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In the courtyard where Bai Yunfei rested.

The amount of elemental fire in the area was practically suffocating. Visibility was reduced to levels where one wouldn’t even be able to see ten steps in front of them with how the energy manifested like ethereal flames. Even the temperature in the courtyard was substantially hotter than normal. There’d be no way any normal person would be able to survive in such heat.

But there was someone that sat inside the courtyard. Wu Dijian. Arms folded across one another and hands clenched, he sat there in the same room to stare anxiously at the younger male.

“Hurry, Bai Yunfei…hurry! We can only count on you now!”

He muttered after looking at the wave of energy from the other side of the city.

“Is that really big brother Tang in that room, uncle Dijian? What power…it’s even stronger than grandfather—how does big brother Tang have all that power?”

Standing beside Wu Dijian was the young boy, Yao Feiyun. He looked utterly gobsmacked and curious at how Bai Yunfei had all this power. 

“Yes, this is his true strength.”

Wu Dijian didn’t feel like giving a proper explanation to the young boy. Glancing from Bai Yunfei, to Yao Feiyun, and then the battlefield, Wu Dijian grimaced. 

“You stay here, I’m heading out to help the others!!”

Even from where he was, Wu Dijian could tell how intense the battle was getting. He felt the aura of the soulbeast puppets when they went Berserk and how both sides reacted to such. He had only stayed here out of concern for Bai Yunfei, but now he couldn’t hold it in him any longer.

He had to help participate.

“Ah? O-oh…”

Yao Feiyun grew startled at the abrupt declaration, but he nodded and sat there while Wu Dijian disappeared into the skies.

The shadows of doubt and concern crossed over Yao Feiyun’s face. He, too, was keeping tabs on the battle and was concerned over the outcome. “Big brother Tang…” He whispered, “dad and the others are putting all their hopes on you, so you have to hurry up and recover…please defeat those invaders…I don’t want to see anyone from our clan dying…”

At the center of the room.

Nothing else but elemental fire could be seen here at the source of it all. Bai Yunfei was floating in the air above his bed with both eyes tightly shut, but his face looking otherwise very calm and peaceful as if he was just sleeping.

He was currently undergoing what Dan Teng said before, the ‘reincarnation’ within a dream.

In this dreamlike state, Bai Yunfei would re-experience his life from birth to today.

He wouldn’t have to worry about any ‘spots’ in his memories. The memories stored in his soul would be dredged back up by the Truth of Reincarnation so he’d be able to remember everything. And from there, Bai Yunfei would be able to learn everything about himself again.

Such an experience was unfathomable. He felt like he was a bystander watching his own life. Everything he experienced. Everyone he met. Every detailed he saw. All the sensations he felt. Everything was being replicated for him.

It was in this dreamlike state Bai Yunfei was finally able to see the full image of the beautiful woman he saw once before. He could see how joyous the woman became when he referred to her as ‘mom’. He could feel how warm she felt when he was taken into her embrace. He could hear how soothing she was when he listened to her whisper softly to his ear… 

“One day, when my little Yunfei grows up, he will be like a white cloud in the sky. Floating freely under the skies without worry….”

Something within Bai Yunfei’s soul quivered upon hearing those words. A jolt of lightning shot straight down his entire person as if those words were activating something hidden deep within him. 

His eyes began to tear up—he had forgotten those words until now… 

He saw the ever-so-lovely smile on his mother’s face first. Then the kindly grandfather appeared next. And then… 

“Live life with a clear conscience…”

He saw the two depart from the world shortly after. Then began the desperate survival for his life outside Talus City… 

First was the Equipment Upgrade Technique and how he was given it. Then the act of offending Zhang Yang. Being tossed into the Coliseum. Uncle Wu. The very first stage of his transformation… 

Being given the present of cultivation from the elder of the Fate School, Ge Yiyun. Meticulously studying the art of cultivation. His fight with the Blackwood Stronghold. The conclusion of his first struggle for his life… 

“Chengfeng, I believe one day we’ll eventually meet each other again. Both of us will make names for ourselves in the big world outside!”

Two youngsters ignorant of the world outside making promises to one another when they parted.

A perilous journey to Jadewillow City and meeting Liu Meng… 

The quest towards and through the Northern Cliff Province.

Learning the art of crafting within the Crafting School.

Traveling and training within the Soulbeast Forest.

Teaching others inside of the Capital.

The Black Cloud Mountain Range.

Each event passed by quickly, but every little detail was experienced to Bai Yunfei as if they had only just happened!

The more he progressed in this route of reincarnation, the more Bai Yunfei’s body began to change.

His fireseed first formed when Bai Yunfei was in Jadewillow City. To Bai Yunfei, it felt like an actual fire had bloomed within his body and was burning away at every single cell in it. Strands of energy traveled to his origin acupoint and formed the beginning of a fireseed yet again.

Then his dreams showed of the time when the second fireseed was formed. Again, another form of energy was brought to life within his body and the second fireseed formed a second time.

When the experience of a companion lightningseed came to mind, a companion lightning seed actualized in real life.

The fourth experience was of the time he refined a strand of Chaotic Energy into his body. Like that experience, Bai Yunfei’s body suddenly grew a small gray strand of energy to circle around his two fireseeds… 

A hidden seal within Bai Yunfei’s body was made undone. All the powers Bai Yunfei came into was brought back to him as he walked the path of reincarnation and was reawakened.

Aura manifested around Bai Yunfei’s body and grew exponentially. Soul Sprite. Soul Ancestor. Soul Exalt. Early-stage Soul King. Mid-stage Soul King…

One by one, he rose through the ranks of power until he reached the Late-stage Soul King level!

But it didn’t stop there. The rise in his aura might’ve been a little slower now, but it was still growing!

The fire within Bai Yunfei had yet to cease burning.

Bai Yunfei felt like he was living within a world of fire. A fire that seemed to be burning his entire body into ashes!

Ever since he first made contact with ‘elemental energy’ in his life, Bai Yunfei was re-experiencing what it meant to be in contact with such an energy. Each time an insight on elemental fire was gained, Bai Yunfei came to realize yet another insight about it.

The flame around Bai Yunfei was a manifestation of the insights he could gain, will gained, and already gained. But there was another energy acting upon him. It was another type of energy related to elemental fire and was further increasing Bai Yunfei’s knowledge.

This…this was the true power of the Truth of Reincarnation.

The Truth of Reincarnation is a wonder pill meant to aid a soul cultivator in learning the Law of Truth. But to make such a pill, one would have to have already understood the Law of Truth. The alchemist would have to impart the insights of fire learned from the Law of Truth into the pill for the next one to take. By leaving behind a bit of what they learned from the Truth, the alchemist could open the way for the next person into the Law of Truth. 

Like crafters, alchemists relied upon elemental fire to do many things. And so the biggest energy held within the Truth of Reincarnation was…the Law of Fire!

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