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The heart of the Golden Roc King was awash with hatred. Not even an iota of intelligence could be seen in his eyes—only the murderous aura of a predator befallen to madness!

Such a reaction could be no criticized. It didn’t matter if the wolf clan survived today or not; the four-winged golden roc clan was finished!

Not even a single class eight soulbeast could pull a clan out from a dance with death after the death of all their class seven soulbeasts!

This entire operation was supposed to be easy. It should’ve ended with the four-winged roc clan eating up the territories of the wolf clan and make use of their resources! Those odds were so high that even a fool would’ve gambled on it! So…how in the world did it end up like this?!

It was because of them! Because of the people right in front of him!!

“Ahhh!! Die die die!!”

He screeched again. No longer focused on the Demon-eyed Tiger King, the Golden Roc King launched a soul attack onto Bai Yunfei!


There was a loud explosion as the Golden Roc King suddenly froze still. The golden light around him shattered apart like glass when the Demon-eyed Tiger King landed a powerful blow onto him. Sent flying by the blow, the Golden Roc King spiraled away like a kite with its string snapped.

But he didn’t travel far in such a state. Reorienting himself with a flap of his wings, the Golden Roc King continued on his path towards Bai Yunfei again!


Bai Yunfei let out a faint groan as the soul attack seized his body and made him lose control of the light around his body for a second.

But it was all part of the plan.

“Tch!!” Clicking his tongue the moment he regained motor control of his body, Bai Yunfei pointed a finger at the Golden Roc King!

“Freeze!!” Barked Bai Yunfei.

A soul attack taken in exchange for a soul attack given!

“Don’t be too pleased with yourself, die!!”

The soul attack seized hold of the Golden Roc King, but only for a mere moment. The Golden Roc King merely snapped with anger before shrugging off the attack!

He thought it was foolish that Bai Yunfei would even attempt to fight him with a soul attack, but if that was the way Bai Yunfei wanted to play, then he’d play!

Fully committed to killing Bai Yunfei, the Golden Roc King ignored the Demon-eyed Tiger King behind him completely. The death of Bai Yunfei would mean the Demon-eyed Tiger King would no longer be controlled—there’d be nothing more to fear then!

And thus, the Golden Roc King launched a second soul attack!

A battle of soul attacks between a Soul King and a class eight soulbeast was fruitless for the former. Even with the supreme Soul Anchor Technique. 

But Bai Yunfei wasn’t thinking about such a confrontation. His goal was to trick the enemy into using a soul attack.

Of course, the Golden Roc King had no way of knowing that this was what Bai Yunfei wanted, let alone what that meant...

It was ‘luck’ that the first soul attack managed to hit Bai Yunfei. But ‘luck’ was not something that would always be on the Golden Roc King’s side… 

A faint pulsation of energy came forth from the Soul Sentinel Scarf on Bai Yunfei’s forehead the moment when the second soul attack was launched. Excited, Bai Yunfei waited with bated breath as a sliver of his soulforce entered the Soul Sentinel Scarf!


Just as expected, an abrupt scream of pain!

It wasn’t Bai Yunfei that screamed, but the…Golden Roc King!

The +10 additional effect of the Soul Sentinel Scarf had activated!!

Bai Yunfei had been waiting for this crucial winning condition to activate this entire time!

As like any other battle before, this effect of the Soul Sentinel Scarf was a trump card that helped Bai Yunfei win many times before. Even against opponents far stronger than he was! 

And the Golden Roc King would be no exception!

No one could possibly predict their own attack backfiring onto them, especially not when they were already addled with absolute fury. Struck by his very own soul attack, the Golden Roc King let out a loud cry of pain!

A giant ball of golden light had been forming in front of him before he was struck. It should’ve led into a killer move where Bai Yunfei would’ve been peppered with multiple rays of light, but it all fell apart as soon as he was hit!

His body spasmed uncontrollably. The light from his own body faded away as quickly as his attack did. Soon, the giant roc form of his was nowhere to be seen, only a humanized Golden Roc King with his head in his hands as he screamed bloody murder.


The world around the Golden Roc King trembled again as another wave of pain slammed into him. Under Bai Yunfei’s control, the Demon-eyed Tiger King unleashed an even stronger Country Shaking Tiger’s Roar!

It was a move meant to buy Bai Yunfei more time for his attack. Transforming into a brilliant beam of light, Bai Yunfei shot towards the struggling Golden Roc King!


A vessel must’ve popped in the Golden Roc King’s eyes, for they were thoroughly red as if dyed with blood. Two soul attacks back-to-back would normally incapacitate any person for some time, but not for Soul Emperors. As if sensing his own death, the Golden Roc King exploded with even more energy than before to evade Bai Yunfei’s attack and retaliate… 


Bai Yunfei came flying in faster than the Golden Roc King could hope to deal with—a chance like this didn’t come twice in a battle, who was Bai Yunfei to refuse such a valuable opportunity? A failure to kill the roc now would mean an even harder task later.


Mercilessly, Bai Yunfei attacked with the Soul Anchor Technique again!

Simultaneously with his right hand, Bai Yunfei whipped out his left hand to throw a sparkling ball of light at the roc!

Traveling through the air while the Golden Roc King was resisting, the ball of light blew up in intensity the moment Bai Yunfei said a single word:



It was instantaneous almost. Unleashing beams of resplendent white light everywhere, the ball of light expanded in size and enveloped the Golden Roc King within it!

The Soul Sealing Mandate!!

Within the ball of light, the aura of the Golden Roc King froze up at once!


Bai Yunfei appeared in front of the Soul Sealing Mandate at once. Pressing against the Soul Sealing Mandate with his right hand, Bai Yunfei began to push it closer to the Golden Roc King!

The white light shining around the Soul Sealing Mandate began to shrink under Bai Yunfei’s push. Shrinking closer and closer to the Golden Roc King, it soon came close enough to his body as if outlining it while the Soul Sealing Mandate rested in front of the Golden Roc King’s face.

Bai Yunfei did it! Glee sparked across Bai Yunfei’s face. Pausing for a moment to wait for the area to calm down, he waved his left hand and took the Golden Roc King into the Core World!

The class eight Golden Roc King was captured!

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