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Qin Shouhao was already settling down in the area in front of Bai Yunfei by the time his voice was heard. He flew another hundred meters around the area as if looking for someone.

That someone was Qin Shoufeng, of course. But with Qin Shoufeng already blowing himself up, there wasn't even a piece of his shadow left to look for.

"Ah! Ahh!! Brother! Brotherrrr!!" Qin Shouhao howled as he continued his search. He simply couldn't believe that his brother had died.

After a while of not finding anything, he turned to give Bai Yunfei a glare filled with hatred. "It's you! It's your fault!! Bai Yunfei! How savage! You killed my brother! You've actually killed my brother!!!"

It was a little surprising that Qin Shouhao and Qin Shoufeng had a relationship deep enough for Qin Shouhao to be this deeply angered. There was a howl of anger as Qin Shouhao exploded with power and charged for Bai Yunfei!

The mid-heaven tier soul armament Bai Yunfei 'gifted' to the Qin was taken out in one swift motion. Waving the sword, Qin Shouhao sent a large blade of wind down onto Bai Yunfei!

Bai Yunfei wasn't all too worried. He was thinking about something else and cared little for the attack coming towards him. Raising his left hand, Bai Yunfei stopped the attack and dispersed the energy in it.

"He self-destructed on his own free will, I didn't kill him." He stated.

"It was your fault that he was pushed to such an extent! I'll have you pay for his life with yours!" Bai Yunfei's reasoning only served to anger Qin Shouhao even more. Without another roar of anger, Qin Shouhao thrust his sword out to stab at Bai Yunfei's throat!

Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes. Waving his left hand again, he blocked the incoming sword and then punched Qin Shouhao in the stomach with his right hand.

Like a kite with its string snapped, Qin Shouhao flew several meters backward and crashed into the ground.

"I said I didn't kill your brother!"

Bai Yunfei repeated this time with a darker tone of voice.

"Don't quibble!! I saw you do the act myself, are you still going to deny it?!" Qin Shouhao was looking a little more clear-headed after that punch, but he was still glaring vehemently at Bai Yunfei. 

"Bai Yunfei! Don't think about running away after killing my brother!! Stay here if you've the guts to face my father's judgment! If you run, then my Qin will seek justice with the Crafting School!!"

He took off into the air and brought out a flying sword. Stepping onto it, Qin Shouhao took off towards Swallow City in a burst of light. He seemingly wasn't so long-gone in his anger for Bai Yunfei that he wasn't going to do the sensible thing and head back home to 'request justice'.

"...." Bai Yunfei didn't stop him from leaving. He just stood there with a dark expression on his face as if he was deep in thought.

"Yunfei…what should we do now?"

Tang Xinyun was looking worried at how the situation had developed. She was thoroughly shocked by how Qin Shoufeng had died.

Bai Yunfei looked impatient. His eyebrows were knitted together in annoyance and his mouth was shaped into a frown. He didn't know why things had happened in such a way, or even why Qin Shoufeng had come all this way to 'kill himself'. 

Did Qin Shoufeng hate Bai Yunfei so much that he'd rather die than make life convenient for him?!

He knew that Qin Shoufeng was a petty man and held a huge grudge over Bai Yunfei for his meddling in the betrothment between him and Tang Xinyun. But Bai Yunfei just never thought that this grudge would be so heavy that Qin Shoufeng would so angry that he'd try and kill him!

And…now the situation was at a worst-case scenario!

Bai Yunfei could say he didn't kill Qin Shoufeng all he wanted, but there'd probably be only a few that'd believe him.

The Qin certainly won't!

So that left two options. Should he stick around and try to 'clear' things up with the Qin? Or should he leave the place at once and wait for the Qin to give chase?


Meanwhile, in Qin Manor.

"Who…who did this?!"

A furious howl echoed through Qin Manor as a powerful blanket of aura descended down onto the entire compound almost. Throughout all the rooms and corners of the manor, all the servants started to huddle and shiver in fear.

Currently, Qin Long, Qin Pingzhi, and a few other powerful elders were gathered in a hall in Qin Manor. Everyone had a somber but angry look on their faces, Qin Long most of all. The Late-stage Soul King was for once no longer as calm as he'd normally be.

Six corpses were laid about in front of them. Aside from Qin Hu, the others were several vital Soul Exalt members and one was one of their strongest members of the newest generation.

All six of them had been killed without noise or fuss. Not even the Mid-stage Soul King Qin Hu looked like he even managed to fight back before he died!!

None of the people gathered there were able to believe their eyes. They were in just as much shock as they were the first time when they first heard about the news. How could these many people be assassinated within their own home?

An Early-stage Soul King dressed in purple was currently bent down to inspect Qin Hu's body. "No signs of resistance. The killer was a very powerful one…"

"Not even a Late-stage Soul King would be able to kill a Mid-stage Soul King without them resisting!" Another Early-stage Soul King declared. "Could the enemy be a Soul Emperor? This is impossible!!"

"It doesn't matter who they are, they'll die for certain for this!!" A middle-aged man spat in anger. "My lord! Let us scour the city for the one responsible at once! If the enemy chose the time when we were all gone to make their attack, they are certain to make another attack as they hide in wait! If we mobilize the entirety of our family, we'll find the culprit at once! Let us call back the ones in the mines and tear the culprit limb from limb!"

"Absolutely not! Our patriarch is trying to breakthrough, we cannot afford for him to fail! Father and the others will remain there in the mine!" Qin Long refused. "Qin Bao, find the lord-mayor and ask for the Tianhun School's assistance! Qin Ying, send an announcement to all of our members outside our compound to be recalled back to Qin Manor at once!"


The purple-robed man and bearded middle-aged man replied simultaneously before heading out to carry out their orders.

"Where are Shouhao and Shoufeng?" Qin Long asked after he realized the fact neither of his two sons was here.

"Didn't Shouhao go to find you to return home?! Are they in the mines?!"

The last time Qin Pingzhi saw the two was when he told Shouhao to look for Qin Long and tell him to go back home. Qin Pingzhi expected the two to return home by now, or at least at the mines in search of their father.

But the fact neither of the two was home was of a great fright to Qin Pingzhi.

Qin Long's face dropped several degrees in shade. "Zhao Guang was the one to send a missive to me, not Shouhao nor Shoufeng! Where are they?!"

"Bad news! Bad news! My lord! Terrible news!!"

Right on time to seemingly prove everyone's suspicions, a horrified voice came calling out to the people there before a guard could be heard knocking on the gates outside.

Light flashed across Qin Long's eyes when he heard the voice. Swiping out with his right hand, his soulforce flew out to the gate to grab onto the man and bring him into the room!

"Speak! What has happened!!" Qin Long barked.

The guard was only a Soul Ancestor and was thoroughly cowed by the intimidating force of Qin Long. 

"The…the second young master was…was killed by Bai Yunfei just south of the city!!"


Everyone gasped at the news. Qin Long had been so startled by the news it was like something had gone off in his head. Staggering a few steps backward, the mighty Late-stage Soul King dropped the man he was holding onto the ground.

He took one last step backward before steadying himself. His powerful aura came back once more to intimidate all within the room within him before he disappeared from it. Reappearing several kilometers away, the man began to travel off towards the south of the city!

The skies above Swallow City was filled with a dark-green light as he teleported. The residual energy from his teleporting left behind large cyclones of energy that startled every soul cultivator of the Soul Sprite level and up.

Qin Long reached the southern gates before long. He had just stepped out from a tear in space when he noticed a green light flying over towards the city!

Then the aura of a Soul King made itself known from the direction behind the burst of green light!

When he sensed something familiar about the two auras, Qin Long gasped out in fear!

"Shouhao! No!!"

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