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It was with a heavy heart that the Soul King let Bai Yunfei leave the area. He couldn't stop Bai Yunfei from doing so. All he could do was stand next to Cheng Xin and try to heal him as much as he could.

The room they were in was already in a tragic state. It was shattered into two pieces with the walls hardly standing and not even a single tile there in one whole piece. Aside from Cheng Xin who was being healed by the Soul King, Cheng Changlin, there were also the other ten or so members Bai Yunfei injured healing their own injuries.

Of the ten was one of the elders initially there to protect Cheng Xin. He was bowing to Cheng Changlin apologetically, but his apologies were only replied to with Cheng Changlin saying, "Heal your wounds first. We'll speak about this later."


Several long moments would go by before Cheng Xin's face was back to normal levels in coloration and a rosy red hue in his cheeks. At the same time, Cheng Changlin heard four separate individuals come flying on over to this area.

Soon enough, these four people came to a stop by the ground not too far away and strode over to him.

At the head of this group was a white-haired elder. Right besides him was a middle-aged man who looked rather similar to Cheng Changlin in appearance. The two men behind them were only guards.

"Second uncle, third brother, you've arrived." Cheng Chanlin greeted them.

This elderly man was Cheng Xin's grandfather, Cheng Chaochuan, a mid-stage Soul King. The middle-aged man next to him was the third uncle of Cheng Xin, Cheng Changshan and a peak late-stage Soul Exalt.

Cheng Chaochuan's eyes swept the area before looking to Cheng Xin on the ground, "How is little Xin?"

"His spine is cracked and his carpal bones are broken, but he's not in danger of dying and the wounds aren't unhealable. They aren't light either, I've already applied first aid to him, but he'll need to rest for a good amount of time."

"Who was it that hurt little Xin? Who?" Cheng Changshan spat angrily.

"I'm not sure myself," Cheng Changlin sighed, "The person who did already left…."

"Left?!" Cheng Changshan's eyes flew open, "Brother, how could you let that person leave?!"

"That person was very strong, I….I couldn't keep him here."

"What?! Even you couldn't keep him here?!" Cheng Changshan suddenly noticed the injured tiger next to his brother, "Was that person a mid-stage Soul King?!"

"Most likely not, though I….I couldn't figure out if he was even a Soul King or not." Cheng Changshan despaired, "He had a class seven bird with him and could even use a soul attack. His soul armament was extremely strong too, it slammed aside my sandstorm tiger in an instant and nearly crippled it…."

"That strong?!

"If he could use a Soul King, then he has to be a Soul King, and if there was also a class seven soulbeast, it's no wonder you couldn't keep them here…..blast! How did little Xin anger a person like that?! Who in the world is he?!"

Cheng Changshan shook his head, "I'm not very sure. He was very young, but very strong. I've never seen him before, so I cannot ascertain who he is…."

Cheng Changchuan walked over to the injured elder next to them, "Cheng Yu, tell us what happened."

Having been trying to heal his wounds, the elder struggled to rise to his feet, "Yes….this afternoon, the young master…."

With clear details, Cheng Yu began to retell the story of what happened from when Cheng Xin, Du Shaokong and the others fought with the Four Lords of the Capital to when Cheng Xin had people bring Bai Yunfei over, and then to when Bai Yunfei suddenly defeated everyone and left. Not even a single detail was left out.

Cheng Chaochuan had an ugly look on his face, "Pah! What a mess!! This is all because you've spoiled the boy! He should've learned to behave properly, and now look at what mess he's gotten us! If not for Changlin just happening to be training in this particular area, who knows if little Xin's life would've been saved!"

Neither Cheng Changlin or Cheng Changshan dared to say anything until the elder man was finished speaking.

"You said he came with Zheng Kai?" Cheng Changlin asked Cheng Yu.


"Just who is this person and how strong is he to be with the Four Lords of the Capital? How is there such a powerful youngster all of a sudden?"

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as if he had just remembered a crucial detail, "Do you remember if that class seven soulbeast was a prisma oriole?" He asked Cheng Changlin.

"Prisma oriole?" Cheng Changlin repeated, "I didn't look too closely, but how could a class seven prisma oriole exist?? Those…"

He trailed off his words as he thought carefully of the bird from the fight. "Hold on, a class seven prisma oriole? Second uncle, are you perhaps saying that youngster is….Bai Yunfei?!"

Bai Yunfei was a name that was making waves through the Capital. Even the Soul Kings had heard of his name once or twice already.

"They say that Bai Yunfei is good friends with Zheng Kai, it may very well be him!!" Cheng Chanlin concluded.

"Bai Yunfei? The instructor of the crafting class in Tianhun Academy—that Bai Yunfei?!" Cheng Changshan snorted, "If we know who he is, we should have him captured and avenge little Xin then, brother!"

"Stop!!" Cheng Chaochuan boomed, "That Bai Yunfei is very special, how can you act so rashly? We still aren't even sure if it's him, do your due diligence first before doing anything else!"

Cheng Chaochuan had a strange look in his eyes after he looked at Cheng Xin, "Bai Yunfei….he's been in trouble after trouble ever since he came into the Capital. And the disciple of Zi Jin from the Crafting School…..we'd need to do a more comprehensive investigation before anything else…."


On the other side, Bai Yunfei had finally gotten home where he immediately stopped thinking about the headache with Cheng Xin. He sat down on his bed and looked at the pile of rings in front of him in thought.

These rings were all….space rings!!

After realizing that he had a great amount of space rings, Bai Yunfei decided to have all of them upgraded.

He had more space rings than he knew what to do with them, so upgrading them all and seeing if he could find a ring with great stats wouldn't be too bad of a thing.

At the same time, this would allow him to search for yet another clue on the secrets of upgrading.

Calming himself down, Bai Yunfei allowed himself a slow exhale. Taking a space ring into his hand and sweeping his eyes over it, Bai Yunfei thought:


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