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Bai Yunfei wiped the sweat from his brows in relief. Seeing Tang Xinyun attacked like that made his heart skip a beat with fear. He felt like his entire body had suddenly been dipped into a pool of ice when he saw her be attacked. Qin Bangjie’s attack was so fast that not even Bai Yunfei had the time to react to it. 

Like his first thought was to activate the defensive soul armament he gave Tang Xinyun if she didn’t do it, but luckily it seemed he didn’t have to.

He knew all would be fine once the soul armament was used. And it seemed like its effects were better than he expected—seeing Qin Bangjie’s remaining arm be cut off by his own rebounded attack and then killed by Xiao Qi made Bai Yunfei feel completely at ease again.

Everything was going as he thought it would until Qin Bangjie went and attacked Tang Xinyun. It infuriated him to no end that Qin Bangjie would do such a thing, but the man was dead so there was no point in spending any more time hating him. 

Feeling slightly at ease now, Bai Yunfei ordered Xiao Qi to carefully protect Tang Xinyun and turned his eyes back to the battle around him.

Likewise, Yao Wuchen and Wu Dijian refocused their thoughts. Qin Bangjie’s death meant they could all look to a new opponent to fight.

The allied schools had no Soul King left. All there was left to their army was the scattered ‘survivors’. It wouldn’t need much time to make short work of them. And from there, it would just be the Soul Emperors… 


A roar mixed with an explosion of black and golden light. A black meteoric light had smashed with a golden tiger to create an overwhelming explosion of power and made even the air tremble with the resulting energy.

Black light scattered everywhere from Nether’s person. His avatar had already lost half its shape—neither of his legs could be seen anymore and his upper torso was flickering non-stop—the avatar was wheezing so hard it looked like he was nearing his last breath.

“Why…why did everything go wrong?! How did it come to this?!”

Roared Nether, furious by the events of today.

His anger boiled to even greater temperatures with each aura he felt disappear from the allied schools. The tipping point was reached when he felt Qin Bangjie’s aura disappear into smoke.

They…were all dead!!

Horror-stricken by that thought, Nether sent his soulsense outwards to scan the area. Not a single Soul King was left! Not even the Soul Exalts, Soul Ancestors, and Soul Sprites were being spared! Everyone was being slaughtered left and right!

The faint ‘buzzing’ sounds he swore he could hear in his head was starting to sound like someone was beating his head in with a bat. It was a very uncomforting sound and only served to confuse the man even more.

Ten minutes hadn’t even passed and his army had essentially gone up into smoke!

And the reason behind all that was because of the Beast Taming School’s headmaster’s medium, the ‘traitorous’ Demon-eyed Tiger King!

Never could Nether believe such a thing could happen!

But it was clear that such a thing was indeed happening. Or happened. Either way, the allied army was utterly defeated!

This operation was extensively planned to cover all angles. From making sure no leaks would happen to having enough personnel, each of the three schools sent out several Soul Kings and even had a Soul Emperor a piece lying in wait. If anything, the importance of a Soul Emperor wasn’t to deal with the Alchemy School, but with internal strife. Dealing with the Alchemy School would be a simple task, but splitting the profits three-ways would be hard to do without having a Soul Emperor from each school acting as a mediator… 

But a single problem was present in this meticulous plan of theirs! Like a seemingly unimportant variable in a formula, Bai Yunfei appeared to mess everything up!

The one man who shouldn’t have! The man who should’ve disappeared from the world three years ago!

He ruined everything. From capturing the avatar of the Wind Lightning School’s headmaster to carrying the entire Yao City with him, Bai Yunfei made sure the allied army didn’t get a single pill or alchemist!

And his troublemaking didn’t even stop there! By the brutal effectiveness of his guerillwarfare tactics, Bai Yunfei made sure to take down four Soul Kings when they were on the hunt for him before appearing before them again ten days later to seize control of the allied army’s strongest asset—the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

Yes, the Demon-eyed Tiger King could be said to be the strongest Soul Emperor of the three. It might’ve been an early-stage class 8, but unlike the other two Soul Emperors, the Demon-eyed Tiger King was here in a physical capacity!

The difference in strength between Nether and the Demon-eyed Tiger King was easy to see the longer the fight—the longer they fought, the more Nether’s avatar lost coherency!

If there is one type of battle an avatar must never partake in, it would be a war of attrition. An avatar had no originseed, meaning they’d never be able to absorb or regain any energy! 

But the Demon-eyed Tiger King had no ‘shortcomings’ like that. The Demon-eyed Tiger King might’ve been the one who used up more energy in their fight, but it was still regaining soulforce bit by bit so the overall loss of soulforce was mitigated. And that way, the Demon-eyed Tiger King was losing energy slower than Nether!

If this went on, Nether would lose all the energy left in his avatar!

So…was running the only option he had left?!

“I…I refuse! I refuse to accept this!!!”

Streaks of red light shot forth from Nether’s eyes as he screamed. Like a crazed beast, he began to roar loudly to the heavens!

“You’ll all die here!!”

The heavens echoed with his roar as a horrifying amount of volatile energy startle to bubble in his avatar!!

The black light around him immediately extended for another five kilometers. A giant tornado of black light was forming over his head to seemingly suck in the world!

His original plan was to use the Return to the Nether on Bai Yunfei again, but the Demon-eyed Tiger King never gave him the opportunity to even get close to Bai Yunfei. Forced into despair, Nether had only one option left!

There was no such thing as taking a defeat lightly for a Soul Emperor. And neither would they run away!

If he could run away, then…he’d take them all down with him!

In other words…self-destruction!

A Soul Emperor’s self-destruction!!

“No!! He’s planning to self-destruct!! Stop him!!”

As the most experienced of the clansmen here, Yao Wuchen realized at once what this turbulent storm of energy meant and screamed at the others in the area at once!


The Mountain Shaking Tiger’s Roar crashed into Nether at once in response. It’s power was so powerful that Nether couldn’t help but scream in agony!


Nether’s avatar flickered in transparency again and his energy levels dipped once more, but that didn’t stop him!


Another thunderous exclamation was made and froze Nether again!



Multiple soul attacks launched at Nether one after another. Xiao Qi, Long Lan, Yao Wuchen, Wu Dijian, and even the other Soul Kings and familiars…were attacking Nether together!

Waves of near-invisible energy converged together. Distortions in the air could be seen when these waves traveled towards Nether!

Even for a Soul Emperor, the combined soul attacks of over a dozen Soul King couldn’t simply be shrugged off! They slammed into his avatar and locked up his soulforce at once!


A streak of red light appeared in the space in front of Nether. The Demon-eyed Tiger King stepped out of the way so this red streak of light could reach Nether!

A white glow of light appeared in Bai Yunfei’s hand. Throwing it outwards, he watched as the ball of white light travel about a hundred meters before web-like strands of light flew everywhere to capture Nether!


Bai Yunfei cried out. The in the next second…the volatile energy gathering Nether’s body disappeared!

Without anything to stir the air, the energy that was rapidly growing more and more volatile retreated away into the world. Several moments passed before the world was peace and quiet once again.

Nether’s avatar was standing up there in the sky. The Soul Sealing Mandate had frozen him right where he stood!

He wasn’t even able to self-destruct!

Pleased with his timely intervention, Bai Yunfei waved his hand to bring both the Soul Sealing Mandate and Nether away into the Core World.

All around him, the Yao clansmen watched as the Demon-eyed Tiger King stood subserviently behind Bai Yunfei as he stood there with his hands clasped behind his back.

The cries of agony from the army was already dying down now. Hardly anyone was left alive. With their enemies being Soul Kings, it was impossible for them to even think about running away… 

Bai Yunfei said it before. There’d be no enemy of the Yao clan that’d be able to leave this place alive. It took less than half an hour for Bai Yunfei to make good on his promise… 

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