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“Learn Alchemy? You mean I can learn how to make ‘elixirs’?!”

Needless to say, Bai Yunfei was stunned. How could he not with a proposition like that? “Of…of course I’m willing!” He nodded furiously.

The fact that he was already given the chance to regain his memories was more than enough for Bai Yunfei. He didn’t even dare to hope for anything more. But if they were the ones offering him the chance, of course he’d be happy.

“That’s good then,” Wang Tong smiled, “let’s have you rest for now. When you’re fully recovered, we’ll teach you how to cultivate. I can see that you’ve formed an essence originseed already and that you’ve an aptitude for elemental fire. I’ll report it to the elders and see if anything else will be needed. If all goes well, then we’ll be able to give you a fireseed pill, that should help you tremendously to completely form an essence fireseed. And by then…you’ll be given the right to join our clan and learn Alchemy.”

The three left the room while Bai Yunfei sat there, still spellbound by the newest development. Never had he possibly imagined that he’d be so ‘easily’ given the chance to learn the art of Alchemy

He was alone now. It was the perfect time for him to think about everything that had just happened as the new memories he just regained.

Holding his face in his hands, Bai Yunfei sifted through each of the new memories one by one. He was thoroughly shocked by the events he was recalling and couldn’t believe that they were even real.

“I…I lived such a life…?”

His body shook with emotion. It seemed almost inconceivable that it was he who had gone through such a tumultuous life. 

“So ‘uncle Wu’ had more meaning to my life than I thought…” He wiped a single tear away from his cheek. Just thinking about the kindly man who saved him once before was enough to bring a stab of pain to his heart.

“Liu Meng…” Came the second name. He was a little absent-minded with this one. This name seemed to be a little hazier in its background than uncle Wu, but in the end, he was left with a rather empty sensation.

Another sensation was pressing down onto his heart. Someone else far more important than this name was forcing itself to make Bai Yunfei think. But…he just couldn’t recall who or what this person was…. 

Bai Yunfei’s hand touched at the white-cloud-shaped ring on his left hand. He didn’t know why, but just touching it brought an unbelievably warm sensation to his chest. There had to be a connection between this ring and the third person he was thinking about. He just couldn’t put his finger on it… 

“Just what kind of memories am I still missing…” Bai Yunfei scratched his head. There was nothing more Bai Yunfei wanted than to crack open the mystery that was himself.

“Ah! The space rings!”

A sudden thought occurred to Bai Yunfei at that moment. Grabbing the pouch he wore around him, he opened it up to fish out several objects.

There was no way he wasn’t leaving the village without the stuff he came into it with. He didn’t know what they were before, but now that he had some memories back, Bai Yunfei recognized several of these items to be soul armaments. He also realized he had a few space rings…. 

He had two space rings with him right now. One was one he normally had in his pouch and the other was the Violet Soul Ring. Transmitting his soulforce into the rings, Bai Yunfei’s mouth dropped wide open when he saw the objects stored inside… 

“So many soul armaments!!” He exclaimed—there were well over a hundred soul armaments in there!”


Words were failing to come out from Bai Yunfei’s mouth. From his memories of Jadewillow City, Bai Yunfei was aware of just how rare soul armaments were. The only soul armament he recalled having was an earth-tier one called the Fire-tipped Spear. But rather than seeing only that spear, Bai Yunfei had an entire ‘arsenal’ laying in front of him.

“But where’s the Fire-tipped Spear?” Bai Yunfei felt it was strange that he hadn’t seen the only one soul armament he was familiar with.

His hand reached for an orange-colored spear nearby.

Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Upgrade Level: +10
Attack: 3600
Additional Attack: 1600
Soul Compatibility: 10%
Equipment Effect: 20% Increase in earth-based attacks when attacking in exchange for 20% soulforce.
+10 Additional Effect: 10% Chance of ignoring earth-based defenses when attacking.
Upgrade Requirement: 210 Soulpoints

The stats of this spear immediately appeared into Bai Yunfei’s mind when he touched it. The pupils in his eyes dilated in awe as he read the contents.

“A mid-heaven tier!” 

This new spear was many times stronger than the Fire-tipped Spear he was only just thinking about!

“Good heavens…what in the world did I go through after leaving Jadewillow City?!” Bai Yunfei could feel his heart skip a beat. The spear he was holding was simply so majestically strong than he felt faint just touching it.

“Ah, that’s right, I was also wearing…” His eyes flickered back over to the things he wore over his body. The two gloves, the two bracers, the armor….each item was being carefully reconsidered now that he had a new perspective on what they were. Then when the notifications appeared in his head…

He was floored!

“Di—divine tier?!’

The small stone he wore on a necklace around his neck caught his attention first and foremost. He couldn’t even stop himself from letting out a stunned cry.

“Space that’s over five-hundred kilometers wide? How crazy is that?” The length of distance was mind-boggling to Bai Yunfei. “But these stats shouldn’t be lying to me. What kind of soul armament is this…and how do I go into it?”

He held the Core Stone in between his fingers. Curious, he tried to see if there was any way to activate it.

In the end, he decided to try seeing if he could send some soulforce into it.

“Ugh!!” A sharp stab of pain shot straight through his body the moment he began to circulate his soulforce!

Some of his soulforce was sent into the Core Stone, but rather than being sent into the ‘world’, a fierce pain ran through his body!

“Tch!! I can’t use any soulforce!” Using soulforce was useless for him right now. He had nearly forgotten he wasn’t supposed to use any… 

And so Bai Yunfei tore his eyes away from the Core Stone. Next up was the Charm Bracelet and the Vitality Bracelet. Both space rings were placed back onto his hand for safety. Now that he knew these ‘accessories’ had a use, he didn’t feel so awkward about wearing them like before.

It felt like he was living a dream almost. So many powerful soul armaments, and all of them within his possession. The experiences he gained from the Azure Cloud Province seemed almost silly in comparison to this… 

“Clack clack clack…”

The sound of footsteps outside his door perked Bai Yunfei’s attention. Storing away all the soul armaments into the space ring, Bai Yunfei threw the ring into his pouch and hid his bracelets. While his memories were partially back, that didn’t mean he wanted anyone else to know of what he owned. Wang Tong and his friends were decent folks, but this was a secret that was best restricted to only himself.

Not waiting for the people on the other side to knock, Bai Yunfei moved towards his door and opened it up. Flinging it open, Bai Yunfei was prompted with the sight of Wang Tong and a kind-looking elder in white.

Wang Tong nodded at the sight of Bai Yunfei. “Tang Long, this is elder Cheng. You’ll be learning under his tutelage. Whatever questions you might have will be answered by him. All your living arrangements will also be dealt with by him.”

“It’s an honor to meet you, elder Cheng.”

“Not bad…” Elder Cheng stroked his beard with satisfaction. “A peak Late-stage Soul Warrior already. Perhaps you’ll become a Soul Sprite once your essence fireseed is formed. Your Alchemy training can start then.”

“We’ll stay here until you’re feeling calmer. I’ve a fireseed pill when you’re ready to try and breakthrough. Once your fireseed is formed and you become a Soul Sprite, we’ll start your Alchemy training right away. Whether or not it happens will depend on your own talent, so please take this seriously.”

Reverently, Bai Yunfei took the small pill and jade slip from Wang Tong into his hands. “Thank you very much, big brother Wang Tong.”

He and Wang Tong were strangers. The fact that the older male was so willing to help him made Bai Yunfei feel extremely grateful.

The two left after that, leaving Bai Yunfei to be left alone in his room once again. He flopped onto the bed with the jade slip in hand to look at. He narrowed his eyes.

Giving this jade slip even the tiniest of soulforce from his body elicited a strong sense of pain in his body and made him feel powerless.

Wang Tong said to him before they left that this jade slip had a very basic primer on how to cultivate. Compared to the one Ge Yiyun gave him before, this jade slip was unbelievably basic.

In his other hand was a small bottle. He could sense a sliver of heat radiate from inside. It felt like this bottle held within it a very tiny spark of fire.

“My memories were caught off right before I became a Soul Sprite, but I’m sure I became one. How else would I have so many soul armaments? If I lost all that strength, will this count as a breakthrough then?

“And would I even succeed in…forming a second originseed then?”

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