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The elephant soulbeast puppet fell from the skies like a meteorite. Slamming into the ground with a heavy crash, the soulbeast rushed for the blue-eyes wyrm and slammed its head against him! It meant to stop and force Long Lan back, but he didn’t give an inch even after colliding with the soulbeast!

The Mid-stage Soul King didn’t have time to send the other soulbeast puppet after him; a streak of green and violet light was coming straight for him!


A sharp chirp came from within the streak of light, piercing the ears of the beast tamer with its melody. The melody reverberated throughout his body and stunned him on the spot!

A soul attack!

He was just a Mid-stage Soul King, how could he possibly withstand the combined powers of Xiao Qi and Long Lan?

And Xiao Qi was a late-stage class seven soulbeast, a soul attack from him was not a soul attack the Mid-stage Soul King could block!

“Boom boom boom…”

His elemental barrier was heavily impacted by his state of vulnerability, meaning it wasn’t able to stop the blades of wind and bolts of lightning from going through it!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh….”

Unfortunately for the soul cultivators behind the Mid-stage Soul King, Xiao Qi’s attack wasn’t just meant for the beast tamer. Many of the Soul Exalts were struck by the wind blades and lightning bolts. Mass chaos was started as everyone started to flee in any direction they could, lest they be killed on the spot!


From amidst the storm of both attacks, a bloodied Mid-stage Soul King came stumbling out from it. Filled with fear, the man tried his best to escape for the crowd!

He was trying to use the Soul Exalts as a meat shield!


The reactions of the Soul Exalts was instantaneous. People began to disperse in every direction to avoid being grouped together with the Mid-stage Soul King.


The Mid-stage Soul King’s eyes widened upon hearing Xiao Qi’s chirp. If Xiao Qi was the reaper, then his chirp was the warning cry that the beast tamer’s life was about to be reaped. He turned around, despairing as he saw several Spatial Edges come his way!

“Ahhh!!! Save me, headmaster!!”

He shrieked with fear in hopes that his headmaster would save him. But unfortunately, that ‘headmaster’ was busy dealing with Nether. His cries fell on deaf ears and so his final words were without meaning. With no one to help him, the Mid-stage Soul King was bisected by one of the Spatial Edges!

“Ah…ah! Ah…”

Terror struck out again among the Soul Exalts upon seeing the Mid-stage Soul King die. Furthermore, the remaining Spatial Edges also killed many more of their comrades and left destruction in their paths. The army by now was irrevocably splintered beyond belief.

A Soul Exalt was a soul cultivator in a fairly strong position in life. They served as the core members of society by being staunchly in the middle of the power structure. But in front of Soul Kings, they might as well be just ants.

Their aim was to deal with the Soul Exalts and others from the Yao clan. It was supposed to be a fairly easy task until the Soul Kings and class seven soulbeasts showed up. Left with no proper enemy to fight and only multiple undefeatable enemies, the only option left for them to take was to simply run away!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!!”

A green and red streak of light shot towards the splintered Soul Exalt groups with sickening speed. In the green streak of light was a single bird, in the red streak of light was a beautiful young woman!

The quickshade bird and Tang Xinyun!

They originally planned to help fight the Soul Kings, but He Changkai and Ma Xucheng were both Late-stage Soul Kings, meaning they were opponents they were best not fighting. And that went double for Qin Bangjie. When the Mid-stage Soul King was killed, the two relented and decided to set their eyes on the army instead.

It was time for them to take part in the battle and spread carnage!

Tang Xinyun held two longswords in her hands, though they were wielded with nimble dexterity like they were batons rather than swords. She flitted from person to person with the swords, looking more like she was dancing with them rather than slashing them, and the screams of agony and death from the enemies felt more like a musical accompaniment!

Her eyes gleamed with a killing intent Bai Yunfei had never seen before. Every swing of her sword meant the death of one more person, but she never seemed to tire. It was a dance of death that made Bai Yunfei feel rather stunned.

It was to be expected, though. Tang Xinyun and the quickshade bird were not enemies these Soul Exalts could ever hope to fight. Likewise, there was no danger whatsoever for these two. It was about as easy as splitting a watermelon or vegetable.

On the other side, Long Lan was flying away from the two soulbeast puppets he was fighting. Now that the Mid-stage Soul King was dead, the two soulbeast puppets grew inert and fought no more. That left Long Lan free to attack Ma Xucheng!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

Several streaks of light flew past Long Lan—the Early-stage Soul Kings and early-stage class seven familiars from the Yao clan were charging for the army of Soul Sprites!

They hadn’t the ability to fight Qin Bangjie so all there was left to do was follow Tang Xinyun’s example and deal with the small fry.

What? Wasn’t it embarrassing for a mighty Soul King to fight the Soul Exalts, Soul Ancestors, and Soul Sprites? 

Of course not!

It didn’t matter how strong the enemy was. All enemies are to be destroyed!

None of the Soul Kings forgot about the sacrifices their trainees and disciples had to suffer to fend off the invaders. Not a single one of them would be lenient in their murdering of these enemies!

“Damn! Damn! Damnit!!”

Ma Xucheng roared as he dodged another streak of light. Right now, he was fighting two Mid-stage Soul Kings and two mid-stage class seven familiars all by himself.

A Late-stage Soul King might not have much trouble fighting four Mid-stage Soul King by themselves in ordinary times, but unfortunately for Ma Xucheng, he was a beast tamer.

The extent of his fighting capabilities ended when his soulbeast puppets weren’t involved. It just so happened his two soulbeast puppets were currently involved in a battle with the familiars of the Yao clan, leaving him isolated against four enemies! There was not much he could do!

And to make matters even worse, the four opponents he faced were merely using delaying tactics on him. They never bothered to attack him straight on or use any powerful attacks to kill him. All in all, this was not a fight that Ma Xucheng enjoyed.

The worst blow was seeing the way his headmaster was acting. He was stunned. There was no longer any support he could ever hope to receive in this battle. For once in a very long time, Ma Xucheng felt terrified about his chances. He felt terrified about being able to live, making his fighting ability even more erratic and desperate.

The death of the Mid-stage Soul King marked the end of Ma Xucheng’s sanity. Eyes glowing red, he began to scream out loud!

“Ahhh!! You’ll all die!!!”

Like a cornered rat, he began to scream and make several strange hand seals!


It wasn’t him that starting to act strange, but the soulbeast puppet he was controlling. One of them even roared out loud as soon as the hand seals activated!


All of a sudden, the soulforce within the soulbeast puppet began to explode in intensity!

“Not good! It’s going to self-destruct, get away!!” Someone cried out.

Ma Xucheng…was planning to make his soulbeast puppet self-destruct.

What a crazy plan!

People began to evacuate at once. It wasn’t just the Yao clansmen; the rest of the battlefield was affected as well! People such as He Changkai started to run in directions away from the soulbeast puppet!


A giant bird appeared in the skies above the soulbeast then. Flapping its wings, the bird rained down a storm of Spatial Edges!


Realizing at once what this meant, Ma Xucheng let out a scream of disbelief! Xiao Qi was planning to kill the soulbeast puppet before they could self-destruct!

But it was too late for him to act. The Spatial Edges were flying towards the soulbeast puppets far faster than they could explode. In the end, both soulbeast puppets were split into multiple pieces!


There was a large explosion of energy, but nowhere as large as would be expected from a class seven soulbeast’s self-destruction. Still, everyone’s face went pale when they thought of what could’ve been the result.

The explosions had most of their energy mitigated by Xiao Qi’s attacks.

Now that the soulbeast puppet’s self-destruction was dealt with, Xiao Qi decided to take care of Ma Xucheng!

This left Ma Xucheng left to battle against two Soul Kings, a familiar, and Xiao Qi! All by himself!

Ma Xucheng only had one soulbeast puppet left now. The self-destruction of the other soulbeast puppet allowed him enough time to call back the other one, but that also meant the familiar that was fighting the soulbeast puppet was dragged here as well. 

So that meant there was now an additional familiar and Long Lan on top of the aforementioned four!

Given the number of people fighting him, Ma Xucheng hadn’t even the time to think, let alone try and make his second soulbeast puppet self-destruct. In the end, he was powerless against all his foes and succumbed to a Spatial Edge… 

With Ma Xucheng dead, it was He Changkai’s turn now!

It was a vastly disproportionate war with one side completely dominating over the other. He Changkai had only the briefest of moments to let out a wail of despair before he too, was no more… 

Up in the skies, Xiao Qi pivoted around to fly towards his next target…Qin Bangjie!

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