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The one who screamed was Xu Qianqing!

He screamed when Xiao Qi and Long Lan attacked the group of Soul Kings. Several crescent-shaped blades of darkness shot through the crowd and managed to hit several of the Soul Kings!

And the majority of these Spatial Edges were aimed at Qin Bangjie and Xu Qianqing from the Soul Refining School!

Like a net, the Spatial Edges covered an extensive area with very little room to weave in between. Many of the Soul Kings were exceedingly fast, however, and were able to quickly move out of harm’s way in time.

Those standing at the densest parts of the Spatial Edges like Qin Bangjie and Xu Qianqing had an extremely difficult time dodging them all. Xu Qianqing himself was only able to dodge four of them before he was caught off guard by a sudden streak of black and blue light!


Qin Bangjie wasn’t even able to offer Xu Qianqing any assistance before a dark-blue claw came out from the streak of light. Grabbing hold of Xu Qianqing with a merciless grip, the claw swung the man forward!

A bolt of green and violet light shot at Xu Qianqing when he was swung. Like a bolt of lightning, Xiao Qi flew straight for the soul refiner!


A jolt shot through Xu Qianqing’s mind as he was trying to free himself from Long Lan’s grasp. He shivered and began to move at a substantially slower pace!

A soul attack!


One second later, the head of Xu Qianqing flew up into the sky accompanied by a fountain of blood!

Xu Qianqing was killed!

When Xiao Qi and Long Lan combined their powers, not even a mighty Late-stage Soul King would be able to survive!

“It’s…it’s them! It’s them!! The Bird and Beast Fiends!! What are they doing here?!”

A Soul Exalt cried out in terror from behind the Soul Kings. It was a Peak Late-stage Soul King from the Soul Refining School that cried out when he saw Xiao Qi and Long Lan. The Beastly Duo was a pair of soulbeasts that struck fear in everyone from the Soul Refining School!

It all started three years ago when Bai Yunfei first disappeared. This was the time when the Soul Refining School were having their strongholds ransacked one by one by the Crafting School. Xiao Qi and Long Lan made themselves known during these battles to the Soul Refining School. Two and a half years later, the entire continent learned of Xiao Qi and Long Lan’s might.

A bird and a beast that fought intensely, hence the nickname of Bird and Beast Fiends.

With all the chaos that happened in the last half year, it wasn’t hard for both soulbeasts to make themselves known!

Whenever either of the two took part in a battle, the prisma oriole variant would kill everyone and the blue-eyed wyrm variant would devour the corpses!

And so the rumors of the two only grew in scope with each rumor being more outlandish than the one before. To the Soul Refining School, the school most affected by the two, the students were all in fear of these two soulbeasts and often called them the ‘killer and cleaner duo’. In their minds, these two soulbeasts were to be avoided at all costs and feared almost on the same levels as Bai Yunfei… 


Naturally, Qin Bangjie knew who both the soulbeasts were and was furious. His infamous blood-red weapon appeared in his hand to slash at Xiao Qi. A blood-red beam of light flew out from the weapon towards Xiao Qi, but Xiao Qi responded in kind with five Spatial Edges. The five of them went through the blood-red beam of light and divided it into six before it disappeared!


Ripples of black and blue light shot across the sky as a gigantic tyrannosaurus-like soulbeast appeared in front of the Soul Kings!

This was Long Lan’s true form as the blue-eyes wyrm!

He swung his giant tail into a nearby Mid-stage Soul King. It crashed through the man’s elemental armor and sent him flying into the crowd of Soul Exalts behind him!


Terrified, Ma Xucheng sent out two of his soulbeast puppets to attack Long Lan!


Thunderclouds began to form in the sky. Sparking with violet lightning, these clouds surrounded Long Lan’s body ominously. Xiao Qi appeared by Long Lan’s side at once to rush at the two soulbeast puppets with him!

“Boom boom boom…”

Qin Bangjie was about to move forward to strike down Xiao Qi and Long Lan, but the sounds of something rumbling behind him caused him to turn away. Coming at them from another direction were the Yao clansmen! They were finally attacking!

Over a dozen Soul Kings and class seven familiars. Yao Wuchen, Dan Teng, Wu Dijian, and the four late-stage class seven familiars…it was a coordinated attack onto Qin Bangjie!

There were a few Soul Kings from the Yao clan—like Yao Tianji, a Soul King, and two familiars—that weren’t able to fight, but this many people was still enough to fight off the Soul Kings from the allied schools!

The allied schools had about eleven Soul Kings at first but they lost two of them due to Dan Teng killing one and Wu Dijian capturing another. In their last assault, another four Soul Kings were lost. And now Xu Qianqing was dead… 

That left the allied schools with the following: Qin Bangjie from the Soul Refining School, He Changkai from the Wind Lightning School, and Ma Xucheng and another person from the Beast Taming School. So in total…four Soul Kings! Seven if the class seven soulbeast puppets were included. And out of the seven of them, Qin Bangjie was the only Half-emperor.

But if the Yao clan had seven Late-stage Soul Kings fighting Qin Bangjie then he wouldn’t be able to do much! His was up to his ears in work! And that didn’t bode well for the remaining three Soul Kings!

Xiao Qi and Long Lan originally planned on fighting Ma Xucheng, but the familiars from the Yao clan took that enemy away from them. Left with no other ‘powerful Soul Kings’ to fight, the two soulbeasts shifted their prey to the army behind the Soul Kings!

The army of Soul Exalts, Soul Ancestors, and Soul Sprites!


“Boom boom boom…”

Xiao Qi shot through the skies unimpeded towards the allied army while Long Lan ran on the ground beneath him. Each step Long Lan made caused the earth to tremor heavily.


The single Mid-stage Soul King from the Beast Taming School felt his heart nearly leap out from his chest when he saw Xiao Qi and Long Lan run in his direction. He fled off in a different direction and left his two mid-stage class seven soulbeast puppets to stop Xiao Qi in his place.

But the difference between two mid-stage class seven soulbeast and a single late-stage class seven soulbeast was far too large. How could those two soulbeast puppets be a match for Xiao Qi?!


Chirping loudly, Xiao Qi summoned an inferno to his body. Streaks of elemental light gathered all around his wings in preparation to strike. Flapping them once, Xiao Qi summoned hundreds of fireballs from the skies to attack the two soulbeast puppets!

“Roar!! Roarr!!”

The boar and elephant soulbeast puppets roared angrily. Coating themselves in an orange and gold light, the two tried to make use of their elemental energies to protect themselves as they charged. The fireballs struck the two soulbeast puppets one after another. Soon, the barriers were destroyed and both soulbeast puppets were unable to continue their charge!

“Swish swish swish…”

Several Spatial Edges mixed in with the fireballs as they flew towards the now unprotected soulbeast puppets!

Blanching, the Mid-stage Soul King beast tamer forced even more of his soulforce into the two soulbeast puppets to try and dodge!

The command was received by both soulbeast puppets. Abandoning their efforts to fix their barriers, the two soulbeasts puppets moved to dodge the Spatial Edges at once. 

Moving just barely fast enough to twist out of the way, the soulbeast puppets managed to evade being killed, but not injured. Multiple fireballs managed to hit the bodies of both soulbeasts and left multiple scorch marks on them!


The beast tamer let out a sigh of relief, his soulbeast puppets would live to see to his safety for a little longer now. But…

A black and blue light was coming at him from below!

“Die you bastard!!”

The beast tamer reacted at once. Twitching both hands, he commanded his soulbeast puppets to rush at the blue-eyes wyrm and stop him!

He might not be able to defeat the late-stage class seven Xiao Qi, but the mid-stage class seven blue-eyes wyrm was a much easier target to deal with!

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