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Part 1

If Wang Dong’s Bright Goddess Butterfly is the most beautiful of Beast Battle Spirits, then the pagoda in Ning Tian’s hands would be the most magnificent of Tool Spirits.

Ning Tian’s clear voice rang out at the same time the pagoda appeared.

“The famous Seven Treasures, Day One: Speed.” The first spirit ring on the pagoda started shining. Its thick, yellow glow covered the pagoda and made it even more magnificent. Two dazzling rays flew out of the pagoda to fall on Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er’s bodies.

Huo Yuhao had activated his Mental Detection and Sharing since the start of the match. What surprised him was that he actually couldn’t detect the Spirit Power movement from Ning Tian and also couldn’t detect her use of a spirit ability. There was a fantastic layer of fluctuations on the light streaming pagoda standing on Ning Tian’s palm that protected her Spirit Power within. It could actually shield her from Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection.

What is this Tool Spirit to have such immense power?

What shocked Huo Yuhao’s trio was still to come. As the two rainbow rays fell upon Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er, the situation suddenly changed.

The speed of Nanmen Yun Er’s slap toward Xiao Xiao suddenly sped up, leaving only a blur in the air.

If it wasn’t for Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing, Xiao Xiao would have suffered a great loss. The moment Nanmen Yun Er was shined upon by the rainbow ray, Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing warned Xiao Xiao. At the same time, Huo Yuhao, standing behind her, grabbed her and pulled her back. Only then did she manage to dodge Nanmen Yun Er’s palms.

As this was happening, Xiao Xiao’s Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron also activated. With a black flash, a huge cauldron descended from the sky and fell on the ground with a tremendous bang. Xiao Xiao’s first spirit ring also started shining, Cauldron Tremor!

From the start of the round robin contest to now, Nanmen Yun Er was the fastest opponent they had encountered. With the help of the pagoda, her speed had completely exceeded that of the two ring level. Even a three ring, agility type, Spirit Elder may not have such speed.

Under this situation, Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing became even more important.

After missing the first hit, Nanmen Yun Er charged forward again. From her perspective, speed should be able to overcome everything and finish this match in a short time.

However, she felt a hidden danger at the moment she charged forward. Her charging body suddenly stopped stiffly. Her first spirit ring shone and the jade glow on her hands expanded. Faintly, one could see that a layer of green glow had covered her arm. It gave the same feeling as Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wings, but its power was obviously somewhat lower.

The moment she came to a sudden stop, the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron suddenly fell on the ground, separating her and Xiao Xiao.

Nanmen Yun Er wanted to dodge past it to continue attacking, but Xiao Xiao’s Cauldron Tremor activated.

In the violent roar, the powerful tremors engulfed her body and immediately sent Nanmen Yun Er into a momentary daze.

It can be said that pairing Xiao Xiao’s Cauldron Tremor with Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing makes a killing weapon that can empty the field. Even with Nanmen Yun Er’s swift speed, she still suffered a loss.

The Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron instantly charged toward Nanmen Yun Er’s body.

When the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron fell and released its ability, Ning Tian, who stood far away, spoke out again, “The famous Seven Treasures, day two: dispel.”

Another ray fell upon Nanmen Yun Er’s body. She was supposed to be dazed but her condition was forcefully removed. Afterwards, she quickly retreated and dodged the cauldron’s attack.

Huo Yuhao glanced at Ning Tian and thought, with shock in his heart, Such a powerful support type Tool Spirit, and she has amazing judgment. Even though she doesn’t have my Mental Detection ability, she could instantly determine changes on the battlefield and act to support her team without hesitation.

It could be seen from her display of the previous two spirit skills that her first skill should substantially increase her partners’ speed while her second skill had the ability to remove negative effects and seals and so on. These skills enable her partners to return to their peak fighting conditions. Regardless of whether it was battle experience or Battle Spirit ability, they were all worthy of Spirit Elder level strength!

Huo Yuhao was surprised, but not as much as Nanmen Yun Er and Ning Tian. Naturally, their surprise had nothing to do with Huo Yuhao. In their eyes, the formidable one was Xiao Xiao due to her rapid retreat and usage of spirit ability. Moreover, that Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron’s falling position and timing could practically be described as perfect. Adding on to that, it happened to restrain Nanmen Yun Er’s spirit ability by unexpectedly obstructing Nanmen Yun Er’s certain victory hit. It almost reversed the control and forced Ning Tian into using her second spirit ability. It couldn’t help but make the two girls view Xiao Xiao in a new light.

On the other side of the battlefield, the battle between Wang Dong and Wu Feng was also in full swing.

Both sides were top-notch Beast Battle Spirits. After Wu Feng had obtained Ning Tian’s amplification, her attack and travel speed increased steeply. Simultaneously, she released her first spirit ability, Dragon Fire.

A layer of dense red flame was emitted from within her body and revolved within a range of approximately one foot from her body. Every hit she made carried the high temperature of the Dragon Fire. It caused Wang Dong no small amount of trouble.

However, Wang Dong’s fighting strength didn’t yield to the opponent’s in the slightest. His second spirit ring was thousand-year level. The two rings’ amplification of his body was still above Wu Feng. The Bright Goddess Butterfly Battle Spirit’s rarity was even greater than the Red Dragon’s. The opponent’s speed did increase, but don’t forget, Wang Dong had Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing! He opened his pair of Guillotine Wings. Not only was his fighting strength at the level of his opponent, he could also gain an upper hand using the ability to foretell the future.

Since completing Battle Spirit Fusion with Huo Yuhao, a kind of tacit understanding faintly arose between them. Even the effect of Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing on Wang Dong surpassed Xiao Xiao. Often, Wang Dong only needed the start of the Mental Detection’s analysis before his Guillotine Wing would strike out. The attacks left Wu Feng helpless. She clearly felt that her current condition was stronger than her opponent’s, but she was still unable to take the upper hand. She didn’t dare to use her own body to clash with Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wing. However, Wang Dong’s pair of Guillotine Wings were like a tapeworm in her stomach, before she was even able to act, her opponent was already waiting there for the attack. This kind of suffering that makes people want to spit blood caused Wu Feng to repeatedly let out shrill screams.  

Fortunately, her current speed was above Wang Dong’s and her movements were much faster. Although Wang Dong could anticipate the opponent’s movements, the more important thing was his own defense. Otherwise, even if he could determine the direction of the opponent’s attack, if his speed couldn’t keep up, then he would still get the worst of it.


Part 2

When both sides showed their Battle Spirits, everyone had a winner in mind. Even Zhou Yi on the observation deck lost her confidence. However, no one would have predicted that Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao were not at all weaker than their opponents.

Mu Jin whispered to herself in disbelief, “How is this possible? What are they doing? With the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda, their speed can increase 40%! That would make them equivalent to Spirit Elders. How are they still not able to win?”

Zhou Yi turned around and met eyes with Fan Yu. Fan Yu gave a questioning look and Zhou Yi nodded. Fan Yu suddenly realized and his gaze now landed on the seemingly insignificant Huo Yuhao with only one ten-year spirit ring.

“It’s him?”


Yes, it is Huo Yuhao.

Ning Tian could be said to be the top support Tool Spirit Master in her level. However, who said Huo Yuhao with Spirit Eye isn’t? Even though he only had this one Battle Spirit at the moment, don’t forget he was fighting against two and three ring opponents. He was able to cancel the advantages of the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda with his Mental Detection and Sharing.  

This is the greatness of the million year old ring. With the aid of Mental Detection and Sharing, he was able to control the entire battle, while Ning Tian’s speed increase was only able to affect two people.

The battle temporarily reached a stalemate. Although Xiao Xiao was able to block Nanmen Yun Er’s attacks, she was still afraid to make any careless moves. The opponent’s speed was way too fast. She had already released all three of her Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldrons in order to protect herself and Huo Yuhao with the help of his Mental Detection and Sharing. The truth was, she was being forced to respond.

Wang Dong on the other side was in a similar situation. He could only preserve his condition in this non-explosive situation since it was hard to fight back. His opponent’s speed was too fast and if he made a mistake, it would give his opponent an advantage.

A hint of doubt flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes and she subconsciously looked toward Huo Yuhao who stood behind Xiao Xiao’s back. Xiao Xiao had a small figure and could not completely block Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao was also staring right at her.

Their eyes met and Ning Tian cooly narrowed her eyes while Huo Yuhao nodded toward her with a slight smile.

It’s him? Ning Tian finally realized as she saw the glowing white spirit ring on Huo Yuhao’s body.

From the start of the battle, be it her, Wu Feng, or Nanmen Yun Er, everyone had overlooked Huo Yuhao’s existence. It was inevitable since he was only a level seventeen Spirit Grandmaster with only a ten year spirit ring. He had nothing that would draw the attention of these heavenly geniuses.

Now that the two sides had fought to this extent, the attentive Ning Tian had found something was wrong. She was also the first one to suspect Huo Yuhao since the start of the Freshman Examination.

Someone with a ten year spirit ring could actually become a member of Shrek Academy? Also, his spirit ring had been shining since the start, meaning he had been using a spirit ability the entire time. This made Ning Tian remember that he had proclaimed himself to be a control type Spirit Master.

What is his Battle Spirit? What kind of spirit ability is he using?

With a flash of light, Ning Tian yelled out, “Yun Er, attack the guy with one ring at the back.”

Like Huo Yuhao’s role in his team, Ning Tian was the brain of her three person group.

Hearing Ning Tian’s words, Nanmen Yun Er suddenly sped up. However, she did not directly attack Huo Yuhao but attacked Xiao Xiao. Her figure turned and went toward the nearby Wang Dong.

Nanmen Yun Er’s speed was just too fast. Even though Wang Dong could use Mental Detection to feel her approach, it was impossible to react. It was also too late for Xiao Xiao to help.

With this, their opponents fully used the speed advantage and two people used their powers to hit Wang Dong.

Nanmen Yun Er and Wu Feng cooperated very well. The moment Nanmen Yun Er moved, Wu Feng standing on the other side suddenly started glowing red. Her second spirit ring flashed and the roaring dragon’s fire on her body turned dark red. The scales on her body turned thicker and red light flashed from her eyes. Her left hand had also turned completely into the shape of a dragon’s claw.

This was Wu Feng’s second ability, Dragon Fury.

In the Dragon Fury condition, her offense and defense abilities experienced an explosive increase. At the same time, it improved all her other spirit abilities. Dragon Fire’s temperature increased hundreds of degrees in an instant and distorted the surrounding atmosphere.

Nanmen Yun Er also activated her own second spirit ability. Her yellow, hundred year ring flashed. As she leapt toward Wang Dong, her hands had raised to the top of her head. A jade green glow on her head formed a curved, moon shaped, light saber that cut toward Wang Dong.

Her Battle Spirit is the Jasper Bluebird. The first spirit ability she used before was called Jasper Blade, turning her arms into blades. And this second ability, called Jasper Slash, is a combination with her first ability.

Agility Spirit Masters had always been known for their speed and offensive power. It was easy to imagine the power of this attack. The dark green light blade made a graceful arc in the air as it slashed toward Wang Dong. The most important thing is that this strike has a locking effect that makes it impossible to dodge.

Two Spirit Masters used their second spirit abilities under the support of the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda toward Wang Dong at the same time. This was obviously meant to one shot Wang Dong. As long as they got rid of this offense type Spirit Master, the rest of them wouldn’t be their opponents. This was winning with speed. It doesn’t matter what the opponents do, they will still be suppressed.

However, how can Huo Yuhao’s trio sit back and do nothing? If it were anyone else, he would have been caught off guard. However, they have the advantage of knowing Nanmen Yun Er’s path, along with their plans, the moment they moved.

It was true that based on speed, they would not be able to react. However, at this time, the three of them made different moves to react to the attack.

Xiao Xiao’s gaze hardened. She raised both of her hands and her aura suddenly changed. A hint of softness appeared on her face. Right after, the two yellow spirit rings on her body suddenly became one. Her Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron was in suspension above her head while a jade green bamboo flute appeared in her hands.

This jade flute was very long. The surface also had vivid phoenixes resting. Compared to the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron’s calmness, Xiao Xiao’s expression when holding this flute was like that of a newly descended fairy.

The single spirit ring suddenly started shining as a faint melody sounded. The melody was not very beautiful but instead gave a sticky feeling. A layer of jade green light also rose from within Xiao Xiao’s body and spread outward.

Part 3

No matter how fast Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er were, they couldn’t possibly be faster than sound. As they used their spirit abilities to attack Wang Dong, their speed suddenly decreased.

“Dual innate Battle Spirits!” Almost everyone viewing this battle sounded with amazement.

That’s right. What Xiao Xiao had shown right then was her second Battle Spirit: Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute. Even though this Battle Spirit only had one ring, it still allowed Xiao Xiao to display the power of a control type Spirit Master.

It’s worth noting that in the quality of the Battle Spirits, there is still a huge difference between her Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute and the Seven Treasured Crystal Pagoda. This first spirit ability could only delay 20% of her opponent’s speed. Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er were already used to the fast speed, so with just that 20% of decrease, they were affected by Wang Dong’s attack.

Naturally, Wang Dong obviously wouldn’t just let his opponent attack without reacting. When Mental Detection hinted that there might be something wrong, the second spirit ring, a purple thousand-year spirit ring, lit up.

The radiance of the purple spirit ring suddenly overshadowed the light from Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er. Wang Dong’s Bright Goddess Butterfly wings also sparkled under the light.

Above the blue wings, the golden pattern seem to have lit up brightly like many small suns.

Those patterns all gathered at the tip of the wings. His left tip turned and faced towards the back, while the right wing faced Wu Feng. The patterns on both of the wings shined brilliantly.

Wang Dong’s whole body was now bathed in golden light. Almost instantly becoming the brightest existence in the whole battle.

On the observation deck, even the teachers who never noticed this side of the battle suddenly focused on them. What they saw was the powerful offensive ability behind the brilliant pair of wings.

The second spirit skill of Wang Dong’s Bright Goddess Butterfly- Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

Even for Huo Yuhao, it was the first time to see the power of this spirit skill.

Wu Feng’s Dragon Fury was almost instantaneously swallowed by the golden light. On the other side, Jasper Slash was only able to slash halfway through the golden light as the light landed on Nanmen Yun Er’s body.

Warmth surrounded Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er, and then their bodies flew out. Wang Dong, however, did a cartwheel in mid air and landed handsomely on the ground.

This is the strength of the thousand years spirit ring!

However, no one saw the backstage battle of Huo Yuhao and Ning Tian.

In the instant when Wang Dong released his skill, Ning Tian chanted for the third time, “The famous Seven Treasures, Day Three….” Not only did her chant stopped at this point, the previous increases on Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er also disappeared.

Because of this, the Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute’s skill became more powerful. Instead of dodging with previous lightning speed, this time, Nanmen Yun Er was unable to dodge the Light of Butterfly Goddess. She fainted from the seemingly warm and harmonious light.

Of course Ning Tian didn’t make a mistake. The reason for everything was Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes sparkling with purple-gold lights. Soul Assault!

It is this Soul Assault that interrupted Ning Tian’s skill which increased the team’s speed. It also interrupted their thousand years level spirit skills.

The difference between Huo Yuhao and Ning Tian was very small. However, even people with high levels, such as Ma Xiao Tao, was be briefly dazed with the combination attack of Soul Assault and Purple Demon Eyes.

Ning Tian felt as if a needle was being into her brain after this attack. Everything in front of her eyes turned blank following with a sharp pain to her head. As her consciousness came back, Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun Er had already been sent flying by Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

 It was slightly better for Wu Feng. She was simultaneously releasing Dragon Fire and Dragon Fury. Both skills were great at defense. After this hit, there wasn’t much damage done, and she got up right away from the ground. Nanmen Yun Er, on the other hand, fell right into a coma; completely losing the ability to fight.

“Ning Tian, what are you doing?” Wu Feng gave a furious and quizzical look at Ning Tian.

NIng Tian had her hand on her forehead. She had just recovered from Soul Assault and her eyes were completely blank. She was the center of the team and understood what was happening right away. She had faltered from her opponent’s attack and focused her gaze on Huo Yuhao with his sparkly golden eyes.

“Wu Feng, Let’s give it our all.”

Just as she was saying that,, Ning Tian used the fastest speed she could chant, “The famous Seven Treasures, Day One: Speed. The famous Seven Treasures, Day Two: Dispel, The famous Seven Treasures, Day Three: Strength.”

Two yellow and one purple rings lit up on the pagoda. The three spirit rings made the pagoda in her hand extremely bright. Even the size seemed to have increased. The three light rays landed on Wu Feng and also reflected back to herself.

Her second spirit skill could cancel all the side effects of a support type spirit master. This time she used it on herself. She doubt Huo Yuhao would be able to interrupt her again.

Her thousand spirit ring was once again in use. This time, both Wu Feng’s speed and strength increased by 40%. Adding on the fact that all side effects were dispelled, she was now equivalent to at least a level 30 attack type Spirit Elder.  Even without Nanmen Yun Er, they still had a great chance at winning this battle.

“Wang Dong, come back.” Huo Yuhao said.

He was not as showy as Ning Tian. Wang Dong flapped his wings and quickly returned to Huo Yuhao’s side. Xiao Xiao’s Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron floated to the front. Her two rings sparkled alternately as she released two battle spirits at the same time.

Huo Yuhao put one of his hands on Wang Dong’s shoulder. Wang Dong’s wings slightly closed, blocking Huo Yuhao’s body. Besides Wang Dong, nobody, at any angle,  was able to see what Huo Yuhao was up to.

Pressing on to Wang Dong, Hao Dong power was now activated. This battle was becoming too difficult. And since they might face even stronger opponents tomorrow, Huo Yuhao didn’t feel like wasting any more time. He wanted to finish this battle.

Wang Dong could clearly see the purple light within Huo Yuhao’s eyes. The odd light suddenly spit out a three inches long flame. Although it was only for an instant, Wang Dong felt a terrifying spirit wave bursting out of Huo Yuhao.


Part 4

What Wang Dong felt was lessened due to their spirit fusion which provided them immunity to each other’s spirit abilities. If it were anyone else, even if the person does not receive the attack directly, he would have been dazed.

If Ning Tian had felt like her brain was being pricked by needles before, then this time she felt as if she was ferociously pounded by a sledgehammer. Everything before her eyes went blank, her body softened, and she fell to the ground. Furthermore, fresh blood flowed out of her nose and mouth like small snakes.

Her second spirit ability was only able to remove the support abilities while Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault was a mental type attack in the truest sense. How could her second spirit ability have been able to dispel it? Moreover, this attack was accomplished by Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s cooperation. Even if the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda Battle Spirit was stronger, it still wouldn’t have the ability to defend against a mental attack. In a sense, Ning Tian’s amplification ability just so happened to be restrained by Huo Yuhao.  

Wu Feng had already started charging towards Huo Yuhao’s trio when her body suddenly slowed down. The amplified speed and strength that she had just a moment before completely disappeared.  She was startled and turned her head back to look at Ning Tian just in time to see her fall. No longer caring about the enemy, she turned and ran back to Ning Tian’s side to hold her.

“Ning Tian, Ning Tian what’s wrong with you?” Wu Feng started panicking as she watched Ning Tian’s blood flowing out of her mouth and nose.

Xiao Xiao suddenly turned toward Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. She whispered in surprise, “You two made this mess?”

Wang Dong proudly smiled while Huo Yuhao shrugged his shoulders and said, “Your use of the word mess isn’t very good.”

The proctoring teacher at the side was somewhat stunned. It wasn’t until Huo Yuhao’s reminder that he declared the winners of this match. Although Wu Feng still had an unaccepting look on her face, there was no way she could have won against Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao without Ning Tian’s support and Nanmen Yun Er’s speed. Moreover, she was anxious to get Ning Tian treated and didn’t care about such things.

On top of the observation platform, Mu Jin had become completely lifeless long ago. She didn’t dare believe her eyes. Two Spirit Grandmasters plus one Spirit Elder, one having the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda, hailed as the number one tool spirit under the heavens, lost to two Spirit Grandmasters and a Spirit Master with only a ten-year spirit ring.

No one would have believed such an outcome was possible with this power difference.

However, the reality was in front of their eyes. Ning Tian’s team had lost.

Fan Yu’s eyes revealed a hint of a smile. He turned toward Zhou Yi and said, “This was really a marvelous match. Your students amaze me. Especially that Huo Yuhao. I didn’t expect that he would have this kind of ability.”

Zhou Yi’s eyes was filled with pleasure. “Let’s go,” she said, as she took the lead toward the platform’s stairs. When she passed by Mu Jin, she coldly swept a glance over her. But, she didn’t say anything. She leapt and jumped off the twenty meter high platform.

Fan Yu didn’t so much as look at Mu Jin, and similarly floated down to follow Zhou Yi.

“What did you two do just now?  Why did Ning Tian lose consciousness?” After leaving the examination district, Xiao Xiao didn’t forget to ask about the suspicions in her heart.

Huo Yuhao chuckled as he said, “It was an attack using my mental power. She was caught off guard and got knocked unconscious by it.”

“Oh? It can do that? No wonder her previous spirit abilities were interrupted. That was also you?” Xiao Xiao had a shocked face.

Huo Yuhao nodded his head and said, “Maybe this is the body Battle Spirit’s advantage. In addition, this was also done with our Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eye foundation. I used Purple Demon Eye to stimulate my mental power and create such a good result. As for me later calling Wang Dong back and the mental attack becoming stronger, that was because in the past few days, we have succeeded in Battle Spirit Fusion.”

Everyone were teammates. Xiao Xiao had done her best in the last match and Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s HaoDong power will still have uses in future battles so it was impossible to hide. They might as well tell her about it early, in case she develops resentment.

Xiao Xiao blankly stared at them, point to Huo Yuhao, then pointed to Wang Dong. She stuttered with a voice that made the two don’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am becoming more and more suspicious of whether you two are gay….”

Huo Yuhao shook his head, “What are you talking about?”

Xiao Xiao lifted a hand each from both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, then put their hands together. She glanced at Huo Yuhao with contempt and said, “You don’t even know something so popular. Being gay is the romance between men.”


Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong ran at the same time. Xiao Xiao turned and ran while giving out a silvery, bell-like laughter. She still didn’t forget to release her Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute. She played a reducing speed tune to slow down the speed of the two guys chasing after her.

In complete contrast to their high spirited smiles and rowdiness, Ning Tian slowly woke up through the aid of a healing type high level Spirit Master in the infirmary.

She had just awakened when she couldn’t help but hug her head and curl herself up. The sharp pain from her brain made her forehead immediately overflow with cold sweat.

“Ning Tian, Ning Tian……”

Wu Feng hugged her body in deep concern. Nanmen Yun Er stood on the side with a face of confusion.  

Their Teacher Mu Jin’s complexion was very gloomy as she faced the teacher who had just treated Ning Tian and asked, “What’s wrong with her? What caused her to become unconscious?”

The treatment teacher muttered, “I’m not sure. It seemed like her head was hit and resulted in a concussion-like symptom. However, you do know that our brain is the most intricate organ. Even till now, no one can say to completely understand it and therefore, I can only make a diagnosis based on the symptoms. Also, I can’t say it very well. It feels like her head was hit and thus causing a concussion. Luckily, her Spirit Power is healing very well. There shouldn’t be any major issues and she should recover soon.”

“Thank you.” Mu Jin thanked the treatment teacher and came to the bedside.

After a brief period of unresponsiveness, Ning Tian’s headache gradually eased up and her breathing also became much calmer.

Nanmen Yun Er softly asked Mu Jin, “Teacher Mu, what happened at the end? How did we lose the match?” Even now she still didn’t understand why her side had lost.

Mu Jin’s complexion was grave and she remained silent. How could Nanmen Yun Er’s question not be the doubts in her heart? She also didn’t know where they had lost in this match. She can clearly see the whole battle on the observation deck. Yet, she was not able to see the details that went on. Especially when Huo Yuhao, whom Wang Dong had used his two wings to cover, had used HaoDong power to launch Soul Assault. Hopefully Ning Tian can answer this question after she wakes up.

After a another quarter of an hour had passed, Ning Tian slowly awoke from her unconscious state. When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t help creasing her brows again. The pain in her head had already dulled a lot and her consciousness had gradually returned.

Wu Feng supported her up to drink a bit of water. Only then did Ning Tian’s pale face look a bit better. Seeing Mu Jin standing in front of the bed, her charming face couldn’t help displaying a trace of shame, “Teacher Mu Jin, we lost.”

Mu Jin nodded at her and said warmly, “Don’t worry about it. It’s ok to lose the battle as long as you are ok.”

Mu Jin’s words brought warmth to Ning Tian’s heart, “Teacher Mu, can you see what exactly did we lose to from the observation deck?”

Mu Jin was stunned, “You don’t know as well?”

Ning Tin touched her forehead and focused, “After helping Wu Feng, I increased the three complementary skill just in case. However, the next moment, I saw a ball of purple golden light in front of my eyes. Then, it seemed like a large hammer landed on my head and I became unconscious.”

Wu Feng furiously said, “Bastards! How can they be so harsh. Teacher Mu, we can’t just let it go like this.”

Mu Jin glanced at her coldly, “What did you expect? This is an examination. You think it is one of the game battles in the clan?  

Wu Feng lowered her head and stopped talking. However, she still held a tight fist and both anger and hatred could be seen within her eyes.

Mu Jin asked Ning Tian, “Think carefully, did anything strange happen before you fainted?”

Ning Tian thought for a second and said: “Although I don’t know how they did it, the problem must be that Spirit Master. From the beginning to end of the battle, his spirit ring continued shining. This means that he must have been constantly releasing an ability that we could not detect. I vaguely saw golden light flashing in his eyes. With only a ten-year ring, he must be special to form a team with such a strong Battle Spirit Master and a dual spirit control Spirit Master. He also stopped my aid to my team during a critical point. At that time, my head felt like it was poked by a needle. However, the second time, his attack was much stronger.”

Thoughts flowed into Mu Jin’s brain. That’s right! The newbie Spirit Master did almost nothing throughout the whole battle. It was always the Bright Goddess Butterfly and the dual spirit Spirit Master that were fighting the battle. What was his use? Zhou Yi’s confidence must be related to the ten-year ring newbie.

After calming her anger, Mu Jin said: “We already lost. Just use this experience as a lesson. All of you have already passed the new student examination and therefore will probably face each other again in the future. Ning Tian, just rest well for now.”

“Thank you, Teacher Mu.”

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