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The act of murder was something none of the villagers could possibly fathom doing, let alone murder. To the young man, however, killing everyone here was no big deal.

A ‘massive’ wave of energy radiated from his body. It wasn’t really much for him, but to the villagers it was a wave of undiluted terror that forced them to shiver fell to their knees.

“Y-yes! We will do as you say! We’ll bring out our food at once, please wait one moment!”

Giving these four people all the food in their village would be devastating to them, but the elder knew there wasn’t any other choice. The safety of the village was paramount and so the elder took the path of least resistance. He hoped that these people would only leave as soon as they got what they wanted… 

“Hah, I knew you’d see reason!” The short-haired man jeered. He was reveling in the satisfaction of seeing all these ‘ants’ cower in fear in front of him. It made him feel somewhat like a god. A god who could determine if a human would live or die as they danced on top of his palm.

Streams of food were taken out from the village in no time at all. Most of the villagers were placing the food with reluctance, and some looked like they were ready to spring onto the four outsiders if not for several other villagers holding them back. For some reason, the power exuded by the youngster earlier terrified them. And if they needed anything else to convince their minds, all they had to do was just look at the boulder that had been vaporized. Would a human even be able to live through such an attack?

The villagers were surprised again when all the food they brought out disappeared after the short-haired man waved his hand. Someone within the crowd could even be heard muttering the word ‘Immortal’.

Hearing himself being called as such by these ‘mountain savages’ only made the short-haired man even happier. He was even starting to feel like he was an Immortal actually.

“That’s enough, we need to reconvene with master Yang.” Feng Mingxu spoke at last once the last of the food was taken. He wasn’t as interested in showing off their superiority in front of these commoners and wanted to leave at once.

“Hehe…so even a backwaters village like this has some pretty girls, what a catch!”

Another one of the males took notice of a few of the young village girls there. A lecherous smile grew on his face as he made his remark to his fellow companions.

The mood of the village immediately grew tense. A few of the female villagers hid behind the others and the males gripped at their weapons tightly in anger.

“I said we’re leaving! Don’t forget where we are, we don’t have the time for your perversion!”

Feng Mingxu barked at the young man in annoyance. He wasn’t a man that enjoyed having his time wasted.

“Hehe, I was just saying, that’s all…” The other male laughed.

And so the four turned around in preparation to leave the village.

Multiple villagers heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of their turning backs.

“Someone, come quick! Kindling’s hurt! Call out elder Zhong!”

It was at that moment when three villagers came running into the village from the other side with an injured youth.

Another injured hunter was being brought in. It wasn’t uncommon to see one be carried in like this.

“Bring him here, elder Zhong is here!”

A response was made quickly. No one even cared to bat an eye at the four strangers now as they hurried the injured villager to the center of the village.

Hundreds of steps away, Feng Mingxu turned around to look at the villagers. Something felt strange to him, but he decided not to think much about it. The likes of an injured villager didn’t mean much to him.

But whilst he turned back around, Feng Mingxu took notice of something that caused him to stop straight away!

Though the villagers were pretty much covering the injured person from sight, Feng Mingxu was still able to see through the cracks between each person. From between those cracks, Feng Mingxu saw an old man take out a red pill and feed it into the mouth of the injured person!

“A pill!!”

He cried out at once. His eyes were honed in on the bottle that the pill came out from now.

“What was that, senior Feng?”

The other three males turned around in confusion, but Feng Mingxu was already in motion. Disappearing into a blur, the man took off towards the villagers!


Cries of panic rang out as multiple villagers felt a terrifying aura assault them from behind. They were all then sent flying in every way so another person could make his way past them.

There was now a hole in the encirclement around the injured person. And to the amazement of the others still standing, one of the outsiders was standing right there where there was a gap!

And before elder Zhong could react, the bottle of ‘elixirs’ in his hand was snatched away by the outsider!

The very first thing Feng Mingxu did was look at the injured person. He didn’t want to look at the pills, he wanted to see the effects! And judging from the smile on his face, he saw exactly what he was looking for!

The terrifying wound on the ‘commoner’s’ chest was rapidly knitting together with impossible speed!

There was absolutely no way any ordinary medicine from a commoner would have a regenerative effect like this. This had to be a ‘pill’! A pill that only the legendary Alchemy School would have!

“What…what are you doing?!”

Needless to say, elder Zhong was startled to see the outsider take the ‘elixir’ away from him. His first thought was to try and take it back, and several other villagers were already moving towards him in preparation to do so.


Green light exploded from Feng Mingxu’s body. It swirled around his person like a contained whirlwind to blow away everyone unfortunate enough to be close by and forcing the others to back away or be flung to the ground.

“So you’ve been lying to us…speak! Where is the Alchemy School!!?”

A metaphorical blizzard had descended down onto the place with Feng Mingxu as its center. The power exuded by this individual was even more terrifying than his previous companion. Some of the villagers couldn’t even breathe with how oppressive it felt.

This Feng Mingxu was a Late-stage Soul Ancestor.

“What…what Alchemy School? We don’t know anything! Who are you people, and why take our elixirs!” A villager let out a terrified cry.

“Elixirs?” Feng Mingxu narrowed his eyes, “So…you were hiding something after all, what gall you villagers have….”

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh…”

Several blades of wind appeared around Feng Mingxu before they sped off to strike at the few villagers that were planning to attack him!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh…”

Blood spurted out from several villagers as they cried out and fell to the ground!

Pandemonium rang out as several villagers ran to the injured to tend to their wounds.

Feng Mingxu was looking extremely ominous now. “I will give you all one last chance.” He stated, each word being spoken slowly and with great emphasis. “If you don’t give up all your pills and tell us where the Alchemy School…don’t blame me for killing you all!”

A Soul Sprite would’ve been enough to kill all these villagers without resistance. A Soul Ancestor would without a doubt be able to do the same faster and with more ease. None of the villagers doubted his ability either, not with the amount of aura radiating from him.

“We truly don’t know what this Alchemy School is! These elixirs…are something the Immortals granted to us...who are you people! What do you want!”

As old as elder Zhong was, the sight of the villagers being hurt and the elixirs being taken had finally stretched his patience. He was now as outwardly angry as the others.

“Granted by the immortals?” Feng Mingxu repeated, “Where are these so-called ‘Immortals’ then?!”

“We…we don’t know!”

“You don’t know? You’re still unwilling to talk?! It appears we’ll need to have another lesson then. Do you really doubt I’ll kill anyone here?” 

The killing intent from Feng Mingxu increased.

“I’ll give you ten seconds. For every ten seconds without a satisfactory person, I’ll kill a person. One by one!”

There was no way Feng Mingxu would believe the villagers. They had finally a clue on the Alchemy School, how could they just give it up like that at face value?

It wouldn’t be a loss if all the villagers died before they got an answer in any case.

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