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Part 1

Du Weilun was very satisfied with Huo Yuhao’s attitude. He nodded and the ruby on his right hand flashed. A rubber pouch appeared in his hand.

The bag seemed to be a Spirit Guidance Device as well. Its brown colored skin had hints of a pattern. When Huo Yuhao examined it, he could feel slight spirit power fluctuations from it.

Du Weilun said, “Children. For your victories over three Spirit Elder lead teams, and becoming the champions, I petitioned the school to give you a special reward. There is only one prize. It will be up to the three of you to decide who to receive it. This is also the most valuable prize Shrek Academy has ever awarded new students in the last three hundred years. Open and see it for yourselves.” As he spoke, he gave the pouch to Wang Dong.

Wang Dong received it. Since Huo Yuhao could not become a core disciple, he was still feeling a little depressed. His enthusiasm for this prize was a lot tamer, so he unconsciously loosened the string on the pouch.

A glowing yellow ball emerged from inside and slowly floated up in the air as the they stared in shock.

It was a delicate bone, around the size of one’s palm. The surface was covered with a yellow glow. The moment they saw it, they immediately became excited. The thick spirit power had made the air in the office seem sticky. This was the first time they had experienced such a unique feeling.

“This, this is…., spirit bone?” Wang Dong said with shock. Du Weilun had hinted that they would obtain a precious reward, but they could never have imagined it to be a spirit bone. For a spirit master, it is a hundred times more precious than a spirit ring!

A spirit ring will always appear when a spirit beast dies. But a spirit bone will only appear once out of ten thousand instances. The higher the level of the spirit beast, the more likely for a spirit bone to appear. Only a hundred thousand year spirit beast can guarantee a spirit bone upon death.

If a spirit master can obtain a spirit bone, then their power will increase a level. It will give an advantage to spirit masters of any level. In total, a spirit master can own six spirit bones. They are for the head, chest and limbs. Out of these, the most precious is the chest bone. It is the rarest. The second rarest is the head bone. The four limbs bones are relatively less valuable.

Even with these differences, a spirit bone will always be the most precious auction item in any country. There is always a demand but not enough items. To trade for one, the starting price will be at least a hundred thousand gold. In most cases, only other precious items can trade for a spirit bone.

No matter how rich and powerful Shrek Academy is, it would still not have many spirit bones stored away. Only the most talented and outstanding students will be given a spirit bone as a reward. This reward would also imply that the academy has determined this student will create accomplishments and advantages greater than the value of a spirit bone.

Huo Yuhao had a lot of anger buried within his heart, but the moment he saw this reward, all of that anger dissipated. It was not that he wanted to obtain this spirit bone, but he realized the fairness of the academy in this action.

He did not become a core disciple of the Battle Spirit Division, but can this be blamed on the academy? He only had a single ring! There were numerous students who had greater cultivation than he did. And even though he was one of the champions, he was only a fortunate lackey in this team. His first spirit ring was also white. If he were Du Weilun, then would he allow himself to become a core disciple?

With his heart’s knot finally untied, Huo Yuhao’s expression also relaxed. His forced respect became more natural too.

Du Weilun smiled, “You couldn’t imagine this right? Yes. Your reward is a spirit bone. I’m sure you all realize the value of a spirit bone, so we can only reward one. It will require you guys to decide who receives it amongst yourselves. But, be careful not to let this spirit bone affect your friendships. It may be precious, but good teammates are even more valuable. I will now give you guys a simple explanation of this spirit bone.”

“This spirit bone was chosen specially for you guys. Both offense and control types can use it. It is a left leg bone called the Bright Sky Demon Leopard Left Leg. After fusion, it will increase the body’s natural speed. It will also provide an offensive ability used by the left leg. The best part about spirit bones is that the effects are based on the battle spirits they fuse to. It is yours now. I will also give you this pouch. It has the power to hide powerful spirit power fluctuations. You should fuse with it as soon as you get back. The school may be safe, but no one is innocent. Also, make sure you keep this reward a secret. I’m sure you guys will know how to do this.”

After receiving the spirit bone, Du Weilun escorted them to the door. The three students respectfully left the education building.

The moment they left, their steps stopped at the same time. Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao looked at each other. Xiao Xiao said, “Let’s give it to Yuhao.”

Wang Dong nodded, “I agree.”

Both of them looked at Huo Yuhao. Wang Dong had also held out the pouch to him. Comparing strengths, it was unquestionable that Huo Yuhao was the weakest. If he can obtain this left spirit bone, then he will at least have an offensive ability. Adding an increase to speed, it will give Huo Yuhao the power to compete for a position in the core disciples.

But, Huo Yuhao adamantly shook his head. “No, I cannot have this spirit bone. Wang Dong, did you forget ladies first? We should give this spirit bone to Xiao Xiao. This was only our first examination. We will have to expend much more effort in the future. If we perform well, then we will definitely be rewarded another spirit bone. Out of the three of us, only Xiao Xiao is a girl. You guys have already called me leader, so how can a leader take the spoils first?”

Although Huo Yuhao was young, he obviously saw that Du Weilun never intended to give the spirit bone to him. Furthermore, as he said, he was the team leader. How can he favor himself over others?

Xiao Xiao blanked, “Yuhao, you can’t say that. In the competition, you were the most influential. You also need this spirit bone!”

Huo Yuhao smiled, “Xiao Xiao, say no more. I have already decided that I will not take this spirit bone no matter what. Think about it, I will only have a single offensive ability after fusing with this spirit bone. But, because I am a mental attribute spirit master, this extra ability may not be a boon to me. What I need more is to put in more effort, so I can expend a greater power. Having this spirit bone now would make me unconsciously rely on it for offensive. But, you are different. You have dual innate battle spirits. The extra speed will also give you a direct advantage. On the battlefield, it will help you safely control two battle spirits. I had already thought about this carefully. This spirit bone, without a doubt, suits you the most. Ladies first. Don’t be over-courteous.”

Wang Dong looked at Huo Yuhao, then at Xiao Xiao, then said helplessly, “Yuhao, this is favoring beauty for friendship!”

Xiao Xiao laughed, “Oh, you be quiet. You are the beauty to him. I’m the friend. Usually only spirit fusion between a guy and a girl involves hugging together. Yet, you two also hug. Hehe.”

Wang Dong threw the pouch directly at Xiao Xiao, and Xiao Xiao caught it, “Then I will won’t be modest. If our team can obtain another spirit bone in the future, then you two of you can choose.”

As she said this, she stored the spirit bone within her own spirit guided storage device. She was obviously excited.

Wang Dong turned toward Huo Yuhao, “Yuhao, you couldn’t become a core disciple, this…”

Huo Yuhao slightly shook his head, “Say no more. I’m fine. I am over it. Maybe I have the qualifications to become a core disciple if I partner with you guys, but what if it were only me alone? Can I still win? If there is a single opponent with an area wide attack, who pays attention to my Spirit Assault, then without your help, I will have absolutely no chance to win. The academy was fair in not naming me as a core disciple. I will have to try harder to prove myself.”

“That’s right.” A familiar voice that used to scare them was heard. Zhou Yi slowly walked toward them.

“Teacher Zhou.” The trio answered unexpectedly. Didn’t teacher Zhou already go back to the education building with teacher Wang? Why did she appear here?

Zhou Yi gave a grave look at Huo Yuhao, and showed a rarely seen look of admiration and satisfaction, “Yuhao, I came here to find you. Good thing you have already thought through it yourself. Teacher is very happy. You are indeed my student. Oh, and since you have become the best of the freshmen, I also have a reward for you.” As she said this, a silver bracelet spirit guided storage device on her hand flashed and a pouch appeared. She gave it to Huo Yuhao.

What shocked Huo Yuhao’s trio was this pouch actually looked the same as the one Du Weilun had just handed them.

“No way.” The three said at the same time.

Zhou Yi didn’t understand. “No way what?”

Xiao Xiao wordlessly took out the pouch containing the Bright Sky Demon Leopard Leg Bone. Although they needed to keep it a secret from other students, how can they keep it a secret from their own teacher?

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