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Part 1

This time, Huo Yuhao didn’t hold back at all. His palms turned jade-colored as he used Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon.

With only a “pong” sound, Wu Feng’s body was hit five meters away by Huo Yuhao’s attack. This time, there was no way for her to regain her balance as she fell on the ground, becoming a rolling gourd.

Although Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was less than Wu Feng’s, he still had a level seventeen spirit power. He was a truly spirit master. A fully powered Mystic Jade Hands and Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon could not be looked down upon.

When Wu Feng stood up, her slender figure swayed uncontrollable. Then she spat out a mouthful of blood. It was obvious that she got injured.

On the observation decks, every single Class One student were open-mouthed with shock.

Before this match started, who could have thought of a conclusion like this? No one!

Huo Yuhao had almost a complete advantage. Wu Feng didn’t even get a single chance to counterattack.

Dai Huabin was shocked. Zhu Lu was shocked. Xiao Xiao’s eyes widened. Zhou Sichen nervously bit his finger. Cao Jinxuan’s eyes were clear and unmoving from Huo Yuhao.

On the surface, neither side had used spirit abilities. An offensive type spirit master actually lost to a control type spirit master in a contest of brute force. And it was also in the circumstance of a large cultivation difference.

With the Red Dragon battle spirit, Wu Feng’s constitution was much better than Huo Yuhao’s. Be it speed, power, flexibility, everything should be better than Huo Yuhao’s. But, what was her situation?

Her bottom was kicked. Then, she was knocked flying away. She even spat out blood. Even when the Red Dragon battle spirit was activated, her relatively strong defense was broken. How could Huo Yuhao have such power?

In the Freshman Examination, other than Dai Huabin’s trio, Huo Yuhao never demonstrated his Ghost Elusive Steps. He also almost never participated in direct battles, always standing in the back. So, his close-range combat abilities were underestimated. Only now did everyone realize that they were so wrong. Especially students without two spirit rings. They wondered, if they were fighting against Huo Yuhao in close combat, how would they win? Was Wu Feng’s defeat really due to her carelessness?

Wang Dong was also shocked. He thought of many ways that Huo Yuhao could fight against Wu Feng. The only exception was close combat. But, he actually chose to fight at a disadvantage. And won?

The most shocked was Wu Feng herself. She never imagined that Huo Yuhao would fight her like this. Her caution against a mental assault never came, and it even caused her to suffer on the field.

When Huo Yuhao hit her with his palms, she felt as if she was slammed by two metal blocks. Two flexible power also went in. They directly hit her internal organs. Even with her powerful spirit power, she still couldn’t dissolve it in a short time. She couldn’t help but spit out some blood to alleviate the damage. But, her internal organs had been wounded already.

What made Wu Feng even more angry was the kick on her butt. There was enough covering her bones, so it didn’t hurt much. But this happened in front of all the students! Also, she never let a guy touch that place. A weird feeling continuously came from her butt. This was also the reason she staggered after standing up.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you.” Wu Feng angrily shouted. Then she pounced forward like a wild female tiger. This time, she didn’t hold back at all and used her first spirit ability, Dragon Fire.

In all of Class One’s offense type spirit masters, comparing personal enhancement, the first was, of course, Dai Huabin’s thousand year spirit ring White Tiger Vajra. The second was Wu Feng’s two abilities, Dragon Fire and Dragon Fury. They both enhanced her power and had a close-range offensive force. She was definitely good at close combat. If Dai Huabin didn’t use his third spirit ability and they fought directly, even he might not be able to win. But, she just lost to Huo Yuhao and got taken advantage of!

Huo Yuhao still had his eyes closed, but his expression became darker. For him to injure Wu Feng in close combat was already a miracle. He accomplished it using the Tang Clan’s secret arts and his predictive Mental Detection. Another reason was because Wu Feng didn’t use any spirit abilities.

Thick Dragon Fire enveloped her body and burnt everything a feet away. Even before she was there, hot air was already streaming forward. Huo Yuhao was a mental attribute spirit master. His Spirit Eyes battle spirit cannot upgrade his body in anyway. He could predict his opponent’s movements, but could not break their spirit abilities.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t retreat. He knew that he didn’t have many chances in this battle. To have injured his opponent while she was oblivious to his close combat abilities was already an accomplishment. But, he didn’t want to lose. Even if there was the sliver of a chance, he would still fight on.

So, Huo Yuhao didn’t retreat. He used Ghost Elusive Steps to charge forward while enduring the burning temperature.

This time, Wu Feng didn’t jump, but lightly charged toward Huo yuhao. Her left hand went directly forward to hit Huo Yuhao’s chest. Her feet also stood steadily on the ground.

With her qualifications as a core disciple, even if she was emotional, she was not reckless. She was careful after taking a loss.

Facing this attack, Huo Yuhao’s forward charging body suddenly went toward the left to dodge Wu Feng. With a twist of his body, he was on the side of Wu Feng.

Wu Feng’s right leg kicked out at Huo Yuhao like lightning. This movement was extremely fast. It would have hit Huo Yuhao’s chest in an instant.

But who knew, that in that instant, Huo Yuhao’s feet slipped and seemed to fall forward uncontrollable. Wu Feng’s kick only lightly brushed passed. It could still be seen that the front of Huo Yuhao’s shirt was burnt yellow. The hot Dragon Fire also covered his body.

Mental Detection wasn’t all powerful. Huo Yuhao’s speed couldn’t match up to his mental powers. To have come this far was already after expending every effort.

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