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The Wind Ape King was in a pretty bad state. Being blind in one eye and struck by a star would do that to a being. The only reason he was functioning as well as he was now was due to him igniting his own soul to suppress his wounds. Much like a person on adrenaline, the Wind Ape King was operating under a frenzied state. Undoing the bloodrage status he was under would simply mean being unable to fight… 

But on the other hand, not undoing bloodrage would mean equally disastrous things. His entire body would be blown apart if he didn’t undo it!

Damned if he did or didn’t. The Wind Ape King hadn’t the luxury to think about the false illusion of choice!

He was in a frenzied state, but also not in an actual frenzy. His mind sparked with intelligence still. Even when he was hit by the Starfall of the Celestial Wofl, he was still able to sense that the very last ape of his clan was…dead!

And now he was feeling the same feelings the Golden Roc King felt!

The Wind Ape King and his clan were stronger than the Golden Roc King’s clan, but also on par with the wolf clan. Nine apes came here today, and yet…not a single one remained!

Without the protection of any of the class sevens, the rest of the bloodthirsty wind apes were like lambs to a slaughter. Today would be the day their entire clan would be wiped out from the world of soulbeasts!

The extinction of one’s own clan was a pain unbearable to anyone!

As powerful as a mid-stage class eight soulbeast is, there isn’t much one could do in a fight stacked against them. There was the Bloodhowl Wolf King, who was of the same level strength as him, the almost-as-strong Demon-eyed Tiger King, and also Bai Yunfei—who was as strong as an Early-stage Soul Emperor. Killing them would be extremely difficult. But running away? That was something far more plausible.

Fighting to win and fighting to kill have often times been confused for one another, but they are not at all the same.

In any case, the Wind Ape King had no intentions of running away at all. What was the point of doing that, even if he survived?!

He had the pride of being a class eight soulbeast at stake! The pride of his clan, the pride of him being a leader!!

So be it if he died. Death was a natural result in the cycle of life, but his death wouldn’t come cheap!

He was consumed with hatred. Any other emotion paled in comparison to that hatred held within his heart. He and his clan came here with the Golden Roc King’s clan to exterminate the wolf clan. But rather everything going to plan, their clans were the ones being exterminated instead!


A pillar of green light shot straight up into the heavens as the Wind Ape King roared. Disappearing into a halo of light, two beams of light shot off in the direction of the Bloodhowl Wolf King and Bai Yunfei!


Bai Yunfei stifled a grunt upon hearing the Wind Ape King’s roar. He was attacked by a soul attack!

One minute had yet to go by for the Soul Sentinel Scarf’s cooldown to be finished, meaning Bai Yunfei would be under the mercy of any soul attack that hit him. The Yun’s Soul Ring was back with Tang Xinyun so Bai Yunfei had only the passive effect of his equipment to bolster his defenses against soul attacks. Being hit by one now would require Bai Yunfei’s entire strength to ward off.

So while he wouldn’t be at risk of his soul being injured, Bai Yunfei would still be heavily affected for the time being whenever he was hit. And at that moment, a halo filled with the Law of Wind came up to cut into Bai Yunfei!

There was no dodging this!

Fear flickered in Bai Yunfei’s eyes upon realizing he wouldn’t be able to dodge this. Sending some soulforce into his armor, Bai Yunfei hastily activated the effect of his armor and summoned a black whirlpool in front of him!

+10 Additional Effect: In exchange for soulforce, create a devouring whirlpool of darkness that negates any elemental attack directed towards the user.
Cooldown of 10 minutes.

The whirlpool expanded in size to cover the diameter of the halo and allowed itself to stay still for the halo to enter itself, swallowing it whole!

The halo disappeared into the darkness without making a sound. The whirlpool trembled slightly as if having difficulty digesting the Law of Wind contained within it, but eventually it grew still and dissipated into the air.

Color bled back into Bai Yunfei’s face after the whirlpool faded away. He swayed softly where he stood, feeling slightly weak in the knees after having to deal with such an attack.

“Phew…Dealing with that took more soulforce than I thought. Didn’t think I’d make it for a moment…”

Allowing himself to relax, Bai Yunfei withdrew the two-thousand soulpoints contained within the Violet Soul Ring into his body.

He had somehow managed to fend off the attack of a late-stage class eight soulbeast! Not evade, but defend! It was a stunning action that’d earn the shock and awe of anyone around, even the Bloodhowl Wolf King, who stood there in stunned silence after seeing it.

He managed to dodge the attack heading his way with ease. Since the Bloodhowl Wolf King was back in his human form and was thus far more nimble, the wolf found it rather easy to evade the Wind Ape King’s attack.

“The Wind Ape King is hoping to kill one of us. In this case, it’d serve me better to commit to defending myself and wait until he burns out…”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King thought to himself. He was planning for the fight with the Wind Ape King, thinking that an intense fight would be taking place, but then he realized something in horror…

The Wind Ape King wasn’t planning to attack him at all! He had stopped there in midair rather than continue toward either him or Bai Yunfei!

Wave after wave of soulforce flowed out from his center, trembling and fluctuating wildly!

The green light around his body flickered and glistened abnormally as if being warped under an intense amount of pressure. This abnormality was affecting even the space around the Wind Ape King…

He was planning to self-destruct!!

The Wind Ape King wasn’t planning to fight at all! He was planning to die!

A mutually assured death!

“No!! Get away from here now!!”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King barked at once for everyone to hear before retreating himself!

The self-destruction of a mid-stage—no, a late-stage class eight soulbeast! Not even he would be able to protect himself against the brunt of such an event! Putting up a defense here was not the right move!

“Senior Bloodhowl, use a soul attack on him!!”

Bai Yunfei’s voice cut into the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s mind not even a second after his warning.


The Bloodhowl Wolf King’s eyes shot straight to Bai Yunfei in confusion.

“A soul attack! I have a way to stop him!!”

Bai Yunfei’s voice repeated. The Bloodhowl Wolf King’s eyes widened in shock once again.

“Stop him?! What could you…” Confused at first, the Bloodhowl Wolf King quickly realized why Bai Yunfei was so confident in himself. “Ah! With ‘that’, stopping the Wind Ape King would be doable!”

No longer skeptical about Bai Yunfei’s plan, the Bloodhowl Wolf King took action at once. Mustering his soulforce, he glared at the Wind Ape King and let loose a devastatingly loud howl!

Meanwhile, Bai Yunfei’s hands were a blur as he made handseal after handseal in quick succession. His body, which should’ve been very low on soulforce, was suddenly being flooded with a new reserve of soulforce!

Now at full strength, Bai Yunfei pointed his finger at the Wind Ape King with vigor:


The Demon-eyed Tiger King beside simultaneously let loose a heaven-shaking roar at the Wind Ape King!

Three soul attacks of supreme strength were being launched at the Wind Ape King all at once!

Having fully committed to self-destructing, the Wind Ape King wasn’t capable of defending or evading against the soul attacks. His body froze up once the three attacks hit, leaving the soulforce in him to cease flowing as well!

But it would only take a moment for his soulforce to continue flowing again, and his self-destruction would follow shortly afterward. In any other case, the soul attack of the Bloodhowl Wolf King wouldn’t even be strong enough to affect him much to begin with. 

With Bai Yunfei added to the equation, though, this wasn’t a regular situation for the Wind Ape King. Bai Yunfei was waiting for the right window of opportunity!


A ball of crystal light was alright flying out towards the Wind Ape King as the three soul attacks struck him. At that moment when the Wind Ape King was fighting off the soul attacks, the ball of light came to a stop in front of the Wind Ape King’s head and exploded with light to cover him!

Then…the voice of a single person drowned out every other source of noise with a single word!


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