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This man’s hair was disheveled, and his entire person was quite in need of a bath. There was a long sword on his back that made it very easy to distinguish him. This was the man Bai Yunfei met back on Back Mountain, the assistance chairman to Tianhun Academy with a nickname that physically hurt almost—the ‘Invincible Swordsman’ Wu Dijian!

He came to a stop relatively close to the illusionary array and spat out two goblets of sandy spit. Shaking his disheveled hair to reveal a sharp pair of eyes, he scanned the area before noticing Zhang Mo and his group.

“Hey. You there, who are you?” He pointed to Zhang Mo.

Zhang Mo and Lu Fang both looked a little perplexed. They knew that this person was a very strong one, but the fact that he was acting like this made him seem a little cheap. Zhang Mo had a suspicious look on his face, but he cupped his hands together in greeting to ask, “This one is the lord-mayor of Baishan City, Zhang Mo. Might this one ask if you are senior Wu of Tianhun Academy?”

As the ruler of a city, he was a man of the Tianhun School. Furthermore, Baishan City wasn’t that far away, so the matters and people of Tianhun Academy wasn’t unknown to him. Wu Dijian was an especially well known figure, and although he had never seen Wu Dijian before, his title of ‘Invincible Swordsman’ combined with the especially long sword on his back made him very easy to pick out.

Wu Dijian nodded. “I am he. Are you the city’s ruler? Good. Let me ask you then. Does the house of Cao exist here? Where are they?”

He pointed to the giant illusionary array next. “And what is this?”

“The house of Cao?” Zhang Mo repeated, his heart beating slightly. What was the Invincible Swordsman wanting to do with the Cao?! “Senior Wu, the Cao live within the illusionary array here. A battle broke out here roughly minutes ago when I discovered it, and the illusionary array covers the entirety of the house of Cao’s territory. I was on my way to investigate the interior when I was stopped by this man.”

He pointed to Lu Fang.

“What? The Cao is in this place?!” Wu Dijian asked. He wasn’t aware of the finer details of whatever was happening since he only just came here. The only thing he could sense was the influx of energy going on from within the array, but he just never thought that the Cao would be in that array of all place.s 

But in that case, then…

“Boom!!” There was another explosion as a surge of elemental energy flew out with such a great amount that it was made noticeable to the people outside the array.

“This is…Bai Yunfei’s aura!” Wu Dijian announced.

Wu Dijian’s face hardened at the familiar aura of Bai Yunfei. His eyes turned frosty as he flew at once towards the illusionary array!

“You—hold on…!”

Lu Fang had been startled as well by the burst of elemental fire, but when Wu Dijian made to enter the array, Lu Fang instinctively came forward to stop him.

A murderous glare from Wu Dijian aimed itself at the man. Unsheathing the sword from his back, he spoke, “You’ve kidnapped a student of my academy, you’ve ambushed an instructor of my academy, and now you hinder his aid…All enemies will…die!!”

The air around everyone changed the moment the sword was taken out. Wu Dijian’s eyes had a gleam in them that made them seem more like swords than eyes as he stared down Lu Fang, who shivered. A sharp aura like that made his own soul shiver with the possible threat of death!


The blood bled away from Lu Fang’s face as he realized his mistake. Golden light burst out from his body and into the skies. A giant golden ray of light gathered around Lu Fang as he prepared to launch it forward to try and cut down Wu Dijian!

Zhang Mo, who had been quiet up until this point, started. This move of Lu Fang would probably hit Wu Dijian or be blocked by him, but the streets below would be destroyed! As the lord-mayor of Baishan City, there was no way he could permit such damage happen to his city. And so in a burst of orange light, he flew forward to stop this attack.

But in that moment…


There was a blur of light as a person flew past Lu Fang, the latter immediately freezing up as if to stand still where he was in the air.

One second later.


A spurt of blood and a head popped up into the air!!


The golden energy around Lu Fang’s body exploded, smashing his body into pieces!

Wu Dijian appeared at the edge of the explosion as if he was an apparition of some sort. There was a clinking sound, but his right hand was empty, almost making it look like he hadn’t even used his sword to begin with.

A single stroke was all it took!!

Instant kill! This was the truest example of what it meant to kill instantly!!

A mid-stage Soul King like Lu Fang had been killed without even offering a smidgen of resistance!

This was the strength of the assistant chairman. The strength of the ‘Invincible Swordsman’!

Wu Dijian didn’t even look back at his handiwork. It was an act that required very little of him, and he had still other matters to take to. Like lightning, Wu Dijian was already just twenty meters away from the illusionary array.

At that moment, his eyes widened before he launched himself to the left. In the same time he did, a crimson red streak of light shot out from the illusionary array in front of him and was caught by Wu Dijian’s hand!

It was the Fire-tipped Spear!

A moment ago, Bai Yunfei had used the +13 additional effect to launch the Fire-tipped Spear to perforate the lightning-type Soul King. Having done its job, the spear continued onwards through the barrier and into the hands of Wu Dijian.

He stared at the spear in his hands in surprise. “I know this…this is Bai Yunfei’s soul armament!

“Tch, was I too late?!” Wu Dijian hissed, continuing into the array with the spear in hand.

He crossed into the array without much resistance. It wouldn’t do much for someone of his strength, but the moment he entered, Wu Dijian was met with a furious wave of heat. He also heard a howl, and then…a powerful aura had been wiped out!

“The mid-stage Soul King is…dead?!”

Wu Dijian’s eyes widened. He was met with a complete wasteland the moment he entered the illusionary array along with five strange pitch-black blades of nothing disappear into the world and a disembodied body fall to the ground. Like the other Soul Exalts, he stood there in shock.

Before he could even have a proper grasp on the situation, he felt the space around him darken in light. Looking up, he saw a gigantic mountain of an object come crashing down onto the ground!

Eyes widening, Wu Dijian had a hint of alarm in his eyes, “Wha—what’s all this?!”

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