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Qin Bangjie slammed into the lizard familiar he was fighting away with a blast of energy, sending blood and flesh flying everywhere as it flew away.

This was the heavily-injured familiar from the last battle. It had yet to fully heal from then and was now further injured by Qin Bangjie in this battle. There was no way it’d be able to continue fighting now.

“Boom boom boom!!”

Now that the lizard was dealt with, Qin Bangjie could deal with the fierce tiger that was currently pestering the demonic figure over his head. Waving both arms, the demonic figure unleashed a wave of elemental darkness to slam into the surrounding familiars and Soul Kings. Each one of the combatants were forced to leap back or risk being injured by the blast—no one was even able to get close to Qin Bangjie!

The power Qin Bangjie was showing today far exceeded the power he showed last time!

A black glow of light shined forth from the sawtooth blade in his hand. His weapon was so sharp that not even an earth-type familiar was able to prevent its tortoiseshell from being shaved away by it!

Qin Bangjie’s attention was elsewhere. The source of red light within Yao City was growing stronger and stronger with each passing second. 

A flash of red flew out from the forest from the corner of Qin Bangjie’s eye. Whirling his weapon around, he sent a burst of dark-red light towards Yao Tianji!


A wave of near-invisible energy propagated out from Qin Bangjie and towards Yao Tianji! 

A soul attack!

Fire surrounded Yao Tianji at once to protect himself from Qin Bangjie. A few strands of that fire converged together to form a dragon to strike at the man in return!

“Hrk!!” A groan escaped from his lips as Qin Bangjie’s soul attack struck him. His face lost all semblance of color as his body began to groan under the pain!

Though he was severely hampered by the soul attack, his defenses were not. The flames swirling around him carried him away and out of the path of the dark-red beam of light.

But that was when Qin Bangjie suddenly appeared right beside Yao Tianji with his blood-red weapon ready to behead the man!

Almost as unexpected was how the dark-red beam of light suddenly swerved back on track towards Yao Tianji as if it was being controlled!


There was a furious roar and a flash of orange light as a giant figure leaped in front of him. It was the tortoise-shelled soulbeast; it was taking the blow in Yao Tianji’s place!

“Xuan Jia!!” Yao Tianji cried out! This was the name of the familiar. For over a hundred years now, this familiar accompanied Yao Tianji since he was young. Though uncontracted, the two shared a bond deeper than many others in the world and were comrades for life. 

If not for Xuan Jia, Yao Tianji surely would’ve died or been incapacitated.

A mournful groan escaped from Xuan Jia as blood started to spill out from the area where it was struck. The tortoiseshell was something that should’ve protected the familiar, but Qin Bangjie’s attack had nearly bisected the familiar in two!

And now another late-stage class seven familiar was out of the battle!

To say Yao Tianji was furious was an understatement. Everything was going wrong starting when the soulbeast puppets went Berserk. 

Snarling, he roared out loud, “Start the pill formation!!”

The four words reverbed through the battlefield, eliciting reactions from every clansman that heard it. Snapping to attention at once, every Yao clansmen distanced themselves from their enemies to bring something out from their space rings!

The objects were all the same; pills that shined with all sorts of color!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

Then…under the amazed eyes of Qin Bangjie and the others, the pills began to…blow apart!

The capsules broke apart to unleash a burst of vapor from them…pill vapor!

Each of the vapor from the pills propagated through the air exceedingly quick. Mixing with one another, the vapor covered an area of five kilometers to cover every single fighter within it!

The allied Soul Kings grew cautious straight away. A whirlwind of green light protected the Soul Kings from being touched by the vapor, but something was off about the vapor…

No matter how much they tried to blow it away, the vapor would always come back!

Needless to say, being surrounded by a mist of pill vapor they couldn’t blow away was very surprising. Some thought the vapor was poisonous, but those who inhaled the vapor didn’t feel anything was off! In fact, they noted that inhaling the vapor felt almost ‘comfortable’!

If that was the case, then wasn’t the usage of this pill vapor a double-edged sword…?

Unsure of what to think, the allied Soul Kings raised their heads up to stare at the Yao clansmen. To their surprise, the areas where the Yao stood were heavily concentrated with the pill vapor. The vapor seemed to flow almost rhythmically and into the bodies of the Yao clansmen and familiars. But more importantly…their soulforce was rapidly regenerating!

It wasn’t just their soulforce. Even their wounds were starting to heal at an accelerated pace! Even the incapacitated Xuan Jia was quickly healing from where it was struck!

It was time for yet another change in the battlefield!

The two sides resumed the battle almost immediately. It didn’t take the allied forces long before they realized their enemies were performing far better than before. Whether it was in speed, defense, or regeneration…everything their enemies were doing was much better than before!

The change in their recovery speed was the most substantial to see. It was like the Yao clansmen had an endless amount of soulforce to throw about. No matter how much they used…they never grew tired!

This was one of the most unique methods of warfare the Yao clan had to offer. To them, it was called the ‘pill formation’. Though simplistic in name, the effects brought about by the pill formation gave the Yao clansmen an unbelievable amount of power!

No one from the allied schools needed a second to know that it was because of this vapor that their enemies were performing better. They tried breathing in the vapor themselves, but the effects were practically negligible. This vapor…was something only the Yao clansmen were capable of absorbing.

“Damn! Damn them!!”

Qin Bangjie exploded with rage. It didn’t beg the imagination to see that the pills the Yao clansmen were using were of a high grade. It was absolutely infuriating for Qin Bangjie to see these alchemists ‘destroy’ several of those pills—those pills were supposed to be their spoils of war! How dare the alchemists use them when it was destined to belong to Qin Bangjie and the allied schools?

An enormous amount of terrifying energy exploded out from Qin Bangjie in his outrage. If the enemies were boosting their strength, then so would he. The demonic figure above him swelled in size as it reached out at a familiar. Swinging its arm, the demonic figure sent the familiar flying!


The battle was reaching a climax as everyone fought like never before. Then one giant explosion rocked the world and caused every single Yao clansmen to stop abruptly!

That was because the explosion came from…within Yao City!

Everyone’s head snapped towards the source only to see a giant pillar of fire shoot straight into the heavens!

It was as though the heavens were being pierced by the pillar of flames. Red light spread everywhere as if burning the heavens!

An abnormally large amount of energy exploded out into the world a moment afterward. Elemental fire shot this way and that to circle around the pillar and add to the sea of flames!

Soon, the entire city was covered by this abnormally red light. The range of the red light was already starting to stain the skies where the Soul Kings were fighting!

There wasn’t a single Soul King that wasn’t alarmed by this sight. The eyes of everyone was glued to the pillar of fire and the sea of flames with a look of utter shock!

Realization of what this was hit the Yao clansmen first. Qin Bangjie was the first of the allied schools to realize and immediately blanched with terror!

“This…this is the Emperor’s Phenomena?!”

The distortion of light. The terrifying amount of elemental energy. The ominous aura that shook the souls of even him. Qin Bangjie shuddered with fright as he cried out loud.

This Emperor’s Phenomena was what would mark the tides of change in this battle!


Suddenly, another wave of terrifying energy shot forth from space five kilometers behind the allied schools. Rather than red, this wave of energy was violet and green!

Thunderclouds rumbled violently and the winds began to wail as elemental wind and lightning stormed onto the earth. Like a comet, green and violet shot up into the sky with just as much energy as the pillar of fire on the other side!

It happened just five kilometers away, but all the Soul Kings realized that the source of that explosion was already close by!

The joy was wiped away from the Yao clan almost instantaneously. Terror gripped at Yao Tianji’s heart as he realized what this meant.

“Another Soul Emperor!!!!”

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