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Part 3

In this situation, he suddenly felt as he started flying. As if he were stepping on the clouds. His warmth suddenly turned to chill….


“Plop!” The warm bed turned into cold floor. He had fallen from the bed. First he hit the side of the bed, then crashed onto the floor. The world turned upside down for Huo Yuhao as he fell heavily with a yell.

But, his painful scream was completely covered by that sharp scream. By the time he gained some clarity, he saw Wang Dong sitting on the bed, tightly holding his covers and looking at himself with killing intent. His eyes were almost like Wu Feng’s from yesterday. As if it would spit out fire.

“What are you doing?” Huo Yuhao put his hand over the injury in his chest and crawled up from the floor.

Wang Dong’s cold voice seemed to be seeping through his teeth as he said one word at a time, “Why, were, you, sleeping, on, my, bed?”

Huo Yuhao blanked, then quickly realized where the problem started. It was obvious that Wang Dong didn’t want to sleep with him. But, he had a good sleep last night, so he was very clear headed today.

“What? How would I know? Wasn’t I fighting with Wu Feng yesterday? Then you kicked me awake.”

“Ah? This time Wang Dong blanked as well. Right! He had fainted after his fight with Wu Feng. Then he just kept sleeping. But, but why was I sleeping next to him? When did I sleep last night?

“Why was I sleeping on your bed?” Huo Yuhao looked at Wang Dong with confusion.

Wang Dong’s face blushed as he said angrily, “It was of course because I was afraid you would catch a cold after your injuries, so I put you on my bed!”

Huo Yuhao rolled his eyes, “Then you kicked me off. What happened there?”

“I….” Wang Dong didn’t think that Huo Yuhao would make the complaint first. This time, he couldn’t clarify it either. He could only remember watching over Huo Yuhao. Then he became tired and fell asleep. But he didn’t remember climbing on the bed! Also, even crawling inside to hug him? This was too embarrassing….

Huo Yuhao looked outside to the sky and turned to ignore Wang Dong. He opened the window. The time was perfect, so he started practicing his Purple Demon Eyes.

Wang Dong sat depressed on the bed. Could it be that after I got sleepy, I subconsciously got on the bed, then fell asleep?

Only this one explanation was reasonable.

I kicked him really hard just then. Is he okay?

As he thought, he also got off the bed and said with embarrassment, “Yuhao, I’m so sorry! I forgot you were sleeping on my bed yesterday. You know my obsession with cleanliness. When I woke up and saw an extra person, I just subconsciously… Please don’t be angry! Do your injuries still hurt?”

Huo Yuhao didn’t respond, but continued to look far into the Eastern sky as he deeply inhaled, then exhaled.

Wang Dong thought he really became angry, so he stood patiently on the side, waiting for Huo Yuhao to finish. Even though he had also entered the Tang Clan, he didn’t start practicing the Tang Clan’s secret techniques with Huo Yuhao yet.

Huo Yuhao retracted his aura as his eyes flickered with purple. The Purple Demon Eyes was his fastest progressing skill within all the techniques. It resonated with his SPirit Eyes, so it improved daily. Since entering the second realm, his Purple Demon Eyes had been improving even faster. This also allowed all four of his spirit abilities to increase in power. This was also related to how his Mental Detection has been able to improve in distance, clarity and understanding.

“What? Still not going to shower?” said Huo Yuhao with annoyance as he started walking out.

“Yuhao, don’t be angry! I really didn’t do it on purpose,” begged Wang Dong.

Huo Yuhao was secretly laughing, but he acted as he was being generous. “It’s okay. It’s not the first time you took out your problem on me. You are a guy. Why do you have to stay so clean? You even have a sweet smell too. My injuries are fine now. Let’s quickly shower, then cultivate a bit before breakfast. We wasted a lot of time last night.”

This disaster was just simply erased by Huo Yuhao. The two of them showered, then changed before heading to breakfast.

After becoming core disciples, everyone had a special badge indicating their status. The background was jade green, encircled by a gold border. Even though Huo Yuhao only had the same treatment as core disciples while not officially being on of them, he still received the same badge. Except, he had to turn it in after the school year finishes.

With this badge, their treatment in the school was obviously different. They were able to eat the best, most nutritious and delicious food. The food even helped their cultivation. Both wolfed down their meal before cultivating for a bit in their dorm and heading to class.

When they walked in, there were already quite a few people there. When they saw Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, the classroom suddenly became silent. Everyone’s gaze was focused on Huo Yuhao, who acted as if nothing had happened.

Huo Yuhao’s gaze fell on Wu Feng’s seat. Wu Feng didn’t come. He calmed walked over to his own seat and sat down. He discovered that many students had a hint of respect within their gazes.

The reality was just so. Yesterday’s battle had shocked every student. Even Dai Huabin was no exception. Class One was undoubtedly the strongest out of the four freshman classes. Within this group, the strongest should obviously be those chosen by the academy to be core disciples.

The one who Huo Yuhao defeated was one of those core disciples! That is to say, his power is not lacking at all. Also, he only had a single ring. What if he had two? Rising from one ring to two rings is much easier than rising from two rings to three rings. By then, wouldn’t he become even more powerful?

Everyone who had looked down upon him for only having a ten year ring had become much more obedient. At least, no one looked at him with disrespect.

Huo Yuhao wanted this result. Even if he lost yesterday, the way he injured Wu Feng would still have shocked most students. He will be studying here for at least six years, maybe even longer. If he bowed down to everyone who treated him badly, then it will affect his heart. How would he be able to cultivate in peace then?

The start bell rang. The two homeroom teachers, Wang Yan and Zhou Yi, walked in.

Zhou Yi’s face looked very calm, but her eyes were as sharp as a blade. She coldly sweeped through. The students from other former classes were fine, but the former Class One students suddenly started shivering. They understood that this perverted teacher was about to explode in anger.

The truth was just so. Yesterday, Wang Yan told Zhou Yi everything and Zhou Yi yelled at him already. Even though Wang Yan’s position in the academy was higher, Zhou Yi didn’t care about such things. After cursing out Wang Yan, she personally visited Huo Yuhao. Only when she saw that he was fine did she leave. Huo Yuhao was still sleeping then.

Wang Yan didn’t walk toward the podium but kept standing near the entrance. Only Zhou Yi walked forward. Her chilly gaze swept through once again. Even those students who weren’t familiar with her quieted down.

Wang Yan had never held a class with Zhou Yi together before. He only heard about her style. But after being cursed at yesterday, he was full of pent up anger. He secretly thought, I have to see for myself how you plan to teach these overly proud students.

“Everyone rise.” Zhou Yi said coldly.

The former Class One students rose as if their chairs were made of burning hot metal. Some of the other students rose quickly, others rose slowly, but all stood up. To them this old woman didn’t have the same authority as Wang Yan. Yesterday, even Wang Yan backed down after agreeing to Wu Feng’s suggestion. What can this old hag do?

Zhou Yi coldly said, “Very good. There is sixty-seven students total. Someone didn’t come. Thirty six students heard my command and stood immediately. The other thirty something students wasted some time. Next I will call out names. Get out of the classroom and stand as a punishment.”

“Huang Chutian.” The first person she called was also receiving the same core disciple treatment as Huo Yuhao.

Huang Chutian blanked, then smiled at her, “Teacher Zhou, you don’t need to be so serious. Didn’t I just stand up a bit more slowly?”

Zhou Yi didn’t waste any words. With a flash, she was in front of Huang Chutian. She grabbed his collars, then threw him directly out the window. After a scream, it became silent. Not only were the students stunned, even Wang Yan was shocked.

“Ye Yulin, Yu Ling, Tang Xiaoxiao, Ouyang Haiya…” Her cold voice called out one name after another. Quickly, more than thirty of the students who stood up slowly were named.

With Huang Chutian’s example, no one dared to object. They each looked at the six spirit rings flashing behind Zhou Yi before walking out of the classroom.

Zhou Yi faintly said, “I want to announce two things. First is class president. The offense type class president will be Wang Dong. The control type class president will be Huo Yuhao. Second, all those who dare to question the teacher’s decision will be expelled.”

“Teacher Zhou, didn’t the class president require an election?” said Dai Huabin suddenly.”

Zhou Yi coldly looked at him, “I just said that those who dare to question the teacher will be expelled. You are a core disciple. I have no authority to expel you. But, I will petition the school to remove you from Class One. Dai Huabin, stand up. Get out.”

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