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The answer is sometimes something very clear and obvious to see.

It was only an equal outcome the last time with Duan Leiting underestimating Bai Yunfei and Bai Yunfei using just the Law of Fire in his attack.

This second round was different. Duan Leiting could no longer underestimate Bai Yunfei and had to use the strongest attack the avatar had to offer. This attack was the amalgamation of all the insights he learned from the Law of Thunder in it.

But on the other hand…Bai Yunfei was in both ‘Coil’ and ‘Berserk’ Mode. Then under these conditions, he unleashed another burst of the Dual Dragon Burst with the Law of Fire contained inside of it.

And to top things off, there was Chaotic Energy infused in it!

Chaotic Energy is a type of energy fundamental to the basis of the universe. It wasn’t as strong as the energy borne from the Law of Truth, but it could at the very least stand on its own against it!

So there was little doubt to which attack was stronger. This violet bolt of lightning or the Dual Dragon Burst. When the two collided, the answer was made known immediately!


Violet light exploded everywhere as the lightning bolt shattered apart. Like droplets of rainwater, lightning fell from the skies and eventually dissipated from sight… 

The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst utterly ‘destroyed’ Duan Leiting’s attack! It was half the size of before, but…it was still there! And still heading straight for Duan Leiting too!


A cry of disbelief erupted from Duan Leiting’s avatar!

Having no sense of ‘flesh’ or ‘blood’, there was no way an avatar would be able to go pale in the face. But even without that telltale sign of shock, there was no mistaking that surprise on his face!

He didn’t predict a situation like this would ever possibly occur. It didn’t seem possible at all!

But he wouldn’t let that disbelief stop him from protecting himself. Raising his left arm, Duan Leiting manipulated the deity above it to drop its green shield in front of him!


A blast of wind shot everywhere when the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst slammed into the shield. The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst had been stopped, but not without causing damage to the deity.

Stopping the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst required a tremendous amount of energy to do so, and now the deity had no longer enough energy contained in its body to maintain a physical form. It collapsed into a bundle of elemental wind and lightning to be absorbed back into Duan Leiting’s body.

“Damn…what…what is this!!?”

A shimmer of light rippled across Duan Leiting’s avatar. It was only for a moment, but it was enough to show how furious Duan Leiting was.



He struck his arm up to send a wave of soulforce upwards into the sky. It traveled up for a brief moment before disappearing into the clouds. Darkening, the clouds began to give off a series of rumbling noises!

Thunderclouds had formed, but a single drop of lightning had yet to be seen. But the rumblings of thunder was still growing louder and louder!

Anyone standing within a dozen kilometers soon began to feel the beginnings of something rumble within their minds. Louder and louder the rumbling became until…something exploded!


People began to scream out one by one shortly afterward and clutched at their heads. By the time they fell to the ground, they were already fully unconscious!

Not even the Soul Kings fighting a little farther away were unaffected. Several of them trembled as their soulforce started to go out of control!

Wu Dijian narrowed his eyes. “That’s…the Bellow of the Thunder God! It’s the strongest soul attack the Wind Lightning School has!”


Another ripple of energy appeared into the world all of a sudden, causing Wu Dijian and the others to snap their heads up towards the south!

Someone else was coming. Someone from roughly the same direction as Duan Leiting’s origin. The skies in that direction were already dark, but this newcomer was bringing forth darkness that seemed to threaten to plunge the entire world into it!

There was no rumbling noises with this newcomer. But the terrifying aura that seemed to pressure all was there. This person was just as strong as Duan Leiting!

“A…another Soul Emperor!!”

The faces of everyone within the Yao clan went white at once.


Then out of nowhere, as if to challenge this newcomer, someone from the city cried out loud!

Bellow of the Thunder God. This was the strongest soul attack the Wind Lightning School had to offer. Though it affected Yao Wuchen and the others, Bai Yunfei was the primary target and so the effect on him was multiplied.

A Half-emperor surely would’ve been heavily impacted by an attack like that, but fortunately for Bai Yunfei… 

He had the Soul Sentinel Scarf!

A sliver of his soulforce entered the Soul Sentinel Scarf when Duan Leiting’s soul attack collided with Bai Yunfei. It didn’t reflect the Bellow of the Thunder God, but it still managed to mitigate at least half of its strength!

The remaining amount wasn’t nearly enough to do anything major to Bai Yunfei. It didn’t even take him a second for him to fully recover!

Equipment Effect 1: Decrease damage taken by all spirit-related attacks by 50%.
Equipment Effect 2: 200% Increase in healing from damage done to the soul.

Bai Yunfei was not a true Early-stage Soul Emperor even in ‘Berserk’ Mode, though he was very close to one. But combined with his equipment, Bai Yunfei’s soulforce was on comparable levels to Duan Leiting! A soul attack from the other man wouldn’t do much to him!

And with Duan Leiting’s soul attack not doing much, Bai Yunfei knew this was the perfect time to launch a counterattack!


Lightning rippled across Duan Leiting’s avatar. The very edges of his avatar was starting to dissipate!

Bai Yunfei’s retaliatory soul attack managed to damage Duan Leiting!

“Impossible! Inconceivable! I…I don’t believe this!!” Duan Leiting roared with abject horror and fear. How was it possible that…his strongest soul attack did absolutely nothing? And how did he manage to be the one hurt by a soul attack?!

“This is impossible! I refuse to believe this!! Ahhhhh!”


He screamed again with a loud crash of thunder to accompany his anger!

This…was a second Bellow of the Thunder God!


And then…a shriek of pain! It was coming from…Duan Leiting!

A wide smile spread across Bai Yunfei’s face the moment he heard Duan Leiting’s screams. This was the moment he was waiting for!

This was the sign of the Soul Sentinel Scarf’s +10 additional effect—the ability to reflect soul attacks—activating!

Duan Leiting’s second Bellow of the Thunder God had almost all of his energy inside of it. Having been prepared to kill Bai Yunfei with it due to his fear, Duan Leiting hadn’t thought that it’d completely backfire on him during his weakened state so quickly! The effects ransacked Duan Leiting’s avatar, causing several distortions to appear in his avatar as if on the verge of collapsing!


A meteoric streak of red light blew through the sky. Contained inside, Bai Yunfei sped up in preparation to dive straight through Duan Leiting’s avatar like a shining red sword!


Duan Leiting recovered full faculty of his senses two seconds after being struck by his own soul attack. Still in pain by it, the avatar realized Bai Yunfei was rapidly approaching and let out a cry! Mustering what little elemental lightning he had in him, Duan Leiting tried to escape from Bai Yunfei’s path!

Yes…he wasn’t trying to block the attack. He was trying to escape!!

But Bai Yunfei wasn’t that far away from Duan Leiting! Waving his right hand, he sent out a lustrous-white glow of light at the avatar!

And then in the next second… 


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