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“Bai Yunfei?”

This name tasted strange to Yao Feiyun. Confused, he opened his mouth to say something to Bai Yunfei, but…

Bai Yunfei was gone! He was already flying off somewhere and out of sight!

Yao Feiyun turned his head instinctively to the skies. Standing up there was the avatar of Duan Leiting! Yao Feiyun went pale straight away—the power of the avatar came crashing down over him like a sudden tidal wave!

Then a streak of red light flew at Duan Leiting to meet him head on!

“An Early-stage Soul Emperor…this is an avatar!!”

A voice within the red light spoke. It was Bai Yunfei. He was flying at Duan Leiting with his hands making several distinct hand seals!

Fear was not an emotion Bai Yunfei was feeling now that he knew he was up against a Soul Emperor. If anything, Bai Yunfei was feeling extremely excited to be fighting!


The world hummed loudly as Bai Yunfei’s aura exploded exponentially!

This was the aura of a Peak Late-stage Soul King!

And then…his aura exploded a second time! Skyrocketing beyond the parameters of a Peak Late-stage Soul King…Bai Yunfei’s aura soon reached the levels of a Half-emperor!

Dual Flame Arts: ‘Coil’ Form!

The levels of power Bai Yunfei felt today was completely new to him. Heart racing with excitement, Bai Yunfei started to go through another set of hand seals. Fire roared to life around his palms with increasing intensity as they circled up around his arms!

This…was the Dual Dragon Burst!

“What’s so special about a Soul Emperor? I killed one three years ago, and today…I’ll kill another!!”

The coming storm meant nothing to Bai Yunfei. This was a battle he was completely willing to fight! Clenching both hands tightly, he punched out with them to unleash the dragons!


Two dragons erupted from Bai Yunfei’s arms. Their jaws gaped wide open to roar magnificently and streaked towards Duan Leiting!

The sky used to crackle with the power of Duan Leiting’s aura. But now that Bai Yunfei was here, the sky was now split between the two of them. The power of the two dragons brought forth a wave of red clouds to mix violently with the thunderclouds from the enemy!

“A Half-emperor?!”

Duan Leiting murmured in surprise, though he didn’t stop. Adding to his aura, Duan Leiting had the thunderclouds and gales of wind increase in size to form a giant tornado that crackled with lightning inside!


The lightning-infused tornado clashed with the two dragons with a mighty explosion. The ensuing light blinded all that looked at it and a wave of energy threatened to level the entire city beneath!

When the light faded…neither the dragons nor the tornado was anywhere to be seen!

“Oh? What is this?!” Duan Leiting cried out in shock; this turnout wasn’t what he expected at all!

A second later, the realization of why this happened hit him.

“This is…the power of the Law of Fire! How can you use such power! You shouldn’t be able to!!”

It was little wonder why he was surprised. Not only was someone who was supposed to be a Peak Late-stage Soul King at best suddenly revealed to have the power of a Half-emperor, but the very same person was also capable of wielding the powers of the Law of Fire!

The energy put into his wind and lightning attacks contained the Law of Truth in them, thus why they were so strong despite him not putting much energy himself into them. Despite that input-output ratio, Duan Leiting was still a man capable of unleashing very powerful attacks. That attack just now should’ve killed his opponent. Instead…it didn’t even manage to make it past the two dragons!

“Not enough? Then how about this for size?!’

Bai Yunfei’s hands clapped together with excitement. Rapidly, he flashed through several hand seals for another powerful technique!

“He…he can still get stronger?!”

Duan Leiting’s avatar let out a cry of disbelief. Though he didn’t know what exactly Bai Yunfei was up to, he could at the very least tell that Bai Yunfei’s aura was rapidly increasing still!

Dual Flame Arts: ‘Berserk’ Mode!!

Now was the time for Bai Yunfei to experiment. Would the strongest technique in his arsenal be enough to deal with a Soul Emperor?

Being in ‘Coil’ Form gave Bai Yunfei the power of a Half-emperor. An equal fight with Qin Bangjie would be well within the realm of possibilities then. 

But being in ‘Berserk’ Mode? Bai Yunfei’s power would be utterly terrifying to behold!

The difference from Peak Late-stage Soul King to Half-emperor to Soul Emperor was large enough to be differentiated. And Bai Yunfei’s current aura…was definitely within the classification for a Soul Emperor!

The fire behind Bai Yunfei danced fervently. A figure soon sprung to life within the flames as if a demonic being of fire was being born!

“It’s…that’s impossible!!” Duan Leiting cried. The power from the fires was so strong that even he felt pressured by it. The difference in strength between him and Bai Yunfei was shrinking so rapidly that he didn’t even have time to do much before the two were practically on equal footing.



Wind and lightning materialized into the world at once. Converging at a central point above Duan Leiting’s head, the two elements swelled to a large size and a shape reminiscent of that of a deity. The two colors were split right down the middle vertically with the right side being violet and an equally-colored bolt of lightning in its right hand. The left side was green and had a green-colored shield equipped over its left arm. The figure looked so massive, so awe-inspiring, that it felt like this was truly a deity who had made their descent from the heavens!

The elemental being seemed almost alive with how fluid its motions were. Like its creator, the being roared loudly to the heavens with a sound not unlike that of thunder. Raising its right arm up high, the being clenched the bolt of lightning tightly before throwing it as hard as it could towards Bai Yunfei!

This seemingly divine bolt of lightning whistled with a near other-worldly power as it streaked through the air!


The being of fire behind Bai Yunfei dissipated into multiple streams of energy to drain into Bai Yunfei’s body. Clenching his fists again, Bai Yunfei allowed for the streams of energy to form two giant dragons like the last time!

Small violet sparks could be seen here and there over both dragons like miniature scales. But the more peculiar thing was how gray dots nearly imperceptible to the eye were showing up in the dragons as well.

This was…the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!!

In an instant, both the dragons and the bolt of lightning collided!

“Rumble rumble…”

The bolt of lightning traveled into the jaws of one of the dragons with the intent to spear through the dragon and continue onwards to Bai Yunfei.

On the other side, the dragon’s jaw snapped down onto the bolt!

One attack was the full power of an Early-stage Soul Emperor’s avatar. It continued the understandings of a Mid-stage Soul Emperor’s into the Law of Lightning into it. 

The other attack was a full-power attack from a doubly-boosted Bai Yunfei. It contained the Law of Fire and also the extremely dangerous Chaotic Energy in it.

Which…one of these two attacks would come at as the victor?!

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