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This bolt of red light wasn't a person, but Xiao Rourou who had managed to get away from Huangfu Rui's arms!

By this point, Xiao Rourou was no longer a pure white colored boar, but a completely red one. Even more remarkable, it was standing on its hind legs and adopting a combative stance!

And when it rushed past Long Lan, its true strength was revealed as a peak late-stage class six!


There was a ringing explosion as the bolt of purple lightning exploded just five meters away from Long Lan. The red magiboar's body was like a crimson red blade that cleaved through the purple lightning bolt without resistance!

There had been around a hundred meters separating the two groups, but the red magiboar had somehow managed to traverse that distance in the blink of an eye. Not only had it stopped the Boss Hornet's powerful attack, it was now close enough to the enemy group to start attacking them from up close!

Blanching at the quickness of the boar, the big-headed man brought up both his arms to defend himself while moving back in retreat.


But his attempt was far too late. No sooner did he try to lift his arms did the red magiboar's hoof collide squarely onto his arm. There was a muffled crack from the Boss Hornet's arms before he groaned and flew backwards away like a bullet!

He slammed into one of his companions and carried him a few dozen meters away. His companion tumbled onto the ground while he managed to reorientate himself back onto his feet. Still having to stagger backwards a few steps, the man steadied himself. His right arm was trembling violently. It wasn't a heavy blow, but the man was shocked that he had lost the advantage after the very first blow!

But even more importantly, he didn't even know what kind of enemy he was fighting!

He didn't have the time to even calm himself down though. No sooner did he come to a stop was the red magiboar already shooting off towards the side to where the others were!

The first one in the red magiboar's path was the second brother, the 'Horned Hornet'. Like his name implied, there was something like a wart on his head that looked a bit like a horn. Stunned by the fact his eldest brother was sent flying, this man almost nearly lost track of the red streak of light coming at him. Raising his arms up, an orange shield immediately appeared in front of them. It was a low-earth tier soul armament with very strong defensive properties due to it being an earth-type. In their band of nine, this brother was in charge of providing the defenses needed.

Feeling slightly better now that his shield was out, the man had his soulforce surge around his body. Orange light filled the air around him as his muscles started to bulge outwards. Almost as if he himself was growing in size, the man took of half step back with his right foot to try to take on the blow head on.

The other brothers were just starting to regain their wits now too. Without needing to be told once, they immediately pulled out their weapons one after another and prepared to strike back at the enemy attacking the Horned Hornet.

The defense of the Horned Hornet was practically impregnable in their perspective, so the enemy would definitely be rebuffed and be left wide open for a counter attack. And with that counter attack, the enemy would be killed!! This was a strategy that was practically tried and true, and very rarely had they ever failed to kill their opponent after that.

Unfortunately for them, the enemy they were fighting today was the red magiboar.


The hoof of the red magiboar struck the earthen shield of the Horned Hornet squarely at its center. The shield vibrated like a bell before it started to crack, leaving the Horned Hornet defenseless and sent flying away from the red magiboar's kick!

"Crack…." The center most part of the Horned Hornet's shield cracked as it and its owner flew away. A second later, the shield was completely into pieces!! There a strangled cry from the airborne person before a spurt of blood erupted from his mouth!

On the other hand, the red magiboar took advantage of the rebounding energy from the blow to dive towards the other direction to attack the next person!

"Be careful, third brother!!"

"How in the—!!"



Cries all around the place started to fly out as the red magiboar descended upon them like a wolf onto a group of sheep. As arrogant as they were all before, none of them were even able to last even a single blow against the red magiboar!

The red magiboar didn't even slow down at all from start to end, so none of the brothers were even able to see just who they were fighting!

The group of people watching from the entrance of the inn were flabbergasted. None of them could even think of what to say as they watched the scene develop in front of them. They weren't the only ones however, as Bai Yunfei and his group of friends were similarly surprised. They knew that Xiao Rourou was strong and all, but not so strong that it'd be capable of something like this. They had watched the red magiboar fight in close combat and use its own body to defend against the multiple weapons the brothers had. Such a terrifying prowess of strength like that was surprising to even them.

Not even a minute went by before the fight was more or less finished. The only person left standing was the 'Boss Hornet'. Everyone else was already knocked out on the ground.


There was another colliding sound as the red magiboar struck at the belly of the Boss Hornet with its hoof. The man flew away into the air again, dropping his purple lightning-bolt shaped blade onto the ground and coughing out a mouthful of blood. His energy thoroughly spent, the man tried his best to stagger away in fright. Now that the red magiboar was no longer flying around from place to place, and he himself no longer foolish enough to attack so recklessly, he was now able to see just who it was he was fighting.

"What….what are you?! How are you this strong?!"

The man cried out in furious disbelief. He didn't know what a red magiboar was, and in truth, he and his band of brothers didn't really know that many soulbeasts. They were always traveling around the northern parts of the Southward River Province and rarely left the area, meaning they hadn't gone to the Soulbeast Forest before. This by extension meant none of the brothers had a soulbeast partner.

They thought they could kill these group of ignorant youngsters. But none of them thought that they'd be defeated without the youngsters even moving, and by a soulbeast they had only thought was a pet no less! It was a humiliating defeat that someone like the 'Boss Hornet' would never accept. But even if he couldn't accept it, reality was reality after all. A soulbeast that wasn't as well-known as his band of brothers had not only defeated him, but his entire group of brothers by itself!

After living for so many years, today was finally the day they met their downfall!

"Damnit!! Retreat!!"

Furious, the man let out the command for them all to retreat.

Unable to even fight, his brethren struggled to their feet when they heard their boss' call to retreat. Trying to find whatever remaining energy they had in their bodies to stand up, they all fled towards the east of the inn to flee. But with their speed, it'd take them longer to run away than they had lasted in battle.

"Trying to run away?"

The red magiboar snorted out two hot bursts of air from its nose. It stepped gently onto the ground with its 'right foot'. Building up power, it kicked off against the ground with so much power it left a crater about a meter in diameter. Like an arrow shot out from its bow, the red magiboar flew towards the slowest one there, the sixth brother, the 'Rapist Hornet'.

It hadn't killed any of the brothers to avoid letting Huangfu Rui see such a bloody scene where arms, legs, or even heads would go flying. But now that these people were trying to run away, the red magiboar wouldn't let them go so easily. Catching up to the 'Rapist Hornet', the red magiboar prepared to strike at his legs with its 'right arm' and see if the others would want to have it apprehend the others as well.

On the other side, Bai Yunfei's eyes were shining brightly as he watched the brothers try to run away. He nodded his head to Long Lan to give him permission to stop the brothers from running away. Zheng Kai chuckled once before he disappeared from his spot next to Bai Yunfei and reappeared just a hundred meters away to catch up with the people trying to run.



Just as the red magiboar and Zheng Kai were dealing with the brothers, and Long Lan getting ready to move to stop them as well, a voice suddenly called out to them from the skies. At the same time, a green burst of wind flooded into the area to sweep up Zheng Kai and the red magiboar. Under the effects of the wind, the two of them were frozen to the spot and unable to move!

Likewise, Long Lan was stopped by the sudden gust of wind. Narrowing his eyes, he looked up at the skies where the voice came from.

A hundred meters above the area they were in was a middle-aged man in green robes. Somehow appearing from nowhere, the man was enveloped in a bubble of green light to levitate in the air. Right behind him, a ripple in the skies was slowly starting to smooth out back to normal.

That was the sign of Teleportation—this man was a Soul King!

The gust of green wind stopping Zheng Kai and the others disappeared, allowing the two to retreat backwards. They looked warily up at the skies, unsure of what to do but wait until they could see if this new person was a friend or foe.

The middle-aged man scanned the area with some surprise before he smiled down at them all. "The Vacancy Inn has prohibited any fighting to take place within five kilometers of the area. Honored guests, please grant me some face and cease your fighting."

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