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“Tang Long!!”

The sounds of the battle between Bai Yunfei and the other four outsiders could be heard all the way in the village. Many of the villagers were hiding within their homes due to their great fear, but a few were also watching the battle from afar. The moment when the four men were defeated and when Bai Yunfei started screaming, everyone began to run out to Bai Yunfei’s side at once.

“Elder Zhong, please save Tang Long! Whats his injuries?!”

Bai Yunfei was laid down on his back with several people holding onto him so he didn’t hurt his head from squirming around, but their attempts were proving to be useless with how violently he struggled against the others.

With how violently he was struggling, the wounds on his body only started to bleed more and frighten those around him.

“But…all the elixirs were taken away by the strangers already…” Elder Zhong stammered. He was looking at the black crater where Feng Mingxu once stood. If he was burnt to a crisp, surely the elixirs he had were gone too.

“It also doesn’t appear that we should be concerned with his physical wounds either, but…”

Bai Yunfei didn’t seem like he was paying much attention to the wounds on his body with how he was clutching at his head. Elder Zhong had taken notice of that and so he wasn’t quite sure the best way to treat Bai Yunfei. 

A depressing atmosphere descended down onto the people of the village. Everyone was feeling deeply concerned. So many people were gathered here and yet there wasn’t anything anyone could do for Bai Yunfei?

“Eh? Look, what’s that!?”

Suddenly, someone pointed their finger up into the skies in awe.

Everyone looked up to the north. A streak of red light was flying towards the village like a shooting star. In the blink of an eye, the streak of light came close enough to the village for the people to see what was inside of it. There was somebody inside of it!

“That’s a person! Those…those people are…they’re Immortals! The Immortals are here!”

No one knew which villager it was that pointed it out, but the entire village began to descend into panic… 

“Immortals?! The legendary Immortals are coming? Here?!”

“They are! They’re flying! Look! Just like the legends!”

“The Immortals are here! Tang Long can be saved!”

“Oh! Right! The Immortals have to have elixirs! They can save Tang Long! And the other injured ones too!”

The despair that had been inflicted onto the villagers was blown away in an instant. Like the light that was coming their way, the villagers’ faces were all shining brightly with hope.

Several seconds passed by. Everyone didn’t even dare to breathe as they waited for the streaks of light to get closer to them. Then when it seemed like they were close enough to touch down…they disappeared!


Cries of shock rang out through the air as everyone tried to look where the people might’ve gone.

Then several meters away, a person appeared!

“Ah! An Immortal? Ahhh? What’s that?”

People began to cry out again when the figure reappeared. But from one of the people they saw…several of the villagers began to cry out in shock!

When the word ‘Immortal’ came to mind, the most common image would be that of an elderly man whose white hair and robes flowed with the wind like one. They had to have the unnatural air of those who lived a life beyond the comprehension of the mortals. But right now, this person…this person was…a ten-year-old boy?!

The young child wore white robes with gold lining and had his hair tied into a tight bun on the back of his head. His eyes shined bright in the light and his face was exceedingly young, if not a little mischevious-looking. Some of the villagers felt the urge to pinch his cheeks even.

Three dogs stood at his side, each of them a different color of red, yellow, and green. They didn’t seem like they were dyed that color, but rather that they were born with these unnatural colors.

The fact that these Immortals were descending down towards them was already a huge shock, but the fact that one of them was a young little boy made the news even more astonishing… 

“Eh? Whatever happened to that fluctuation of elemental energy? Where did it go?”

The boy crossed his arms as he surveyed the place. He looked first to the black crater where Feng Mingxu stood and then to the two corpses nearby. “So this place was it…the battle’s over then, is it?”

The boy looked almost fearful of how the corpses looked for a moment before he could recollect himself. “They must be the intruders judging from their clothes,” he whispered to himself, “Who managed to kill them?”

His eyes continued to look around the place before finally landing upon Bai Yunfei… 

“Honored Immo—no…honored Elf…please help us! We have many wounded here. Please bestow upon us an elixir, honored Elf!”

The village elder begged. Seeing a child as young as this one in front of them was extremely weird, but this child descended down from the heavens with the others, meaning he was without a doubt an ‘Immortal’. He didn’t dare underestimate the child in that case. He bowed as politely as he could to request a favor of help.

“Elf? Are you talking about me?” The child blinked. The faintest of smiles appeared on his face as he thought about the title he was given. “Hehe…Elf. I like that…

“What happened here, who defeated these people just now?” The child assumed a ‘serious’ expression as he beckoned at the corpses strewn about the place.

“The…these outsiders came here looking for an ‘alchemy school’. They took the elixirs and forced us to give away our food. It was thanks to Tang Long that they were beaten but Tang Long was grievously hurt. Please, honored Elf, please save him!”

“Oh? So they were looking for us…” The child muttered. Turning to take a look at Bai Yunfei, the child raised an eyebrow in surprise at what he saw. “Hm? This person…”

Something about Bai Yunfei felt strange to the child. Stepping closer to Bai Yunfei, the child suddenly stopped in his tracks—Lao Sha was standing in between him and Bai Yunfei with a snarl on its face.

“Ah? A halfling?” The child looked incredulous at how the dog was standing in front of him. “A halfing daring to stand in my way? That’s interesting. Very interesting…”

He turned to look at the village elder. “I can save him,” He spoke ‘magnamiously’, “but you’ll need to call off that dog.”

The village elder brightened up with joy at that. 

“Lao Sha, you heard him,” The elder called out to Lao Sha, “This Elf will help Tang Long, don’t get in his way!”

All the villagers knew by now that Lao Sha was a dog with more intelligence than most dogs. What the elder said would most definitely be understood by Lao Sha.

The dog hesitated for a brief moment to look back at the still moaning and squirming Bai Yunfei. Resigning itself to its helplessness, the dog gave one threatening glare at the child as if warning him to not do any sudden movements.

Again, the child looked surprised at how the dog was looking at him, but he thought nothing more of it to walk towards Bai Yunfei. Squatting down, he reached his hand out to grab at the hands of Bai Yunfei.

It was strange seeing how this child could do what the villagers could not. Bai Yunfei’s hands were easily moved apart before the rest of his body was forced into a non-moving state to rest on the ground.

Another hand rose up to feel at Bai Yunfei’s forehead. Sending some soulforce inside, the child waited for it to tell him what he needed to know. “It seems like…his soul is damaged?! It’s his soul of all things? Weird…”

A red pill appeared out of thin air once he shook his hand. Pinching Bai Yunfei’s mouth open, he placed the pill into it and had Bai Yunfei swallow.

“An elixir!”

The villagers all gasped when the pill was taken out. There was no longer any doubts of who this ‘Elf’ was. Someone that could fly and have an elixir was indubitably an Immortal and so the villagers were all overjoyed.

This was probably a ‘flesh regenerating pill’, but one that was most definitely better than any pill elder Zong could make. In just mere seconds after the pill was ingested, the flesh over Bai Yunfei’s body began to heal with such an accelerated rate that it didn’t even take a moment before his body was back to perfect condition!

The child waved his hand again to bring out a bottle. He threw it to the village elder and said, “Use this to treat the wounded.”

The bottle was taken in by the village elder with the greatest of care and the greatest of joy. Bowing to the boy, the elder then turned around to run towards the wounded to treat their wounds at once.

The boy continued to stare at the teeth-clenched Bai Yunfei. He looked hesitant for a moment before taking out a transparent pill. “It’s the only soul mending pill we’ve made recently. It doesn’t really feel right to use here, but…forget about it. I’m feeling good today, so I’ll give this one to you!”

And with that, he tossed the pill into Bai Yunfei’s mouth… 

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