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Up in the skies, the skinny beast tamer had already flown a good few kilometers away by now. Though he had survived the battle with his life, the beast tamer felt nothing but humiliation and shame in his heart.

The Extreme King Pills weren't even something he could hope to get now, and all of his strongest soulbeast puppets were dead. To go back to the Beast Taming School and report this to his elders would warrant a mighty punishment and potentially lose his spot as a core student.

He turned his head back at the spot where the rhino had self-destructed, his eyes filled with hatred. "Crafting School….Bai Yunfei! Don't think it's over since you're dead! You better make sure I don't come across another one of you craters, or I'll kill them all!"

No matter how much hatred he had for Bai Yunfei, the beast tamer was still curious about one other matter in regards to him. "I wonder what that strange hoop was….it seemed to be able to control our soulbeast puppets, too bad I can't bring it back to the Beast Taming School…it has to be something the Crafting School created, what if it's not just Bai Yunfei that has it, but several others…."

It was a chilling hypothetical. That ring Bai Yunfei used was without a doubt the bane of the Beast Taming School, and he couldn't help but think just how the Beast Taming School would survive if multiple soul cultivators had soul armaments like that….

"This is important! Even more important than the Extreme King Pills!! I have to report this to the school! If the Crafting School has something like this, then they must be planning something against our school!"

The realization in the beast tamer's eyes overshadowed the initial fear he thought. The more he thought about it, in fact, the happier he felt. If he could report this issue back to the Beast Taming School, then it remained to be seen if this would make up for his losses. Maybe he'd be given a bonus for the information….

His mind was made up now. Whatever plans he had before of meeting up with Lin Dongxiao and getting the Extreme King Pills together was gone. He had to leave this place at once!

This pocket was extremely dangerous for him right now. The best thing to do was to leave this place and seek protection under his elder.

"Entrance…..the entrance….it's pretty far from where I came in from. Should I find another entrance then? I wonder where there's one...:"

The entrance he was talking about was the place he had entered the pocket from. Those entrances weren't closed off from the other side, meaning people could leave if they wanted. They were simply places of rippling air where if located, people could come in and out from.

"I remember seeing an entrance somewhere before, I think it was…" The skinny beast tamer thought to himself as he looked all around himself. But as he turned his head, his eyes noticed a streak of light coming from behind him. He looked away for a moment and then jerked his head back in abject surprise.

The very next thing he knew, his entire body was starting to shake. His pupils were dilated to the size of pin needles and his face was completely drained of color. The more he looked at the area behind him, the more he looked as if he had just seen a ghost. His lips quivered violently, as if trying to form words and failing to do so.

But in the end, only two words managed to form on his lips.

"No way!!!"

In the airspace behind him from the faraway dust clouds, a single beam of green light was flying towards him. Within this beam of green light, a snowy-white eagle was inside. And on the back of this eagle was a single person. Though the beast tamer was far away, his eyes were still able to see just who this person was.

It was Bai Yunfei!

"He's alive! How is he not dead?!"

The beast tamer howled in fear. He couldn't even believe his eyes at what he was seeing. In his mind, Bai Yunfei had been blown to pieces when the rhino self-destructed. So how in the world was Bai Yunfei giving chase after him right now?!

As shocked as he was by this revelation, the beast tamer wasn't stunned into inaction. Still pale in the face, he fed even more soulforce into the eagle underneath him, commanding it to fly even faster ahead.

Thus began the chase between eagles with the skinny beast tamer maintaining a nervous glance behind. But the terrifying thing was that the eagle chasing him was quickly catching up!

The eagle Bai Yunfei was riding was very clearly a stronger level than the one the beast tamer was. This meant it was a peak late-stage class six soulbeast!

"Impossible! How did he bring out a soulbeast like that out of thin air?!"

He distinctly remembered Bai Yunfei being alone, and there being no soulbeast with him. But then another thought occurred to him.

" way! Is he using one of our soulbeasts?! He had one of our soulbeast puppets with him?!"

The strange method Bai Yunfei had of controlling soulbeast puppets was not forgotten by the beast tamer. The eagle Bai Yunfei was riding was one of the soulbeast puppets from one of his fellow beast tamer's space ring! In other words, Bai Yunfei was using the soulbeast puppet of the beast tamer he killed in the past!

"Which one of us had a late-stage class six soulbeast? Who did he kill?!" The beast tamer cried out, his eyes trying to figure just which beast tamer had the large snowy-white eagle Bai Yunfei was riding.

"Wait! Isn't…isn't that…

"That's the fourth elder's whitegale eagle!!" The beast tamer shrieked at the top of his lungs. "It is! The fourth elder's whitegale eagle! How did it get into his hands?! Did…did…no—it can't be!!"

The fourth elder of the Beast Taming School was called Huang Lin, the very same beast tamer Bai Yunfei met outside Ventia City in the Northern Ridge Province during his grudge with the house of Xing. He was one of the people Bai Yunfei killed while he was being chased down for the space ring of Xing Qiuhong. Coincidentally, the permafrost mastiff was one of the other soulbeasts Bai Yunfei got from him.

That was when Huang Lin was out on an errand to check up on the 'rumors' of a 'Regalia'. The Beast Taming School hadn't heard any information from him after he left to go see, resulting in the school having to send even more people to look for him. Their search was fruitless though, and their attempts to find Huang Lin had to be abandoned.

The Beast Taming School knew he had been killed though. While they didn't have the 'life slips' like the Crafting School did, the Beast Taming School had their own methods of keeping track of their more important members. The more important members of the Beast Taming School generally kept a soulbeast puppet back at the school. It wouldn't be a very important soulbeast puppet, just one that could be found anywhere. Normally, these soulbeast puppets wouldn't be controllable, but if their master died, then the soul imprint on the soulbeast puppet's slave seal would disappear, rendering them into 'masterless objects'. 

From that, it was easy for the school to determine that a person was dead or not.

Now that he could see one of the fourth elder's soulbeast puppets, the skinny beast tamer was beginning to connect the dots. The killer of the fourth elder and the person they had been looking for all this time—it was Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School! Even if it wasn't Bai Yunfei that personally killed the fourth elder, it meant the Crafting School was implicitly involved!

All of the inconceivable developments that were happening one after another was already numbing his mind. The gears in his brain were churning so quickly they were threatening to melt down.

Biting down on his lips, the beast tamer formed two hand seals and pressed his palm onto the eagle's back. The eagle froze for a second before the aura radiating from it exploded in intensity!

But while it got stronger, the eagle's aura was also becoming more erratic as its body struggled to process the amount of soulforce running through it. Whatever the beast tamer was doing, it was clearly not good for the eagle's body despite the speed boost.

From behind, Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes when he saw the eagle in front of him start to speed up. Feeding some soulforce into the eagle beneath him himself, Bai Yunfei watched as the giant eagle screeched and took off with greater speed to give chase.

When Bai Yunfei saw the beast tamer escape by eagle earlier, he had a sudden revelation. An answer to the problems he had been having in the pocket.

If he couldn't Skywalk or use his flying sword, then he'd use one of the flying soulbeasts to fly!

The Beast Taming Ring had been kept on the permafrost mastiff the entire time it had been with him, and Bai Yunfei hadn't the need for any other of the soulbeast puppets he had. They were after all from the Beast Taming School, and Bai Yunfei had no intention on relying on them like the beast tamers. But using a flying soulbeast wasn't a half-bad idea to chase down someone here.

The peak late-stage class six soulbeast underneath his feet was indeed one of the soulbeast puppets he got from the beast tamer Soul King he killed, and this was the very first time he was 'using' it.

Bai Yunfei was determined. This beast tamer in front of him couldn't leave the pocket alive! He had already killed one of the other core students, to allow this one leave alive would only bring him a great deal of trouble. This one knew about the Beast Taming Ring, and Bai Yunfei knew that it was only a matter of time before it'd get reported to the Beast Taming School. If that were to happen, then he'd become the school's number one target in order to silence him and take hold of the 'threat' he had over them.

And now that he was using the whitegale eagle to chase the beast tamer, Bai Yunfei could definitely see that the beast tamer would recognize who it belonged to. There was no way he could turn back now.

He had to kill this beast tamer, or he'd regret it for life!

Two streaks of light flew through the air as they played a game of cat-and-mouse. Already two kilometers had been traveled since the start of the game, and the distance between them was already shrinking down to just one kilometer!

Though the beast tamer had essentially forced the black eagle underneath his feet to go beyond its limits, his control over it was lacking. But the eagle underneath Bai Yunfei's feet was a peak late-stage class six soulbeast and the instantaneous velocity he was having the eagle travel at was far faster than the one up ahead.

"Where is it where is it where is it!! Damnit, where is that entrance?!"

The beast tamer was nervous. Sweat was dripping profusely from his forehead and nose as his eyes scanned everywhere for signs of the exit out of this pocket.

"Over there!!"

His eyes brightened up with joy when he saw it. Commanding the eagle to shift towards the left, he flew towards the top of a mountain some ways away.


The joy in his eyes started to revert back to shock when he realized something. There was a burning hot aura coming from behind his head!

He veered off to the side, forcing himself to deviate from his path to the exit and allowing Bai Yunfei—who was already not too far away—to catch up with him!

At the top of the mountain next to a large boulder, the exit awaited.

And right behind him was a large boulder on fire flying towards him!

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