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"What's…what's going on here?! Why are there so many Soul Kings fighting?!"

"Is that…Bai Yunfei?! How?! Wasn't he way over in the south? We didn't see him fly past us on our way here, did we? How'd he get here so fast? And…he's fighting lord Qin again!"

"Isn't that one of the elders of the Qin, Qin Yuan? It's been almost a decade since he last appeared in public. Is that…Bai Yunfei's soulbeast that's fighting him?"

"And the one fighting Qin Pingzhi is the earth-type Soul King from earlier. But who's that wind-type Soul King?"

"Look that way! The center of all that energy! I bet people wouldn't even be able to breathe if they were close enough to it! What kind of soul cultivators could possibly be fighting in something like that?!"

"Has the mines in this area collapsed or something?! What's going on here, there's so many people fighting here! A lot of those people are coming from underground, so they must be the miners. But the people they're fighting…are those the Qin?"

"It's too crazy here! I can't even tell what's going on here!!"


Multi-colored light sparked across the skies one after another above Swallow City. Many soul cultivators by the edge of the lights were all watching the skies in wonder while many more were coming in from elsewhere to observe. Most of these people were all coming from the south and so they recognized Bai Yunfei right away.

It was far too chaotic for anyone to really make sense of what was going on. Not only were the Soul Exalts fighting on the ground below, but that was alson't even the main attraction! The many Soul Kings fighting in the skies above was where everyone was truly looking at.

A battle for the ages. An unforgettable clash for both the combatants and the observers. Only the Soul Kings that were observing the battle were able to stop the astonishment from being too apparent on their faces.

Two elderly figures stood high up in the skies away from the battle. They were Soul Kings from two of the more stronger families of Swallow City. While the Qin held one of the top spots in the power hierarchy, they weren't the face of the entire city. There were still families of decent power.

"Is the one standing there Qin He?" The one in yellow robes asked. His eyes were eyeing the faraway Qin He in suspicion.

The elder next to him nodded, albeit in surprise. "It is indeed him…it's been more than a decade since he's shown himself. I had thought he died many years before. He's…far stronger than he was before!"

"If Qin He is here…then the entire force of the Qin must be here too? What is happening here…are they mobilizing the entirety of their family to kill a person like Bai Yunfei?!"

"It doesn't sound possible…the battle taking place here was essentially taking place during the same time as the one in the south. Bai Yunfei should be an unrelated party, but I admit I'm quite confused why Bai Yunfei has gotten himself in another battle here…"

"That's the Emperor's Phenomenon over there, but it seems far too 'weak'. Did someone try to breakthrough and fail?"

"I can think of only one person that'd have such a chance."

"Are you saying…it's patriarch Qin?!"

"Who else could it be! The fact that so many of the Qin are here is evidence of that! Patriarch Qin was trying to breakthrough, but someone stopped him. That must be why there's this battle!"

"It does seem likely, but…who could possibly do something like that? Who is the one fighting patriarch Qin?"


The two looked at one another, unsure of the answer to that. They hadn't a clue about who it could possibly be, but they were surprised that someone strong enough for it could actually be here.

While the two discussed the possibilities with one another, the battle further ahead was already taking a different turn… 

"That young man over there, he's just a Mid-stage Soul King. How could he possibly fight off Qin Long?!"

It was in amazement that Qin He muttered to himself. He had been watching the fight take place between Qin Long and Bai Yunfei since he previously thought that his help wouldn't be needed. Only now that he had seen Bai Yunfei's abilities did he realize how wrong he was.

Qin Long was a man that could kill off a mere Mid-stage Soul King without much issue, much less fight one off. Qin Yuan and his class seven soulbeast were also fighting with him, and yet the three were all at a disadvantage. On the other side, two other Early-stage Soul Kings were fighting off another Early-stage Soul King without seeing any leeway, and Qin Pingzhi was fighting an earth-type Early-stage Soul King at a disadvantage… 

In other words, things were going completely contrary to what Qin He expected. A direction he was completely infuriated to see.

"What a bunch of useless trash!!"

He roared. With a wave of his arm, a crescent-shaped blade without a hilt appeared right in front of him to fly forward. It traveled in a dazzling golden arc for a short while before transforming into an even larger size to cut straight into  Bai Yunfei!


A blast of fire shot out to meet the golden beam of light head on. Enlarging to become the size of a mountain, the object crashed into the golden blade with a loud explosion!


Gold and red light flashed across the skies as the two objects collided. The metal-type soul armament was repelled back towards Qin He with a significantly dimmer light than before.

"A high-heaven tier soul armament!!"

Qin He was even more murderous now. The soul armament flew past and then around his person to go flying back towards Bai Yunfei again. This time, the blade had a sharper light to it and had no longer a crescent shape to it. It was now the shape of a large moon—or perhaps it was better to say it had the shape of a sun!

Gold and red clashed again, but Qin He trailed behind his soul armament to finally take part himself!


Now that Qin He was participating in the battle, Qin Long decided to use his ultimate technique as well. Green energy poured forth from his body in even larger amounts than before to swallow up the sword in his hand. He heaved the weapon up over his head as if to stir the sky. A whirlpool as green as the energy started to take form and scattered apart all the bamboo in the area to return them back to an energy form and add to the whirlpool's destructive strength.

It took only a moment for the bamboo to return back to its original form as energy. And after that moment, Qin Long used the whirlpool to try and strike down Bai Yunfei!

Two Late-stage Soul Kings were using their strongest attacks!

"Cease this at once!"

The loud roar of a person blasted across the skies as another person as strong as Qin He and Qin Long themselves flared into presence. The sound of rolling thunder could be heard before there was a sickening crack as a bolt of violet lightning dropped down on the battlefield!

At last, Yan Tianxing was finally stepping in to mediate again!

This time, the lord-mayor looked truly afraid that Bai Yunfei would die here and cause no small amount of trouble for him. So he took the opportunity step in, if…not just a little late.

Whilst the bolt of lightning prevented Qin He from moving forward, it did nothing to stop the golden sun and green whirlpool from heading towards the center of the battlefield where Bai Yunfei was!

And without any further ado, Bai Yunfei was covered up by the two attacks!


Qin He taking part in the battle, Bai Yunfei being in danger, and all the battles everywhere. Everything was starting to take sudden developments in their battles!

In the north and south of Qin He and Bai Yunfei's battle, both sides were having individual streaks of light fly repeatedly against and away from one another!

To the north were the Soul Kings from the Qin. The Mid-stage Soul King was flying towards Xiao Qi, and the Early-stage Soul King was flying towards Jing Mingfeng!

To the south were the two Soul Kings that had first followed Qin Long back to Swallow City, they were back! When they arrived here in the battlefield, the two of them made an immediate path towards Qin Pingzhi to help fight off Xiao Nan!

The three battlefields were undergoing drastic and sudden changes with developments being formed and made without rhyme nor reason!!

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