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The strongest of the wolf clan stood high up in the skies with the Bloodhowl Wolf King at the very front. Grim, they held their position and waited. Throngs of class six wolves stood directly beneath these individuals with equally serious expressions.

Everyone was staring off in the same direction, and for good reason. Beams of bright light were flying from the same direction towards the wolf clan. Bai Yunfei noted that of these beams of light, three of them stood out amongst the rest. Those three beams of light were so bright and intense that they warped the colors of the sky around them. Bai Yunfei could also see that the auras within these lights were extremely powerful. It was as if he was waiting for a huge asteroid come drop down on him.

“Senior Bloodhowl.”

Bai Yunfei nodded in greeting to the Bloodhowl Wolf King in his approach.

The Bloodhowl Wolf King nodded back. “I can see the Wind Ape King and the Golden Roc King…and also the Early-stage Soul Emperor, but not his soulbeast puppet. I wonder which one he has.

“How confident are you in your plan? Do you believe in its success?” The Bloodhowl Wolf King asked. The continued existence of his clan hinged on Bai Yunfei’s plan, the king had to be sure of everything in order to ensure the safety of his pack.

“Rest assured, I believe there is an eighty percent chance of success!”

A sliver of doubt and concern flashed across the king’s eyes. Twenty percent was a rather high number still. Perhaps on paper, this was a number that could be gambled against, but the lives of his people were at stake. He couldn’t simply let the die be cast with odds like those. 

“Very well then!” He relented, “Then I will be relying on your aid, Bai Yunfei! Defeat our enemies and my clan will owe you a debt of a lifetime!”

Had words their weight, then the ones spoken by a class eight soulbeast could sink even the biggest of ships.


The earth trembled and the skies started to hum as the enemy forces drew even closer to the wolf clan. At the vanguard of the enemy forces were the three Soul Emperors. And behind them…over twenty Soul Kings!!

Like a dammed river overflowing, the auras of multiple class six soulbeast and Soul Exalts followed swiftly after them… 

The faces of several of the wolf clan grew pale at the sight. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

Uncertainty flickered in Bai Yunfei’s eyes. The power of the incoming enemies had him recalculating his plan.

In that time, the enemies were coming to a stop just two kilometers away from the wolf clan.

The three Soul Emperor stood at the very front. On the right side was the Golden Roc King, and in the middle was a two-meter tall man wearing a fur pelt. 

But the head of this ‘person’ was off. It wasn’t the head of a human, but the head of a green-haired ape.

The mid-stage class eight soulbeast, the Wind Ape King!

“Haha!! So you didn’t run, Bloodhowl? And here I was ready to put in a chase and put down the last mongrel! What a disappointment, haha!!”

On the Wind Ape King’s face was a pleased smile. Seeing the Bloodhowl Wolf King here instead of trying to escape was something of a pleasant surprise for him.

His voice was like thunder with how loud it was. Every single class six soulbeast within the wolf camp was briefly intimidated by the magnitude of the Wind Ape King’s words.

A nasty sheen glistened in the Bloodhowl Wolf King’s eyes, “The Wind Ape King and the Golden Roc King…allying with the Beast Taming School of all things…are you not afraid of everyone’s wrath?!”

“Everyone’s wrath?!” Laughed the Wind Ape King, “Don’t talk as if every soulbeast would group together. Do you really think the other soulbeasts will risk their clans to fight us now? How laughable!”

“That’s enough talking, we don’t want to give any more time for enemy reinforcements. Let’s deal with this and go!” Spoke the Golden Roc King.

“Let’s do it! As per our agreements, the strongest enemies shall be captured alive! There’ll never be a wolf clan for you to deal with after today!” Duan Tianqing spoke. His eyes seemed to glisten with greed; seeing all these soulbeasts crowded together would definitely have such an effect on a beast tamer. To them, these soulbeasts were the same as a trove of soul armaments. In fact, these soulbeasts weren’t even ‘alive’ to him anymore. They were simply another ‘weapon’ to be added to the Beast Taming School’s arsenal.

“Very well then,” barked the Wind Ape King. “Attack!!”


Roaring aloud in response to their leader, the soulbeasts behind the Wind Ape King roused their spirits for battle!

Several streaks of golden light flew up to a spot in the sky behind the Golden Roc King. Like miniature suns, these rays of light shined furiously before eventually dimming just enough to reveal the figures within—six class seven golden rocs!

Four Soul Kings stood behind Duan Tianqing. And behind each of them were either class six or class seven soulbeasts. 

Nine gigantic soulbeasts stood behind the Wind Ape King. Basked in green light and wind, they stepped out to reveal themselves as class seven bloodthirsty wind apes!

Elemental energy of all types and magnitude surged across the skies, warping space in several places as they propagated. Now that the soulbeasts were moving, the world looked like it was raining elemental energy as they raced towards the wolf clan to attack!

Nearly twenty class seven soulbeasts were attacking in tandem to kick off the first battle in this great war!

Many of the wolf clansmen paled at the sight. Being attacked by such a force was by no means an easy experience to behold. Even the Bloodhowl Wolf King looked troubled, but only for an instant. Raising his hand, he prepared his clansmen to strike back.

“Please wait, senior Bloodhowl.”

But before the attack order could be given, Bai Yunfei’s voice stopped the Bloodhowl Wolf King. The king turned his head back, puzzled by what Bai Yunfei could possibly mean or want. His eyes met with the twinkling eyes of Bai Yunfei for a brief moment. Neither said anything, but the Bloodhowl Wolf King knew that he was being asked to step back.

So the Bloodhowl Wolf King took a step back.

Waving his hand, Bai Yunfei called someone out from the Core World. “It’s time to take the initiative, Lao Sha. How many attacks do you think you can absorb?”

Several members twitched an eye at Bai Yunfei’s words, including the Bloodhowl Wolf King. They were leaving the defenses to a dog of all people? And to take the initiative too?!


The brown-skinned dog barked jovially in response to Bai Yunfei. With all four paws on the ground, the dog shivered in anticipation and opened its jaws wide open… 


Something began to exude from the dog. It wasn’t soulforce, and neither was it elemental energy. It was an energy of another type entirely. It shimmered against the world as if being repelled as it slowly expanded in size… 

Breathless, the wolf clansmen watched as the energy came into contact with the first of the enemy attacks—a bolt of elemental wind. The moment when the two touched, the elemental wind began to distort. It was being bent and its trajectory being changed towards…Lao Sha’s mouth!!

The next to follow was the beams of elemental metal. Bending in trajectory in the same way the elemental wind did, the golden beams of energy shrunk in size and disappeared into Lao Sha’s mouth!

The battle began with an opening salvo of elemental energy, but they disappeared almost just as quickly as they came!!

Everyone—even Bai Yunfei—was left speechless. For a while, not a single person or soulbeast could even find themselves capable of making a sound any more audible than breathing… 


And since everyone was so quiet, the barking of a single dog was the only thing that could be heard. And loudly too!

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