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Needless to say, the beast tamers were all going crazy. They were confused by what was going on and unsure of what to even do next.

They had four Soul Kings there, but not even they fully comprehended what happened in the last few seconds. 

First, the medium of their headmaster unexpectedly shown up. The beast tamers were happily excited to see him then.

But then their ‘headmaster’ attacked Duan Tianqing!

Duan Tianqing didn’t stand a chance. He had no way of expecting such an attack and was incapacitated within a matter of moments!

Then…someone else from the forest whisked him away!!

What kind of enemy was this?! And how did they do it?! How in the world did this person manage to hide within the forest without being detected?! Were the Soul Kings being tricked somehow?!

The biggest shocker was when the Demon-eyed Tiger King attacked the Golden Roc King in unison with the Bloodhowl Wolf King attacking the Wind Ape King!

What…was the meaning of all this?! Why was it even happening?!

Was…this the secret plan of the headmaster? To unite with the wolf clan against the four-winged roc and the bloodthirsty wind ape clans? If that was so, then the Beast Taming School would benefit from having two class eight soulbeast puppets and plenty more class seven soulbeasts rather than the soulbeasts from the wolf clan.

But if that was the case…why attack Duan Tianqing then?!

The minds of the four Soul Kings raced with multiple possibilities, but none of them seemed very ‘plausible’. In the end, not a single one of them knew of the possible reason!

They couldn’t be blamed for their confusion. Who could’ve possibly known that the Demon-eyed Tiger King was not their ‘headmaster’? A Soul Emperor having his medium stolen from him had no such precedence before… 

And while they were still thinking about this shocking matter… 

The figure in red snapped his right hand up. There wasn’t anything he was holding, but it seemed like he was stirring the sky with it.


Ripples began to form around his hand. Swirling like waves in the ocean, these ripples swelled in size before opening up to reveal several figures!

And each one of these figures had the aura of an extremely powerful individual!!




The world trembled as the three individuals let loose an animalistic cry. Light splashed across the sky like paint across a canvas as the three revealed themselves to the world. If this was a war, then these three class seven soulbeasts were leading the charge for the others!


“What’s going on?!”

“Watch out!!”


It was all so sudden, so unexpected.

The Soul Kings of the Beast Taming School and the two soulbeast clans didn’t even have enough time to say much before they were assaulted by a flurry of attacks!

“Those are spatial tears! Get out of the way!!”


Multiple crescent-shaped blades of space weaved through the sky like a net to cover most of the available area around the class seven soulbeasts. A late-stage class seven soulbeast was fortunate enough to be quick enough to respond and cried out in warning for his comrades. Beating their wings, he and a few others shot off in every direction to dodge. But there was one that wasn’t so lucky. An early-stage class seven soulbeast. Having his left wing torn in half by the spatial tear, the soulbeast fell from the skies with a cry of pain.


A flash of green and violet light arced through the sky towards the falling soulbeast. Swiping his wing, Xiao Qi decapitated the head of the soulbeast without mercy!

“Hahaha!! What a thrilling battle!!”

Wu Dijian cried out from the other side of Xiao Qi. His entire person was like the blade of a sword with how fast he was traveling, and in no time at all, he managed to reach one of the mid-stage class seven soulbeasts that managed to dodge Xiao Qi’s attack. With how tumultuous the soulbeast was after narrowly dodging the spatial tear, he had no time but to shriek and attempt to break Wu Dijian’s advance. But it was a futile effort. All Wu Dijian did was dance across the blades of wind being shot at him before delivering a sharp cut to the soulbeast’s abdomen and nearly disemboweling him!

But that was enough for Wu Dijian. Moving with the swing of his sword, he took off towards a nearby late-stage class seven soulbeast.

That left the mid-stage class seven soulbeast heaving a sigh in relief; he had managed to escape death! But as he was about to congratulate himself, the roaring of a dragon shot a shiver up his spine and a wave of blue-and-black energy slammed into his person!

The soulbeast’s body cracked underneath the pressure. Thrown across the sky due to the blow, the soulbeast could barely see Long Lan catching up to him before being struck again! 


Like a toy ball in animal form, the soulbeast was once again sent careening off in another direction where a giant spatial edge was waiting for him!!

The next to come under fire was one of the bloodthirsty wind apes. He roared loudly upon seeing the death of one of the four-winged golden rocs and prepared himself for battle. But that was when a giant class seven familiar and several of the Soul Kings from the Yao clan rushed at the soulbeast!

The death of multiple soulbeasts and soul cultivators took several seconds at most from when the large group of Soul Kings and soulbeasts appeared out of nowhere. The beast tamers down below were all in a panic, running this way and that as a result of the ambush. Two of the four-winged golden rocs were dead and the bloodthirsty wind apes were relatively far away. Though they were uninjured, they were scattered apart from one another, meaning they were made into easy targets to be surrounded by the familiars and Soul Kings of the Yao clan.


And without a single person from the Beast Taming School knowing what to do, Hong Yin lead the rest of the wolf clan and their class seven soulbeasts in to surround the four Soul Kings!


A white-haired Late-stage Soul King was the first to cry out. Pale as a sheet of paper, he commanded his two soulbeast puppets to attack while he tried to make sense of the situation!

What in the world was going on?!

Over…over twenty Soul King-leveled beings appeared out of nowhere—where did they come from?

It was supposed to be an easy battle! They had double the numbers of the wolf clan! If anything, it should’ve been the wolf clan that was supposed to be surrounded without hope, but now…it was the other way around!

It didn’t matter anymore, anyway. Not even the Wind Ape King and Golden Roc King had a clue what happened. But however, as that may be, it was still pointless to think about it. It was time to battle to the death!

Unfortunately for them, the one the Demon-eyed Tiger King defeated was their other Soul Emperor, a beast tamer in charge of controlling the elder hillbeast. And with him gone, the soulbeast was no longer a powerful threat but just a giant mountain. 

So in other words…two Soul Emperor leveled beings were no longer capable of fighting!

Consequentially, this meant the strength of both sides were different now. The other side had one more class eight individual and at least twenty more Soul Kings!

The disparity in strength was huge and came shockingly fast. Both sides were now at equal strengths in less than a single minute since the battle began!


It’d be wrong to say that both sides were ‘equal’...

The wolf clan was clearly the ones with an advantage!


Crashing into the world like an earthquake, a pillar of fire shot up into the sky for everyone to see. The Golden Roc King spun around at once to stare wide-eyed at the beam of fire being shot at him!

The faint silhouette of a person could be seen within the flames. The aura of this person was strangely still growing stronger even as he approached the Golden Roc King!

An uneasy expression appeared on the Golden Roc King’s face, “A Half-emperor!!”

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