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Part 1

Beibei said with some surprise, “Little Brother Huo, you should give it some more thought. Joining a clan is no simple matter. Even though Tang Clan is weak right now, we were still the best in the world. If you regret it in the future and want to betray our clan, both Tang Ya and I won’t forgive you.”

Huo Yuhao nodded. “Brother Bei, I have thought it through. I don’t have any family and I am still young. I only learned about how dangerous the outside world is from this journey to the Star Dou Great forest. I want to become exceptional and be a powerful Spirit Master. Joining Tang Clan is unquestionably the best way. Not only does that allow me to enter the Shrek Academy, it will also allow me to receive your guidance. Furthermore, I trust you guys. The fact that you were willing to tell me the truth about Tang Clan’s current circumstances means that you trust me. I want to start a new golden age of Tang Clan with you.

“Good. What you said was perfect.” Tang Ya said excitedly as she gave Huo Yuhao a big hug.

Beibei nodded slightly as he watched him. Just like how he felt, Huo Yuhao is more mature than people of his age. Even though he only received his first spirit ring after the age of ten, potential is not as important as hard work. It was even more valuable that he possesses a rare mental attribute Battle Spirit. Tang Clan got lucky this time.

Tang Ya’s faint fragrance made Huo Yuhao’s face blush. He was too afraid to move, so he just stood there.

It was Beibei who saved him, “Teacher Xiao Ya.”

Only then did Tang Ya release Huo Yuhao from her hug. She looked at him with joy, completely fulfilled. Of course, she would never admit that her original reason for wanting Huo Yuhao to join was because of his delicious roasted fish…

“Little Yuhao, acknowledge your teacher. Since it’s only the three of us, there’s no need for so many rules. Acknowledge me and start calling me teacher. From now on, you are one of Tang Clan.” Tang Ya said seriously.

Huo Yuhao nodded. With a *pong* sound, he kneeled on the ground in front of Tang Ya, “Disciple Huo Yuhao acknowledges teacher.”

Tang Ya stood there without moving and let him finish kowtowing three time before helping him up.

“Very good, Yuhao. From now on, you are my second disciple. Acknowledge your elder brother.” She pointed to Beibei as she said this.

“I acknowledge the elder brother.” Huo Yuhao bowed once more to Beibei.

Beibei smiled slightly, “You don’t need to be so polite, Little Brother. We are family now.”

Tang Ya let go of a breath, “Yuhao, from now on, call me Teacher, like Beibei. But don’t be so informal like him. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Teacher.” After acknowledging his teacher, he became a bit more cautious. But, his heart had calmed much more. Entering Tang Clan gave him a feeling of security. It had been a long time since he felt like this.

Xiao Ya turned her wrist and a book appeared out of somewhere for Huo Yuhao. “Xiao Yuhao, this is a copy of the Tang Clan Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. It contains all of our special skills. Within it, the Mysterious Heaven Skill is the foundation for everything and it should help increase your cultivation speed. Your cultivation is still shallow so changing to the Mysterious Heaven Skill should not create any negative effects. Later on, Beibei and I will guide you in your cultivation. Other than the Mysterious Heaven Skill there are five other skills. They are: the hand practice technique: Mysterious Jade Hand, the vision cultivation technique: Purple Demon Eye, the capturing technique: Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, the light body technique: Ghost Shadow Elusive Steps, as well as the hidden weapons technique: Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation. Tang Clan is famous for our hidden weapons, but you will need to create a good foundation before you can practice it. What you should do now is to start learning the first five skills and I will teach you hidden weapons in the future.

“I had said before that our Tang Clan has a skill most suited for you. I was referring to the Purple Demon Eye skill. After practicing it to a certain extent, you will be able to release a powerful attack. Your Battle Spirit is your eyes so there is no better skill than this for you to learn. You should practice this more.”

Receiving the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, Huo Yuhao carefully placed it under the clothes on his chest, “Thank you teacher. I will practice with great effort.”

Beibei lifted his hand and pressed on his belt. A black belt with round pieces of white jade appeared in his hand.

“Little brother, this is an imitation of our founder, Tang San’s, spirit guide device: the Twenty-Four Moonlight Bridges. It’s my gift to you. With this, it will be much easier to carry things around.”

As he said this, Beibei helped Huo Yuhao put on the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges belt and told him how it may be used. It turns out that every one of the twenty-four jades has an area of half a cubic meter inside, which can be used to store anything. It only needs Spirit Power to be used, making it a very valuable spirit guide device.

Huo Yuhao’s talent was not shown by his body but by his intelligence. After a few tries, he had already mastered the use of the belt. However, he had expended a great amount of Spirit Power through its use.

Tang Ya said, “Little Yuhao, the reason your elder brother and I came here, is to kill a Spirit Beast to gain another spirit ring. You should come with us first. After I complete the kill, we will take you to Shrek Academy.”

“Yes, Teacher.” Huo Yuhao quickly responded respectfully.

Tang Ya smiled widely, “Even though you have acknowledged me as your teacher, you don’t need to be this cautious. Tang Clan only has the three of us, it would be boring to be so old-fashioned.”

Beibei said annoyingly, “With a teacher like you, it would be impossible for disciples to be old-fashioned. The day is already late, we need to hurry on. Hopefully we will be lucky and can find a good Spirit Beast in the outer regions of Star Dou Forest.”

“Mm.” Tang Ya nodded. “Let’s go!”

Tang Ya walked in the front and Beibei took Huo Yuhao’s hand in the back. The three accelerated at the same time toward Star Dou Forest.

After obtaining the first spirit ring, Huo Yuhao felt his cultivation increase significantly. With the strengthening of his body, traveling also became much easier. But, compared to Tang Ya and Beibei, his speed was still lacking. Beibei sent a warm flow of Spirit Power through his hand and helped him as they ran. Huo Yuhao didn’t even need to use much of his own energy.

As they ran, Beibei said to Huo Yuhao, “Little brother, our Tang Clan Mysterious Heaven Skill is probably the continent’s best cultivation technique. If you practice with effort, you will be sure to achieve success. I will first tell you the scripture for the skill’s usage. You should remember it well.”

“Okay.” Huo Yuhao nodded and listened carefully to Beibei’s explanation.

Beibei was not only handsome on the outside but also had a warm and meticulous temperament. In order for Huo Yuhao to understand the Mysterious Heaven Skill completely, he explained every little detail with patience. When encountering a detail that Huo Yuhao couldn’t understand, he would go more in depth with his explanation. This allowed Huo Yuhao to quickly understand the miraculous skill.

In the front, Tang Ya kept sticking out her tongue because she was sure that if it were her explaining to Huo Yuhao, she wouldn’t have been able to do such a good job. She was still unqualified to be Tang Clan’s master.

Part 2

Beibei and Huo Yuhao had talked for an hour without knowing.

The wide road had disappeared and they were surrounded by the thick forest. The air became more refreshing but had an imposing pressure from the middle of the forest.

“This is the general direction for cultivation. As for the specifics, you will have to slowly figure them out yourself. If there is anything that you don’t understand, you can come and ask me.” Beibei said to Huo Yuhao.

“Thank you, big brother.” Huo Yuhao’s admiration towards Beibei continued to increase as Beibei explained. Naturally, Huo Yuhao also became more respectful.

Just around this time, Xiao Ya, who was walking in front, suddenly snorted and her footsteps became blurry. In a flash, she rushed towards a big tree on the left. All Huo Yuhao vaguely saw was a trace of flashes of cold light. A wind baboon similar to the one that almost killed him fell down from the treetops.

Xiao Ya said with annoyance: “These wind baboons are the most annoying beasts. Not only do they take the initiative to attack but they try to ambush you.”

Huo Yuhao did not use his Spirit Eyes previously and therefore did not see Xiao Ya’s movements. “Teacher Xiao Ya, what kind of spirit skill did you use?”

Xiao Ya said proudly, “It was not a spirit skill. That was a combination of our Tang Clan Ghost-Shadow Elusive Steps and hidden weapons. Pretty strong, right? If you work hard, you will know it in the future too.”

“Xiao Ya, be careful.” Beibei’s facial expression suddenly changed. His right hand lifted and fiercely made a grabbing motion at Tang Ya. They clearly seemed to have worked together a lot in the past. Tang Ya lightly tapped the ground with her toe. Her body began to float as if she were weightless and being lifted by the attraction from Beibei’s hand.

A pitch black shadow suddenly landed on the ground, producing a *pu* sound. Immediately following, a dense, sweet smell hit their senses.

Huo Yuhao had just started feeling dizzy when a cold air current rushed forth from within his body, blocking his mouth and nose. A mouthful of ice cold mist puffed out of Huo Yuhao’s nose and mouth. The sweet poison gas that he inhaled before was pushed out by this ice cold mist.

*Ice attribute, my second Battle Spirit?* Huo Yuhao immediately thought about the origin of the cold air current. However, the control of the previous cold air current was obviously not from himself.

Just as he was pleasantly surprised from the effect of his second Battle Spirit, Tang Ya had already been pulled closer by the force within Beibei’s palm. She tapped her right hand on Beibei’s shoulder, curling up her body, and with a barrel roll, she landed behind Beibei.

Two rings of light simultaneously rose from below Tang Ya’s feet. The bright yellow rings moved rhythmically up and down. Surprisingly, her two spirit rings were both of the hundred-year level.

Vines rapidly released from Tang Ya’s body. One of them wrapped around Huo Yuhao’s waist and many more dispersed into the distance.

Compared with Tang Ya, Beibei was even more astonishing to Huo Yuhao.

Ever since Huo Yuhao first met them, Beibei had always seemed warm and refined. He alway carried a gentle smile next to Tang Ya, giving off a very approachable feel. However, at this moment, he was completely different.

During the time when Xiao Ya passed from the top of Beibei’s head, a dazzling blue light shone between his eyebrows. Following closely, the blue light immediately expanded from the center of his eyebrows to his whole body. Streaks of blue-purple colored electric current exploded like little snakes, surrounding his body. From the surface, there were not many changes in Beibei. Besides a blue lighting mark on his forehead, there was only one other part of his body that changed from spirit possession.

However, it was that one change alone that gave Huo Yuhao a completely new understanding of Spirit Masters.

What changed was Beibei’s right arm. His right arm swelled up, causing his sleeve to burst and turning it in to ashes. The length of his arm increased by more than a third of a meter. His entire arm became extremely bulky, covered in blue-purple scales. His hand became a claw, covered with the same type of scales. Every joint in his hand also became extremely big and thick. The blue-purple electrical snakes continued to spiral around his arm. Two yellow, one purple; the three spirit rings did not spiral around his body like other normal Spirit Masters. Instead, they revolved around this special mutated arm.

Three rings. A Spirit Elder! He was older by four or five years but was already a Spirit Elder with a level higher than thirty. Also, his spirit rings were of two hundred-years and one thousand-year!

Among spirit rings, white represents tens of years, yellow represents hundreds of years, purple represents thousands of years, and black represents tens of thousands of years. As for the hundred-thousand-year Spirit Beast that once oppressed the Daydream Iceworm, its spirit ring would be red.

Previously, Huo Yuhao had already asked; Beibei and Tang Ya are both only fifteen years old. If considering the month of birth, then Beibei would be slightly older. To be able to become a Spirit Elder at such an age and also obtain three high level spirit rings, it is fitting to describe him as the proud son of heaven. Judging from his cultivation, he had clearly surpassed his teacher,Tang Ya, who was only a rank twenty-plus Spirit Grandmaster.

*Gua Gua*  With the weird noise, the shadow on the ground suddenly bounced up, pouncing straight at Beibei.

Beibei coldly snorted with a flash of purple inside his eyes and waved his strong right arm. Suddenly, the air was covered in a net of lightning, blocking the shadow’s way.

“Ka l” With the sound of thunder, the dark shadow bounced back. Beibei also took a couple of steps back. His facial expression slightly changed. Clearly, the great strength of the opponent had surprised him.

“It’s a Datura Snake. Wow, a thousand-year one too. Amazing! Beibei, I want this one,” shouted Tang Ya with delight rather than shock.

Huo Yuhao had seen the shadow that attacked them clearly this time. It was a three meter long, rose pink snake. There was a small bulge on its head, almost like a flower.

Beibei clearly wasn’t as excited as Tang Ya. He had a serious expression on his face. Although he was already a Spirit Elder, it was still difficult to face a thousand-year Spirit Beast; even account for the fact that his Battle Spirit was very strong. If it were any other Spirit Elder, he would have probably run away at the sight of this thousand-year Spirit Beast.

“Xiao Ya, protect Yuhao.” Beibei growled. At the same time, the first spirit ring on his right arm started to shine. With a strong Spirit Power fluctuation, a thirty centimeter, blue-purple electrical dragon claw condensed and shot out to hit the Datura Snake.

Thunder dragon claw. Beibei’s first spirit skill.

This Datura Snake was especially cunning. He was previously sliding on the ground, but once Beibei started his attack, the snake abruptly leapt up in the air and used its long tail to whip at Beibei with a flash of pink light.

Instead of retreating, Beibei went forward. He leaned forward while using the Ghost-Shadow Elusive Steps and deftly dodged the attack. The Thunder Dragon Claw he released earlier made a turn in midair and attacked the Datura Snake from its back. At the same time, his second spirit ring also began to shine. Numerous electrical snakes magnified, turning into lightning arrows shooting through the air and creating a net of lightning flying towards the Datura Snake.

Part 3

The previous Thunder Dragon Claw was only to make the Datura Snake move. His second spirit skill, Roaring Thunder, forming a big net was the real trap. As long as this electrical net covers the target, the Thunder Dragon Claw can catch up from behind. Even if it couldn’t cause serious damage on the Datura Snake, it could at least take the initiative.

However, the thousand-year Spirit Beast’s strength was not that simple. As soon as he saw the electrical net close on him, a pink mist puffed out of the Datura Snake’s mouth; ten times more dense than previously emitted.

Tang Ya took Huo Yuhao and rapidly backed away in fear of being contaminated even just a little bit. Her face showed worry for the first time.

After the rays from Roaring Thunder got sprayed on by the pink poison cloud, they became as if being showered by water, still powerful yet broken into tiny fragments.

The Datura Snake displayed its fearless side. Its body stiffened in mid air and forcefully hit its entire body onto the electrical net, creating a hole. As he was flying out, he moved his tail. The tip of the tail glowed with pink light, lashing at the Thunder Dragon Claw and shattering Beibei’s spirit ability to pieces.

However, Beibei’s attack wasn’t completely in vain. As one of the strongest Beast Spirits, his attack power within his rank was considered the very best. Although the Datura Snake was tenacious and strong, after breaking two thunder abilities, a layer of thin electrical current still appeared on its body. After falling to the ground, it wasn’t able to launch any more attacks.

Beibei didn’t continue his attacks either. The pink poison gas spread through the air and he was afraid to get poisoned. Just as he was quickly backing off, a bottle appeared in his hand. He took out a medicine pill and threw the bottle to Tang Ya.

Tang Ya caught the bottle, poured out two pills, swallowed one herself and forced the other one into Huo Yuhao’s mouth.

“Beibei, I’ll help you.” Tang Ya said while eating the medicine.

Beibei shooked his head and said: “This guy is very difficult, I’m afraid we would have to be prepared to fight for a long time. There’s probably other Spirit Beasts in the surroundings.Take care of yourself. I can handle him. Also, take care of Yuhao.”

This is the second time Beibei had reminded Tang Ya to take good care of Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao felt warm in his heart. Since birth, besides his mom, it was the first time someone had been this nice to him. He couldn’t help but feel moved.

*I need to help Elder Brother. I am not useless.*

Huo Yuhao quickly stirred up his Spirit Power and infused it into his Spirit Eye. The spirit ability he had just learned flashed through his mind.

In his deep blue eyes, the pale golden glow appeared once again and the jade like white spirit ring rose from below his feet.

From the surface, nothing else seemed to have happened. However, in the next moment, both Beibei and Tang Ya were shocked and they displayed a look of astonishment.

As they were focusing on what was happening, time seemed to have slowed and all the surroundings became clearer. Anywhere they looked, a large amount of information would suddenly appear inside their heads. As Beibei looked at the Datura Snake, the distance between him and the snake would show up in his brain. Even every little power change in the snake’s muscles. All of the details were clearly presented in his brain.

Not only that, they didn’t even need to use their eyes for anything within thirty meters. Everything was shown in their minds; every little detail and change could be instantaneously detected.

This was…

Beibei and Tang Ya both immediately thought of Huo Yuhao. Was this Huo Yuhao’s first spirit ability? How would it be so magical? With the help of such detection ability, it would be easier to face any opponent. Especially for an opponent such as the Datura Snake, who was specialized in speed. For Beibei, who specialized in attack, to be able to read the opponent is probably the most useful support he can get.

A ten-year spirit ring can supply such a strong support ability? This could definitely be called a rare mental variant attribute.

The million-year spirit ring’s first ability, Mental Detection, and the second ability, Mental Sharing.

Both of the spirit abilities were of support type and it was also the first time Huo Yuhao used them. Even though he did not completely understand the two abilities, they still exhibited enormous effects.

With his current strength, the spirit ring provided by the Daydream Iceworm had the Spirit Power equivalent to a four-hundred-year beast. Because of that, Mental Detection and Mental Sharing could both only reach a diameter of thirty meters. However, with his current strength, he can, at most, give aid to three people. Any more than that, his power wouldn’t able to support them.  

Both of these abilities consumed little Spirit Power. However, they do consume quite a bit of mental power. It could be said that he was using both mental and Spirit Power to maintain the use of the two abilities. With his current level of cultivation, he can at least maintain them for a quarter of an hour. The exact maximum time he could maintain will have to be tested out in the future.

A deep explosion sound erupted from Beibei’s body as blue-purple lightning covered his body. The scales on his right arm rapidly spread onto his body, covering his right chest. The aura around him grew exponentially and his purple spirit ring shined brightly.

A thousand-year spirit ring’s ability, Thunder’s Rage.

As the possessor of one of the strongest attack spirits, this third spirit ability immediately increased Beibei’s Spirit Power by more than fifty percent. His lightning attribute increased in power even more dramatically. Although this is not a direct attack ability, it can help Beibei to reach an extremely powerful state. Even some four ring Spirit Ancestors, with weaker Battle Spirits, are no match against him.

Although Beibei is relatively young, he has a lot of battle experience. After receiving support from Huo Yuhao, he knew that now is the chance to attack; especially since he did not know how long Huo Yuhao could maintain his abilities. Because of that, he immediately used his most powerful ability.

Blue-purple electrical lights curled within his right hand that had transformed into a dragon’s claw. An even bigger claw, two times larger to be exact, appeared. This time, however, Beibei did not send it out immediately. Instead, in a flash, he rushed towards the Datura Snake.

The Datura Snake was rather cunning. One thousand years of cultivation had given him a certain level of intelligence. The aura from Beibei’s body gave him a sense of danger. Not wanting to fight anymore, he gushed out another poison cloud towards Beibei and ran away.

“Hmph!” Beibei said coldly. The light in his eyes became profound. A thin layer of broken electrical current shot out from his body to disperse the poison cloud. At the same time, the Thunder Dragon Claw slashed through the air to his left.

Part 4

By this time, the complete power of Huo Yuhao’s mental sensing ability had fully shown itself. WIth his help, Beibei would predict and attack. The moment the Datura Snake jumped up to flee, Beibei had already appeared directly in front of it and released a huge pressure that drew the snake to him. With this powerful suction, the Datura Snake’s momentum had disappeared and flew straight to Beibei.

In front of life and death, the Datura Snake suddenly flared up. A thick, pink light appeared on its head. With a “ssss” sound, the bulging, flower-like obtuse shape on its head suddenly exploded and a pink colored blood arrow flew toward Beibei.

However, Beibei had already reacted before it happened. Just as the flower erupted, his right hand with the Thunder Dragon Claw had already extended and exploded on the body of the Datura snake.

The pink blood arrow had just flown a few centimeters before it was pushed away by the explosion. But Beibei also broke out with cold sweat because the Thunder Dragon Claw he released had touched the pink colored blood and became pink as well. If he couldn’t predict his enemy’s movement to take the initiative and had been touched by that blood arrow, there would have been a bigger problem.

With a flash, Beibei instantly charged forward. This time, the Datura Snake didn’t have any way to oppose him. With Beibei holding it under its head, it still tried to resist by twisting around Beibei but fainted after a shock from Beibei’s Roaring Thunder.

The thousand-year Datura snake had a strong body and a reputation of being as fast as lightning. But after falling into the hands of Beibei, who has a powerful Battle Spirit, its defense became meaningless. Under the power of Roaring Thunder, Beibei’s Dragon Claw suddenly released more power and squeezed the snake’s head so hard that a *kka* sound could be heard. Its bones could shatter at any time.

“Xiao Ya.” Beibei called out softly.

Of course Tang Ya wouldn’t let such a good opportunity go. She quickly came over with Huo Yuhao, and a short blade appeared in her hands. She immediately stabbed it into the snake’s mouth, which Beibei had squeezed open for her, and ended this thousand-year Datura Snake’s life.

Gathering the streaks of lightning around him, Beibei finally let out a breath. A purple spirit ring had also formed on top of the snake’s head.

Tang Ya looked at Beibei with excitement. Beibei nodded toward her, “Start quickly. I can’t believe that we could meet a thousand-year Spirit Beast in such an outer region of Star Dou Forest. The quality of this forest’s Spirit Beasts is really rising higher and higher.”

Tang Ya laughed, “I didn’t think it would go so smoothly either. Protect me now.” As she said this, she quickly sat down in a meditation pose next to the Datura Snake. A translucent blue light shone from her right hand. She lifted her hand and gently tapped the purple spirit ring on top of the Datura Snake. Immediately, the purple spirit ring was absorbed by the blue lights from her hand and merged with her body.

The smile on Tang Ya’s face gradually disappeared. She turned her attention to absorbing the spirit ring. It was then that Huo Yuhao noticed that Tang Ya had already reached the thirtieth rank bottleneck. The reason she and Beibei came to the Star Dou Forest this time must have been to find a suitable third spirit for Tang Ya. However, what exactly is Teacher Xiao Ya’s Battle Spirit? Blue vines?

“Xiao Ya’s Battle Spirit is Blue Silver Grass.” Beibei said gently, almost as if seeing through Huo Yuhao’s confusion.

“Blue Silver Grass? The same skill as mentioned in Tang Clan’s legend?” Huo Yuhao said with astonishment.

Beibei nodded and said:”Ten thousand years ago, the first leader of Tang Clanused the Blue Silver Grass Battle Spirit to forge Tang Clan’s glory. Then, he became a god and left without leaving any descendants. To commemorate him, Tang Clan would always choose people with Blue Silver Grass Battle Spirit when choosing future leaders. In addition, Tang Clan would also put in a lot of effort into cultivating Spirit Masters with Blue Silver Grass spirits. Unfortunately, it was proven that not everyone can use Blue Silver Grass to unleash great power. Ever since the legendary leader left, there has not been a single Blue Silver Grass user that was considered top in the spirit world. However, the tradition still continues. No one is able to change it. Xiao Ya’s talent with Blue Silver Grass is fairly great, hopefully she will be able to have a breakthrough.

Huo Yuhao was somewhat curious:”Big brother, if Tang Clan was really that strong, like in the legends, why did it decay?”

Beibei smiled and said, ”You will understand this question gradually as you study at the Shrek Academy. There were lots of reasons both inside and out. Right now, there’s only us in Tang Clan, which might actually not be a bad thing. At least a lot of restrictions can no longer affect us. However, you, Little Brother, gave me the biggest surprise!”

Of course Huo Yuhao knew Beibei was talking about the spirit ability that he had just used. He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, “I was just experimenting. It’s good if it proved to be of some help.”

Beibei said seriously, “Far more than just a bit of help. I didn’t have much confidence with a thousand-year Spirit Beast as my opponent. If it was not for your magical mental ability’s assistance, I fear that I probably would not have gotten out of the fight in one piece.”

Before, when he was facing the Datura Snake at the most critical moment, he used Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing to predict the Datura Snake’s next move. Not only that, the most important moment was when the Datura Snake burst open its crown at the end.

At that time, in the world of Metal Detection, Beibei clearly felt the Datura Snake’s crown lighting up. He could not have seen that with his bare eyes. Everything came from the Mental Detection. It was because of the ability that he was able to react instantly. Or else, just one drop of that poison blood on him and he would not have made it out of the fight alive.

This also made Beibei realize just how useful Huo Yuhao would be during battles. He conservatively estimated, if Huo Yuhao was there to support him then his battle strength would go up by at least twenty to thirty percent. This is such a phenomenal increase! Especially when this is only Huo Yuhao’s first ability.

Huo Yuhao still had some fear lingering in his heart and said, “The snake we just encountered was really powerful. Older brother, what kind of Spirit Beast was it?”

Beibei answered, “It was a Datura Snake, and they tend to be extremely poisonous. Not only does its poison have a paralysing effect, it can also cause significant neurological damage. The Datura Snake is one of the most terrifying poisonous Spirit Beasts. Its body is extremely tough and cannot be wounded by a regular sword. Only its eyes and mouth are its weak points. However, the Datura Snake always protects these two places really well with its lightning speed. The most frightening thing about the snake is it’s aggressiveness. Once it identifies an enemy, it rarely gives up.”

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