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Huangfu Rui was confused, as were the other Hornets fighting her. They had been prepared to evade whatever it was being thrown at them, but this item was actually a bluff of all things. No attack was coming for them, and the powerful aura from the little girl wasn't even there anymore!

At that moment she threw the last object from her bag, the powerful energy radiating from her person had....disappeared!

In actuality, Huangfu Rui's body had always been quite strange. Even despite her talented upbringing and achievements when she was younger, her strength was unsteady and prone to moments just like these where it'd weaken for no reason!


In her panic, the little girl started to try and push her soulforce out again. But no matter how much she tried to summon it up, it was as if every last bit of it was hiding from her.  It just wouldn't come out no matter how much she tried!!

She was just like a commoner now--completely unable to use any soulforce!

She had times in the past where her strength would waver and ebb just enough to go one or two stages weaker. Rarely did her strength ever waver past the point of a Soul Sprite, and never had her strength gone out completely like right now!

So since she couldn't use any soulforce right now, none of the soul armaments on her would work without soulforce being fed into it. She couldn't even use her spatial bag anymore. As of right now, Huangfu Rui was trying so hard to bring out her soulforce that her face was red, but she was completely without it.


The Hornets stared strangely at her for a moment. Then the Horned Hornet began to smile creepily. Gripping his giant sword, the man cackled before leaping straight for her!

He didn't know what was going on with the girl right now, but he'd take the chance and use his strongest attack onto her if she was so kind to leave them an opening!

Likewise, the other three brothers with him took action as well. Shortly after the Horned Hornet came forward, the other three moved in to follow him!

With their speed, it didn't take more than a moment for them to cross the dozen meters dividing them and Huangfu Rui.  Now close enough to her, the four of them lashed out with their weapons to strike!

They didn't care if their enemy was a delicate little girl. They already saw just how strong Huangfu Rui was earlier and didn't hesitate to strike out with all they had. They needed to take the opportunity while the enemy was weakened to kill her!


Their actions weren't even visible to Huangfu Rui. All she felt was a blast of wind onto her face as they drew close along with several flashes of light. Covering her face with her hands, Huangfu Rui shut her eyes tight and let loose a panicked scream.

There was no protection she could offer up against four Soul Exalts. The only thing that could be done now was give up and wait for the blades to cut her fragile body apart!

A strange flow of energy suddenly pulsated out from her body when the blades were all just three steps away from her body. Unlike her soulforce, this wave of energy was transparent with a very very faint tint of white light....

The energy enveloped her entire person as if like a protective layering of something.....


At the same time, a cold sneer could be heard....

It was a quiet sound; almost even more quiet than the rustling wind of the brothers when they moved, but all of the Hornets could hear the sound loud and clear!

A miraculous event took place as soon as the sneer subsided.  The four people who were coming at Huangfu Rui had been stopped mid-air!!

Their bodies were like statues. Pictures that were frozen in time where they stood. Not only were their bodies frozen, even the blades of elemental energy from their weapons were being stopped by something just two steps away from Huangfu Rui's head!

A second went by. The moon was still shining down bright on everyone when the blades of elemental energy....was forced back onto the four Hornets!


The mid-stage Soul Exalt let out a confused cry that turned into pain a moment later. The ball of fire he had shot out had turned back onto him and exploded, engulfing him within its flames!


Sparks flew everywhere as the flames ravaged the Soul Exalt inside.  Soon, the silhouette of the person couldn't be seen anymore.  He had been turned into ashes and dust!

The attack meant for Huangfu Rui had for some reason been repelled backwards with a hundred times the original strength! And without being able to put up any resistance, the Soul Exalt had been burnt into ashes!

Likewise, his fellow brethren were currently experiencing the very same aftermath with their own elemental attacks!

The only one to escape with their life was the strongest one there, the Horned Hornet. Due to his strength and good fortune, the Horned Hornet was able to protect himself with a layer of elemental energy and his sword.  The following explosion still took out his sword and right arm, but....he was alive still!

He backtracked away from Huangfu Rui with a pained howl and a mouth full of blood. Clutching at the stump of his right shoulder with his left hand, the man looked up to the sky.

At some point during the short fight, a figure had appeared a hundred meters in the sky above them!

It was unknown just when this person appeared. There had been no aura to indicate they were here, and the night was far too dark for anyone to even see the face of this person, only that their robes were floating in the wind.


The Horned Hornet was pale in the face right now. This person in front of him was without a doubt an enemy and the one responsible for what had just happened to him and his brothers.  Hence why he was quavering to speak. 

But before he could even say more than just one word, the person in the sky was already waving his right hand.



Two abrupt cries rang through the air behind the Horned Hornet. Like daggers stabbing into his heart, the Horned Hornet whirled around to look at the fallen fifth and sixth brother Huangfu Rui had knocked down earlier.  But they were gone!  In their place was just one giant puddle of blood!


The Horned Hornet nearly stumbled back in fright. As he opened his mouth to say something, both his eyes started to bulge outwards. He clutched at his chest, his mouth screaming in pain as his organs within his body started to expand!


His body continued to expand outwards like a human balloon before....he exploded!

A shower of blood rained down from the skies, sprinkling and dying the ground with its red color.  Soon, the valley was returned to its previously silent state....


In the time the Horned Hornet and his brothers attacked, were stopped, and killed, only a few seconds went by.  When all was silent, Huangfu Rui was still hiding her face with her hands.

Another two seconds went by before Huangfu Rui peeked nervously from behind her fingers. It was dark out, but not even the bursts of elemental energy from the enemies before could be seen now.

"Eh?? Where'd they go?" The girl looked around in confusion. She couldn't see anyone there, so she looked up at the sky.

But when she did, the person that had been up in the skies was slowly making their way down towards her!

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