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As insignificant Bai Yunfei was, there was no way Ceng Quanshi would let his plans be ruined by having Bai Yunfei call out for reinforcements. The best and fastest way to stop him was to use a soul attack; even if it was overkill!

A Soul King using a soul attack to kill a Soul Warrior. There wasn’t any other way to describe such an act other than overkill.

The middle-aged man who struck Bai Yunfei first earlier ceased his attack the moment he saw Ceng Quanshi attack. The other two with him breathed a sigh of relief upon knowing that their plan was still safe.

But then… 


A shrill scream erupted in the room. But rather than hearing it come from Bai Yunfei, the three men heard it come from…Ceng Quanshi!

All was calm for Ceng Quanshi when he sent out that soul attack. But mere moments later, Ceng Quanshi’s eyes very nearly popped out from his forehead and his face went deathly white before he let out that scream of pain!

Hi entire body trembled violently. Staggering backward, he fell onto the ground with his hands clutching his head. Not once had he stopped screaming!


From the other side, Bai Yunfei only felt a strange pulse of energy come from the strip of cloth he wore on his forehead. He only saw the powerful enemy in front of him say something before collapsing to the ground. 

He was confused, but Bai Yunfei still had other things to do. Now wasn’t the time to simply just stand there! Gathering strength to his feet, Bai Yunfei burst out from the room to charge for the outside halls!

“Alert! Alert! Intruders in the pill repository!!” He began to scream at the top of his lungs.

“Wh—what?! Elder Ceng!!” The three intruders were stunned. None of them had even the sense to stop Bai Yunfei Ceng Quanshi was screaming on the ground. 

“Not good! Hurry up and kill him!” A second elder immediately turned about to chase after Bai Yunfei!

Bai Yunfei might’ve gotten the head start, but how could the speed of a Soul Warrior compare to that of a Late-stage Soul Exalt? Bai Yunfei could already feel a gust of wind come rushing at him before the elder was even done speaking. Without even time to turn around, Bai Yunfei was struck at the bottom-right part of his waist and sent flying for the second time today!


He crashed into the wall perpendicular to him with a mighty thud. Without a supporting wall to rest on, the room Bai Yunfei was in came crashing down to bury Bai Yunfei in it!

“He’s still alive!?” The elder cried out. His soulsense was telling him that Bai Yunfei was somehow still alive!

How was it possible that a mere Soul Warrior was able to withstand a fully-powered move by him?

As shocked as he was, the man still had a job to do. A single blade of black wind materialized in the room before jettisoning forward Bai Yunfei. Tearing up the ground as it traveled, the gust of wind wailed with fury to tear up the pile Bai Yunfei was buried in!

As the gust of wind neared the pile, a small yellow figure suddenly shot out in front of the pile to stop it!


The gust of wind crashed into the yellow figure and disappeared in a mess of black and green light. As for the yellow figure, it flew backward into the pile behind it and laid still for a moment.

One second later and the figure was back on its feet. It shook its body to dislodge any dust and wood stuck on its body. But not a single black or green light remained around it from that attack!


As if standing protectively in front of its owner, Lao Sha was crouched lowly on its forelegs and had its fangs bared menacingly. There was no mistaking it, Lao Sha was furious!

“Is this…a halfling?!”

The elder murmured with great confusion. He didn’t understand it, how did a halfling of all things manage to stop another one of his full-powered attacks?! What kind of joke was this?!

“Stop joking around and kill him!”

The third person with them, an elder with a beard—one not too different to a beard one might see on a mountain goat—called out to the elder. In unison, the three Soul Exalts powered up an attack of their own. 

Altogether, a beam of black and green light, a beam of black and violet light, and a beam of pure black light shot at Bai Yunfei and Lao Sha!

It was certainly a strange sight to see. A Soul Warrior who ‘just wouldn’t die’, a ‘halfling’ who could fend off the attack of a Late-stage Soul Exalt, and a Soul King crying out in pain on the floor. The three Soul Exalts were terrified. They didn’t know what was going on. The only thing they knew was to work together to kill off this dog and human pair before making their escape!


Lao Sha let out a strange-sounding bark before crouching even lower to the ground. With one mighty push, the dog leaped from the ground to…meet with the three attacks straight on!

The three attacks converged in on the same place to strike Lao Sha all at once!


Purple, green, and black light exploded outwards and completely engulfed Lao Sha in it!

“Lao Sha!!!”

Having only just stumbled out from the buried pile, Bai Yunfei let out a cry of fear upon seeing his faithful companion be swallowed up.


One second later, a single figure came falling out from the explosion of light. Bai Yunfei’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the pain yelped from Lao Sha, but he was relieved to see the dog get back up on its feet. Aside from the slight shivering, it didn’t seem like Lao Sha was in any danger… 

When it was in that explosion of energy, Lao Sha had certainly been in pain, but the anger it felt superseded everything else. It opened up its mouth before clamping down on the nearby air as if taking a bite from it… 

Perhaps using the word ‘air’ wasn’t quite right. What Lao Sha bit on was actually a swirl of violent energy. And when the dog tore its mouth away from it… 

A bite-shaped hole appeared in the energy swirls as if the energy there really had been eaten up!

The hole was there only for a moment before being ‘filled’ back up by the surrounding energy. But that ‘hole’ and lack of energy had well and truly existed!

A seemingly delighted expression flashed across Lao Sha’s eyes once it gulped down. Letting out a second bark, the dog bit down on the energy around it again.

“Snarf snarf snarf snarf…”

Only the sound of a dog biting down on something could be heard from within the light. Lao Sha was devouring the violent energy around it as if it was cotton candy!

Two to three seconds and roughly a dozen bites were all Lao Sha needed to finish eating the energy around it. With an askew head, the dog opened its mouth at the remaining energy and began to suck in its breath!

Straight away, the remaining energy flowed into Lao Sha’s mouth like water in a river!

From the outside, it simply looked like the energy around Lao Sha was dissipating. It wasn’t just the energy around Lao Sha’s mouth, but also the energy around its entire body! Everything was being taken in!

Another three seconds passed before the energy from the three Soul Exalts was completely taken into Lao Sha’s stomach!

The only thing that remained where the three attacks landed was a completely satisfied Lao Sha. It didn’t look like it was in pain at all. The meal of energy it had just eaten was just as satisfying as eating a pile of primal stones… 

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