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Part 1

Huo Yuhao suddenly stood up. His hoarse and determined voice also stated that he didn’t lose yet.

At this moment, the students became quiet again. They stared at Huo Yuhao. No one could imagine what power maintained him to allow him to stand up after suffering such a severe injury from Wu Feng. Was the authority of a class president really so important?

To Huo Yuhao, the position of the class president was unimportant. What did matter was respect. He would never let his respect be belittled by anyone. So, he chose to fight even after suffering the injury.

Wu Feng saw that the red in Huo Yuhao’s eyes seemed to have reduced a bit. But then, his eyes suddenly changed to grey. Wu Feng felt as if a shapeless hand gripped her throat and started suffocating her.

This was the first time she feared Huo Yuhao. No matter how powerful, she was still an eleven year old girl!

Wang Yan paused when he saw Huo Yuhao’s reaction. Then, he quickly retreated a few steps. His heart also started beating very fast because he thought of a possibility. It could be related to an innate body spirit. So, he didn’t stop the match, but instead, focused his attention on Huo Yuhao to observe any changes.

Huo Yuhao really was changing. Just when his eyes were filled with blood, his heart full of determination, and his hatred bubbling up, a sense of clarity suddenly spread within his sea of consciousness. The refreshing breeze covered every inch of his consciousness. At the same time, Daydream suddenly awoke.

Grey. Huo Yuhao’s sea of consciousness suddenly turned grey. At the same time, the grey colored pearl sleeping within his mind disappeared.

That refreshing feeling suppressed Huo Yuhao’s hatred. The gentle breeze also recovered his senses. At the same time, his eyes also turned into that grey color.

“Hatred will cloud your eyes.” The wizened voice suddenly resounded within Huo Yuhao’s mind. Even Daydream heard this voice.

Ten golden balls suddenly brightened at the same time in an effort to purge this grey breeze. But, that grey color seemed to be shapeless. No matter how much Daydream assaulted it using his source energy, it still had no reaction. There wasn’t even a slight reduction.

“Mental power should be used like this.” Huo Yuhao suddenly lost control of his body, but everything was still clear in his mind. Right after, he felt as if his spirit power started flowing. It was still his own power; still the unchanged Mysterious Heaven Power. Then, his grey Spirit Eyes started shining.

Soul Assault was used again. But Huo Yuhao was shocked to discover that when he released it, it’s speed was somewhat slow, as if a snake slowly released its tongue.

But, the formerly ball of Spirit Assault was condensed into the a string as thin as hair. It lightly poked Wu Feng, then quickly pulled back.

In the observing students’ eyes, Huo Yuhao’s eyes violently shined. It wasn’t only a thick grey, but also became crystal clear in an instant. Right after, that grey glow flickered. After that, Wu Feng started screaming.

Wu Feng was already prepared when she felt the previous sense of fear. She had focused spirit power at her head. But, just then, she felt as if a grey colored needle slowly pierced her. She could almost feel a metal needle go through her layers of defense, until it finally, lightly tapped her brain.

Wu Feng’s entire head tilted back with her red hair flowing down. Her eyes suddenly turned grey. Then her entire body heavily fell backward, falling on the floor, fainted.

The match was over. But every Class One student was silent.

Huo Yuhao’s body slightly shook a bit, then the grey in his eyes faded. He managed to recover and straightened his back like a pen. His recovered black eyes sweeped across the students. Then, he slowly walked out of the field, never looking at Wu Feng again.

Wang Yan quickly arrived next to Wu Feng and checked her body. She really did faint, but did not receive any real damage. But, Wang Yan still lifted her to bring her to the clinic.

As he ran, Wang Yan’s heart was filled with fiery emotions. Yes, that was definitely the second awakening of an innate body battle spirit. It definitely was. Or else, how could his eyes have changed color? How could he have won against Wu Feng? Huo Yuhao won. He won. No. It can’t end like this. I must find Elder Xuan. I need to have Elder Xuan pick him.

Huo Yuhao quickly arrived at the resting room. Right before the match finished, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao had rushed over. They met Huo Yuhao right as he got there.

“Yuhao, you were so great.” Xiao Xiao excitedly greeted. Wang Dong seemed to have sensed something and faced Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao looked at him deeply, right after, he collapsed on Wang Dong’s body. Even his breath was burning hot.

Huo Yuhao’s injury was actually much worse than Wu Feng’s. When she attacked him with two spirit abilities, it had severely wounded him. But, he endured and didn’t want to fall in front of other students. He kept a breath inside to maintain himself until he arrived back in the resting room.

Wang Dong tightly held him. With Xiao Xiao’s help, he put Huo Yuhao on his back, then quickly ran out. Yuhao didn’t want others to see him like this. I must complete his wish. This was Wang Dong’s only thought as he rushed toward the dormitory.

Only then did Xiao Xiao realize and quickly followed until they arrived back at the dormitory.

Even though Huo Yuhao’s body fainted, his senses were brought back into his sea of consciousness.

“Old guy, who are you really? Why are you stealing my territory?” accused Daydream furiously.

The grey hadn’t retreated yet, and even countered back against Daydream.

“This old man is stealing your territory? What kind of thing are you? You are just a meaty worm. If this old man didn’t only have a single string of soul left, then you would have become sushi in an instant.” The wizened voice didn’t back off at all.

Daydream angrily responded, “Bullshit. Come if you dare. Let’s see who can destroy who. Don’t think elder brother didn’t realize that you only have this tiny bit of soul left. You barely have any energy. You think you can win against me?”

The wizened voice responded with disdain, “You’re right. This old man is only left with a bit of a soul. But, this old man’s soul is greater than you can ever be. How could you do anything to me? My soul was broken. But even if it was only left with a string, you still cannot fight against me. Think about it. If this old man can slowly recover his soul and memory, what will happen then? I would grab your fat body and slowly use some force. Then bam, you would be crushed; your juices spraying out.”

“You…” Even though Daydream couldn’t outspeak this old man, his ten golden rings continuously vibrated.

“This, what is happening?” Huo Yuhao asked blankly. How did his sea of consciouness become so exciting in such a short time?

The wizened voice was obviously much gentler toward him, “Boy, this old man does not belong to this world. I remember that I died before. But, maybe because my soul energy was too great. The instant I died, I transcended space-time and left this piece of my soul. Then, I arrived at your world. Coincidentally, there was a big worm fusing with you, which created powerful fluctuations that sucked me in. So, my piece of soul entered your sea of consciousness. Don’t worry, I mean you no harm. I fear that I will also be unable to leave you from now on.”

“I only have a small piece of my soul left. It is very weak and requires time to slowly recover all its memories. Before, when you brought out the hatred in your heart, it activated a feeling I was familiar with and awakened me. Even though I don’t remember what had happened before, I can tell you without doubt that you cannot let hatred cloud your eyes. The moment you do something you cannot take back, you will regret it for the rest of your life. It will be impossible to remedy. It seems that something like that had happened to me as well. Fortunately, you are still young and your abilities are not that great. There is still time to gradually resolve your hatred.”

Huo Yuhao’s voice changed, “You are saying that you won’t let me get my revenge?”

The wizened voice faintly said, “Of course not. My meaning is that you shouldn’t become angry. Revenge is fine, but you shouldn’t harm innocents. For example, if the village chief harms you, and you become powerful enough so you kill everyone in the village, then what about those innocent villagers?”

“Hey, Yuhao is my host, he doesn’t need your lectures. Do you think brother is air or something?” Daydream couldn’t take it anymore and yelled out with indignation.

The wizened voice said with much scorn, “Of course you are not air. Just a worm. This old man doesn’t want to bother with you. I will continue recovering my soul. Huo Yuhao, I scanned your memories. There is too much hate gathered up. You must release these hatreds and not let them fester. When my soul has recovered a bit, I will help you. Let me think. I don’t remember anything. Oh…., other than some fuzzy parts, I seem to remember one sentence. Holding the sun and moon, picking at the stars. There is no one in the world like me. Haha, hahahaha.”

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