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Part 2

Fan Yu pulled over a chair and sat down facing Huo Yuhao. “You are my direct disciple. How I teach you will be different from other teachers in the academy. It will also be stressful when you are learning with me. After dinner, you must come learn with me for at least an hour before you go back to rest. Is there any problems?”

Huo Yuhao answered without hesitation, “No problem. Teacher, I am not afraid of hard work. I will learn attentively.”

Fan Yu nodded, “Attentive doesn’t need to be said. Show it to me. Let me ask you, what is a Spirit Guidance Device?”

Huo Yuhao paused. His only understanding of spirit guidance devices was from the two previous occasions when he observed them in action here.

Fan Yu wasn’t expecting an answer, so he continued, “Spirit guidance device is a weapon that spirit masters can activate using spirit power. Any spirit guidance device is closely linked to the spirit master’s spirit power. Even mounted spirit weapons, which have the smallest reliance on spirit power is so. Today, I will teach you some foundational knowledge about spirit guidance devices. You must remember them well.”


“We do not know when spirit guidance devices were first created. But its rise came from the collision between the Sun Moon Continent and our Douluo Continent. You should know about the continent’s history. After the collision, war started between the two continents. Even though we obtained victory, the Sun Moon Empire used spirit guidance devices to deal great damages to many empires on our Douluo Continent.”

“How was the Sun Moon Empire able to develop their spirit guidance devices so well? Other than their patient research, the main reason was resource. There are many precious metals on the Sun Moon Continent. It was with these precious metals that they were able to create spirit guidance devices of the best quality. In the last few thousand years, the Sun Moon Continent’s spirit guidance devices have improved to a much greater extent. The current Sun Moon Empire’s spirit guidance weapon squad is actually much those in empires on the former Douluo Continent. The main reason is still resources. Because of resources, the many countries have continued their wars. And during this time, the Sun Moon Empire’s power has continued rising because of spirit guidance devices. If it were not for their lack of peak spirit masters, an all-out war would have started long ago.”

“So, spirit guidance devices are important combat weapons for any empire. It is only because of its requirement for spirit masters to control that it cannot be equipped by the general army. Or else war would be even more fearsome.”

“Our Shrek Academy is the continent’s number one academy. You should know that is referring to our Battle Spirit Division. But our Spirit Guidance Division is not the continent’s greatest.”

To this point, Fan Yu’s eyes suddenly flickered.

“Oh? Not number one? Could it be that the number one spirit guidance academy is in the Sun Moon Empire?” asked Huo Yuhao.

Fan Yu nodded, “You’re right. The number one spirit guidance academy is in the Sun Moon Empire. It is called the Sun Moon Royal Spirit Guidance Master Academy. It specializes in training spirit guidance masters and spirit guidance research. They started early, so they have many precious metal resources and are much more outstanding than us. For example, the mounted spirit guidance device was originally invented by them.”

“We have always chased after their footsteps. We still haven’t caught up. But I believe that this situation will not continue. We have our advantages over them. This advantage is that our talented spirit masters far exceeds theirs.”

“The heavens are fair. At the same time when it provided the Sun Moon Empire with rich resources, it did not give them many genius spirit masters. But our original Douluo Continent empires are different. In the spirit master world, there is a saying that the most powerful spirit guidance device requires the most powerful spirit master to control. And only the most powerful spirit master can create the most powerful spirit guidance device. This is our current path.”

“Next, I will give you a simple explanation between differences in spirit guidance masters and spirit guidance devices.”

“Spirit masters who favor research, construction and use are called spirit guidance masters. Spirit guidance masters are also differentiated by class. But it is not like titles such as Spirit Grandmaster, Spirit Elder, or Spirit Ancestor. There is a direct progression from level one to level ten. Right on, on the entire continent, the highest level spirit guidance master is level nine. There are no level ten spirit guidance masters. Do you know why?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head.

Fan Yu continued, “Spirit guidance masters’ levels are based on their ability to manipulate spirit guidance devices of the same level. You will understand with an example. If you can construct and use suitable spirit guidance weapon for spirit masters of level ten and below, then you are a level one spirit guidance master. If you can construct and use level ten to level twenty spirit master’s spirit guidance devices, then you are a level two spirit guidance master. A level nine spirit guidance master is already a Titled Douluo. As for a level ten spirit guidance master. Their own cultivation must be above level 95.”

“A human’s focus is limited. Spirit master cultivation is extremely difficult. Even the most talented individuals will have to give incalculable effort to become a Titled Douluo, without having to also learn and research. So, spirit guidance masters are common. But high level spirit guidance masters are extremely rare. To my knowledge, there are only three level nine spirit guidance masters in the Sun Moon Empire. And within the Sky Soul Empire, the Dou Ling Empire, and the Star Luo Empire, the highest level spirit guidance spirit master is only eight and a half.”

Huo Yuhao asked with surprise, “There is half a level?”

Fan Yu explained, “The level eight and a half spirit guidance master is in our academy. He is our own Spirit Guidance Division’s dean. His cultivation has reached that of a Titled Douluo, but he cannot create spirit guidance devices powerful enough for only Titled Douluo’s to use. That is why he is eight and a half. In reality, there is not a single level nine spirit guidance master in our three eastern kingdoms. As for level then, with our current spirit guidance device’s rapid development, there has not been a single one. It is another tier for a Titled Douluo to reach a level above 95. There may not be one out of many Titled Douluos, and even less likely for it to be a spirit guidance master.”

“Now you know about spirit guidance master levels. Next is spirit guidance device types. After a few thousand years of development, there are now three main types. Close combat spirit devices, long range spirit devices, and mounted spirit devices.”

“Close combat spirit devices are self-explanatory. It is used for close combats. These devices can use spirit power to enable explosive attacks or defence. Comparatively, few spirit guidance masters use close combat devices. Most spirit guidance masters do not excel at long battles, so they are a bit timid to engage in close combat themselves. Close combat device’s have great power. But against battle spirit masters of a similar level, they will be hard pressed. So, close combat spirit devices tend to be used more by battle spirit division spirit masters. Then, most spirit guidance masters use long range devices.”

“You saw He Caitou’s demonstration the other day. He was using long range spirit guidance devices. Long range spirit guidance devices require more spirit power than close combat ones. But with good use, each device is like an additional spirit ability. It’s destructive force is also powerful. With He Caitou’s current control and use, not even a four ring Spirit Ancestor can have any advantages against him. Those of the same three ring level would be incomparable to him.”

“Lastly, we will talk about mounted spirit guidance weapons. These are hard to use. It has special requirements for both material and use. When using a mounted spirit guidance device, the most complicated part is setting it up. At the same time, it also requires spirit power to activate. They have great power, can attack a long distance away, but also expends the most resource. Also, they have another problem. They cannot lock on a target like long range spirit guidance devices using spirit power. They require the user to have their own ability to aim. This is why I am so interested in your Mental Detection ability.”

“Since spirit guidance devices appeared on the battlefield, our three eastern empire’s advantage over the Sun Moon Empire has almost disappeared. If not for their caution due to our many peak battle spirit masters, they wouldn’t have waited so long. So, mounted spirit guidance devices is the focus of my research. As long as a mounted spirit guidance devices can hit a target accurately, then it will be able to turn the tide in a battle.”

“Other than close combat, long range, and mounted categories, there are also some specifics. Such as offense, defense, support, identification and others. I will teach you more about them in the future. Next is the last step of our foundation lesson. The different parts of a spirit guidance device.”

As he spoke, Fan Yu stood up and retrieved a long metal box. The box was around a foot long and a fist wide. It’s outside was black, top was square shaped and bottom was arced.

Fan Yu fastened this metal box on his own forearm until it was tight. Then, he somehow activated the device, and the black metal started changing.

With a string of mechanic noises, the black metal had completely enclosed his forearm. Three thick, thumb-like metal tubes appeared on top.

“This spirit guidance device is called a Sleeve Cannon. This is the most common within long range devices. It is activated by spirit power. Look.”

Fan Yu raised his hand. Suddenly, three rays of white light shot out of the three metal tubes. Powerful spirit power fluctuations shot far away and directly hit the metal wall, spraying into rings of light.

“The concept behind spirit guidance devices is very simple. It is to change spirit power into a destructive force using a special method. This method is usually compression. And this one uses an engraved circle.”

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