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Time flows in a uniform pace, but not for this battle this time. From when Quan Huan reached out to attack Tang Xinyun, to Xiao Nan and Bai Yunfei exploding with fury, to Xiao Qi littering the battlefield with spatial edges, time was flowing almost erratically. So many things were happening in such a short amount of time, and yet everyone that watched felt like their hearts were beating kilometers per minute.

It seemed almost absurd to think about how fast the stalemate was broken. The combatants were fighting on equal grounds almost, but then five people died just like that!

And two of those deaths were Mid-stage and Late-stage Soul Kings!

Most still weren’t sure if the darkness-type Late-stage Soul King was with the Qin or not, but he was still an enemy of Bai Yunfei nonetheless!

The actions that came from Bai Yunfei was incredible, to say the least. Suppressing Qin He and Qin Long into place with the Dual Dragon Burst was already enough to greatly surprise the audience, but then the death of Li Yue was another shocker. Then Bai Yunfei managed to kill Qin Huan and then the Mid-stage Soul King with a single blow and punch respectively. And then Xiao Qi letting loose all those spatial edges caught the audience’s gasps… 

This was when everyone came to the terrifying realization that Bai Yunfei’s soulbond partner was as terrifyingly strong as he was. All those spatial edges being thrown about was like the reaper and his scythe to harvest the souls of all it caught!

“No f*cking way!! So many spatial tears…! Is this a joke? Can they even be used like that?! Am I going insane?!”

“Spatial-type attacks are always powerful, but any person with strong enough elemental energy should be able to ward them off. Even space-type Soul Exalts wouldn’t be able to launch a spatial attack that’d last for several hundred meters, and even then, Soul Kings could break those attacks like nothing. That ‘prisma oriole’ is a mid-stage class seven soulbeast, but his spatial tears are going for kilometers. Would even a Late-stage Soul King be able to stop that at full strength?!”

“If Bai Yunfei’s soulbeast partner had this ability and wasn’t using it from the get-go, that just means they really didn’t plan on killing anyone before. But now…all bets are off, they’re ready to start a massacre!”

“Never would’ve thought a man and soulbeast could basically be a bad omen. This is the sign of bad things to come. Will…will the Qin be completely destroyed today?”


Things were happening far too fast for the discussion to keep up with. Everyone was anxiously waiting to see what would happen next, though some had already a few guesses what the final outcome was… 

“How detestable, what an outcome this is!!”

Yan Tianxing stood on the outskirts of the battlefield with a face as stormy as a cloud. As undesirable this outcome was, there was no controlling the future developments. Things would only get worse even if he had a few Soul Kings from the Tianhun School come in to intervene.

The death of Li Yue was especially chilling to him. He was starting to feel a sinking danger!

“The Qin, the Jing, and now the Crafting School…this is becoming unstoppable now…” Yan Tianxing sighed, “I’ll watch out for anything else…”



It took only a few seconds longer for the next person to scream out. Everyone’s eyes swung over to the source to see a figure basked in gold light drop down from the skies!

It was the metal-type Early-stage Soul King Jing Mingfeng was fighting with!

Blood was spilling out from him and the energy coming out from his body was already starting to dissipate. The man was dying.


A loud chirp echoed through the air before a spatial edge could be seen flying towards the metal-type Soul King. Slicing into the man, the spatial edge was quick to lay claim to his life.

“How ruthless!!”

Everyone thought to themselves. The metal-type Soul King was already dying, but Xiao Qi didn’t even grant him the mercy of living for even a second longer or even in one-piece. Xiao Qi’s actions were superfluous to them and were even seen as being overkill.

What they didn’t know was that Xiao Qi was doing this for the sake of gaining more experience.

The explosive strength of Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi was what Jing Mingfeng used to finish off the metal-type Soul King. He sent a curious glance over to Xiao Qi when the bird killed his enemy but he didn’t think too hard about it. There was still the other wind-type Early-stage Soul King to deal with.


The mountain-sized blue-eyes wyrm flew at the Soul King with a mighty roar. Ascending higher into the skies, Long Lan sent up a draconic claw made of black light to swipe at Qin Yuan!

Qin Yuan was looking extremely pale right now. All the unexpected changes had been sudden and utterly discouraging to see, especially when Xiao Qi sent out all those spatial edges. He had nearly fallen prey to one of them himself while he was fighting Xiao Qi earlier. Never would he have thought that Xiao Qi had something as powerful as that!

While he managed to dodge the spatial edges, several of his companions did not, and that was what truly terrified—and infuriated—Qin Yuan the most. So when Long Lan came forward to attack him, Qin Yuan began to explode with violet light. With a loud shout, Qin Yuan transformed into a streak of violet light to directly clash with Long Lan’s claws!


Qin Yuan slammed into the claws and dispersed it back into smoke before continuing onwards to slam directly onto Long Lan’s body!


Long Lan roared angrily in pain as he was hit. The world shook with each step he made before coming to a stop a hundred meters away.

Qin Yuan bounced away from impact with Long Lan to go the other way towards the permafrost mastiff!

“You’re asking for it!!”

Xiao Qi chirped in anger. His entire body turned violet as he flew for Qin Yuan at even faster speeds to meet him halfway and send him flying away.

“Pcht…” Qin Yuan flew a kilometer away following his clash with Xiao Qi. His face was deathly pale for a moment before he opened his mouth to spit out some blood!


Xiao Qi, on the other hand, wasn’t injured at all. His aura was even brighter than before as he let out a powerful chirp!

A soul attack!



Two other roars sounded out at the exact same time as Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff layered on a soul attack of their own!!

“Not good!!”

Qin Yuan immediately started to prepare his mental defenses against the three soul attacks while also leaping back to gain some distance.

Because of his timely reaction and the fact that the three soul attacks weren’t exactly aimed only Qin Yuan, he was able to avoid them in time. He could see the waves of the soul attack spread to where he had been standing just half a second ago. Had he been any later in retreating… 

In another area, the earth-type Mid-stage Soul King fighting the three soulbeasts with him was also just able to avoid a spatial edge from Xiao Qi.

But the third person, an Early-stage Soul King, was not as fortunate as the other two. The relative area of the battlefield was far too small, and he was unfortunate enough to be caught by one of the attacks… 


The Soul King wasn’t even able to properly defend himself from Xiao Qi’s soul attack. But even as he screamed from the pain of the attack, Xiao Qi’s spatial edge tore straight through him, cutting his life almost instantaneously!

The earth-type Mid-stage Soul King face grew ashen at the sight of yet another member of the family dying. 

He managed to free himself from the effects of the soul attack when several crystals of ice and a wave of blue light started to make their way over to him. Frightened, he leaped up into the air only to see a spatial edge fly straight at him as if Xiao Qi had predicted he’d move in that direction!

He snarled. Orange light burst out from his body as he prepared to try and change his flight direction. It’d take a lot of energy, but it certainly beats dying. 

But before he could go into evasive maneuvers… 


A calm voice boomed across the battlefield to reverb through his ears like a clap of thunder. The expression on his face stiffened and the soulforce in his body stilled as he was forced to remain still!

And in that moment of inaction, death struck!

The spatial edge swept straight through his body, separating the man from the waist!!

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