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Part 1

As Huo Yuhao was listening to the Daydream Iceworm’s story, he suddenly had a curious thought. *This name of his… Did he give it to himself because he was sleeping all the time?*

“Even though I couldn’t get out of the ice cave, the feeling that the ten-thousand-year ice essences gave me was wonderful. Afterwards, I decided I might as well not leave at all. I would rather crawl around eating more ten-thousand-year ice essences. Every time I found a cluster of essences to eat, I would take a long nap after. In the end, even I had lost track of how much time I spent sleeping, until the first golden mark appeared on my body.

“A golden mark holds a special significance for us Iceworms. It symbolizes our advancement into the hundred-thousand-year level. In my memory, there had never been a single hundred-thousand-year Iceworm. I was the first in history! At that time, I had evolved into a Golden-tattooed Iceworm. At the same time, I had gained the strength to break out of the ice. I didn’t know then, that a hundred thousand years was the highest limit for a Spirit Beast. It is nearly impossible to cultivate further. Maybe it was my fortune plus the natural deficiency in the fighting strength of us Iceworms but no misfortune befell me. *Cough cough* Um… After sleeping so much, I was too lazy to go outside. I might as well just continue sleeping in the ice cave. Because my cultivation was higher, I could go to places I couldn’t reach before. This led me to find even more valuable ice essences which ended up becoming my food.

“Like this, I would eat, then sleep. Sleep, then eat. I didn’t know how much time had passed. The only way I could count my age was by the number of golden marks on my body.

“Finally came the day when I finished all of the ice essences. I crawled out of the cave and into the ocean. I floated with the ocean waves toward the continent in the south. During this time, I met my first enemy.

“By then, I already had nine golden marks and was a powerful nine hundred thousand  year old Spirit Beast. I had originally thought that I would be unrivaled in the world. But…”

Arriving at this point, The Daydream Iceworm seemed a little embarrassed. “But, other than sleeping, I don’t really know how to do anything else and I don’t know how to fight. In the end, I used my powerful mental energy to scare the enemy away. After this, I started being more careful. I tried to practice a few attacking skills. But, I discovered that the length of cultivation doesn’t actually represent the power an individual has. I am a million-year Spirit Beast, but my battle power couldn’t even compare to some ten-thousand-year Spirit Beasts. I had no chance of winning against hundred-thousand-year Spirit Beasts who favored battles. The world outside is too dangerous. Unfortunately, I could no longer find my way back.

“Since the ocean was so dangerous, maybe land would be a bit safer. So, I stepped onto the continent. But I discovered that the continent isn’t safe either. Perhaps it was because of the ice essences I absorbed, my body gave off a unique scent that can draw every Spirit Beast’s attention. It also made them think that I was food.

“In the end, I got caught by a powerful hundred-thousand-year Spirit Beast from Star Dou Forest. Thankfully, he did not kill me immediately but brought me back to the forest. It turns out that I had too much of the heaven and earth’s spirit. If he could absorb all of this, he would have been able to evolve. Basically, any Spirit Beast could become a ten-thousand-year Spirit Beast if they can absorb my power and transform. Furthermore, ten-thousand-year Spirit Beasts could use my power to overcome the limit for cultivation. However, because the power of my million years of cultivation was too vast, it would take a very long time to absorb. This was the reason he took me back to his nest.

“However, that guy underestimated my strength. Even though I am not good at battles, I could increase the strength of my scent. So I drew every single ten-thousand-year Spirit Beast in Star Dou Forest to me. Hehe.”

“That chaotic battle included nearly every single Spirit Beast in the forest above ten thousand years of cultivation. They were fighting so tragically. I thought I had finally gained a chance to escape. But who would have known that they were very cunning and suddenly stopped in the middle of the fight to negotiate. Their final decision was to absorb my powers together since I had an enormous Spirit Power anyway. After that, they imprisoned me in the heart of the forest and forced me to release my essence for their absorption. The stronger Spirit Beasts were closest to me and benefited the most. Those bastards actually made Ge their food.

“Ai. Without a way to resist, I could only let them do as they pleased. As I was being oppressed by them, I was also thinking of ways to escape their control. My essence was very pure and could take them ten thousand years to finish. After a few thousand years of thinking and observation, I found that not only would I have to escape, I would have to hide my scent. You humans gradually appeared in my line of sight. There were a few times that powerful humans came into the forest to kill those hundred-thousand-year Spirit Beasts. Unfortunately, they ended tragically. Under Ge’s influence, the high level Spirit Beasts within Star Dou Forest became Douluo Continent’s strongest group of Spirit Beasts. Even though humans had powerful weapons, they still couldn’t win. However, this also made me realize mankind’s value.

“Ge is a mental and ice, dual attribute Spirit Beast. After some careful consideration, I decided to become a human’s spirit ring. This way, that human would become even more powerful. Given my mental attribute, I could also retain my consciousness and become mankind’s first intelligent spirit ring. Hehe. After that, Ge will get his revenge by helping the human kill all those bastards who hurt Ge. So, I began trying. Who would have known that the first time would be a failure. I think the guy I chose was someone you humans called a Title Douluo. His powers were very strong but was still garbage. He actually exploded when I tried to enter him. He didn’t even see my true body. He couldn’t bear the mental power I tried to infuse. After this I discovered that becoming my host is no simple matter. First, the person will need to have a mental attribute. Then, he will have to have the capacity to withstand my Spirit Power. This last part was the hardest. So, I searched for a few thousand years without any success. My Spirit Power had almost been squeezed dry. Ge was about to die.

“But the heavens still cared for Ge. Just as I had given up hope, the tenth golden mark appeared. I had finally become history’s first million year old Spirit Beast. With the tenth golden mark, I finally had the power to resist against those hundred-thousand-year, battle type Spirit Beasts. I also developed the ability to hide my scent. With this evolution, I gave myself a new name: Daydream Iceworm. Even with this, I still couldn’t fight against so many hundred-thousand-year Spirit Beasts. Furthermore, too much of my essence had already been lost. The only thing I had left was the most valuable innate Spirit Power which consisted of my two main attributes they had not absorbed. It is already impossible for me to obtain revenge. So, I found an opportunity and used my new strength to escape.”

Part 2

“Ai-” The Daydream Iceworm said, “Unfortunately, Ge is still a tragedy. The one million years breakthrough is actually a double-edged sword. Although I was barely able to get away from their control, my natural life span was reaching its end from god’s punishment. If I couldn’t find another way to survive, my life would have been exhausted in the near future. Just at this time, Ge met you. Even though you are weak and pitiful, Ge had no other choice. At least you are still of the mental attribute. So, Ge could only overcome some challenges to fuse with you. No matter what, those bastards will never be able to obtain Ge’s most precious thing.”

Listening to Daydream Iceworm’s story, Huo Yuhao had long forgotten his fear. He said furiously: ”That’s outrageous! How could they have imprisoned you for nearly ten thousand years?”

The Daydream Iceworm joined in angrily: “Exactly. Although Ge is pretty cute, handsome, and powerful, they still can’t use me as food! At least this time, I finally escaped and didn’t let them get to my body. Huo Yuhao, even though you are a bit too young and your ability is a bit too weak, you are pure-hearted. When you become stronger in the future, you must take revenge for Ge! Didn’t they depend on my Spirit Power to evolve? Well, in the future, turn them all into spirit rings and spirit bones. Hmph!”

“Okay. When I get older, I will definitely get your revenge.” Huo Yuhao answered without hesitation. The relationship between a man and a beast thus became even closer from this somewhat odd yet magical story.

In fact, although this Daydream Iceworm had already lived for a million years, he never came into contact with many Spirit Beasts. Even though his intelligence is on par with humans, he does not know the evil within men. If a human was in his situation, he would never have so easily told someone about his past. It was such a fortune for him to have chosen someone as pure as Huo Yuhao.

“Daydream Ge, I still don’t quite understand. You are so strong that you have to bind your own power to become my spirit ring. Why did you do this? How does it work?  Will you still be able to provide me with a spirit ability?” After losing his fear, Huo Yuhao had many more questions.

The Daydream Iceworm gave a laugh. “Of course Ge will have a way. I had thought about this for many years so I already have a plan. After the previous event when the human exploded, I understood that to obtain your help, I will need to ensure your safety first. I don’t have a way out anymore. If you die, it would be over for me as well. Most of my original Spirit Power had already been absorbed by those Spirit Beasts in the forest. Or else, you would not be able to withstand it even if I bind myself. Most of the Spirit Power I infused into you is from my innate ice power and mental power. You have seen those ten globes. They are the ten layers of seals I have set up. From another perspective, it can also be said to be the first spirit ring power that I am granting you. You just are not able to use it right now.

“In other words, although your first spirit ring is a million-year, it doesn’t have the power of a one million years old spirit ring. As you progress in your training, The seals inside your body will be gradually lifted, and therefore, your spirit ring will also get stronger. It can even strengthen the power of the spirit rings you acquire later on. After all, the million years of power that I stored is too much for you right now.”

Huo Yuhao blinked and said: “I still don’t really understand.”

The Daydream Iceworm said annoyedly: “Idiot. Let me say this even more simply. You now possess the first spirit ring, which can only contain the power of a four hundred years old Spirit Beast. So, the actual power of your first spirit ring is therefore four hundred years. After your have another breakthrough and you can bear a thousand-year spirit ring, your first spirit ring will become a thousand-year spirit ring. Your spirit ring will adjust based on the level your body can handle. To put it in other words, your first spirit ring can evolve anytime. And the spirit rings you obtain in the future will be the same. Of course, what I can give you in terms of evolution is limited. The more powerful your other obtained spirited rings are, the more I can save of my own energy. With the amount of energy I have sealed within you, you can have ten spirit rings, each with a hundred thousand years of power.”

“What? That much? Isn’t nine the maximum number of spirit rings a Spirit Master can possess?” asked Huo Yuhao with great surprise.

The Daydream Iceworm coldly snorted and chided, “That is for common humans. With Ge’s help, you are not longer common. A single Battle Spirit can only absorb nine spirit rings. However, you no longer have a single Battle Spirit. If you kill a hundred-thousand-year Spirit Beast, you will definitely obtain a spirit bone and a hundred-thousand-year spirit ring with two spirit abilities. You should know this much.”

Huo Yuhao nodded.

The Daydream Iceworm continued, “As a million-year spirit ring, and furthermore, an intelligent spirit ring, of course I would be much stronger than that. The spirit ring I have turned into will not only evolve with your body’s limit but will also present you with four spirit abilities. Even though I cannot give you a spirit bone, I can give you another Battle Spirit.”

Although Huo Yuhao had already guessed that the million-year spirit ring would give him many benefits, he had never imagined to such an extent. A spirit ring that can evolve infinitely was already a pleasant surprise. But the greater surprise was four spirit abilities plus a Battle Spirit. What kind of concept is this?

The four spirit abilities all came from the same spirit ring. In that case, their powers will increase along with the ring’s evolution. They are abilities that he can keep using! To add another Battle Spirit can only be described as a miracle. It meant that the Huo Yuhao who only had spirit eyes just became a dual Battle Spirit genius. To add a Battle Spirit also meant the ability to obtain another nine spirit rings, which means another nine spirit abilities as well. This kind of benefit is impossible for a hundred-thousand-year spirit ring to even compare to. Even though he is still weak after gaining all these benefits, he only had to raise them little by little. A door had been opened for the less than common Huo Yuhao to have limitless possibilities.

“The Battle Spirit I granted you is ice attribute, but it does not have a spirit yet,” said the Daydream Iceworm as he dragged Huo Yuhao out of his happiness.

“Ice without a spirit? What is that?” said Huo Yuhao with a confused expression.

“It means that the Battle Spirit I granted you only has an attribute but no physical form. Your Battle Spirit will take form when you absorb the first ice attribute spirit ring. Your second Battle Spirit will be whichever Spirit Beast you absorb your spirit ring from. This means that your second Battle Spirit will definitely be a beast type Battle Spirit. You don’t need to worry about this. I have already planned this out. Your present cultivation is not enough. When your strength has increased a bit, I will take you to complete the addition of your first ice attribute spirit ring. Now you understand why I said the strength I can give you through your spirit ring is not enough. Because of this, you must be careful when you select your next spirit ring. You need to listen to my advice.”

Part 3

“Ok.” Huo Yuhao answered with excitement, “so what are my four spirit abilities?”

“Well…”, the Daydream Iceworm said, “That is up to you to figure out. What you can comprehend by yourself will always be much clearer than if I simply tell you. Anyways, don’t be too happy too soon. I did grant you four spirit abilities, and they are all of the mental attribute. I also sealed an enormous energy inside you. However, there are a couple of points for you to remember. First, what I sealed within you can only help you upgrade a spirit ring’s level and its power. It cannot help you cultivate your own Spirit Power. Second, the four spirit abilities I granted you will all be support types because of my abilities. They don’t have much firepower. Because of this, you are still weak. You still have far to go to become strong. Do you understand?”

“I understand. My mom taught me before that no man can take a single step and be in heaven. The only way is to go one step at a time through one’s own effort. Only then can you be the best. Brother Daydream, don’t worry. I will definitely work hard.”

“That’s good. But, your current qualification is a little too bad. Ai…, we need to find an opportunity to get you some miraculous supplements. Your Spirit Eye is a variant spirit. By itself, it is quite good, but it affected your body negatively during the variation process. Your meridians narrowed and slowed; making cultivation very difficult. Just take it slow, no need to rush. Oh, also, there is an important thing I have to tell you.

“Do you see that grey ball up there?”

“Yes I do. Is that also your power?” Huo Yuhao answered.

“No. I don’t know what that is either. When I was infusing myself into your body, there was some kind of change as if drawn forward by my mental power. That grey ball is a shred of a soul. It doesn’t seem to belong to our world. I don’t know where it came from. However, even though this shred of soul is very weak, it’s quality is high. Even I cannot do anything about it. But, it doesn’t seem to hold any ill intent. It probably sunk into slumber. There is the chance that it may never wake up in your lifetime but there is also the chance that it can cause you trouble. Don’t worry for now since it is not moving. If it really tries to hurt you, I will protect you with no problems.

“Okay. It’s time for you to go. There are two humans out there waiting for you. It doesn’t seem like they want to harm you.”


“Why is he still not waking up!” Tang Ya slapped Huo Yuhao’s face softly and turned to Beibei with a questioning look.

Beibei smiled warmly, “His breathing is very stable. His Spirit Power is also normal; even vigorous. If I have guessed correctly then he had just broken through Spirit Scholar to become a Spirit Master. His body will need time to assimilate this energy, then readjust this new gained power. Of course it will take some time. Too bad it was only a ten-year Wind Baboon.”

Tang Ya snorted, “How is that unfortunate. It’s normal to have a weak first spirit ring. The fact that he killed the wind baboon himself is already admirable.”

Beibei laughed, “Looks like to get a woman’s heart, one needs to get her stomach first. Even easier when your heart and stomach are linked.”

Tang Ya’s face turned red, “Bah! You’re the one with heart and stomach connected. No respect. Don’t forget, I am still your teacher.”

Beibei didn’t give a retort but smiled warmly while watching her.

“Mmm…” A sound suddenly came from Huo Yuhao’s mouth as he slowly opened his hazy eyes.

“Little Yuhao, you finally woke up. You really got me worried.” Said Tang Ya as she saw his eyes widen with surprise.

Huo Yuhao could only feel chaos within his mind. After calming down a bit, the conversation with the Daydream Iceworm became more clear. He unknowingly said to himself, “I really am not dreaming?”

Tang Ya laughed and pinched his arm. Huo Yuhao suddenly felt a pain, “Sister Xiao Ya, what are you doing?”

Tang Ya smiled, “I was helping you test whether or not you’re in a dream. So? More clear-headed now? You were really brave to head to Star Dou Forest alone.”

Huo Yuhao scratched his head with embarrassment. After meeting the wind baboon, he had finally realized how weak he was. But he quickly recovered with an eager attitude. He jumped up from the ground and circulated his Spirit Power.

Huo Yuhao was shocked by what he had just discovered.

The Spirit Power that had hit a bottleneck before had a qualitative change. Even his body strength had increased a little. As his power smoothly flowed out, Huo Yuhao could see everything with extra clarity. There were even signs of new abilities appearing in his mind. He really did gain four new spirit abilities! That means Daydream Ge really exists. Everything was real! I actually have a million-year spirit ring!!

Only now could Huo Yuhao believe that everything he experienced was real. The joy in his heart couldn’t help but flow out as he yelled, “I succeeded!!!!!!!!!!!”

Beibei and Tang Ya saw that a white ring had risen from Huo Yuhao’s feet, slowly to his his head and hovered rhythmically.  This was the first spirit ring.

Beibei subconsciously thought, *It really is a ten-year spirit ring.* However, he held some suspicion in his heart. Why does the white color on Huo Yuhao’s spirit ring have a crystal clear feel to it? It seems different from ordinary ten-year spirit rings. Could it be that the wind baboon had a higher cultivation? How could he have known that a million-year spirit ring is also white?

What changed was not only his spirit ring but also his eyes. There is a layer of pale gold sparkling within his deep blue eyes. Beibei and Tang Ya could feel a spirit energy fluctuating within his eyes, making them dizzy.

Previously, the Daydream Iceworm had emitted a strong mental wave that had made them momentarily lose their mind. However, because there was such a big difference in power between them and the Daydream Iceworm, they weren’t able to detect it at all. But now, since Huo Yuhao is so close, things were different. The mental wave released by his eyes surprised both of them.

“A mental attribute Battle Spirit? And it fused with a wind baboon for its first spirit ring? The usually calm Beibei couldn’t help but become flustered. According to his knowledge of Spirit Masters, this should be impossible! But the reality is right in front of him.

The pale golden glow quickly disappeared within Huo Yuhao’s eyes. He also regained his senses and jumped with excitement, “Succeeded! I really succeeded! I am a Spirit Master now!”

Beibei and Tang Ya glanced at each other and saw the other’s astonishment. Tang Ya couldn’t help but ask, “Little Yuhao, could it be that your Battle Spirit is of the mental attribute? I just felt an intense mental wave.”

Huo Yuhao finally regained his sense and said with embarrassment, “Yes! My Battle Spirit is Spirit Eyes. It is a variant Battle Spirit of the mental attribute.”

Tang Ya’s eyes brightened, “Spirit Eyes? A Body Battle Spirit? Amazing.”

Part 4

Beibei clearly realized something, nodded his head and said: “ Who would have thought. Unfortunately, we have come too late. If not, we might have helped little brother Huo find an even better Spirit Beast to absorb.”

At the moment, Huo Yuhao regained his conscience from all the excitement. Although he was young, his experience from his childhood made him more vigilant. He could immediately guess that Beibei and Tang Ya assumed that he had absorbed the baboon as his first spirit ring. Although he didn’t understand why the milion years old spirit ring was also white, it was, without doubt, the best cover for now. Naturally, he didn’t need to give any explanation.

“Brother Bei, Sister Ya, did you guys come after me? Is there anything you need?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Tang Ya said angrily: “Originally it was only a guess that you would go into Star Dou Forest by yourself. Who would have thought it’s true?! You are way too bold! Don’t you know that Star Dou Forest has the reputation of being a forbidden zone for humans? Even some highly cultivated Spirit Masters don’t dare go into its depth. A little guy like you must have a teacher accompanying you to go in. We ran here to protect you. We are also Spirit Masters. However, your fortune was pretty good. Although your first spirit ring’s power isn’t too strong, at least you didn’t get hurt.”

Hearing her say this, Huo Yuhao’s heart suddenly felt warm. Even though he was young, he had seen way too much hardship. He could see the sincerity in Tang Ya’s eyes.

“Sister Ya, I….” Huo Youhao almost told her about the story of Daydream Iceworm on an impulse. However, at that moment, he heard a coughing sound in his mind. A slight trace of cold air rushed forward and suddenly, he swallowed the rest of his sentence.

Tang Ya started giggling and said: “Look at your silly self. Ok, I’ll stop teasing you. LIttle Yuhao, now that you have obtained your first spirit ring, what do you plan to do next?”

Huo Yuhao blanked out for a second. Yeah, what are my plans now? Before arriving at Star Dou Forest, his goal had always been to become a Spirit Master and obtain his own spirit ring. The difference between Spirit Scholars and Spirit Masters is worlds apart. Becoming a Spirit Master means walking through a large gate, the whole world now open to him. However, he had never really thought about what to do in the future. After all, he’s only eleven and this was his first time leaving home.

Seeing the confusion in his eyes, Tang Ya secretly felt happy in her heart and glanced at Beibei.

Beibei nodded at her and said: “Little Brother Huo, do you still have any family?”

Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly froze, and then shook his head firmly. “There’s no one else, I’m the only one left.”

Tang Ya blurted out with joy: “That’s great!”

Huo Yuhao was stunned. Beibei was speechless and tapped Tang Ya on the head, “What are you saying?”

Tang Ya realized her mistake, glared at BeiBei and said: “I didn’t do it on purpose. Little Yuhao, since you have no plan, why not join our clan?”

“Clan?” Huo Yuhao has heard about the clans before in Duke’s Estate. On the Douluo continent, clans had great influence, especially the ones with long histories. In a sense, Duke’s Estate itself could be considered a big clan.

Tang Ya nodded her head seriously and said, “Yes, a clan. Our clan used to be number one on the continent. You wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if you join. Also, our clan’s secret skill suites you really well. You are all alone and young. If you join our clan, we can take care of each other. That is at least better than you living by yourself. After all, luck can’t always be on your side. What if you have an accident when you are all alone?

Huo Yuhao asked without thinking, “Sister Xiao Ya, then what is your clan called?”

Tang Ya said with pride, “Tang Clan. Formerly, the greatest clan on the continent.”

Hearing the words Tang Clan, Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but be shocked. Even though Tang Clanhas greatly deteriorated, it still held great significance in the continent’s history. It could be said that no other clan can even compare to it.”

When he was very young, his mother had told him about Tang Clan’s legends. Tang Clan was founded ten thousand years ago; you can say that it is one of the oldest clans. It is said the first Tang leader, Tang San, once altered the organization of the entire continent. He also determined development paths for all Spirit Masters. The Tang Clan of that time was undeniably the world’s best. Also, in legends, Tang San even broke through the highest boundary of the Spirit Master, Titled Doulou, creating a new level and becoming immortal. But, ultimately, no one knows how he did this.

After ten thousand years, Tang Clan’s legends are still being told, even though the clan itself had already left the stage of history. Very few know that Tang Clan still had descendants. Even the details from legends about Tangman have become vague. However, someone once said in the past, if Tang San didn’t lay down the foundations for Spirit Master development; then when the Sun-Moon continent collided four thousand years ago, Doulou continent might not have been able to win against the Sun-Moon continent and unify the land.

“Little Brother Huo, you’ve heard of Tang Clan right? “ Beibei asked.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “I have heard some of Tang Clan’s legends. I just don’t know where Tang Clan is actually located”.

Tang Ya’s eyes suddenly reddened, “Tang Clan has no base anymore. Our ground was seized. Right now, the only people left in Tang Clan are Beibei and me. I am the current master, and Beibei is my first disciple.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao stared at them with shock. By their age, Tang Ya doesn’t seem to be much older than Beibei. It was also hard to see from their conversations that they are master and disciple.

Beibei coughed two times and said: “You know the situation now, Little Brother Huo. Right now, there’s only me and Xiao Ya in Tang Clan. However, we will try our best to make Tang Clan great again. If you want, we welcome you to join. What Xiao Ya said is not wrong, Tang Clan has a secret skill that really suits your cultivation. It would be great for you future growth.”

Huo Yuhao hesitated for a bit and said, “ After I join the Tang Clan, what do I have to do?”

Tang Ya answered: “We need you to continue to strengthen yourself and become more powerful. When our clan needs you, you will do your best for the clan. I am not going to boast and lie to you. Our clan has declined, but our skills still exist. Also, since Tang Clan was once the best clan on the continent, we still have special rights. You have heard of the number one academy on the continent, Shrek Academy, right? Shrek Academy is very strict on their enrollment. However, they give Tang Clan a free spot every year. Beibei and I are both enrolled in Shrek Academy. There is an empty spot this year. If you are willing to join our Tang Clan, this spot is yours. However, whether or not you can stay will depend on your own efforts. I can only give you this much. But, I have a request. If you join Tang Clan, then you belong to Tang Clan. If there is a day you want to leave, you will have to return all of our secret skills.”

Tang Clan, Tang Clan. Huo Yuhao’s eyes gradually brightened. He looked at Tang Ya with sincerity and responded, “Sister Xiao Ya, I promise you. I am willing to join Tang Clan.”

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