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Part 1

Wang Dong said while laughing: “Are you a sadist? Oh yeah, we should cultivate a bit here. When old lady Zhou comes back later, she will see us practicing and she will definitely think that we’re very hardworking. Her mood would improve a lot.”

Huo Yuhao raised his hand and knocked at the top of Wang Dong’s head: “You sure are good at taking shortcuts.”

“Bullshit, you’re the one who’s good at taking shortcuts. We still have a match in the afternoon and therefore it is crucial that we recover as soon as possible. What’s wrong with wanting to do a bit of recovering? Are you coming or not? Hurry up.” While saying so, he had already taken off his shoes and sat cross-legged on the sofa. In addition, he extended his hands towards Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was always someone who would cultivate when he had time. Naturally, he wouldn’t refuse. He imitated Wang Dong’s manner and connected their four palms. The two people simultaneously urged their Spirit Power to move.

When the Spirit Power began to circulate and fuse with each other, their feeling differed to some extent from yesterday’s cultivation. The two people’s Spirit Power seemed to become even more intimate. Moreover, the initial fusing speed was clearly faster than yesterday’s. Practically one touch, and HaoDong Spirit Power emerged. Spurred on by their respective consciousnesses, it started circulating along their cultivation paths. Compared to yesterday, the cultivation speed was at least ten percent faster.

Due to them closing their eyes the moment they began cultivating, they didn’t realize that above their interlocked pair of hands, a dim blue, purple, and gold tri-colored light was slowly emitted. It revolved around their arms and began to circle their bodies. Gradually, their bodies were also covered in a layer of this color.

Originally, they only wanted to recover a bit of their Spirit Power. But since they started, they quickly entered into a meditative state, completely oblivious of the outside world.

Soon after they started cultivating, Zhou Yi had returned with someone. If Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were still aware, they would have been greatly shocked. Because the person who she brought was actually their proctor, Wang Yan, from the round robin rounds.

Wang Yan was shocked and Zhou Yi blanked upon seeing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong in cultivation. Right after, they made a gesture to be quite toward each other at the same time.

Zhou Yi’s eyes showed a questioning look but Wang Yan shook his head. Then he quietly walked next to Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong and bent down. After carefully examining their situation, he focused on their Spirit Power fluctuations.

The more he felt it, the more shocked Wang Yan’s face appeared. He subconsciously rubbed his hands together.

Zhou Yi and Wang Yan had known each other for more than a day or two. She knew that this movement meant he was both anxious and excited. She was a teacher herself, she could feel the mystery surrounding Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s current situation. It was something she had never encountered before. Two Spirit Masters were actually combining their cultivation and instead of conflicting, their Spirit Power actually fused. From the blue, purple and gold color flowing rapidly outwards, one can see how fast they were cultivating. Even a three ring Spirit Elder may not be able to achieve their current speed!

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong stopped after finishing thirty six continuous cycles. Not only did they recover all the Spirit Power they expended in the morning’s match, they even advanced a step.

They let out a long breath at the same time and gradually retracted their Spirit Power. The glow on their bodies also slowly dissipated.

Opening their eyes, both were filled with a refreshing feeling. Cultivating like this was a pleasure. However, they were quickly surprised by who was in front of them.

“Teacher Zhou? Teacher Wang?” Huo Yuhao was shocked after seeing Zhou Yi and Wang Yan, each in a chair not far from the sofa, focused on them.

Wang Dong was also surprised. Only now did they notice that they were still in Zhou Yi’s office.

Huo Yuhao said with some awkwardness, “Teacher Zhou, we wanted to quickly recover our Spirit Power to prepare for our match in the afternoon, so…”

Zhou Yi waved her hand, “You don’t need to explain. Knowing to work hard is a good thing. This is Teacher Wang Yan, the most exceptional teacher in the Theoretical Department. His standing is even a grade higher than mine. He also has a lot of research into Battle Spirit Fusion.”

Wang Yan slightly smiled, “I think we don’t need an introduction. We have already met. Their round robin matches’ proctoring teacher was me.” By now, his mind had returned to a calmer state. As for the heart, only he would know.

“Teacher Wang.” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong bowed to Wang Yan together.

Wang Yan nodded, “I had already carefully inspected your cultivation situation. Originally, I didn’t believe what Zhou Yi told me. But looking at it now, it seems it was me who was inexperienced. I can completely confirm your claim toward Zhou Yi. You guys really did accomplish Battle Spirit Fusion and should have a Battle Spirit Fusion Skill.”

Zhou Yi looked at him with shock but didn’t interrupt.

Wang Yan continued, “Your Spirit Powers actually managed to fuse together without a hint of conflict and even managed to help in your cultivation. This is the first time such a phenomenon has occurred in our Shrek Academy’s ten thousand years of records. The only explanation is that your Battle Spirit Fusion is 100% perfect. This is the only mythical situation which would let your Spirit Power fuse and enjoy an increase in cultivation speed. Congratulations. I can predict that you guys will become the pride of Shrek Academy in the future.”

Huo Yuhao was impressed after listening to Wang Yan’s words. He had heard perfect Battle Spirit Fusion from Daydream Iceworm before. However, Wang Yan had not even known them, yet was able to analyze the situation so perfectly. No wonder he was one of the representative figures within the school.

Wang Dong then asked with confusion, “Teacher Wang, if that’s the case, why did our Battle Spirit Fusion fail today? Just moments ago, me and Huo Yuhao tried it and were unable to release the skill!”

Wang Yan chuckled and said, “Do you think that Battle Spirit Fusion Skill is an ordinary skill? It’s not that simple. Only when your Battle Spirit and mental strength are both at their best state can the skill be released. It’s my first time to see a perfect Battle Spirit Fusion happen. From my experience, there is a buffering period. During this period you are unable to release the skill. Normally, the time is about seven days. As your cultivation level increases, the buffering time period will shorten until you have total control over the Battle Spirit Fusion Skill.”

Part 2

Huo Yuhao asked: “Teacher Wang, then when can we use the Battle Spirit Fusion Skill as we wish?”

Wang Yan answered, “That would be very far into the future. Both of you would need to reach level seventy and gain the pure essence of the Battle Spirit before you can freely use the fusion skill. It is the same rule to every Spirit Master. However, it is very possible that you two have perfect Battle Spirit Fusion. Therefore, I suggest that from today on you try to release the skill every day, until it actually happens. That’s the only way to find out the buffering period between each release. When you two are sure of this time, then come see me. I would love to see what your Battle Spirit Fusion Skill is. I am very curious indeed.”

After Wang Yan’s explanation, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong understood the Battle Spirit Fusion Skill much more clearly.  

Standing on their side, Zhou Yi asked, “Teacher Wang, since they have perfect fusion, besides aiding in each other’s cultivation, what other benefits are there?”

Wang Yan chuckled and said, “Teacher Zhou, don’t be so greedy.You already found two great treasures. Simply by aiding each other in cultivation can already help them to increase their cultivation speed by one fold. Although it doesn’t show much right now. However, after a couple of years, I can be sure no one in their age group can match their Spirit Power. However, it wasn’t wrong for you to ask. The difference between a perfect Battle Spirit Fusion and a normal Battle Spirit Fusion is power. I think you should have already thought of that. According to the rule of Battle Spirit Fusion, the higher the compatibility, the more powerful the skill. However, I have never seen such a perfect compatibility. Therefore, I wish to personally witness the power and the result of their Battle Spirit Fusion Skill.”

Zhou Yi nodded and said, “Thank you for your knowledge, Teacher Wang. Should we report this together?”

Wang Yan shook his head. With a smile, he said, “It’s ok, you can report it yourself. It’s long overdue since you should have been promoted to senior teacher. Furthermore, it was you that discovered the two little guys. I’m not going to steal your credit.”

Zhou Yi smiled and nodded.

Wang Yan stood up and said, “You two need to work hard. You’ve gotten to the first thirty-two in the competition now. After entering the top eight, there will be more hard work to be put in. The top officials within the school would then be watching. Also, the winner’s prize is very attractive even in the eyes of the teacher. Don’t let this chance slip by. I believe we will be seeing each other again in the future. Come find me if any questions come up. My office is on the fourth floor. Teacher Zhou, I’m leaving now.”

Zhou Yi walked Wang Yan all the way to the outside of the office. Before Wang Yan walked away, he once again deeply glanced at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Zhou Yi did not return back into the office. Instead she waved at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, “Let’s go. It’s lunch time. Today’s lunch is on me.”

Although she didn’t explicitly state that she’s sorry, however, taking them to lunch was her way to apologize for not believing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

It was hard for the two of them to believe what was happening. However, they quickly understood and ran happily out of the office and followed Zhou Yi to the cafeteria.  

Zhou Yi was definitely not stingy. She ordered the top dishes from the cafeteria. Don’t mention Huo Yuhao, even Wang Dong hasn’t tried such fine meals.

The prices of the top dishes in the cafeteria are extremely high. The price varies by day. However, they were always measured in gold coins. Today, there are two top dishes. Zhou Yi ordered two of each, costing her a total of about sixty gold coins.

“Teacher Zhou, you are spending too much…” Huo Yuhao said shyly. Even after selling roasted fish for this many days, he hasn’t even saved sixty gold coins yet.

Zhou Yi said, “Eat it while it’s warm. Don’t think that the school makes the top dishes to make a profit. In reality, out of all the dishes in the cafeteria, only the top dishes are the ones losing money.”

“Why?” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong asked at the same time.

Zhou Yi smiled and said, “For the health of the students, of course. Either of you know what the dish is?” Zhou Yi pointed at the dishes in front of her.

Both of the dishes smelled extremely delicious with a strong aroma. One looked like a stew while the other like a clear soup.

The stew consists of mainly lean meat and tendons. The soup is both thick and rich. The meat is tender and soft. Even the tendons have become gelatinous. Even a glance would increase someone’s appetite.

The clear soup had a slight pale golden color. There was nothing in there, just broth. However, the scent filled the air, even more rich than the stew. There was a faint herbal scent.

Undoubtedly, Huo Yuhao was unable to name any of them. Wang Dong hesitated for a second and said, “Teacher Zhou, the stew seems to be made of Scaled Magic Crocodile. As for the soup, I’m not sure.”

Zhou Yi nodded and said, “You really are the disciple of a famous clan. You are correct. This stew is made with the Scaled Magic Crocodile. It is an amphibian Spirit Beast with immense power. Its meat greatly improves Spirit Masters and raises constitution and resistance. It is something you can never have too much of. This meat is as tough as steel. To make this so soft requires the highest form of culinary skill. So, not only does Shrek Academy have the best teachers but also the best chefs. Mature Scaled Magic Crocodiles are at least of the thousand year Spirit Beast level. Now do you know how precious this dish is?”

“As for the soup. It is made from a flying type Spirit Beast. It has the power to improve your internal organs and help stabilize our auras. It is good for cultivation.”

“I had said before that in this Freshman Class, there are already three people who are Spirit Elders. They have good potential and are willing to work hard. But they are all from famous families. They had the greatest food and medicine support from young to achieve what they have now. Wang Dong had probably received similar treatments before coming to the academy. As for why you haven’t reached three rings, I think it is probably because of your lazy character or some special situation. Also, if I remember correctly, you have just turned eleven.”

Wang Dong nodded, “Teacher Zhou, I can definitely get my third ring before reaching twelve.”

Part 3

Zhou Yi said: “Okay, you guys hurry and eat. After you finish eating, go rest for a bit. The competition in the afternoon will start soon. I will report your possession of a Battle Spirit Fusion Skill to the higher ups. If you really become core disciples, the academy will provide you with such delicacies for free. You know how much this would help your cultivation. However, just having a Battle Spirit Fusion Skill is not enough for you to become core disciples. Our Shrek Academy has never lacked geniuses. Your ranking in the elimination competition will greatly impact whether or not you can enter the core group. To tell you the truth, I also graduated from the outer school in the past but could not enter the core. So I did not have the qualifications to enter the inner school. Becoming core disciples is an important step after entering the academy. Within the core disciples, almost half have successfully entered the inner school. Becoming core disciples means you have received the school’s recognition. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong answered at the same time and immediately began eating in big bites.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong agreed with Zhou Yi’s praises of the chef. Huo Yuhao had never eaten such high quality foods before. But Wang Dong was different. He had these delicacies before but the chefs of his family could not be compared to those here.

After finishing the delicious meal, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong felt slightly warm, especially within their stomach. Waves of warm feeling radiated to their limbs. You get what you pay for!

Zhou Yi escorted them all the way to the dormitory entrance. Before leaving, she held Huo Yuhao’s arm and faintly said, “Even if you are not born as a nobleman, you can use your own power to become one.”

Finishing this sentence, she turned and left. From before the meal to now, her coldness seemed to have completely disappeared.

In front of the dormitory, the elder who never cared about anything was still sitting in his chair. He seemed to have heard Zhou Yi’s words and mumbled something that no one could hear clearly.

Huo Yuhao greeted the elder out of habit and entered with Wang Dong. After eating good food, he wanted to cultivate a little. Wasting is shameful! The match in the afternoon would obviously not be as easy as the one in the morning.

Freshman Examination, Elimination Contest, thirty-two advancing to sixteen began with the afternoon bell in the Examination Area.

Compared to the morning, students participating have reduced to half. After drawing lots once again, they immediately headed for their assigned districts to start the match.

Since this was on the same day, the arenas did not change much but only sixteen were used.

There stood a twenty meter high platform, north of the Examination Area. It had six metal poles as support. From the bottom, it was impossible to see how many people stood on it. From twenty meters up, it was enough to see the situation in every district.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were not late this time but came early to draw lots. Xiao Xiao could finally let go of a breath.

This time, their examination district was number eight. By the time they arrived, the other team that also got a number eight lot was already there.

What surprised Huo Yuhao’s team was that their opponents were all girls. They also had extremely beautiful features.

Observation Platform.

Zhou Yi quietly stood on the platform, scanning the matches that were about to start. During the first round, freshmen class one was the biggest winner. However, at the elimination round, more powerful students were able to show off their potential and strength. After the battles to determine the 32 best teams out of 64, there was only five teams left from class one. Although still more than the other classes, the advantage was now not very apparent.

The 32-choose-16 battle will be extremely important.

“Teacher Zhou, searching for your seed team? I just saw the lottery. Such a coincidence. Your seed group just happened to match our class’s seed group at examination district eight. Who do you think is going to win?” A thirty something female teacher came next to Zhou Yi and said with a hint of a smile.

Zhou Yi’s eyes narrowed, “Mu Jin, you believe that your students are going to win for sure?”

Although Mu Jin was not young in age, she could definitely be described as young and beautiful. She smiled and shook her head, “That’s not it. Nothing is definite. However, I didn’t hear about any special talents from your class. Not one above level 30. Such a shame.”

Zhou Yi’s glance became cold, “Are you picking a fight?”

Mu Jin’s smile also disappeared from her face, “What if the answer is ‘yes?’ Isn’t class one supposed to be good? I want to see exactly how many of your students can make it to the top eight. Previously, when my seed students got your seed students, I felt great. Last time, you expelled my brother; even after I begged you. This is the first time I felt so good since then. I heard that you wanted to get a promotion to become a senior teacher. I guess it will be going up in smoke again.”

Zhou Yi did not pay attention to Mu Jin’s provocative expressions but looked down toward the examination area to determine Huo Yuhao trio’s district eight. Then she faintly said, “Want to bet?”

Mu Jin’s goal was to anger and embarrass Zhou Yi, so she answered without hesitation, “Bet. What do you have to bet with me?”

Zhou Yi finally stopped ignoring her and turned to face her. In a grave tone, she said, “A spirit bone. Do you dare?”

Hearing the words “spirit bone,” Mu Jin’s pupils contracted a bit.

For Spirit Masters, spirit rings are a very precious existence that is needed by everyone to break through bottlenecks.

However, spirit bones are a hundred times more precious. Every Spirit Master can obtain a set of six spirit bones: head, torso, and four limbs.

Each spirit ring can provide the Spirit Master with an ability and a hundred-thousand year spirit ring can provide two. That is to say, a normal Spirit Master who cultivates to a nine ring Titled Douluo level should have nine skills. However, spirit bones belong to a different category. Each spirit bone can also provide the Spirit Master with a skill. It can even greatly increase the body’s constitution depending on where it fuses.

Spirit rings are formed from every Spirit Beast but spirit bones are not. Only a hundred-thousand year old Spirit Beast has a sure chance of producing a spirit bone. For Spirit Beasts below the hundred-thousand year level, there is only a one out of ten-thousand chance of getting a spirit bone! Any spirit bone’s appearance would result in Spirit Masters fighting over it.

Part 4

The Spirit Master world has a saying that if one wants to become an exceptional Spirit Master, then he will have to improve his Spirit Power and obtain spirit rings that are at the limit for each level.

However, if one wants to become a peak Spirit Master, one of Douluo Dalu’s powerhouses, then he will need his own spirit bone. The more spirit bones, the greater the power. From a certain perspective, spirit bones can also have the same effect as pills. Fusing with any spirit bone can increase a Spirit Master’s Spirit Power.

Just then, Zhou Yi had proposed to use spirit bones as a bet, which had a meaning of robbing Mu Jin of all she had. How could Mu Jin not have been surprised? More importantly, she didn’t understand where Zhou Yi’s confidence had come from.

Zhou Yi’s expression revealed disdain for her, “If you are afraid then get away from me. Don’t let me catch a wiff of your disgusting perfume.”

Mu Jin’s eyes flashed, “Fine, I’ll bet with you. Do you think a few empty words would scare me away? If I lose, I will give you a spirit bone. If you lose, then make Fan Yu create a modern spirit guide device for me.”

Zhou Yi coldly replied, “I am the one betting with you, not him. If I lose, I can also give you a spirit bone.”

Mu Jin snorted, “I don’t want your spirit bone. I only want Fan Yu to make me a modern spirit guide device.”

“Okay, then I will agree for her.” A deep voice sounded out. A large figure had unknowingly appeared beside Zhou Yi. Wasn’t this the Spirit Guide Department teacher that Zhou Yi had taken Huo Yuhao to see?

Seeing Fan Yu appear, Mu Jin’s color suddenly changed. Her arrogance had suddenly completely disappeared. Her face was slightly pale. She took a slight step back and looked at Fan Yu with red eyes, “You are partnering with her to bully me.”

Fan Yu’s face was calm and his eyebrows slightly raised, “It was you who wanted to create trouble. If you want to bet then do it. If you don’t want to bet then don’t provoke Zhou Yi. As for us and you, we are all colleagues, so let it go.”

“Bet, of course I will bet. Even if I lost to her, it doesn’t mean my students will lose to her students.” Mu Jin violently turned and grabbed the tall platform’s railings. Her watery eyes turned toward the Examination Area.

Huo Yuhao’s trio didn’t know that there was such a scene on top of the observation platform, but were instead focused on their opponents.

The three opposing girls looked very beautiful with the same freshmen uniform. The girl who stood in the front was slightly taller than Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, with short, golden hair. She looked very neat. She also had big, water blue eyes with long eyelashes and a few small freckles on her face.

Behind her to the left, was a girl who had a head of short, fiery red hair. Her eyes were a rare shade of red as well. With a glance, she seemed rather scary. However, if observed more carefully, it could be seen that her features were extremely delicate. Even her skin was white as jade. However, her glance was extremely cold, enough to be compared to Old Lady Zhou.  

The girl on the right presented a great contrast with the girl on the left. Her long, pale green hair falls behind her. Her dark eyes seemed gentle. The softness makes people unconsciously want to take care of her.

The examiner said, “Both teams enter and state your names.”

Six people on both sides stepped into the wide arena at the same time. The three of them still used their old formation, Wang Dong in front, Xiao Xiao in the middle and Huo Yuhao at the back.

However, the three girls changed their formation as the golden hair girl who stood in the front stepped back and the other two stepped up in front of her.

The short, red haired girl declared proudly, “Freshman Class Nine, Wu Feng. Level twenty-five, offense type, Spirit Grandmaster.”

The pale green haired girl looked at her with blame as if annoyed at her arrogance. She even told her opponents her Spirit Power level. However, she did not change this reporting style and said with a soft tone that was the opposite of Wu Feng’s chill, “Freshman Class Nine, Nanmen Yun Er. Level twenty-four, agility type, Spirit Grandmaster.”

From behind the two girls sounded a dull voice, “Freshman Class Nine, Ning Tian. Level thirty-one, support, tool type, Spirit Elder.”

Huo Yuhao’s trio was shocked at those words. A level thirty-one Spirit Elder? They really couldn’t imagine that they would meet one of the three ring Spirit Elders in a thirty-two advance sixteen match, and she was a support, tool type Spirit Master.

It’s important to know that tool Spirit Master’s cultivation speed is usually slower than battle Spirit Master’s. But their opponent was able to cultivate to level thirty-one at only twelve years old and even have three spirit rings. This was not simply a matter of talent.

Even though they were shocked, they still remembered to introduce themselves. Similar to their opponents, they also started from the offense type battle Spirit Master.

“Freshman Class One, Wang Dong. Level twenty-four, offense type, battle Spirit Grandmaster.”

“Freshman Class One, Xiao Xiao. Level twenty-two, control type, battle Spirit Grandmaster.”

Huo Yuhao was the last to speak out, “Freshman Class One, Huo Yuhao. Level seventeen, control type, battle Spirit Master.”

Hearing the number seventeen, the opposing Wu Feng visibly puckered her lips, showing a contemptuous gesture.

Wang Dong slightly narrowed his eyes and his gaze focused on Wu Feng. Without knowing why, when he saw Wu Feng’s contemptuous eyes, his heart seemed to have been lit afire.

Wu Feng also felt his gaze. They looked into each other’s eyes and Wu Feng snorted. Before the match had even started, the smell of gunpowder had already started emerging from the two sides.

Huo Yuhao patted Wang Dong’s shoulder. Wang Dong looked back and their eyes locked. Even though nothing was said, they had understood each other’s meaning.

Just then, the proctoring teaching yelled, “Match begin.”

Wang Dong tapped the tip of his foot against the ground and shot out like an arrow. As he charged forward, the pair of dazzling, blue-and-golden wings began to expand.

No matter how much confidence Wu Feng, Nanmen Yun Er and Ning Tian had, they couldn’t but blink their eyes and secretly admire the beauty of those dazzling Bright Goddess Butterfly wings.

Wu Feng also bounced forward with a thick wave of heat pouring out of her. There was even the slight sound of a dragon’s roar. Wu Feng’s body suddenly became more slender. When her body was in the air, she seemed to have become a fully developed sixteen or seventeen year old girl. Her slender body broke her uniform as it expanded, showing her personal wear.

She was obviously prepared as her inner clothes were made of an elastic leather. She revealed a pair of large, meaty legs. Her leather clothes clung to her body and engulfed her bountiful breasts inside.

A layer of faint red glowed on her skin. Starting from the left side of her face, her skin was covered in a tight layer of dragon scales extending toward her neck down and followed to cover her entire left arm and hand.

Compared to Beibei’s Blue Lighting Tyrant Dragon’s spirit possession, Wu Feng’s dragon Battle Spirit was more gentle. The fire attribute red dragon had a top level Battle Spirit’s aura as two yellow spirit rings rose from her feet.

Even though Wu Feng’s body looked slender and glamorous, it also gave people a sense of explosive force. With a flash, she had already appeared in front of Wang Dong. She swung her left arm directly at Wang Dong’s body.

Meeting this direct attack, Wang Dong did not directly use his spirit ability but turned his body in the air. His right leg shock out like lightning and collided against Wu Feng’s left arm.

With a muffled pong, Wang Dong’s body flashed through the air five meters. Wu Feng went directly toward the ground. With this direct collision, it was obvious that Wang Dong suffered a loss. Even though they were both offense type battle Spirit Masters, their strong points were different. Comparing the strength of their bodies, the Bright Goddess Butterfly would obviously not have any advantages against the Red Dragon.

Just then, Ning Tian team’s Nanmen Yun Er also moved. When she started, her body was as light as a feather but still moved rapidly toward where Wang Dong and Wu Feng had just collided. With a flash, she had already closed in by more than ten meters to appear in front of Xiao Xiao.

Only after coming close could one see that, unknowingly, a pair of jade green wings had appeared on Nanmen Yun Er’s back. The wings were not big and couldn’t be compared to Wang Dong’s dazzling Bright Goddess Butterfly. But Nanmen Yun Er’s speed was unparalleled as her hands also turned jade green, like having been sculpted from jade, and slapped toward Xiao Xiao.

At the same time, Ning Tian extended her right hand and clearly called out, “Seven treasures produce crystal.” Her body rotated once off the ground as a dazzling seven colored ray appeared from her body. Just then, the seven colored glow gathered on her palm as a one foot tall, seven colored pagoda appeared.

This pagoda flickers with streams of overflowing colors. There seemed to be countless gems embedded in it. It drew the gaze of everyone on the observation platform with only its appearance.

Two yellow, one purple. Three rings rose from Ning Tian’s palm and circled the seven layered pagoda on her palm.

On the observation platform, Mu Jin turned her head toward Zhou Yi and Fan Yu to see their shocked expressions. Zhou Yi called out with shock, “Nine Treasure Crystal Clan, Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda!”

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