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Part 4

A straight path was covered by this dreamlike light. The burst of light seemed everlasting and left a distorted brilliance.

The confident Dean Yan Shaozhe had suddenly stood up when Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong embraced each other. His eyes were filled with wonders. The stingy Dean Qian also stood up with him.

Qian Duoduo’s eyes were filled with just as much shock as Yan Shaozhe. He also did not know that Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong had such a trump card! Moreover, that it would appear within the Freshman Examination. Spirit Fusion Ability versus Spirit Fusion Ability. It was a rare sight to behold even for the upper level outer school and the inner school students. At this moment, all they could see was the tri colored light shooting out from the huge vertical eye towards the humongous Nether White Tiger.

In this instance, even the experienced referee was dumbfounded. He didn’t know whether he should interrupt this battle. Both sides were using Spirit Fusion. How could he decide the winner if he doesn’t let the battle play out?

Although he didn’t know what to do, it didn’t mean everyone was clueless. A white shadow appeared, almost unnoticed at the center of the examination area, and appeared perfectly in between the two Spirit Fusions. He used his back to block the Nether White Tiger’s Tiger Palm while facing the brilliant Tri-Colored Light.

A thick white ray shot toward the sky. This illusive light acted as a solid barrier that stopped the two Spirit Fusion Abilities in an instant.

After colliding with the white light, the seemingly powerful Nether White Tiger instantly broke apart. Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu fell on the ground. Too exhausted to even stand up.

On the other side, the brilliant Tri-Colored Light gradually dimmed. The huge Spirit Eye appeared once again. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were still in their embrace. This time, they did not fell to the ground, but rather, they stared in the direction of their blocked Golden Road with their dull eyes.

This person that seemingly appeared out of nowhere to stop the two Battle Fusions using his own body was Shrek Academy’s Battle Spirit Department Director, Du Weilun.

The white light was purely from his spirit energy. Just before the collision, 8 spirit rings rose around his body.

Two yellow, two purple, and four black, the ideal combination. It perfectly represented the true might of a Spirit Douluo.

Du Weilun solved the problem of how one could solve such a violent confrontation. He used his own body to shield both teams from the other’s effect. He would then determine the winner based on the strength of the attacks he felt.

Both of the attacks were Battle Spirit Fusion Abilities and both were last resorts. There was no question that the winner could be determined through Du Weilun’s action.

From the observation deck, most of the teacher didn’t have much of an reaction. Yet, Yan Shaoze and Qian Duoduo in the front row seemed shocked. Because just then, Du Weilun’s body had become a gold statue. Meanwhile, the back of his shirt was ripped by the Nether White Tiger’s attack, showing his bare back with 5 streaks of blood.

The eight rings Spirit Douluo actually took damage? And it was from a couple of three rings freshmen?

This was unbelievable! Even the other teachers began to realize this situation, each stunned in disblief.

Zhou Yi was obviously one of the spectators. Her eyes dimmed as she saw this scene. Although she couldn’t believe something like this could have happened, the Nether White Tiger really did hurt Du Weilun. She knew very well of Du Weilun’s cultivation and therefore could be certain that the injury must be real.

Yan Shaoze’s face was ugly as he turned around toward Qian Duoduo to see him looking back innocently.

“You really didn’t know?” Yan Shaoze asked fiercely in a low voice.  

Qian Duoduo laughed bitterly: “Do I look like I knew? They are students at your Battle Spirit Department! How could I have known? Old Yan, don’t tell me you are going back on your words?”

Yan Shaoqi snorted. He turned around and left the area. In a split second, he disappeared from view.

As his shadow disappeared, Qian Duoduo smiled. Although he didn’t laugh out loud, this facial expression betrayed his happiness.

“Dean Qian, what happened to Dean Yan?” Fan Yu asked with a confused expression as he walked toward Qian Duoduo. Dean Qian should have lost judging by what happened in the battle, but…

Qian Duoduo smiled and said, “Let’s go. I’m a really a good person, so let’s not act too proud. But I must say, you really found a nice seedling this time! Our plan might have to depend on him. I don’t care about what you have to do, but don’t let him become a Core Disciple. You heard my beat with old Yan.”

Fan Yu said quietly, “Dean Qian, are you saying, we won?”

Qian Duoduo laughed and said, “Of course we did. Let’s go.” As he spoke, he also flashed down from the observation deck, gone from the teachers’ view.

In the examination area, the golden color had dissipated from Du Weilun’s body. However, disbelief could be seen on his face. His eyes sparkled with light and stared at the embracing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. He could not believe what had just happened. Yet, the burning pain on this back reminded him the reality that had just happened in front of his eyes.

Dai Huabin stood up slowly and support Zhu Lu. The excited Nine Tailed Fox, Spirit Grandmaster, Cui Yajie, came to their side cheering.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong looked gloomy. Even though they did not see the injury on Du Weilun’s back, they saw their opponent’s reaction and felt that they must have lost. They could not see the results of Golden Road and were confused with this loss. Huo Yuhao felt disappointed that he did not get to have a fair battle with Dai Huabin. He really wanted to see whether their last attack could have conquered their opponents!

As the headmaster, Du Weilun recovered quickly after blanking out for a short period. A bitter smile appeared on his face. He thought to himself, what an embarrassment!

“Very good. You all performed very well,” said Du Weilun. Everyone quieted down and focused their gaze on him.

Du Weilun said quietly, “I am very surprised that you guys were able to cultivate to this extent as freshmen and even used Spirit Fusion Abilities. I have also personally experienced the strength of your techniques.”

As he spoke, he stared coldly at the referee standing nearby. If he had acted, then why would I have needed to reveal my back? The referee shamefully lowered his head, afraid to return Du Weilun’s look.

Du Weilun said, “Now let me announce the winner of this battle. They are…” He stopped for a second and then pointed with his right hand towards Huo Yuhao’s team. “Team Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao, and Huo Yuhao!”

“Boom–” The entire field was in an uproar.

Dai Huabin’s team could not believe what they just heard. Even the teachers were shocked. From their point of view, Dai Huabin’s team must had won due to the injury they had caused. Maybe Director Du was embarrassed and wanted to take revenge? No, that could not be possible. Two deans were present as well, so how could Director Du show favoritism? And, Du Weilun had a reputation of being fair. Ever since he became the director, he had never been wrong.

Not even Huo Yuhao’s team could believe this. They looked at each other and murmured: “We won?”

Wang Dong asked in confusion, “Did Director Du say first place or second place?”

 Huo Yuhao smiled and confidently said, “I think we actually won!”

As the three of them accepted this reality, smiles appeared on their faces. Dai Huabin’s team, however, began to protest. Zhu Lu complained despite her weak body, “Why are they the winners? We should have won!”

Du Weilu turned around and glared at them: “Are you questioning my judgement?”

Zhu Lu was taken back a little by his powerful tone. However, her eyes demanded an answer. Although Dai Huabin didn’t say anything, he also stared directly at Du Weilun with no sense of backing down.

Du Weilun forcefully suppressed the tragedy in this heart and secretly thought to himself: An embarrassment is enough. But now they want me to describe how I was embarrassed! These little bastards.

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