left side of the battlefield got the two to look around. An earth-type Mid-stage Soul King had just succumbed to a spatial edge!

His death filled the two Late-stage Soul Kings with anger yet again. Their eyes snapped back to Bai Yunfei with renewed vigor, only to see him already pointing a finger at them!


Here it was again! The two realized with a start that they were the real targets this time!

“But how?!”

It came as a total shocker that Bai Yunfei could pull off a soul attack like this twice in a row so quickly. Their mental defenses were put up in a hurry to send out a wave of near-transparent energy to cancel out the incoming soul attack in front of them.

Bai Yunfei’s soul attack had been a lot stronger than the two anticipated. It wouldn’t have ended well for either of the two if they didn’t work together to cancel out Bai Yunfei’s soul attack!


Before they could contemplate the intensity of Bai Yunfei’s soul attack, the two Soul Kings immediately split apart from one another without warning!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Two jets of red and violet light broke through the area where the two stood a split-second ago before flying back to Bai Yunfei’s side!

It was the Fire-tipped Spear and Heaven’s Thunder!

The Fire-tipped Spear returned to Bai Yunfei’s hand while the Heaven’s Thunder flew underneath his feet for him to step on. With the Cataclysmic Seal rotating around him and his entire body flickering with flames, Bai Yunfei looked especially powerful.

He was expressionless as he stared at both Qin He and Qin Long, though the glint in his eyes was especially cold. 

Today he would kill the enemies in front of him without mercy!

Bai Yunfei hadn’t planned to kill anyone at first. Perhaps it was his soft-side speaking, or perhaps it was his desire for leniency, or perhaps it was because he didn’t want to make enemies with a large family like the Qin, but killing them didn’t seem like something Bai Yunfei wanted to do. He wanted to avoid having the entire Qin as his enemy as long as there was still room for negotiations on the table. There was also the fact that he knew someone was trying to make him and the Qin enemies, and Bai Yunfei definitely didn’t want to give that conspirator the satisfaction of having his plans go as planned.

Because of that, Xiao Qi was given the command not to kill anybody when they first started to fight. Bai Yunfei’s primary goal was to help Jing Mingfeng escape the place and then try to negotiate.

Li Yue attacking him made things complicated. Bai Yunfei knew now that there was something between the Soul Refining School and the Qin, so his perspective on this entire thing shifted a little bit. The Soul Refining School had to be killed for sure. And if the Qin were with them and thought Bai Yunfei as an enemy, then there wasn’t much of a need to hold back anymore… 

The final straw had been when Qin Huan tried to act against Tang Xinyun. It was the sore spot that finally pushed Bai Yunfei over the brink to decide to kill the Qin!

His decision to kill the Qin meant having himself fight at full power. His first course of action was to kill Li Yue and then kill whoever was going after Tang Xinyun. Then he’d coordinate with Xiao Qi to have him kill everybody with the spatial edges!

He had confidence in an extended battle in his ‘Coil’ Form if things had to boil down to that. And with the ample amount of soul armaments for him to rely on, Bai Yunfei was sure he could win even against two Late-stage Soul Kings!

And it didn’t seem like the Qin had a third Late-stage Soul King to come in to fight Bai Yunfei. Finally, Bai Yunfei had the upper hand in this battle!

He could take things a little slower now, or at least until the cooldowns of the Fire-tipped Spear and Soul Sentinel Scarf were off. As long as he had those two trump cards, then killing any one of his opponents could be done without much trouble, and his victory would be guaranteed.

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