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“Yan Tianxing! Why do you obstruct my path!?”

Qin He looked absolutely murderous that Yan Tianxing would even dare to stand in his way.

While Yan Tianxing was the lord-mayor of Swallow City, there wasn’t much of a gap in authority between the two. Qin He wasn’t afraid of the man and so he was utterly discontent with the fact Yan Tianxing would stand in his way.

“He is Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School. I cannot allow you to kill him.” Yan Tianxing looked a little exasperated at the entire situation as if he’d rather just ignore everything that was taking place if possible. But if he were to do that and let Bai Yunfei die, then the fallout would be disastrous for him… 

There weren’t many Late-stage Soul Kings in the world or even in the administration of the Tianhun School when considering the number of soul cultivators, but that didn’t mean he could disregard the Crafting School. In the case that things went wrong and the Crafting School came looking, then the troubles that’d plague Yan Tianxing wouldn’t be worth his inaction.

Of course, Yan Tianxing hadn’t the slightest intentions of fighting the entire Qin to save Bai Yunfei. In the case the Qin disregarded his warning and continue their attacks on Bai Yunfei, Yan Tianxing would try his ‘best’ to further pacify the situation, but he didn’t guarantee anything. He was only one man in the face of an entire family after all… 

“The Crafting School!! Bai Yunfei?!”

That sparked a reaction from Qin He. His eyes honed in on Bai Yunfei for a closer look. He had no idea that this person he was fighting was Bai Yunfei!!

He had only heard a few sparse things about Bai Yunfei. In his mind, Bai Yunfei was just some upstart prodigy. How could someone like that, as amazing as he might be, be powerful enough to battle with Qin Long?

And yet, there was now a strange suspicion he had for Bai Yunfei. Wasn’t the crafter in the south of Swallow City? He and Qin Tian had first heard about the fight between Bai Yunfei and Qin Long when they were both underground still and thought that it’d be troublesome if Qin Long killed Bai Yunfei. That was the whole reason why Qin Tian left the cave in the first place before getting assassinated by Jing Wuying. 

It seemed like Qin Long hadn’t managed to kill Bai Yunfei then. It seemed logical that Bai Yunfei was dead, or at the very least gone from this place. What reason had he for staying behind? Was he here to help the Jing?

“Is…is he in cahoots with Jing Wuying’s companion!?”

The realization hit Qin He all at once. But the connection wasn’t ‘Bai Yunfei is connected to Jing Wuying’. It was that…the ‘Crafting School was connected to Jing Wuying’!

Had Jing Wuying done something to get the support of the Crafting School? If that was the case, how could the Qin possibly stand against both Jing Wuying and the Crafting School?!

But on the inverse, why would the Crafting School send just Bai Yunfei? It didn’t make much sense in that regard. Plus, Qin He remembered a while ago that Bai Yunfei had come with the Tang girl to rescind the betrothment. That surely wasn’t just a false pretense… 

What in the world was going on then?!

The more Qin He thought about this conundrum, the less he really understood what to do or think.


A loud explosion snapped Qin He out from his thoughts. At some point while he was lost in his own thoughts, a loud explosion of soulforce had erupted everywhere.

Yan Tianxing had raised eyebrows as well. He turned to look at the center of the battlefield behind him where the attacks of Qin He and Qin Long had exploded. The space at the epicenter of the explosion was turning in on itself as if warping and the amount of fire rising up into the skies was practically evaporating everything within its proximity!

“He’s not dead?! And a Late-stage Soul King?! Impossible!!”

Qin He let out a gasp to let the others know what he was thinking. Despite knowing Bai Yunfei’s identity now, Qin He still didn’t believe Bai Yunfei would be a match for both him and Qin Long if they combined their strengths. It should’ve been enough to claim Bai Yunfei’s life when it landed, and yet the amount of power that was rising up from where Bai Yunfei was…this was the aura of a Late-stage Soul King!

Yan Tianxing didn’t look as surprised as Qin He. If anything, he had a look as if to say ‘as I thought’ on it.

It was a cold-looking Bai Yunfei that stepped out from the pillar of fire. He was in his ‘Coil’ Form now, and the Fire-tipped Spear was shining splendidly with elemental fire as he gave a quick glance at Yan Tianxing and Qin He. He disappeared a moment later to fly towards Qin Long!

The man hadn’t expected to see his attack fail and was unprepared for Bai Yunfei to suddenly charge at him. His sword barely managed to let out a strike of green light by the time Bai Yunfei was upon him, but it landed straight onto the middle of three Bai Yunfeis! Bai Yunfei had multiplied in three and allowed the sword to strike down the middle one while the ones on the left and right continued onwards!

Two identical-looking Fire-tipped Spears came sweeping at Qin Long, who was forced to dodge since he couldn’t tell which one was the real one. It was a forced action that pushed Qin Long onto a disadvantage and gave Bai Yunfei the opportunity to capitalize with another attack.

Qin Long responded with a horizontal strike onto the midriff of the Bai Yunfei on the right only to see him disappear. Blanching, Qin Long immediately kicked off against the air to make a sudden evasion.


The left fist of Bai Yunfei came crashing into his elemental barrier a short moment afterwards. There was a loud explosion as his barrier shattered into pieces and Bai Yunfei’s fist slammed itself into his waist!

Like a doll, Qin Long was sent flying away from Bai Yunfei. The punch hadn’t left any serious wounds, but it was still a blow nonetheless! And Bai Yunfei was all too happy to strike again after it!


A loud chirp from behind forced Bai Yunfei to look away. A strange glint in his eyes caused Qin Long to look hesitant on what his opponent would do. Rather than attacking Qin Long, Bai Yunfei shook his left hand to withdraw something from his space ring. He made a tossing action, but there wasn’t any soulforce in his movement…


While Qin Long was trying to make sense of Bai Yunfei’s actions, a loud draconic roar suddenly made itself known from his left!

And then, two powerful auras appeared out of nowhere from the edge of the battlefield!

“Two class seven soulbeasts!!”

The eyes of everyone watching the battles flew almost immediately towards the source of the auras. Someone gasped as a gigantic blue figure appeared alongside a white lion like beast up in the sky.

A blue-eyes wyrm and a permafrost mastiff!

Having sensed that the other battles weren’t going smoothly, Bai Yunfei decided to call out two more helpers into the fray!

Long Lan had been cooped up in the Core World this entire time to train and so he had been missing from the battle until now. His strength was distinctly stronger than from his last appearance and was nearing the levels of a mid-stage class seven soulbeast now.

There weren’t any changes in the permafrost mastiff, but the beast was moving much more lively compared to before. Under Bai Yunfei’s command, the mastiff was feeling far more wrathful and murderous than before. It felt nothing like a regular soulbeast puppet.

The two soulbeasts flew straight for Xiao Qi as soon as they appeared. With his gigantic frame, Long Lan looked essentially like a miniature mountain that slammed into the water-type Soul King Jing Mingfeng was fighting on his way to Xiao Qi.

Needless to say, everyone from the Qin was stunned to see another two enemies appear out of nowhere. Now two beasts on par with an Early-stage Soul King were taking part in the battles with Jing Mingfeng and Xiao Nan to fight them.

“Haha! Good timing! You can eat everyone here, Xiao Lan. You’ll definitely become a mid-stage class seven then!!”

Xiao Qi was sounding quite excited to see Long Lan. It had been a little taxing for him to fight the two Mid-stage Soul Kings so he was happy to see the two soulbeasts come over to help him. He worked quite well with Long Lan, and his control over the permafrost mastiff was definitely an asset he could make use of. The soulbeast trio could definitely fight on a level stronger than their cumulative strengths would suggest otherwise… 

The appearance of the blue-eyes wyrm and the permafrost mastiff had proved to be a beneficial change for both Jing Mingfeng and Xiao Nan. They weren’t in imminent danger anymore, but it was still a precarious situation where they had to fight one against two. Still, the burden was alleviated now, and Xiao Qi was now fighting a more equalized three against four battle.


Qin He looked furious. Things had been going relatively in their direction until this point. The advantage was gone and now it seemed like there was a stalemate between the two sides.

He had originally expected there to be just one Early-stage Soul King aside from Jing Wuying. Bai Yunfei was an unexpected variable to the equation, but he didn’t even come by himself. A mid-stage class seven soulbeast and earth-type Early-stage Soul King had joined the fray with him. 

And now there were two more class seven soulbeasts to consider. Just how many enemies were there?!

To make matters even worse, their enemies were fighting with enough strength to make even a one against two battle difficult to win. The ridiculousness of the situation was nearly enough to make the people of the Qin vomit blood.

Qin He wasn’t even sure how the battle between the patriarch and Jing Wuying was doing, so that made him even more anxious. He was starting to feel more and more uneasy about how the future was looking… 

But that just meant he couldn’t delay matters any longer! The sooner he tidied things up, the sooner he could see things to a better resolution! It didn’t matter if Bai Yunfei was from the Crafting School. He was an enemy, and the only thing that mattered was that the enemy had to be eliminated!

“Stand aside or be forced aside, Yan Tianxing!”

Murderous intent rolled off Qin He’s person as he barked a command for Yan Tianxing to stand aside.

“Qin He! Do you want to cause major trouble for yourself?! If you kill Bai Yunfei…”

Yan Tianxing began to try to talk some sense into Qin He, but the words died off when he saw the other man raise a finger. Feeling an overwhelming sense of danger, he kicked off to the side in a blast of violet light!


The golden crescent-shaped soul armament Qin He had was coming back to cut into Yan Tianxing from behind!

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