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Bai Yunfei dove to the side with all the speed he could muster. He thought that he’d be able to trick the four of them and lead them far away enough, but it seemed like that plan fell short. 

The ground where he once stood was lacerated with all sorts of marks as the blades of wind dug into it, much to Bai Yunfei’s surprise. So these people really were capable of ‘magic’! What a crazy situation!

It was enough to tell him that these people were very dangerous, though. He’d probably not be able to fight them all. 

But for some reason, Bai Yunfei didn’t feel ‘afraid’. He was shocked at what these people were capable of, yes, but he didn’t feel like it was something he should truly be worried about… 

“Oh? So you dodged that, did you?”

The swift evasion of his attack by Bai Yunfei caused Feng Mingxu to blink. Though he wasn’t planning to seriously injure the Soul Warrior, there wasn’t any way the Soul Warrior would be able to dodge it. 

Then he took notice of the violet shoes Bai Yunfei wore. “Are those…soul armaments!?”

He summoned multiple blades of wind right away. His opponent was even more capable than he initially thought. With a wave of his hand, the blades of wind flew at Bai Yunfei to attack!

Eyes widening, Bai Yunfei moved at once to dodge the sudden storm. As fast as he was, he wasn’t able to completely dodge them all. One blade of wind managed to make contact with his body!


The cloth Bai Yunfei wore on his chest was immediately ripped apart and he was thrown back several meters through the air upon being hit.

“Hmph! You think too highly of yourself!” Feng Mingxu snapped. “Bring him over!” 

The short-haired male nodded and moved swiftly over to where Bai Yunfei was. Reaching a hand outwards, he moved to grab Bai Yunfei.

As he was stooping over… 

Bai Yunfei flew straight up with a heavy right punch onto his chest!

“Bang! Crack…”


The chest of the short-haired man cracked under the pressure of Bai Yunfei’s punch. Lifted up by the upwards force, the man was soon shot up into the air!


Feng Mingxu and the other two men gasped. Waving his hand, Feng Mingxu had a bubble of wind cushion their fourth member’s fall and bring him safely to the ground. The man was practically unconscious and had blood flowing from his lips!

He looked back up at Bai Yunfei. The man didn’t even look hurt! The strips of fabric fell away from his robes to reveal a dark-gold armor underneath them.

“A soul armament!!”

Feng Mingxu let out another gasp. He hadn’t thought that their adversary would have a piece of armor, let alone one that could stop his attacks from piercing it!


Being dealt a heavy blow by a Soul Warrior didn’t sit well with Feng Mingxu. It seemed almost unforgivable that they would incur such a loss! Furious, Feng Mingxu exploded with green light tainted with strands of black light. Kicking off the ground, he flew like an arrow towards Bai Yunfei!

Bai Yunfei’s vision felt blurry as the black and green palm of light flew straight for his eyes!

He felt his heart skip a beat—this wasn’t an attack he could dodge easily. Bai Yunfei’s feet kicked off against the ground and his arms flew up to protect himself, but there was no stopping this attack from hitting him.


The palm struck against the bracer on his left arm and sent Bai Yunfei flying. A sharp throb of pain shot straight up his arm; the bones in that arm was most likely broken.


Something strange was happening. Feng Mingxu, for some reason, let out a pained snarl and stepped back away from Bai Yunfei with a pained expression on his face!

“What is this?!” Feng Mingxu cried out loud. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. In that moment of impact between his palm and Bai Yunfei, Feng Mingxu felt like he was hitting a wall of steel or something. Not only had he failed to achieve the destruction he was expecting, but the force he applied onto Bai Yunfei had also rebounded onto himself!

This was…the +10 additional effect of the Returner Bracer!

5% chance to deflect back 30% of the damage inflicted when defending. 
Damage cannot exceed the total defensive power of this equipment and cannot deflect projectiles.

Bai Yunfei was also feeling stunned from where he lied on the ground twenty steps away. It wasn’t so much due to Feng Mingxu’s attack, but the fact that he felt a sliver of soulforce be lost once the additional effect was applied.

His body had grown ‘stronger’ since three years ago. He didn’t know the reason why but it was on the level of a Soul Warrior. His soulforce reserves were also much stronger than its pre-awakened state three years ago and were more than capable of using several additional effects. It still hurt whenever he lost some soulforce, but it wasn’t so bad anymore.

“Another soul armament!!”

That was the conclusion Feng Mingxu came to after he saw the bracer on Bai Yunfei’s arm. Hidden away from sight, the bracer only made itself known once the sleeves of Bai Yunfei’s robes fell apart. 

Feng Mingxu narrowed his eyes. This was situation was beginning to spiral out of control. Leaning forward, Feng Mingxu immediately took off towards Bai Yunfei!

He was up against a mere Soul Warrior, but the soul armaments this person had was by no means of inferior quality. Feng Mingxu was more than willing to believe this person wasn’t anywhere as simple as he was led to believe and so he was ready to capture Bai Yunfei with the most of his abilities!

Capturing a mere Soul Warrior should be simple for a Late-stage Soul Ancestor like him, especially if he was going all-out.

The speed he was displaying now was completely different now that he wasn’t holding back. The distance between him and Bai Yunfei was covered in a split-second before his right hand stretched out to grab at Bai Yunfei’s throat!

Several gusts of wind shot at Bai Yunfei from his left, right, and back to prevent him from retreating!


Knowing that evasion was impossible now, Bai Yunfei let out a loud cry and punched at Feng Mingxu with all his might!

That was the only thing he could do. Feng Mingxu was right in front of him and there was no way out. 

Feng Mingxu’s right hand turned from a claw into a palm as he decided to change targets from the throat to the fist. A green and black light gathered around his palm to bolster his defenses right as Bai Yunfei’s right hand collided with it!


The two were about to collide, but Bai Yunfei hadn’t any intention of being flung away like before!

As strong as a Soul Warrior he might be, the distance between a Soul Warrior and a Soul Ancestor was still too far apart. The Ardent Sun Glove might’ve activated then to help him, but that wouldn’t be enough to help Bai Yunfei completely fend off against Feng Mingxu’s attack.

Bai Yunfei felt the bones in his right arm crack under the pressure of his attack before watching it go limp—his right arm was dislocated!

“Give up and sit still!”

Feng Mingxu wasn’t willing to give Bai Yunfei enough time to even breathe. Both his arms lashed forward to send twenty blades of wind at Bai Yunfei!

It wasn’t a killing move, but these blades of wind would most definitely serve to stop Bai Yunfei from retreating. He also had several of the blades head for the limbs so that Bai Yunfei would be rendered unable of motion.

Bai Yunfei was airborne now with his right arm dislocated at the shoulder. He wasn’t too close to Feng Mingxu, but also not too far away to dodge the incoming attacks. Biting his lips, Bai Yunfei raised his left arm in front of his face and brought his legs up to minimize his chances of being hit.

“Pcht pcht pcht…”

Several blades of wind sliced into the defenseless Bai Yunfei. Without the ability to move through the air, Bai Yunfei was helpless!

Blood spurted out from all over his body as the blades of wind cut into him. He had no soul armaments to protect the thighs and legs, so Bai Yunfei was unable to stop the blades from leaving behind massives wounds on those particular areas! One blade had even cut deep into his right knee!

And on another spot, a devastating wound appeared on his right shoulder!


Bai Yunfei fell down to the ground in a mix of dust and blood. His carried momentum saw to Bai Yunfei tumbling several times over on the ground before he came to a stop.

The pain Bai Yunfei was feeling was already enough to leave him in cold sweat. His teeth were clenched so hard that they looked like they might shatter from the pressure even. But there was nothing he could do, Bai Yunfei couldn’t move at all.

His opponent was a Soul Ancestor. Had he the same strength as before, it wouldn’t even take Bai Yunfei a finger to kill the man! But today…Bai Yunfei was having a great deal of trouble!

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