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Qin Bangjie was frothing at the mouth.

How in the world had the situation gone this badly?!

No matter how much he ransacked his brain for an answer, Qin Bangjie simply couldn’t find an appropriate answer!

Two Soul Emperors had been leading the hunt for Bai Yunfei and the Yao clan. Qin Bangjie saw the two Soul Emperors head out to fight first and thought they’d win by now.

But reality saw fit to say no! For some reason, the two Soul Emperor were fighting one another!

How else was he to respond to something like this?!

And yet again, reality saw fit to make it even worse. Of all the people attacking them, the Bird and Beast Fiends was a part of that group!

The contracted partner of Bai Yunfei!

They only rushed here because they felt a large amount of power come this way; they hadn’t thought it’d belong to Bai Yunfei’s soulbeast partner of all people!

Two Soul Emperors should’ve been enough for this battle, but now the two were fighting it out against one another. Only half of their Soul Kings were left since this entire debacle started to fight against the entirety of the Yao clan and the Bird and Beast Fiends. If Qin Bangjie had to describe the situation, then he would say he was in absolute despair!

As a Half-emperor, a one against four battle would’ve been fine, but one against seven was not!! He had been at a disadvantage ever since the battle began!

And the more he fought, the more panicked he became. By now, that panic was full blown terror and threatened to tear apart his heart!

It was hard to blame him. Ma Xucheng was dead and so was He Changkai. Anyone could tell he was next!

He himself knew that his time was up!


Blocking a fierce strike from one of his opponents, Qin Bangjie threw his head back and let out a cry of angered reluctance.


The only response he got was an explosion from their battle. Neither the Demon-eyed Tiger King nor Nether saw fit to reply to him!

He had to run!!

It was the only logical choice to make. If he wanted to live, then he’d have to run for his life!


A wave of black light exploded from Qin Bangjie and formed a demonic figure behind Qin Bangjie. Roaring out loud when it was fully materialized, it swept both arms forward to strike at the surrounding enemies!


The blood-red sawtooth blade in his hands began to glow an eerie light as he held it over his head!

“Watch out!”

Several of the fighters began to retreat at once. Even Xiao Qi and Long Lan paused at the feeling of the sword. The terrifying energy radiating from the blade was telling them…this next strike shouldn’t be blocked!

“Whoosh!” A streak of blood-red light shot up into the air, cleaving the clouds above in two!

Qin Bangjie’s opponents split apart at once. Everyone figured Qin Bangjie was doing this to break the encirclement and flee the place, so they thought it’d be best to spread out. But…half of the people blanched when they realized their mistake!!


Wu Dijian cried out in horror—the others began to cry out a second after him.

Qin Bangjie’s attack wasn’t aimed towards any one of the Soul Kings but…at a group of people—the Soul Exalts from the allied army!

More specifically, someone within the crowd! A person flying within a red streak of light!

Tang Xinyun!!

Qin Bangjie somehow managed to bring the battle close to where the Soul Exalts were and aimed a ray of energy at Tang Xinyun!

Everyone there knew who Tang Xinyun was. Wu Dijian knew her. Yao Wuchen knew her. And even Qin Bangjie knew who she was!


Wu Dijian and Yao Wuchen gave up their attack on Qin Bangjie at once. Taking off like lightning, the two of them shot straight for that blood-red beam of light to save Tang Xinyun!

“Haha!! Die!!”

It was with immense glee that Qin Bangjie watched the two chase after his attack before turning away. The plan was for him to divert everyone’s attention elsewhere so he could run. And if Tang Xinyun was killed, then all the better!

Things were happening far too fast for most to even react accordingly. The beam of light Qin Bangjie shot out was already too close to Tang Xinyun for anyone to get there in time. All they could do was watch as…a golden barrier pop up in around her!

Though startled that Tang Xinyun could react in time to his attack, Qin Bangjie wasn’t worried. Ultimately, any defense Tang Xinyun threw up would never be a match for an attack from him. He was fully convinced any defense an Early-stage Soul King would crumple under his might.

And just like that, the red beam of light struck the golden barrier! But unlike what everyone thought… 

The golden barrier didn’t break! It remained steadfast even after the beam of light smashed into it and even reflected it back!

When Tang Xinyun was met with this attack, she activated a small soul armament she had over her person. It was the only alternative since she couldn’t dodge, but…that was enough!

This soul armament was…a small golden slip!!

As strong as this soul armament was, there was no way it was meant to block a Half-emperor’s attack. But…this soul armament was different; this was the power of being upgraded!

Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Metal
Upgrade Level: +10
Defense: 5000
Additional Defense: 2300
Soul Compatibility: 10%
Equipment Effect 1: Create a gold-type barrier two-meters large in exchange for soulforce. 
Defense of the barrier cannot exceed the defensive might of the equipment and cannot defend against soul attacks.
+10 Additional Effect: When the barrier is broken, reflect as much attack as the equipment can handle back onto the opponent.
Upgrade Requirement: 280 Soulpoints

The power of the +10 additional effect made the soul armament strong enough to bounce back Qin Bangjie’s attack!


Dumbfounded, everyone watched as the blood-red beam of light flew back… 


Everyone heard the sound of fabric and flesh being torn. Seizing up, Qin Bangjie looked down at his right arm. Right there where his shoulder should’ve been was a bloody stump… 

His very own attack blew through his right arm!


Two seconds later, Qin Bangjie began to cry out in agony!!


A furious chirp rang through the skies before two Spatial Edges came soaring down towards Qin Bangjie!

“Pcht! Pcht!!”

The Spatial Edges aim were true on their marks. Both of Qin Bangjie’s legs were cut up and devoured by them!

“Bastard!! Die!!”

Xiao Qi cried out again. He sent a third Spatial Edge at Qin Bangjie; this time aimed at his abdomen! It went through without an issue and took away even more from Qin Bangjie’s person.


Left with only the upper half of his person, Qin Bangjie gave a bloody scream of despair!

A fourth Spatial Edge was coming for his head!


Qin Bangjie’s screams came to a stop immediately when the elemental energy within his body lost control and imploded, sending his flesh and bones flying everywhere!


Wu Dijian stood there in shock. He and the others couldn’t believe what they just saw. Slowly, they looked to Tang Xinyun and then back to where Qin Bangjie died, their eyes and mouth wide open in stunned disbelief… 

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