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Zhao Haochen, standing in the back, yelled, “Come quickly, my big chicken leg.” His yellow spirit ring waveringly rose up and two yellow lights flashed in his hands. After a moment, two braised chicken legs appeared in his palms and he quickly handed them to the two people in front.

Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng released their Battle Spirits while receiving the chicken legs, and started eating them in large bites.

A food type Battle Spirit? This was the first time Huo Yuhao had met a food type Battle Spirit. He didn’t know what the effects of the chicken leg were. Zhao Haochen only had one spirit ring, but it was a hundred-year ring, so its benefits must be pretty good. The way Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng gnawed on the chicken leg was a bit weird, and Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The Three Lives Soul Stealing Cauldron still floated above her head without any intention of attacking.

Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng attacked at the same time. Between the two of them, one was a Beast Spirit Master and the other was a Tool Spirit Master. However, they were both agility Battle Spirit Masters.

Ouyang Junyi’s Battle Spirit was the Sword Beak Hummingbird. After releasing his Battle Spirit, a sharp thorn rapidly appeared at the front of his right arm. Although his Battle Spirit was a bird, because of the current state of his cultivation, he wasn’t yet able to possess wings. Just from this one point alone, the disparity between the quality of his Battle Spirit and Wang Dong’s could be seen. Wang Dong’s Bright Goddess Butterfly Battle Spirit inherently possessed wings, which indicated that it was a first-rate Beast Battle Spirit.

Chen Junfeng’s Battle Spirit was the Flexible Straightsword. The three of them were all Spirit Masters with one ring, but each had a yellow hundred-year spirit ring. Among them, Ouyang Junyi’s strength was the greatest with his Spirit Power having already reached level nineteen. Chen Junfeng was level eighteen and, due to him being a food system Spirit Master, Zhao Haochen was comparatively slower in cultivation, with Spirit Power only at level seventeen.

After the two agility attack system Spirit Masters ate their chicken legs, the two simultaneously pounced towards Wang Dong like arrows. Their rapid speed made even Wang Dong alarmed. However, he instantly realized that the chicken legs that the two people had eaten must have boosted their speed!

It wasn’t only Zhou Yi who assigned teams. Other classes’ teachers did as well. With Zhao Haochen supporting Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng, they were, no doubt, capable of using their speed advantage to the fullest extent. They relied completely on this speed to prevail over their opponents.

Unfortunately, for the Huo Yuhao’s trio, their least feared opponents were speed types due to Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection completely restraining them.

Faint golden rays of light within Huo Yuhao’s eyes shone and the entire arena appeared in Wang Dong’s mind in a three-dimensional form. Although Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng’s speed was fast, their flight trajectory, Spirit Power usage, Spirit ability’s aim and flaws, and any weak points all appeared in Wang Dong’s mind. Wang Dong finally experienced the carefree feeling that Xiao Xiao and Huo Yuhao felt this morning when they teamed up.

Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng’s attack was very focused. Wang Dong charged out alone, just as they had wished, and their speed unexpectedly erupted. They had complete confidence that Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao wouldn’t make it in time to help. First, defeat Wang Dong, and then deal with Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao. This could also be considered a form of divide and conquer.

Besides the sharp thorn in the middle of his right arm, Ouyang Junyi’s entire right arm was covered by a layer of plumage and his body also became much lighter. Even though he was also an agility Spirit Master like Chen Junfeng, he arrived a step earlier. The yellow ring on his body shone and in a flash, the sharp thorn in his arm transformed into dozens of light rays that flew toward Wang Dong.

Although Chen Junfeng’s speed was a beat slower, this certainly wasn’t the first time that he and Ouyang Junyi teamed up. His short sword had already flown out of his hands even though he himself was not there. His first spirit ring shone and light flashed around his sword as it flew forward, directly striking at Wang Dong.

From their first move, a golden light pattern had already spread from above Wang Dong’s pair of wings. He was also using his first spirit ring. In a flash, both arms overlapped their respective wing. The Guillotine Wing that Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao had seen before appeared once again.

With his body in midair, Wang Dong’s position was somewhat higher than Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng’s. A hint of pride was on his face as he looked down at the two of them. Confronting their attack, Wang Dong’s left wing swept out and directly welcomed Ouyang Junyi’s Sword Beak Hummingbird Battle Spirit. Following that, the right wing directly made a beheading strike towards Chen Junfeng’s sword energy. There wasn’t a single fraction of error in the positioning.

“Chi, chi, chi, chi….” A series of sounds broke through the air. Ouyang Junyi was shocked as his Sword Beak Hummingbird Battle Spirit’s first spirit ability Flickering Hummingbird Thrust stabbed at the Bright Goddess Butterfly’s wing. Rings of golden light suddenly appeared and even the sharpness of the Sword Beak Hummingbird’s beak could not break through. Right after, the humongous wing had already arrived in front of his face.

Ouyang Junyi was also experienced in battle. He lowered his body to dodge below the wing. However, who could have imagined that Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wing would abruptly slap downwards like he had stopped to let Wang Dong slap him. A “Bang” sound rang out and Ouyang Junyi was thrown into the dust, landing on his face. The tremendous force that collided against his back almost made him spit out blood.

On the other side, Chen Junfeng was even worse off than he was. His sword energy had directly collided with the sharp edge of the Guillotine Wing. Chen Junfeng only saw a golden flash as his sword energy dissipated. Soon after, a burst of violent buzzing cries could be heard from his Flexible Sword before it shattered into pieces with a loud bang. He only saw a golden-blue light pass by as his body was swept away and thrown into the sky with an even greater speed than he had rushed forward. He directly collided against the body of Zhao Haochen, who was gnawing at a chicken leg. The two people immediately became a rolling gourd.

Wang Dong’s pair of wings extended in the air, flickering blue and purple. The golden light pattern slowly vanished. At the same time, his body nimbly fell to the ground with the arrogant look still remaining on his face.

At the edge of the arena, Teacher Wang Yan’s eyes was filled with brilliance, while the other three member teams’ faces became grave. The entire thirty-third district had turned dead silent.

Too strong. He was such a fearsome attack Battle Spirit master!

Originally, attack types on a higher level could restrain agility types to an extent. However, everyone was a freshman so how could the gap be this big? While relying on his own strength alone, Wang Dong was actually able to defeat two agility type Battle Spirit Masters with one strike. Moreover, the other party even had support from a food type Tool Spirit Master.

Although two rings had a large advantage over one ring, winning one against three was still a great feat showing the tyrannical existence this Bright Goddess Butterfly Spirit Master.

Furthermore, along with Wang Dong, there was another person with two rings, as well as an additional member. This team had two level twenty or above Spirit Grandmasters! Huo Yuhao was completely overlooked by everyone. Only Teacher Wang Yan was able to make out the faint golden rays of light flickering in his eyes.

Although there was a significant difference in strength between Ouyang Junyi’s team and Huo Yuhao’s trio, it would have been impossible for Wang Dong to win this quickly by himself. However, don’t forget, he had the assistance of Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing ability from a spirit ring equal to the power of a six hundred year spirit ring!

Mental Detection and Sharing is not a single ability, but two abilities, each with the help of a six hundred year spirit ring. The assistance that Wang Dong received was far superior compared to that of his opponents.

Furthermore, Wang Dong also possessed a hundred-year spirit ring, but his Spirit Power had already reached the twenty-fourth level, far surpassing his opponent’s. Also, after obtaining a second spirit ring, his first spirit ring’s attack had also increased as well. Adding on his Battle Spirit’s all-around suppression, he was able to obtain an overwhelming victory.

Wang Dong retracted his wings and walked back to Xiao Xiao and Huo Yuhao. They high-fived each other to celebrate. With a chuckle, Xiao Xiao said, “Class President is amazing. Wang Dong, how about letting me have some fun next time?” She had confidence that if the person fighting just now was her, she would have also been capable of defeating the other team. The more she experienced the miraculousness of Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing, the more she couldn’t separate herself from it. As a result, the one she praised was Huo Yuhao rather than Wang Dong.

With a chuckle, Wang Dong smiled and said, “Don’t! You’re better off conserving your strength. As far as we’re concerned, the next ten examination matches are nothing more than warm ups. It’s fine if I alone show off. We can’t let other people get a sense of our real strength.”

Huo Yuhao laughed and said, “What Wang Dong said is reasonable. Xiao Xiao, you are our trump card.”

Hearing them say that, Xiao Xiao also laughed and nodded her head in agreement.

“Victory for class one’s Team Huo Yuhao.” Wang Yan declared and recorded the result on the document in his hand.

On the other side, Ouyang Junyi’s trio crawled back up. Wang Dong had been lenient with his attack and so they weren’t truly injured. However, their faces were filled with shame and resentment. They didn’t want to stay here even a second longer after letting the other team win so easily, so they quickly ran away.

After Wang Yan finished registering the results of the match, he once again glanced at Huo Yuhao’s trio and thought to himself, *This team must be class one’s ace. The students that Teacher Zhou Yi taught are really amazing!*

However, he was still unable to understand Huo Yuhao. Unlike the students, he had a better understanding of team registrations.

This freshman class one’s team was called Team Huo Yuhao. In other words, Huo Yuhao was this team’s leader. However, based on cultivation, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao both outclassed him. More directly, Huo Yuhao’s first spirit ring was only a ten-year one, and his cultivation had yet to break through to the twentieth level. He also lacked the qualifications to enter Shrek Academy as a new student.

However, he was this team’s leader. So in other words, this student with a ten-year spirit ring was the team’s core. Why was it like this?

Wang Yan was the representative of Shrek Academy’s theoretical moderate faction. He had a good foundation in theories and possessed a great ability to learn new information. Although he was only around forty years old, he was the head upper grade teacher in the outer school.

Within Shrek Academy, a teacher’s promotion in grade was even more challenging than the students’. Zhou Yi was merely a middle grade teacher. Of course, her terrifying educational methods played a role. As Wang Yan was able to become the number one upper grade teacher, he was qualified to teach the students in the inner school, which shows how amazing he was with theories. However, he was unable to understand the circumstances of Huo Yuhao’s team. Even more, he still didn’t know what type of Spirit Master Huo Yuhao was.

After finishing their examination, Huo Yuhao’s trio didn’t leave, but instead stood at the side to watch the other two matches. It wasn’t until all three matches were finished that they finally said their farewells to Wan Yan before leaving.

Wang Yan did not stop Huo Yuhao to ask about his spirit. He was convinced that he would definitely be able to figure it out in the next few matches.

The first round of the Freshman Examination quickly came to a close. Today’s examination was primarily to let the freshman adapt to fighting as a means for testing. Tomorrow’s examination will be much harder. There will two rounds of the examination in the morning, and another two in the afternoon. Altogether, four rounds. The third day was even more frightening. Each team would have to undergo five rounds of the examination. The entire duration of the Freshman Examination was only three days.

As a matter of fact, this not only tempered the students’ practical combat ability, but also their ability in prolonged combat.

When the second day of the examination began, all of the freshman in class one already began to feel gratitude toward Teacher Zhou Yi within their hearts. Four matches in one day wasn’t only an issue of Spirit Power consumption but also physical exhaustion. The freshmen in class one who had underwent Zhou Yi’s demonic training were obviously stronger in this type of competition compared to students from other classes.

After the first day’s match and observation, Huo Yuhao’s trio were completely certain that, within this group, there were not any threatening opponents. There was only a single student above level twenty other than them.

The other freshmen weren’t stupid. In order to obtain better scores in the row of matches, each team would forfeit when matched against Huo Yuhao’s team.

Unlike the exhausted students from other teams, Huo Yuhao’s trio effortlessly won their four matches on the second day to obtain the perfect score of five wins out of five matches. With this achievement behind them, they had basically already passed the freshman examination. Moreover, these five victories also allowed them to build up ample confidence.

As the thirty-third district’s examination teacher, Wang Yan was somewhat depressed. Even after five matches, Team Huo Yuhao’s battle style was still exactly the same. Wang Dong would go charge forward as Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao watched. Then the match would end after a short time. He still couldn’t make out what Huo Yuhao’s ability was. As a theory teacher, how could he not be depressed?

“Huo Yuhao, you three come here for a moment.” Wang Yan called to the trio after the second day’s matches ended.

“Teacher Wang.” Huo Yuhao walked to the front while Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao stood behind him, one on each side.

*As expected.* Wang Yan thought to himself, this Huo Yuhao was indeed this team’s core!

“You three obtained a good record in the previous five battles. You need to work hard in the next few matches to enter the top sixty-four and join the ranking competition. However, tomorrow’s five matches definitely won’t be as easy. There will be another lottery after today’s matches. Teams who have lost all five matches will be eliminated. In the lottery, besides not letting same-class students fight against each other, there will also be consideration of the previous match results. Tomorrow, you will definitely be back at our thirty-third district. However, it’s very likely that you will encounter challenges from stronger teams.”

Huo Yuhao nodded his head and said, “Thank you, Teacher Wang. We will try our best.”

Wang Yan smiled. “That’s good. Go back early and rest.” He still couldn’t ask Huo Yuhao what his Battle Spirit was. He was proud and believed that when they encountered a stronger opponent, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t be able to hide anymore.

“So satisfying! We’re winning like cutting vegetables,” said Wang Dong with excitement on the way back to the dorm. He definitely had a lot of fun today.

Xiao Xiao responded, “Let me have a turn tomorrow. From the start until now, you have only used your first spirit ability. If we meet a stronger opponent tomorrow, then you might be forced to use your second ability. However, your second ability comes from a thousand-year spirit ring and can be said to be our team’s strongest attack. It’s better if other people don’t see it until we enter our ranking competition. If anyone strong comes tomorrow, then I will fight with you. We would only need to use our first spirit abilities. If the opponent is even stronger, then I can use my second spirit ability and keep yours hidden. This way, we will have two trump cards. What do you think?”

Wang Dong laughed, “Xiao Xiao, after saying so much, aren’t you really just impatient? Okay, we’ll do as you say. I have already had my fill. I’ll let you enjoy a bit too.”

Fortunately, no adults heard their exchange or Wang Dong’s words would have drawn people’s misunderstanding.

Huo Yuhao laughed as well, “Let’s go. I’ll treat you two to roast fish. I ordered a few extra yesterday.”

Just as they left the Examination Area, they encountered two people. Seeing them, both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong paused.

The people weren’t strangers but the red-clothed inner school student, Ma Xiaotao, and the one who she dragged away the other day, Xu Sanshi.

The Xu Sanshi in the present lacked his usual vibranc,e but instead had a pale face as if someone had sucked out all his energy. He looked tired and his clothes were rumpled, as decrepit as possible.

Ma Xiaotao still looked beautiful but her face carried an unnatural flush and her pink eyes had also darkened a little.

“See, we found them, Sister Xiaotao. I can go now.” Xu Sanshi said bitterly. After enduring for a few days with extreme agony, he was finally free. Be it mind, physical strength, or spirit power, he was exhausted to his limits. All he wanted at the moment was to go back to his dorm and sleep.

Ma Xiaotao nodded and said, “Okay. You can leave.”

Xu Sanshi gave Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong a glance wishing for their fortune. His disloyal look made both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong anxious. Why was Ma Xiaotao searching for them?

Ma Xiaotao faintly said, “You two, come with me. Little Sister, you can go back first.”

Xiao Xiao wanted to say more but Huo Yuhao immediately shook his head at her to gesture for her to go back first and that they will be fine.

Seeing that Ma Xiaotao probably didn’t come out of kindness, they didn’t want to draw Xiao Xiao into it. Also, since they were within the academy, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong didn’t think Ma Xiaotao would do anything to them.

Xiao Xiao was a little unwilling but still left. Ma Xiaotao lead Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong toward the Lakeside Trail. After a short walk, they arrived at the spot where they were assaulted.

Ma Xiaotao walked directly toward the Sea God Lake without stopping. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong visibly kept a certain distance from her. Wang Dong looked cautious and Huo Yuhao’s heart was beating hard.

“Senior Ma, why did you call us here?” Huo Yuhao probingly asked.

Ma Xiaotao said while looking away, “I know you have already recognized me. That’s right. I was the student who came out of the inner school and harmed you guys. But I have my own hardships. Here, I will give you two an apology first.”

Wang Dong pouted a little and thought, *That was an apology? There wasn’t even a hint of sincerity!*

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong glanced at each other, “Senior Ma, what happened is in the past. The school also gave us compensation.”

Ma Xiaotao violently turned around. Her two pink eyes suddenly darkened and an indescribable pressure suddenly pressed against Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

“But, to me, this event has not passed.” Ma Xiaotao said gravely.

“There should have been an ice attribute Spirit Master who stopped me that day and prevented me from injuring you two. This person is very important to me. Tell me what you know. Or maybe it is someone protecting one of you. I need to find him.”

Wang Dong responded with confusion, “Senior Ma, I don’t understand what you’re saying. That day, the high temperature on your body made us faint. We don’t know anything about what happened afterwards! How can we know anything about some ice attribute Spirit Master.”

Huo Yuhao nodded. No matter what, he couldn’t reveal the secret concerning the Daydream Iceworm.

Ma Xiaotao saw that their emotions didn’t seem fake and revealed a slight hesitation.

The reason she came to find Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong was because after what previously happened, she suddenly remembered that she had a sense of familiarity with them and looked up their information within the inner school.

In the last three months, she took advantage of the extreme cold that Daydream Iceworm left within her, which suppressed her evil fire, and made significant advances in cultivation. Since the cold disappeared, she could only use Xu Sanshi. However, she found that even though Xu Sanshi’s Mystic Deep Turtle was a top level Beast Battle Spirit, it was still of the water attribute and not ice, so it’s effect on her was becoming smaller and smaller.

If she cannot not suppress her evil fire then she will have to stop cultivating. Also, there is always the risk that it could erupt at any time and make her lose her mind.

After considering her choices, she decided to come find Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. If she can find the ice attribute person who stopped her before, then her problem would be easily solved.

“You guys really don’t know?” Ma Xiaotao said with a low voice.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong shook their heads at the same time.

Ma Xiaotao’s expression suddenly changed and she coldly said, “Then don’t blame me for not being nice. If you guys don’t know, then I will force him out.” As she said this, a violent heat wave poured out. Crimson fire erupted from Ma Xiaotao’s body like a volcanic eruption.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong had been vigilant from the instant that Ma Xiaotao called them out. The moment Ma Xiaotao moved, they immediately reacted. They can’t sit and wait to die!

Bright Goddess Butterfly Wings instantly appeared on Wang Dong’s back. His wings were already covered by golden light as they extended and Guillotine Wings was immediately used.

Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing and Soul Assault were also used immediately.

Even though only three months had passed, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s cultivation had risen quite a bit. They also cooperated well. Even though they moved quickly, Wang Dong was able to grab Huo Yuhao and fly up, quickly retreating in the air.

Ma Xiaotao was careless. Single ring and a double ring Spirit Masters didn’t hold any importance in her eyes! As she released her Battle Spirit and the dazzling, fiery red wings covered her body, Wang Dong was already quickly flying away while holding Huo Yuhao from the back.

Right after, Ma Xiaotao saw a purple flicker in Huo Yuhao’s eyes. In that moment, she felt as if Huo Yuhao’s eyes were like two needles piercing toward her and subconsciously closed her eyes as she suddenly felt dizzy.

After Purple Demon Eyes rose to a new level, Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault became even more powerful. Even Ma Xiaotao, with six spirit rings, could not directly resist it.

In an instant, Wang Dong had already charged out of the forest while carrying Huo Yuhao and was back on the Lakeside Trail.

“Go back to the academic building.” Huo Yuhao yelled as he waved his hands toward Ma Xiaotao’s direction. Rays of cold light flashed and flew directly toward Ma Xiaotao. These were the hidden weapons Tang Ya gave him. The simplest way to release them was also the fastest. Piercing sounds rang out as he swung out his hand.

Strong air current was ejected from the golden streaks of Wang Dong’s wings, quickly propelling his body away.  

Ma Xiaotao was not going to let the two of them escape so easily. Huo Yuhao’s hidden weapons didn’t bother her at all and she caught up with them in a flash. A pair of humongous fire wings opened and melted all of the metal hidden weapons instantly, causing them to drip onto the ground. The horrifying high temperature approached Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong like a huge hand from behind.  

Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing can be said to be great skills that can change the outcome of a battle in the same level. However, it was still too weak to face an opponent such as Ma Xiaotao. What does it matter if they could clearly determine what comes next? There is no way they could have stopped it.

Wang Dong was already doing his best to fly away, yet the heat current from behind swallowed the two of them almost instantaneously. If viewing from above, Ma Xiaotao caught up to them in a flash, her huge wings expanded and closed suddenly, enclosing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Ma Xiaotao grabbed them by the collar in each of her hands. Her terrifying Spirit Power instantly forced the two to lose any sort of resistance. Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao were shocked to see that redness surrounded them; it was impossible to see the outside world. They were also unable to speak.

Ma Xiaotao waited quietly with a serious face. After waiting for a fully half a minute, she frowned and said: “Was last time really a coincidence?”

Her only intention to do this to Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong was to force out the Spirit Master with ice attribute that suppressed her last time. However, things didn’t work out as planned. From the outside, she had already completely swallowed Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong in the fire, but the Spirit Master had yet to show up.

The fire was taken back as the redness diminished from the surroundings. Ma Xiaotao also returned to normal. She released both of her hands and pushed Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong away. Both of them fell immediately onto the ground.

Ma Xiaotao said nonchalantly, “Since it doesn’t have anything to do with you two, then I’ll let you guys go. I know you guys think it’s not fair. Cultivate harder and maybe, one day, I’ll battle you two if you ever make it into the inner school.” As she finished speaking, she turned and walked away without even a little bit of care about the anger in Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s eyes.

“That crazy woman.” Wang Dong shouted angrily.

Huo Yuhao climbed up from the ground and then pulled Wang Dong up as well. “Enough, it would be better for you to go cultivate instead of being mad at her. She didn’t say anything wrong. Who told us to be weaker than her? Let’s go back.” Huo Yuhao saw the whole scenario when Ma Xiaotao was defeated by the Daydream Iceworm that day. Therefore he knew what Ma Xiaotao had in her mind.

The clear-minded Ma Xiaotao had no need to kill them within the school perimeter. All she wanted was to force the Daydream Iceworm to show up again. However, even if Huo Yuhao wasn’t able to see through her intentions, Daydream Iceworm would still not show up! He was in the middle of a sweet dream. Furthermore, he had also made it clear that he was unable to help Huo Yuhao within this year.

The next morning, when Xiao Xiao saw Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, a hint of surprise was shown on her cute face. “What happened to you two? Why so upset? That older sister didn’t do anything to you two yesterday, right?”

Wang  Dong answered first, “Of course not. She just wanted to ask us something. Come on, let’s go to our examination.” Of course, Wang Dong was reluctant to recall such an embarrassing event.

Due to the fact that they had the best grade in the previous five rounds, they stayed in district thirty-three. After a new round of drawing, they were faced with five new groups to compete with.

Those groups were definitely not the best from the other districts. Therefore, they will probably not meet any strong opponents in the next five rounds. However, compared to before, this might not be as easy.

Teacher Wang Yan looked at them meaningfully before announcing, “Good, everyone is here. Due to the fact that Huo Yuhao’s team won first place in our district, they will be our district’s seed group. According to the rules, they will go first. The first competition of the sixth round in district thirty-three is: Huo Yuhao’s team from Freshmen Class One vs. Huang Chutian’s team from Freshmen Class Seven.”

As both teams entered the arena, Huo Yuhao’s team was surprised to see that within their opponent’s team was a pair of identical female students.

The two girls both had long blue hair. Their pretty little faces made them look extremely adorable. Age-wise, they also seemed a bit younger.


In front of the two girls was a well built male student. Apparently, he would be Huang Chutian; the team leader.

“I’m Huang Chutian. On the left is Lan Susu, and on the right is Lan Luoluo. Pleased to meet you.”

“Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao. Nice to meet you, too.” Huo Yuhao answered.

Both sides stood in their positions. Huo Yuhao’s side still followed their original strategy with Wang Dong in the front, Xiao Xiao positioned in between, and Huo Yuhao in the farthest corner.

On the other side, Huang Chutian was in the front while Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo were behind him. Every team could only have one attack type Spirit Master. It was quite clear that the two younger, same-age twins were not attack types. It was likely that they were dual supports or, like Huo Yuhao’s team, dual control.

Teacher Wang Yan announced in a deep voice, “Examination begin.”

Both sides quickly released their Battle Spirits. Huang Chutian bellowed and then heavily beat his chest with his hands. He definitely hadn’t reached twelve years of age, but his height had already surpassed one hundred fifty centimeters. His Battle Spirit was released and in a flash, his height had further increased to approximately one hundred eighty centimeters. Thick and solid muscle immediately burst through the school uniform on his body. The exposed outer skin had completely changed into a black iron color.

The originally black pair of eyes had turned yellow. Two fangs grew and protruded from his lip a bit. The four limbs of his body were particularly thick and solid. His muscles seemed like steel, firm and powerful.

Two yellow spirit rings simultaneously rose from under his feet. Shockingly, he was a twentieth level or above attack type Spirit Grandmaster.

The twins behind Huang Chutian also simultaneously released their Battle Spirits. Their Battle Spirits were unexpectedly their hair……

Surprisingly, from beneath Lan Luoluo and Lan Susu’s feet emerged two spirit rings each. They were equally all yellow. The moment they swung their heads, the long, blue hair behind their heads immediately rose, blossoming open in the air. Very quickly, the blue hair had grown to more than ten meters in length.

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