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The burden of responsibility had finally been shrugged of Bai Yunfei’s shoulders now that Nether was sealed away into the Core World. The magnitude of what he had just accomplished finally began to hit him.

How many times was it? How many times had Bai Yunfei been forced to flee and fight for his life?

The enemy was always one step ahead of him. Stronger than him. They always had some kind of plan that Bai Yunfei would fall for and be humiliated.

But this time, it was he that had the overwhelming advantage!

It didn’t matter if they had an army. It didn’t even matter if they had a Half-emperor or even an actual Soul Emperor! He managed to wipe them all out!

Not much time was needed for the last remaining few survivors to be killed. Soon, the entire world was basked in silence again… 

Not a single enemy had escaped! Every single member of the allied army had died!

All there was left to do was clean up the battlefield and store away the Soul Kings back into the Core World. Once everyone was in, Bai Yunfei found an inconspicuous place to hide the Core Stone and entered the Core World himself.

Within the Core World.

In the middle of a great big prairie stood a creek and a giant city next to it. Yao City.

Everyone was resting within the large city, but that didn’t mean Bai Yunfei could take it easy. There was several matters he had to take care of.

Some distance away from Yao City stood a giant mountain. A glowing ball of light floated over the mountain top and absorbed several streams of energy into it. Though the exact figure couldn’t be seen, the aura from this ball of light determined the being inside to be a late-stage class seven soulbeast. One that was still growing stronger with each passing minute.

Several people stood there on the mountain top. Tang Xinyun, Long Lan, Wu Dijian, Yao Wuchen, and Dan Teng. They were all staring at the ball of light. The former two were looking on with expectancy while the latter three were all simply stunned.

It was Xiao Qi that was inside this ball of light. He was currently digesting the ‘experience’ he got from killing the many enemies earlier.

The amount of Soul Kings Xiao Qi killed today was close to the double digits. He also killed a Half-emperor, so, all in all, he gained a decent amount of experience. It was time for him to digest that experience and become a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast.


It would not be until three hours later when the entire world began to undergo a change. The energy within the air started to be drained into the ball of light and absorbed into Xiao Qi’s body at an even faster rate than before.


There was a carefree chirp as a mythical-looking bird erupted from the ball of light. It flew high up into the air before swooping back down to reach eye-level with Bai Yunfei and the others.

“Ugh, I’m still not a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast yet! I don’t have enough experience, Yunfei!” Xiao Qi wailed mournfully.

His words brought a twitch to the faces of those unfamiliar with Xiao Qi. In order to achieve the level of growth Xiao Qi had, the regular soul cultivator or soulbeast would have to meditate for a dozen years. The bird, on the other hand, did it in three hours. How else should they react to something as crazy as that… 

“Oh? So you’re just a bit away from the peak stage?”

Bai Yunfei was aware of Xiao Qi’s situation and knew that he only needed a single step more. Knowing that, Bai Yunfei realized there was a very easy solution. “Xinyun, wait here with the others. Xiao Qi and I will be back in a moment.”

“Do you plan on…” She began to speak but decided against it in the end. “Yes, well, be careful then.”

“Haha, don’t worry. We won’t be in any danger here.”

He gave a nod to the skeptical Yao Wuchen and the others before disappearing with Xiao Qi to another part of the Core World.

“He’s…” Yao Wuchen began to speak, “Miss Tang, what might be our little friend be doing now?”

“It is not so much a mystery anymore,” Tang Xinyun smiled, “but Xiao Qi has the ability to gain a portion of the power from anyone he kills…Yunfei is going to help him become a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast by helping him kill the Soul Emperor avatar. He wants us all to stay here just in case.”

“What?! Xiao Qi has an ability like that?!” Yao Wuchen gasped out loud.

The thought was inconceivable. They saw it themselves and yet they still couldn’t believe it.

They thought it strange that Bai Yunfei would leave Duan Leiting’s avatar here. Finally, it seemed, they had their answer at last… 

Far away in another region of the Core World. Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi appeared high up in the sky.

Waving his right hand, Bai Yunfei opened up a rift in the space where flames flowed out from it for several kilometers.

“Ah! Ahh!! Ahhh!!!!”

A furious roar exploded from within the flames the moment they appeared. Within the flames, a green and violet light was struggling desperately against the heat.

The Law of Fire had chained Duan Leiting’s avatar up so he couldn’t move anywhere. No matter how hard or how desperate he struggled, Duan Leiting’s avatar was affixed to the spot. He couldn’t even self-destruct.

“Xiao Qi.”

Bai Yunfei gave Xiao Qi a knowing look as if to say, “Go ahead”.


The look in Xiao Qi’s eyes was slightly strange. He looked like he was staring at a particularly delectable piece of cake. Chirping delightfully, he flew up into the air and sent several Spatial Edges at Duan Leiting!

“Boom boom boom…”

A series of explosions rocked the Core World before Duan Leiting could no longer be heard or his aura detected!

His aura was completely gone, and that was the only reason why Xiao Qi stopped attacking.

“Eh? I didn’t feel anything, Yunfei!”

But rather than hear Xiao Qi talk about becoming a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast, he heard a confused statement!

“What?!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed, “What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t feel the same sensation I get when I normally kill a person. Strange…I wonder why?”

“I…” Bai Yunfei racked his brains for an answer.

“Could…could it be killing an avatar doesn’t gain any experience?”

“Ehhhh? Could that be it?!”

Bai Yunfei looked up in disbelief to where Duan Leiting’s avatar had been.

A glow of violet and green light was still floating where Duan Leiting’s avatar had been. There was a strange energy that was still floating in place. It was strangely incongruent with the energy produced by the Core World and simply floated there.

“It’s not disappearing?”

Skeptical by the energy, Bai Yunfei waved his hand to remove the elemental fire in the area and scanned at the lights with his soulsense.

The longer he scanned the energy, the faster Bai Yunfei’s confusion transformed into bewildered excitement.

“Try absorbing that energy over there, Xiao Qi!!”

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