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Combat Continent 2 – Jueshi Tangmen Prologue

The light gently touched the delicate skin of the mist like a mother’s warm embrace; creating a beautiful, illusionary scene. In the distance, there stood a towering palace covered by a nimbus glow.

In the mist, a shadow stood quietly, gazing mysteriously into the distance.

With blue hair draping down like a waterfall to the ground, it would not have been hard to mistake him as a beautiful woman if not for his imposing stature and broad shoulders.

He wore a luxurious blue robe that rippled like ocean waves. However, upon a closer look, your gaze would be sucked into its deep blue. Even your soul would be sucked into this infinite, never-ending blue.

From his handsome face, he didn’t look much over the age of twenty. But his gaze seemed like a void that also contains all under heaven. Occasionally, a flash of purple spark made his dark eyes even more captivating to the viewer, giving the viewer a sense of their own imminent mortality.

“Aii..” the man sighed softly, showing a hint of sadness between his brows. His eyes were slightly closed, almost as if contemplating the truth of the universe.

“Brother San,” a soft voiced called out. A figure appeared from the illusory mist at the side of the blue clothed man, naturally and gently holding his arm. The action was done smoothly as if done countless times in the past.

Wearing a long pink dress, a woman stood with long hair gently hanging down her back in a scorpion braid. From the side, one could see her beautiful, delicate neck and her perfect figure outlined by the dress.

With a slight smile on her beautiful face, she leaned her head onto his shoulder as her scorpion braid swung and tangled with the man’s long, blue hair.

The handsome man’s face showed a hint of helpless and an adoring smile, “Still so mischievous even when you’re a mother now.”

The pink dressed woman pouted, “So what if I’m a mother now? Can’t I still act spoiled? Even though you’re the enforcer of the God realm, heir of the sea god, you’re still called Tang San. Still my third brother.”

Tang San pulled the pink dressed woman into his embrace, “Of course you can. No matter what, you will always be my beloved Xiao Wu. Just don’t let your precious daughter see it. Otherwise, she would fight you for my adoration.”

Hearing Tan San mention their daughter, her eyes suddenly became soft, “Xiao Qi (little seven) is too clingy. Only when she is asleep can we have our privacy. Brother San, I just noticed a hint of unhappiness in your eyes. Is it because of Douluo Dalu again?”

Tang San nodded and sighed, “One day in the God Realm, one year in the human realm. It’s always like that. Back then, I wanted to stay longer in Douluo Dalu, but because the God Kings of Good and Evil had a bet, I couldn’t help but come back to the God realm to take charge. I didn’t expect that twenty years in the God realm and ten thousand years in Douluo Dalu, Tangmen would be nearly gone.”

Angrily, Xiao Wu said, “Good and Evil, those two guys were way too cunning. Using the excuse of a bet to have fun in the mortal realm. They don’t have a sense of responsibility at all. The little couple they found to replace them are too pitiful. If not, we could have just let them take charge and that would be easier on you.”

Tang San responded, “Even though the God King and the God Enforcer look very esteemed, not everyone wants to take the responsibility. After ten thousand years, Douluo Dalu has changed, looking a bit chaotic. Especially the moving of the tectonic plates that caused the bumping of the continents four thousand years ago. It not only doubled the area of Douluo Dalu, but also brought over many changes.”

“Tangmen also started withering around that time! Brother San, don’t think too much. From a certain perspective, Tangmen’s collapse is also because of the passing of the ages.”

Tang San nodded, “You’re right, but Tangmen was made by me. I can’t bear to see it end like this. Yet as the Enforcer, I can’t be involved in this. But, recently, there seems to be a new star coming into existence with an undeterminable relationship with my Tangmen. I tried to look at his destiny but it is unclear. Hopefully, everything will turn out for the better.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes sparkled, “Even you say he is a new star. Then he must be a very good candidate. If we let him take over for you, wouldn’t we finally have time to go out to play?”

Tang San raised his hand and brushed Xiao Wu’s nose, “You. All you know is to play.”

As they spoke, a small head peaked out from the clouds. She looked eleven or twelve with big blinking beautiful eyes. She looked just like Tang San but with a slimmer outline and with eyes more like Xiao Wu.

“I always hear daddy and mommy talk about Douluo Dalu. It sounds so fun! Hehe.” As she said this, her small delicate figure disappeared into the clouds.

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