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Chapter 57: His Majesty has the qualities of an enlightened sovereign Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.


Ning Xiaoyao took a look at the fatty before her. Prince Fu, Ning Guangshun, had a stomach about the size of a seven to eight months pregnant woman. If not for the fat that he was all fat beneath those robes, Ning Xiaoyao would’ve suspected he had hydrepigastrium1 instead. Don’t assume that women were the only creatures who placed importance on beauty in this world. Ning Guangshun couldn’t even keep a straight face when Ning Xiaoyao wouldn’t stop staring at his stomach. He wanted to suck his tummy in, but didn’t have the capability.

Finally, this Prince Fu lost his temper and cried, “If Your Majesty isn’t thinking about the calamity that is Xie Wenyuan, what use is it to stare at this subject?!” Whenever Ning Guangshun got angry, his entire body would shake. His breathing too, sounded like an air blower in motion.

“Ah, it’s nothing,” Ning Xiaoyao said. “Good physique, haha. Very good physique.”

Ning Guangshun had a sudden urge to kill Ning Xiaoyao.

“……..” said everyone else in the hall. Truly, His Majesty is a genius when it comes to offending others.

Lou Zigui knew that these relatives were difficult to deal with, blood-sucking types, so he said, “Your Majesty, how about adjourning the session?”

“Adjourning?” Ning Guangshun asked. “Will Xie Wenyuan’s matter be dropped just like that, leaving a light consequence for such a lofty issue?”

Ning Xiaoyao asked, “Then what do you want done?”

Ning Guangshun replied, “Is Your Majesty unclear on the crime for fabricating an Imperial Jade Seal?”

Ning Xiaoyao answered, “Grand Preceptor’s already explained himself.”

“But the Imperial Jade Seal was clearly in Your Majesty’s hands,” another relative piped up. The rest of the clansmen all nodded their heads in agreement. Their eyes were shining like snow. Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t hope to blindside them to pass their obstacle.

Ning Xiaoyao stopped speaking. Ning Guangshun laughed coldly and said, “Does Your Majesty still want to protect your maternal clan, even now?”

Ning Xiaoyao smacked her lips and pointed at the wide open doors leading out of the hall. “How’s this? Why don’t you take some people to the Grand Preceptor’s estate and kill him?”

Ning Guangshun choked at the words. What was he supposed to kill the Grand Preceptor with?

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