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Dark-green light exploded forth from Qin Long as he screamed. It flooded the skies around him in endless droves to fill the area with elemental wood!

One after another, bamboo as thick as the arm of a muscular person started to appear out of thin air with such speed that the place had turned into a forest of bamboo!

This was…an aretype soul skill!

Qin Long disappeared into the forest as quickly as it appeared like a predator waiting in ambush. He was gone without a trace without any physical trace of his person.

“My lord!!”

Qin Pingzhi cried out, but Qin Long wasn’t listening to him. He hesitated for two seconds before finally bellowing out a command. “Attack! Everyone attack! Kill our enemies!!”

Despite being only an Early-stage Soul King, he was still a leading elder of the Qin and had the calm-headed thinking required of someone of his position. He didn’t want to rush so quickly into a battle after just arriving here—especially if Bai Yunfei was here. Bai Yunfei was a terrifying existence to him and someone he didn’t want to fight. But if Qin Long was attacking him and couldn’t be stopped, then Qin Pingzhi had only one decision left to make.

Attack the enemies so that they had no time to escape!

It didn’t matter who Bai Yunfei was anymore. Hearing the losses from the purple-robed elder was enough to cement Qin Pingzhi’s decision. There was practically no member left to lose!! If Bai Yunfei was helping this person out, then he’d count him as a co-conspirator and kill him!

And just like that, Qin Pingzhi exploded into a blaze of light green energy to disappear into the bamboo forest!


The purple-robed elder barked out loud. With the other two Early-stage Soul Kings with him, the three of them charged into the bamboo forest! The three of them had been hiding underground at first to protect the patriarch, so none of them knew who Bai Yunfei was or how strong he was. It was therefore impossible for them to know what Qin Pingzhi was thinking. All they knew was that they had to follow their orders to kill their enemies!

A red and golden light was coming from the west as Qin He came to a stop at the edge of the bamboo forest. Unlike the others, he wasn’t planning to enter the forest just yet so he could observe the surroundings a bit longer.


“Wow! There goes that stupid idiot again! He doesn’t know when to quit, does he?! That’s it, I’m going to kill him! I’ll kill them all!!”

It was an utterly uncomfortable Xiao Qi that squawked and chirped in annoyance at the sight Bai Yunfei was in. He took off in a flash of lightning in his larger avian form to zoom off towards Bai Yunfei as quickly as he could.

“This isn’t good, I should go help out Bai Yunfei! Xiao Jie, stay here with miss Tang and don’t do anything rash. Protect yourselves!”

Xiao Qi taking off to help Bai Yunfei was what Xiao Nan needed to join the battle as well.

Zhao Jie looked hesitant to see her husband go. She raised a hand up to stop him, but the determined look in his eyes stopped her. “Be…be careful and don’t try to be brave…” She said after a while.

“I…I…” Hu Sha was panicking a bit seeing Xiao Nan leave. He was extremely frightened of what was going on. “Brother Xiao Nan,” He spoke, “it’s not that I don’t feel loyal enough, but that I would only be sending myself to my death if I go…I…”

There wasn’t anything strong in particular that bound Hu Sha to Bai Yunfei and his friends, so the fact that he looked so conflicted on wanting to help them was already a strong indicator of what kind of person he was.

“There’s no need, brother Hu. I’ll leave my wife and miss Tang to you to look after. Please be careful of any attacks that might make their way over here.”

His new purpose in being here gave Hu Sha some newfound confidence. “Rest assured, brother Xiao Nan!!” He slammed his chest with his fist. “I’ll protect them to the best of my abilities! No one will be laying even a finger on their hairs without me dying first!”

Xiao Nan nodded. Zhao Jie and Tang Xinyun were both Late-stage Soul Exalts and weren’t much weaker than Hu Sha. If they all hid properly, the three of them shouldn’t be in any danger.

He disappeared in a burst of light away towards Bai Yunfei, leaving Tang Xinyun to stand there in concern. Her eyes hadn’t left the battlefield for even a moment so as to observe the situation without missing a detail.



A loud explosion erupted within the bamboo forest while Xiao Qi and Xiao Nan flew closer to it. Almost simultaneously, a large fire nearly a hundred meters in width roared to life to cover a good portion of the forest and reduce the bamboo to cinders!

An equally large mountain came flying out from the bonfire to strike down the purple-robed elder. Two streaks of black and green light flew past the mountain to strike down the two Early-stage Soul Kings while another green streak of light flew from the right to seemingly merge with the initial two lights. It was Jing Mingfeng.

On the other side, a bright red light shot out from the fire like a notched arrow to strike down the wrathful Qin Long.

“Boom!! Boom! Boom!!”

A chain of explosions rocked the world one after another as Jing Mingfeng clashed with the earth-type Soul King. The other wood-type Early-stage Soul King lashed out shortly afterward to make it a two-on-one fight.

The purple-robed elder had planned on moving in to kill Jing Mingfeng after he dodged the giant Cataclysmic Seal, but the sudden sensation of danger caused him to plan otherwise. Making the immediate decision to leap back instead, the elder watched as three black crescents flew in front of him where he had been and clashed with the elemental energy he had been gathering before crashing silently into the mountain beneath.

“A spatial tear!!” The elder exclaimed. He hadn’t the time to ruminate on that discovery as two streaks of green and violet came at him from the front!

Near the elder where the man had been thinking of the best way to deal with Bai Yunfei, Qin Pingzhi’s eyes narrowed before looking behind him where an orange streak of light was coming for him.

“It’s him!” Qin Pingzhi came to a halt. Changing targets from Bai Yunfei, Qin Pingzhi flew off to fight Xiao Nan.

“Clang!! Boom!!”

Metal hitting metal could be heard and sparks could be seen flying everywhere as Bai Yunfei’s Fire-tipped Spear clashed against Qin Long’s dark-green longsword. The two elemental energy surrounding their weapons fought against one another and set off a mini-explosion one after another as the two fought.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi was fighting the purple-robed elder and Xiao Nan fighting Qin Pingzhi!

The battle…had immediately split into three separate battlefields!

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