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A strange silence filled the halls. Not even a single person was willing to break that silence in favor of staring strangely at Bai Yunfei.

“What…did you say?” 

The Golden Lion King was the first to break the silence.

Bai Yunfei didn’t flinch. “I said, let us exterminate the Beast Taming School together, agreed?”

“Exterminate the Beast Taming School!!”

Now that they had confirmation on what they heard, every single soulbeast began to think of the same thing: Impossible!

“What joke are you playing at!?” Roared the Golden Lion King, “Do you think the Beast Taming School is some midling school, or that the entirety of their school was in front of us?! The few of us gathered here today would be enough to take them on, is that what you think? That we can take a nice stroll over to their school? Do you…”

In utter disbelief at what Bai Yunfei said, the Golden Lion King began to feel infuriated. Was this soul cultivator stupid? Or did he just think himself of being that powerful? A string of expletives was beginning to form his lips to be said when Bai Yunfei held his hand up.

“I have the Core Stone.”


What Bai Yunfei said didn’t make sense at first. But then it came to the Golden Lion King when he thought about it.

The Core World!

The White-browed Hawk King had a faint glimmer in his eyes now. “Do you mean to…do the same as before and have everyone hide in the Core World until we reach where the Beast Taming School is?!”

“Isn’t it a perfect plan?”

Dumbfounded, the Bloodhowl Wolf King and Violet Dragon King looked at one another. Not even the Bloodhowl Wolf King knew this was coming. Just thinking about the plan made his heart skipped a beat.

It was true what Bai Yunfei said. If they could harness the power of the Core Stone, then an assault and the eradication of the Beast Taming School was possible!!

Pacifying the Beast Taming School was actually quite possible if every strong soulbeast were to gather together. But there was a problem, even if they gathered together. The Beast Taming School was…located within the borders of the Tianhun Empire!

The world of humans and soulbeasts were two different nations. Any powerful soulbeast entering the Tianhun Empire would definitely be regarded as an invader! Not a single soul cultivator would allow for such an invader and would strike at them. This inevitably made it impossible for any soulbeast to go to the Beast Taming School or risk being resisted by other powerful soul cultivators.

In the case that a few soulbeasts managed to hide their presence and make their way to the Beast Taming School, there was still no chance for them to do much damage. After all, it was impossible for a large enough attack force to hide their presence entirely. 

The Bloodhowl Wolf King attempted such a solo effort before a hundred years ago, in fact. A great blow was dealt to the Beast Taming School, but the Bloodhowl Wolf King was forced to return from the Tianhun Empire with many severe wounds.

But the Core Stone changed everything. Everyone could simply hide in the Core Stone without being discovered by the Beast Taming School or other soul cultivators!

“Bai Yunfei…are you…will you truly be willing to assist us soulbeasts? To help us destroy the Beast Taming School?”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King asked hesitantly.

“You speak so seriously, senior Bloodhowl. It’s so much that I wish to ‘help’, but that the Beast Taming School is a mutual enemy. I’m not sure how much everyone here knows about the current events within the empire, but…the ‘rebels’ are enemies of mine. The rebels have the Beast Taming School and Soul Refining School within their ranks, and it just so happens that those two schools are the ones I hate the most. It’d actually be of help to me if the soulbeasts aid me in the Beast Taming School’s destruction. The destruction of a mutual enemy is something to both our benefits. Wouldn’t joining together be the best option?”

The Beast Taming School was an enemy to anyone soulbeast. Not many soulbeasts were willing to cooperate with them like the Golden Roc King and Wind Ape King. The majority of soulbeasts had only one goal regarding the Beast Taming School: its total and complete destruction.

And now that their hope was finally coming together, many of the soulbeasts were beginning to feel excited… 

“While it’s possible to transport all of us into the Core World and attack the Beast Taming School…” The Azure-winged Bat King began, “do you really think our current numbers will be enough to destroy them? Aren’t you underestimating a school that has survived for thousands of years?”

It wasn’t known if the Beast Taming School had any Soul Saints, but they definitely had more than two Soul Emperors. Three to five of them could be defending the Beast Taming School at any point in time, and that wasn’t including their soulbeast puppets.

The lifespans of soulbeasts far outstripped those of soul cultivators. The Beast Taming School could pass down a large amount of soulbeast puppets to the next generation, meaning they could have over a dozen class eight soulbeast puppets to make use of. It didn’t matter if there weren’t even enough beast tamers to use all their soulbeast puppets, simply having a surplus of these puppets made any battle easy.

This also meant it was possible for any of the beast tamers to command their class eight soulbeast puppet to self-destruct. To them, a soulbeast puppet may as well be a one-time consumable item.

So it was possible that even if all these soulbeasts were to head over to the Beast Taming School, the Beast Taming School could use perhaps half of their storage to win the battle… 

Bai Yunfei shook his head. “There’s no way I’d think we’d be able to destroy the Beast Taming School with only this many people. I just wanted to see how many people would agree to this plan first before we gather the other prominent figures in the forest. I doubt there’d only be a few soulbeast wanting to destroy the Beast Taming School, correct?”

“It’s…” Began the Golden Lion King, “it’s as you say. We won’t be able to defeat the Beast Taming School by ourselves. We’d need far more people for that. However…”

He trailed off, but the other soulbeasts didn’t need him to finish that statement to know what he was going to say. If the other soulbeasts in the forest knew that the ‘planner’ and ‘possessor’ of the Core Stone was a soul cultivator, the chances of a successful gathering wouldn’t be very likely.

Having every single powerful soulbeast hide in the Core World would require the utmost faith in Bai Yunfei. This type of faith wasn’t something every soulbeast would be willing to have.

Bai Yunfei was well aware of that. He was looking at the Bloodhowl Wolf King as if waiting for him to speak. The wolf king opened his mouth to speak, but someone with a frosty tone of voice beat him to it… 

“All of us gathered here have the utmost faith in you, Wolf King. If you choose to bet your life on this person, then we too will believe in him too. However…the plan is too much to consider. Our acceptance means to gamble with the fate of our clans…as leaders, this is not a decision we can make easily, much less a decision the other soulbeasts will being willing to consider at all. An ‘oral agreement’ won’t even being to sway any of the other soulbeasts to help us.”

The one to speak was the Violet Dragon King. She was saying what the Golden Lion King had failed to do: it’d be impossible for Bai Yunfei to gain the trust of every powerful soulbeast in the forest.

Bai Yunfei was silent. He already knew this was going to be a problem, to begin with. He could imagine the faces of any soulbeast after he pitched his plan.

“Hey, I can help you destroy the Beast Taming School. All you need to do is come into the Core World.” This was not a plan any soulbeast would be willing to take part in so easily…

“Hah…I simply can’t understand why you wouldn’t have faith in Yunfei? How difficult could it be? Make a Vow of Souls and no one will be able to backstab the other….”

A new voice spoke out amongst the crowd and immediately caused everyone to leap to their feet!

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