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Shrek Academy’s teachers had seen many geniuses, but those who were obsessed with victory and able to retain this belief like Xiao Xiao and Wang Dong, were still too rare.

The outer school Battle Spirit Division director, Du Weilun, was a bit sluggish as he stood beside Zhou Yi, “Teacher Zhou, congratulations for creating two great students. Tell me their names. I believe they have the qualifications to become core students of the outer school.”

Just then did Zhou Yi finally react and quickly reported, “Director Du, there is also Huo Yuhao. He is actually the team’s core and leader.”

Du Weilun was surprised for a moment before shaking his head, “Only one ring. Too weak. He should be one of the rarely seen mental attribute spirit master. Haven’t you considered how few mental attribute spirit beasts there are?” After saying this, he left the platform.

As the Battle Spirit Division’s education director, not only was he powerful, but also cunning. Of course he would be able to tell that Huo Yuhao played an important role in the competition by giving Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao a nearly mad spirit. However, as the education director, his responsibility was too heavy. He couldn’t use only personality and leadership ability to assign someone as a core disciple.

Zhou Yi was shocked after hearing Du Weilun’s words. Right! She had neglected the fact that Huo Yuhao may have a powerful first ring skill, but he was still a mental attribute spirit master. Mental attribute spirit beasts were too rare. Powerful ones were even rarer. Under these circumstances, it would be improbable for Huo Yuhao to ever become a powerful spirit master.

“No problem. If the Battle Spirit Division doesn’t want him, then our Spirit Guidance Division will take him.” Fan Yu patted her arm with sparkles in his eyes. “Powerful mental attribute spirit beasts may not be easy to find, but common ones should still be possible. As long as he has enough spirit power, even if he only has that first ring spirit ability, he will still be able to become an outstanding Spirit Guidance student. I want this core disciple.”

Zhou Yi didn’t have the slightest bit of coldness in front of Fan Yu, “No, now is not the time. As long as you have the heart, then please wait three years. Since Huo Yuhao came because of the Tang Clan’s recommendation, he should be a self-taught spirit master. That is why he only has a ten year spirit ring. When in class, he is always the most focused one. Even though he started a step late, he is the most hardworking and focused student I have ever seen. His foundation is not strong enough so I want to continue by his side to guide him. Three years should be enough time to teach him all the basics. With his current efforts, by that time, he should have at least the cultivation of a three ring spirit master. After breaking through three rings, he will have a bright future. He can become one of your core disciples then.”

Fan Yu smiled, “I can see how much you like this child. Since you already have plans for him, I’ll listen to you. Bring him to see me after the Freshman Examination. I’ll first let him minor in Spirit Guidance. This way, I can also see if he has any talent for it or not.”

“Okay.” Zhou Yi nodded, “I’ll go check Xiao Xiao and Wang Dong’s conditions. Fan Yu, I bet that the Battle Spirit Division will one day regret not taking Huo Yuhao as a core disciple.”

Fan Yu responded, “Then let us wait and see.”

Wang Dong’s condition was good. He just used too much power. More importantly, he still had Huo Yuhao as a Spirit Fusion partner. The moment Huo Yuhao hugged him, spirit power would naturally flow into his body to quickly replenish his spirit power. With the aid of their HaoDong power fusion, Wang Dong was able to wake up in less than ten minutes.

However, Xiao Xiao’s condition was not very good. Her use of Weighing the Country not only required enough spirit power but also required extreme control. Under normal conditions, she would have only been able to use it once to shock the opponent away and cause a daze. It’s force was more than two spirit skills. But, she didn’t use it this way before. Her Weighing the Country was absorbed by Xie Huanyue to hold off for a longer time. Xie Huanyue’s defense was too strong and Xiao Xiao was afraid of him charging back if he were to be bounced away again.

So, Xiao Xiao not only used spirit power but also mental power. At the end of the match, she sank into a deep coma.

Good thing this was within Shrek Academy. They never lacked medicine. After taking the medicine, Xiao Xiao went into a deep sleep. According to her healing teacher, she would need to rest for at least a day and a night without any interruptions. Only with the medicine’s aid would she come out without any lingering damages. That means, to be safe, Xiao Xiao wouldn’t be able to participate in today’s afternoon match and tomorrow mornings match.

Zhou Yi personally escorted Xiao Xiao back to the dormitory. Hu Yuhao also carried the weakened Wang Dong back to their own room.

“Wang Dong, let’s abandon our match this afternoon.” Huo Yuhao said after seeing Wang Dong’s pale face.

“No way.” Wang Dong knew Huo Yuhao was worried about his body’s condition. But, his fighting spirit was at the highest it had ever been and, since young, he had never been this serious about anything else.

“Yuhao, I know you are worried about me. But, we need to continue our matches. If we give up like this, what will we tell Xiao Xiao later? Even though Xiao Xiao is in a coma, there is still us. We have our HaoDong power. We will fight for Xiao Xiao this afternoon and wait for her to come back.”

Having seen Wang Dong’s determination, Huo Yuhao’s heart was filled with emotions. True feelings could only be seen in difficult times. The relationship between the three of them had become much closer since the last few matches. This was no longer the friendship between classmates but love between brothers in arms. Even though this was not a battlefield, they had already started treating the competition as a battle.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up.” Wang Dong raised his hands toward Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath and raised his own two hands in return. With strength and commitment, he declared, “We battle for Xiao Xiao.”

Sea God Island. Lakefront.

“Elder Xuan, how are you feeling?” Wang Yan asked beside Elder Xuan in a low voice.

Elder Xuan had finished the few chicken legs he had and now switched to chicken wings. It seemed like he would never be full.

“Those two little guys are quite good. As for the little guy possessing the innate body battle spirit; he is a bit lacking. He should have some kind of mental detection ability. Too bad his first spirit ring is only a ten year one. This is an irreparable deficiency,” said Elder Xuan as he took another drink of liquor.

Wang Yan pleaded, “But, Elder Xuan, he has an innate body battle spirit!”

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