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A faint white glow of light came forth from Bai Yunfei’s waist before materializing into a transparent tiger. This was the one who spoke just now.

“Everyone, this is the Soul Sealing Mandate’s spirit.” Bai Yunfei introduced.

“The Soul Sealing Mandate’s spirit!!”

Everyone knew about spirits of the armaments. Seeing one in the ‘flesh’ was a different story than hearing about it, however. They were all stunned and unable to believe their eyes.

Several of the soulbeasts’ eyes hovered onto the small white slip hanging near Bai Yunfei’s waist—so this was the legendary Soul Sealing Mandate…

“Sealer, what is this ‘Vow of Souls’ you mentioned?” Bai Yunfei asked.

He never heard of such a term before, but the way the tiger talked about it made it seem like the answer to his problems.

“The ancient art, the Vow of Souls?!”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King exclaimed. It appeared he knew what it was.

“A Vow of Souls create a vow between both parties. To break the vow or go against the content of the vows is to surrender their life!! It’s an ancient art from the past that envokes the soul! The Vow of Souls has been lost to us since long before…do you know how to make one?!”

His eyes were focused entirely onto the Soul Sealing Mandate.

“Oh? You know about the Vow of Souls? It is indeed that same art you mentioned. But a Vow of Souls cannot be made if either parties hold ill will toward the other. It is unbreakable precisely because it cannot be formed if there is the intent to backstab. If a Vow of Souls is made, wouldn’t this alleviate all your worries about the attack on the Beast Taming School?”

“Does this mean you know the method of forming a ‘Vow of Souls’ then?!” Bai Yunfei asked.

“What a silly question, why mention it if I couldn’t? It’s something Tianhun came across by accident and allowed me to memorize. As long as both sides are willing, I’ll help you form a Vow of Souls.”

Bai Yunfei could feel his heart pound within his chest. He never thought this problem would be solved so fast! “Will there be any problems regarding this issue now?” He asked the others, “The Vow of Souls should guarantee my willingness. We shouldn’t have anything to worry about in this case.”

“If it the ancient Vow of Souls then there’ll of course be nothing to worry about…”

The elderly White-browed Hawk King replied. Personally, he was already willing to agree, but there was a light in his eyes that suggested he had something to say to the Soul Sealing Mandate. 

He said nothing, however.

The Soul Sealing Mandate talked about helping them form a Vow of Souls, but nothing about helping them learn how to make one. This had to be intentional. Everyone knew it was most likely for the sake of preserving the ancient secrets and didn’t comment otherwise. As long as the Vow of Souls was made, they didn’t really care much if the methodology was kept a secret.

The only problem that remained was if they could believe in the Soul Sealing Mandate’s words about the Vow of Souls… 

“Very well then. Shall we proceed with a Vow of Souls between Bai Yunfei and I first?”

Bai Yunfei nodded in relief. If he and the Bloodhowl Wolf King made the vow first then no one else should be skeptical anymore.

“How does it work?” The Bloodhowl Wolf King asked the Soul Sealing Mandate.

“It’s simple, take a strand from your essence originseed out and leave the rest to me.”

“Alright.” Activating the soulforce in his body, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand to his chest and pulled something out!

A faint shimmer of light appeared over his chest as a small gray strand of energy was ‘plucked’ out. Its emergence from his body seemed to pain Bai Yunfei.

The Bloodhowl Wolf King took notice of Bai Yunfei’s expression and gave a small smile. Waving his own hand, a sliver of gray energy emerged from his chest as well.


The white tiger pounced through the air, gray wisp trailing behind the tiger before it broke apart into a white mist to surround the two strands of energy.

Everyone could sense a faint white light cover and bind the two strands together. Watching with amazed eyes, they saw the two strands slowly turn into the color of blood...

Meanwhile, Bai Yunfei and the Bloodhowl Wolf King were both looking quite surprised themselves.

This spectacle continued for ten additional seconds before the white light broke away from the two strands and reformed into the shape of the white tiger. Runic writing lined the interior parts of the two strands of energy before they too, faded away, and the strands returned to Bai Yunfei and the Bloodhowl Wolf King.

“It’s as I expected from the records.” Breathed the Bloodhowl Wolf King. “Bai Yunfei has Vowed to do nothing that would harm us from when we leave the Soulbeast Forest to when we return after the destruction of the Beast Taming School. Should he break the Vow then he agrees to forfeit his life!”

“So a Vow of Souls was really made!!”

The Violet Dragon King was skeptical no longer and exclaimed in shock over the sight.

“Very well then! The destruction of the Beast Taming School can’t be done while I’m sitting here! Allow me to form that Vow of Souls too!”

The Golden Lion King exploded in joy.

Sealer had told Bai Yunfei that making multiple Vows wouldn’t be harmful unless they went against the agreements stated in another Vow. And each Vow would disappear after completion, so Bai Yunfei wasn’t too worried about having multiple of those. 

Thus he made a Vow of Souls with the Golden Lion King at once.

At first, he wanted to add a clause that’d say he wouldn’t do harm to ‘any soulbeast’ in the Vow, but he realized it’d be dangerous. So for now he limited it to the soulbeasts here making the Vow with him. That way they’d be alleviated and the other soulbeasts would be more likely to make the Vow with him too.

It didn’t take long for the other soulbeasts there to follow suit and form a Vow of Souls with him.

“That settles it! I’ll be on my way to contact the other soulbeasts right now! Haha…the destruction of Beast Taming School is at hand…I wonder how many others will jump at the chance?”

The Golden Lion King was a soulbeast that didn’t like beating around the bush. If something had to be done then he’d set about accomplishing that task without delay. In fact, he looked quite impatient to head out from here so he could deliver the news.

Bai Yunfei watched in silence as the soulbeasts conferred to one another who they should call. His eyes were gleaming with glee as he thought about the future… 

He knew…he knew that the actions he took today would shake the entire world!

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