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The Soul Sealing Mandate!!

Bai Yunfei was using his final trump card when the Wind Ape King was at his most vulnerable state!

Capable of sealing the soul, the Soul Sealing Mandate covered the entirety of the Wind Ape King within its glow before he could finish self-destructing!

The effect was instantaneous. As soon as the white light covered the Wind Ape King, the volatile energy radiating from him disappeared without a trace!

Were his energy water and his body a hose, then the Wind Ape King was being pinched so that no energy could come out from his body anymore. Everything within the white light of the Soul Sealing Mandate was frozen still as if entombed in ice. The remaining energy outside of the Soul Sealing Mandate bled away into the air like the last drops of water and soon left the world back in its original state of tranquility… 

That left the Wind Ape King stuck in his current position of howling at the heavens. Like a statue, he was completely still and without even an iota of energy leaking from him. The only thing that proved he was a living being was the fact that his wound was still bleeding. 


Bai Yunfei appeared in front of him like lightning and waved his right hand… 

The space around the Wind Ape King rippled before he and the Soul Sealing Mandate disappeared into thin air!


He breathed a breath of relief now that the Wind Ape King was gone into the Core World. The battle was over now… 


The first thing he did was undo his Soul Ignition and then his Berserk Mode. It came with a sharp stab of pain and an equally sharp inhale of breath.

No longer under the influence of either his powerboosting soul skills, Bai Yunfei was no longer looking as powerful as before. He was looking as spent as an arrow nearing the ground and looked close to being at his physical limits.

But despite all the pain he was feeling, Bai Yunfei was happy first and foremost. A smile crept onto his face as he began to laugh. He choked a bit from the pain, but he continued to laugh and smile… 

“Are you feeling well, Bai Yunfei?”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King studied him with a strange look. The wolf king was looking tired himself. Battling the Wind Ape King had seen to the vast majority of his strength being taken from him.

“Rest assured, senior Bloodhowl, I’m feeling fine. Just feeling the aftermath of my soul skills, but I’m used to it.” Bai Yunfei waved his hand in reassurance, the effort in doing so making him wince again.

“Very well then…” The expression on the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s face softened. He still looked like he was in disbelief, though. 

“Your assistance to my wolf clan cannot be stated enough, Bai Yunfei…” He began to speak, “My wolf clan owes you a great favor. Should you ever require our assistance in the future, we will lend you our full support!”

It was a rare honor to see an individual as powerful as the Bloodhowl Wolf King treat a Soul King like Bai Yunfei with so much respect.

“There’s no need for this, senior Bloodhowl. I said so before, but big brother Hong Yin is my benefactor. I am only here to repay the favor.” Bai Yunfei smiled.

He looked off to the battle taking place to their right before looking off to the south. “The war is almost over, I’ll leave the wolf clan to deal with the stragglers.”

Now that the Soul Emperor and Soul Kings were gone and dealt with, the invading army only had the ‘supporting characters’, the Soul Exalts and class six soulbeasts. The battle between their betters had been so awe-inspiring that they could only stand there and watch their own side be defeated. Some of them had started to flee before the outcome was clear, but now the majority of them were starting to flee.


A shriek of agony and horror accentuated the air, prompting Bai Yunfei to turn toward the source. Over to the right of where he was was a smoldering pile of ashes of what used to be a Soul King from the Beast Taming School. Xiao Qi had turned the man into ashes via a lightning bolt.

The Beast Taming School had four Soul Kings here. A number like that was already insignificant to the wolf clan, but having Xiao Qi there essentially sealed their fate in stone. They were surrounded at the time, but death was already readying his scythe to harvest their souls… 

The massacre was a quick one. With a few quick actions, Xiao Qi killed off the last individual and cleared the skies of any class seven soulbeast or Soul King… 

At last, the curtains were starting to draw together on this massive battle.

In the end, the four Soul Kings from the Beast Taming School, the nine class seven bloodthirsty wind apes, the six class seven four-winged golden rocs, and three Soul Emperor were all dead!

And not a single casualty from Bai Yunfei’s side!

What a victory!!

This was without a doubt the best case scenario for the wolf clan. An overwhelming victory!

Some of the class seven soulbeasts within the wolf clan could hardly believe their minds when they thought about it…  

The last thing to do was clean up the battlefield of the survivors. The Bloodhowl Wolf King commanded the Lightningwolf King and Thunderfire to take several of the class seven soulbeast to kill off the survivors without mercy. Xiao Qi and Long Lan took off after them, the first being unwilling to stay behind while the second wanting to collect a few more soulgems for future use. A few of the familiars went along with them for reasons of their own as well.

It was easy to imagine the fate of the survivors with a force like that coming after them. 

Tidying the field of the spoils-of-war, the Yao clan, Wu Dijian, You Qingfeng went back into the Core World. The class seven soulbeast puppets and even the class eight hillbeast were also taken into the Core World.


Bai Yunfei waited for everyone to return to their caves while he remained there in the skies above the battlefield. His eyes looked at every scar left on the earth and felt the slightest of fluctuations in the winds. Every so often, he’d hear the cries of several individuals before their lives were cut short… 

His strength returned to him half a day later. By that time, Xiao Qi and the others were back from their hunting trip.

WIthin the Core World.

“How do you plan to deal with him, Bai Yunfei?”

On top of a mountain stood several people. The Bloodhowl Wolf King was one of those individuals. 

They were all staring at the sealed Wind Ape King.

“Senior Bloodhowl, would you be capable of soulscanning the Wind Ape King?”

Bai Yunfei asked after a period of thinking.

The Bloodhowl Wolf King shook his head. “It’s impossible. It’s harder to soulscan a soulbeast than a soul cultivator. Soulscanning the Wind Ape King would be impossible unless I was a stage or two stronger than him. Furthermore…his current state makes it even harder. But undoing the seal would mean his immediate self-destruction without being able to stop it.”

The Wind Ape King was basically a frozen bomb. All they had to do to detonate him was to undo the seal.

Stronger than the Demon-eyed Tiger King, the Wind Ape King was an individual that Bai Yunfei very much wanted to control using the Beast Taming Ring. It’d mean another strong individual for Bai Yunfei to use, but unfortunately, this wasn’t possible.

“What a shame..”

Bai Yunfei sighed in sorrow before nodding to Xiao Qi. “You can kill him, then…”

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