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“You can kill him, then…”

It felt rather surreal to hear these words come from Bai Yunfei’s mouth. Wu Dijian, Dan Teng, and the others found themselves having a hard time stopping their eyebrows from rising up on their faces. 

Bai Yunfei was basically handing out a death sentence to a mid-stage class eight soulbeast as if it was nothing!


And as if to further their shock, Xiao Qi replied with the vigor of a child being promised a bag of candy! There was a surge of soulforce as the bird sent out a spatial edge at the Wind Ape King.

Traveling silently, the spatial edge went through the Soul Sealing Mandate’s white light and into the Wind Ape King’s neck… 


Blood erupted from the gap in the Wind Ape King’s throat, spraying the air with a red mist and shocking all that stood there… 

The white light slowly faded away back into the Soul Sealing Mandate before it returned to Bai Yunfei’s hand.

Now lifeless, the body of the Wind Ape King wobbled for a moment before crashing to the ground. The mighty mid-stage class eight soulbeast had died in silence… 


The Bloodhowl Wolf King barely managed to restrain a sigh. Though the Wind Ape King was an enemy, it was a dreadful shame to see such a powerful being die in such a way.

The world of soulbeasts was even harder than the world of soul cultivators. It had to take the Wind Ape King a herculean effort to reach the level of strength he reached after over a thousand years of training. He could’ve lived another thousand years or so had he not decided to try and exterminate the wolf clan. But in the end, the Wind Ape King met the end of his life so pitifully. 

What was the point of all that, then?

The Wind Ape King’s corpse was lit on fire with a wave of Bai Yunfei’s hand. Evaporating the blood with the flames, Bai Yunfei then summoned whatever remained of the corpse to his hand.

The most prominent object was a large green soulgem. The Wind Ape King’s soulgem.

Also held in Bai Yunfei’s hand were the limbs of the Wind Ape King, having contained the most of the Law of Wind, these bones proved to be unburnable by the Law of Fire.

These four bones were the strongest bones in the Wind Ape King’s body. Stronger than many other natural resources in this world, these bones would without a doubt be a worthy material to be used in crafting.

Bai Yunfei put the bones away into his space ring, there’d be a time in the future to study these bones. He tossed the soulgem over to Long Lan.

“Find a time to absorb that. It might be a wind-type, but it’ll without a doubt be helpful for you.”

“Yes!” Long Lan replied with excitement. Then without even waiting to be dismissed, he took the soulgem and began to absorb the energy within.

“How do you feel, Xiao Qi? Feel any stronger?”

“A lot!” Chirped the bird, “I feel a lot stronger than before. I need to meditate a bit before I know how much stronger I am, but…I feel like it won’t be long before I become a class eight…”

“Is that right…?” Bai Yunfei wondered, “Then let’s not waste any more time and kill the rest then…”

Practically every Soul King was killed by Xiao Qi in that last battle. Added with the ones from when they rescued You Qingfeng, Xiao Qi had probably killed twenty individuals. And combined with the experience of killing a mid-stage class eight soulbeast, Xiao Qi was probably very close to making a breakthrough. But still, it felt like becoming a class eight soulbeast was a fantasy still… 

As familiar as Bai Yunfei was with Xiao Qi’s abilities, he wasn’t confident of the exact details of how much experience the bird needed. Bai Yunfei was still, however, somewhat confident that Xiao Qi just needed to kill a few more people and then train a bit before that fantasy would become a reality… 

If quantified, the amount of experience a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast needed to become a class eight soulbeast would be tremendous. But making the breakthrough also required a certain level of understanding, not just the experience of killing those that were strong.

Bai Yunfei waved his hand to summon someone else to this area of the Core World. A tornado of elemental fire appeared as a shackled Golden Roc King appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.


A burst of energy rippled across the world as the Golden Roc King screeched in anger.

But a crystal ball of light was already in front of the Golden Roc King. It took only a single word from Bai Yunfei to stop the Golden Roc King from saying anything more and his soulforce to cease flowing… 

A second spatial edge embedded itself into the defenseless Golden Roc King’s throat. And just like that, the Golden Roc King followed the Wind Ape King into death...


The lips of everyone there twitched this time, rather than their eyes. No one could even put it into words on how dreamlike it was to see a second class eight soulbeast be killed off like a chicken… 

Burning the body as he did with the Wind Ape King, Bai Yunfei retrieved a soulgem and a pair of metallic claws from the fire. Included in the bounty this time were quite a few feathers.

He took the claws and feathers but gave the soulgem to Long Lan.

With the wave of his hand, Bai Yunfei summoned one last individual to their front—a muddle-headed man—the heavily injured Soul Emperor, Duan Tianqing.

“This is an elder of the Beast Taming School, senior Bloodhowl. He surely has to know a few secrets, if I could ask of you to soulscan him.”

Bai Yunfei asked, watching the blood pour from the mouth and wounds of Duan Tianqing without remorse.

Grabbing the head of Duan Tianqing, the Bloodhowl Wolf King immediately went to work on divining his secrets.

Waiting for the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s nod, Bai Yunfei then activated the Charm Bracelet and linked minds with him. This way, he’d be able to share in the information the Bloodhowl Wolf King saw.

The Bloodhowl Wolf King narrowed his eyes and went to work. A wave of pressure crashed into Duan Tianqing, forcing the man to tremble violently as if shocked by lightning!


Duan Tianqing began to convulse wildly, his bloodshot eyes bulging out from his head so much that they looked like they might pop out. 

Opening his mouth wide, he began to shout!


Then his soulforce began to fluctuate wildly and without rhythm!

He was…self-destructing!!


Several of the people around Bai Yunfei and the Bloodhowl Wolf King cried out in surprise.

Bai Yunfei opened his eyes at this moment. Waving his right hand, the Soul Sealing Mandate appeared in it and shot toward Duan Tianqing.


Duan Tianqing froze up immediately. All motor abilities came to an end along with his soulforce as he was placed into a catatonic state.

“What happened, senior Bloodhowl?!”

Bai Yunfei asked the soulbeast. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

The wolf took his hand away from Duan Tianqing’s head in surprise. “A ‘mechanism’ of sorts was placed onto his soul. If someone tried to soulscan him, then this mechanism would activate and force him to self-destruct.”

“Something…something like that exists?!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed—wasn’t this similar to the slave seal the soulbeast puppets had? In their case, the slave seal would force the soulbeast puppet to self-destruct if touched!

“Hm. I guess we won’t be able to find out any of the Beast Taming School’s secrets…” Bai Yunfei sighed. Had he known he would’ve tried to force the secrets out from Duan Tianqing while he was still alive… 

He shook his head. “Fine then, kill him too, Xiao Qi…”

No one batted an eye this time at Duan Tianqing’s death.

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