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His Majesty was dead and it was time to choose a new emperor. The rebel forces have also decided to start the war against the Northern Hu. The actual battle wouldn’t happen right away. 

Through Little Gyrfalcon, Ning Xiaoyao received news of the capital. Many of the common people had set up an altar to worship her. Also, Elder Li, Prince Fu, the madam from the Lord Protector’s estate as well as many others all fainted from grief when they heard about her death.

Little Gyrfalcon also mentioned the incident where the imperial princes went to the south city gate and tried to cause trouble. Prince Fu ordered them to be beaten and the princes ran away. Little Gyrfalcon told Ning Xiaoyao everything. 

Ning Xiaoyao exclaimed ‘aiya’, and sighed in her head. Looks like the efforts that she put in all this time wasn’t a waste. Everyone still miss her ah!

“Xiaoyao,” Little Gyrfalcon also asked Ning Xiaoyao a common question, “If you leave, who is going to be the emperor?”

“Whoever wants to be can be,” Ning Xiaoyao had the same response. Little Gyrfalcon immediately asked again, “Xiaoyao, if you don’t want to be the emperor, what are you going to do?”

“Go around and play ah! Ha ha ha~” Ning Xiaoyao laughed. She has already decided. When the war with the Northern Hu ends, she will rescue Lou Jing then travel around the world with her baby.

Little Gyrfalcon thought Ning Xiaoyao’s idea was pretty good. The little animals thought differently from humans. As long as Xiaoyao was happy, they didn’t care who the emperor was. 

In the blink of an eye, five days had gone by. The gates of the capital were still tightly shut and the Northern Hu had retreated fifteen kilometres. They had formed a confrontational stance against the rebel forces. Both sides were now preparing for the battle, causing Ning Xiaoyao and the rest to have nothing to do.

“The iron guy must have trusted aides,” Second Young Master Pei had a huge plaster on his face, completely ruining his look. Lying on a large bed in the tent, he continued talking to Ning Xiaoyao, “We’re just newcomers, why would he use us?”

Ning Xiaoyao was sitting and roasting a sweet potato by the fireplace. “So you’re just going to lie around all day ah? It’s good to get up and walk around right?”

Pei Yan continued to lie there motionlessly, “Then could you stop eating?”

Ning Xiaoyao stated very seriously, “I’m doing it with pleasure!”

Pei Yan yawned, “Then I’m lying here with pleasure.”

Ning Xiaoyao realised that saying anything would be useless and decided that she wasn’t going to say a single word to Second Young Master Pei today. If she did, she would cut her tongue out!

Since Shadowgale and the others had left the tent, Ning Xiaoyao and Pei Yan were the only ones in the tent. Neither of them spoke so the whole tent was quiet. The delicious scent of the roasted sweet potato slowly diffused into the air around the tent.

Just as Ning Xiaoyao was about to eat her sweet potato, Erya ran into the tent to inform her. “Big sis, there’s meat in the cookhouse today!”


Ning Xiaoyao immediately got up and ran. The rations of the rebel forces were too poor. During the five days she had been here, this was the first time the cookhouse was cooking meat!

Pei Yan muttered, “You’re not going to eat your sweet potato anymore?”

“You can have it!” Ning Xiaoyao took Erya and ran outside. How could she not run when she heard there was meat? Would she still care about her sweet potato?! Did he take her as an idiot ah?

Pei Yan lazily got down from the bed, sat by the fireplace and started to worry again. How do you roast a sweet potato?

“Where’s Xiaoqiu?” Ning Xiaoyao ran towards the cookhouse and asked Erya simultaneously. 

“Xiaoqiu is queuing at the cookhouse!” Erya answered, “Big sis, today we are first as well!” 

“That’s great!!!” Ning Xiaoyao cheered. They were first! That means their group would definitely get to eat meat today ah!

“Mhm,” Erya nodded her head. Ever since Erya started following Ning Xiaoyao, she also became abnormally persistent when it came to eating.

The soldiers in the cookhouse all recognised Ning Xiaoyao. During meal time, this person would always be present. Either her son would be queuing in front, or her sister would be queuing in front, or all three of them would be queuing together as number one. 

Furthermore, when Ning Xiaoyao looked at chinese cabbage, her eyes would glow as if the item was shark fin. It would be hard for the soldiers in the cookhouse to forget a character like her. 

“Uncle Hu,” Ning Xiaoyao stood at the table where they distributed meals and gleefully exclaimed, “My Xiaoqiu loves to eat meat, could you give us an extra half spoonful?”

The uncle nodded his head as three sparkling pair of eyes looked at him.

“Son,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Xiaoqiu’s head. “Uncle Hu, make it one full scoop please. My mother loves to eat meat too!” Xiaoqiu looked at the uncle and drooled.

“What about me!” Erya raised her hand, “I also love meat! Can we get an extra half spoonful?”

The cookhouse soldiers: …That would add up to two spoonfuls.

The uncle took the ladle and nodded at Ning Xiaoyao, “You guys are really a family ah!”

“Ha ha ha,” Ning Xiaoyao laughed, “Isn’t my son cute, Uncle?”

 He’s pretty cute, but I can’t afford to raise him, the uncle thought in his heart.

 A huge portion of red meat was carried over by two cookhouse soldiers to the long table. Ning Xiaoyao and the two of them kept salivating.

“It smells so good!” Xiaoqiu exclaimed.

“Alright then,” Ning Xiaoyao said, “I’ll let you have one piece of my meat.”

“Thank you, Mother!!” Xiaoqiu raised his head to grin at Ning Xiaoyao.

“Erya, is it Erya?” the trembling voice of a man travelled from the back of the ‘family of three’. Ning Xiaoyao turned her head and a smile froze on her face. How could Xiang Tiange recognise her Erya?!

Erya blankly stared at the person who shouted her name and suddenly ran towards Xiang Tiange as if she had turned insane. She screamed, “Big bro!”

Ning Xiaoyao: … Erya did previously mention that she has a big brother whom she lost contact with when they were fleeing as refugees. Xiang was Erya’s surname, Xiang was also Xiang Tiange’s surname. Young Lord was Erya’s long lost big bro?!

Xiang Tiange tightly embraced Erya. He thought that all his family members were dead. Now that one of them was suddenly standing in front of him in good health, he was extremely emotional and overwhelmed.

“Big bro!” Erya hugged Xiang Tiange’s neck and called him several times before bursting into tears.

“Where is Grandfather?” Xiang Tiange continued to hug Erya.

“Grandfather is dead,” Erya continued to sob loudly. Xiang Tiange patted Erya’s head and let her tears fall onto his shoulders.

“Xiaoqiu,” Erya who was crying and crying, momentarily forgot about Xiaoqiu. She frantically turned to shout for Xiaoqiu.

Xiaoqiu couldn’t recognise his elder brother anymore and refused to let go of Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t run away even if she wanted to.

When Xiang Tiange saw Xiaoqiu, he wanted to wave and call him over. But then he looked up a little and saw Miss Dayao. Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head and hoped that Xiang Tiange wouldn’t see her.

Why would she be in the rebel forces’ camp?! Xiang Tiange looked at Ning Xiaoyao and was at a loss for words for a long time.

“Young Lord, she is your little sister?” a few of the generals from the rebel forces walked up to Xiang Tiange’s side and looked at Ning Xiaoyao, “Isn’t this Mrs. Pei’s little sister?”

“Xiaoqiu is Mrs. Pei’s son,” another military officer added.

Xiang Tiange: …

Ning Xiaoyao’s brain was working at full speed. What should she do now?!

Erya could tell that the situation wasn’t looking good. She was His Majesty’s little sister ah, what should she do with this big bro?!

Xiaoqiu hid behind Ning Xiaoyao. He was too young anyway, he didn’t have to worry about anything.

“Wuwuwu!” Erya started to wail again, “Big bro, sis-in-law brought us all the way from Anyuan but we still couldn’t find you. The soldiers even wanted to kill us! Big bro, why didn’t you come find us?!”

Everyone in the vicinity: …. The amount of information in this statement was too shocking, they had to seriously think through it.

Erya continued sobbing, “Sis-in-law gave birth to your son. Xiaoqiu is your son!!!”

Ning Xiaoyao scratched her head. Now she doesn’t have to pretend to be a widow anymore. (Author: Hello!?! That isn’t the point ah!)

Xiaoqiu peeked out from the back of Ning Xiaoyao. Looking at Xiang Tiange, he innocently asked Ning Xiaoyao, “Mummy, is that daddy?”

You shouldn’t add to the mess ah! Ning Xiaoyao pushed Xiaoqiu’s head behind her.

“Young Lord, you…!” a few generals from the rebel forces stared at Xiang Tiange, “You already have a wife ah?” Wouldn’t Eldest Miss cry to death then?

Xiang Tiange looked at Ning Xiaoyao and thought, what should I do?!

Ning Xiaoyao looked at Xiang Tiange and thought, if a fight breaks out, which direction should I run?

“Big bro,” Erya looked pleadingly at her big brother.

“If it’s Young Lord’s wife, why is Mrs. Pei surnamed Pei?” a general from the rebel forces raised another question.

“ family’s surname is Pei!” Ning Xiaoyao blurted out.

“Even if you thought Young Lord was dead, you shouldn’t use your own family’s surname ah!” the general added.

“I..” Ning Xiaoyao thought, or should I say I remarried once?

“Do you hate me?” Xiang Tiange carried Erya and walked over to Ning Xiaoyao.

What? Ning Xiaoyao widened her eyes and looked at Xiang Tiange.

“I sent people to look for you guys, you and Erya,” Xiang Tiange saw that Ning Xiaoyao’s expression wasn’t very natural but his story was pretty smooth, “I couldn’t find you guys. I didn’t know you went to Anyuan and didn’t know that had Xiaoqiu.”

Ning Xiaoyao blinked her eyes. How should she act out a loving couple reunion? She really didn’t know how.

“Dayao,” Xiang Tiange lightly called out to Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao was still deeply contemplating.

“Now is the time for you to cry ah,” Xiang Tiange murmured, hinting to Ning Xiaoyao.

Oh right, cry. Ning Xiaoyao started to cry. There were no tears, but her crying sounds were very loud.

Xiang Tiange put down Erya and briefly hesitated before extending his arms and pulling Ning Xiaoyao into his embrace.

Ning Xiaoyao pinched her nose and continued to cry. She didn’t know what to say so she could only cry.

At this moment, Shadowgale and the rest were standing in the crowd. Initially they thought that His Majesty’s disguise was blown and were about to risk their lives to protect His Majesty. But what’s going on now? Shadowgale and the others really didn’t understand what was happening.

The soldiers of the rebel forces finally processed what was happening and hurriedly began to congratulate their Young Lord and his wife for reuniting. She was a single woman who raised her son, daughter and a bunch of clansmen to travel around the Jianghu. Their Young Lord’s wife was just a little too gutsy. But when it came to fighting the war, it was good that their Young Lord had such a gutsy wife ah.

Xiang Tiange thanked a few generals and took Ning Xiaoyao away.

“There’s also your sworn brothers,” Ning Xiaoyao added, “I have also brought them over.”

This lady even brought some helpers along. Xiang Tiange became even more gloomy. Ning Xiaoyao innocently blinked at Xiang Tiange.

“Bring all the people that followed madam into my tent,” Xiang Tiange turned his head and commanded a new soldier. The soldier accepted the order and ran off.

“Let’s go,” Xiang Tiange carried Xiaoqiu. Xiaoqiu was immersed in character and immediately called out to Xiang Tiange, “Daddy!”

Ning Xiaoyao turned and looked away. Xiang Tiange could only raise his arm to rub his little brother’s head. If their father were still alive, he would have become a grandfather now.


The tong that Second Young Master Pei used to roast the sweet potatoes fell on the ground. His Majesty has found a husband? Didn’t that asshole just go to eat meat? Where did this husband even pop out from?!

“Quick, come with me,” the soldiers were very happy for their Young Lord, “I only heard that the Young Lord’s entire family was dead. Who would have thought that madam had already given birth to a little young master for him?”

Second Young Master Pei: ( ̄△ ̄;) Young Lord!??!?!?!??!

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